Monday, June 18, 2012

Korupedia Site Invites To Unload Corruption Cases

Indonesian corrupt encyclopedia site, Korupedia open opportunities for the wider community to participate in fighting corruption. Society can
participate in volunteering to provide additional information about cases that still lack access.

The founder of Korupedia, Teten Masduki directs this site so that it can accelerate congested corruption cases. Various information about corruption can be reported through this site.

The site information engine has been prepared to open access for you to add data. Korupedia prepares a form that can be filled by visitors. Every data sent will be verified in detail by the Korupedia team.

Volunteers can enter additional data, for example about regional corruption.

Public reports that sniff out acts of corruption can also be reported.

Teten explained that Korupedia is not an authorized body that will investigate corruption cases. Reports from the public will be verified and forwarded to authorities such as the KPK, the Police, the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, and the Attorney General's Office. Public participation is expected to be able to uncover corruption cases that have stalled in court.
"This feature is intended to encourage corruption cases that are stalled," Teten said.
In developing this site, Teten also campaigned for anti-corruption actions. Korupedia will collaborate with the Faculty of Law at universities in Indonesia.
"This invites students to participate in fighting corruption," said the anti-corruption activist.
This volunteer network will be managed by the Korupedia team to develop the site's content. This is also an attempt by the anti-corruption movement in Indonesia.

Korupedia provides the latest information every day. The editorial team is managed by Ratna Dasahasta, Arsil, Wawan Suyatmiko, Lais Abid, Suwandi Ahmad, Kaka Prakasa, and Nanang Syaifudin.

Teten and his partner will develop this site so that it can become a discourse on corruption. Many volunteers need to be involved to monitor the prosecutor's office and the police.
"The first step is to make this website influential," Teten said.

VN/The Truth Seeker Media

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