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The Dark Corner of the Political Way of Bung Karno

Leaders in power tend to be dictators for too long. That also happened to leaders in Indonesia. President Soekarno it also seems to not escape the trend.
After a series of assassination attempts against him, Soekarno became hard on his political opponents. Without a court and a clear basis, Soekarno imprisoned those who were considered to be at odds with him. Soekarno also bought newspapers which were considered to be at odds with him. These are times of dark political Guided Democracy.

Previously, Mohammad Hatta had resigned from his position as vice president. The duality has long been separated. Hatta chose to stand outside the government. Criticizing Soekarno's increasingly authoritarian government through brilliant writing in various newspapers.

Those who Soekarno was arrested among them are Sutan Sjahrir, M Roem, Anak Agung Gde Agung, Prawoto Mangkusasmito and several others. Allegations for them include being involved attempted murder and endanger the ideals of the revolution. The accusation was never proven.
Those who were arrested and imprisoned by Soekarno at Wisma Wilis Madiun were not ordinary people. Sutan Sjahrir is the first prime minister and foreign minister of Indonesia. Sjahrir founded the Indonesian Socialist Party which was considered to be involved in the PRRI / Permesta rebellion.

Sjahrir is firm in his struggle. He was full of prison in the Netherlands. Sjahrir also felt suffering when he was exiled to Digul, Banda Neira, to Parapat, North Sumatra by the Dutch. Sjahrir and Hatta and Soekarno stood together at the most critical moments in this country at the beginning of independence.
Ironically, in 1962, Sjahrir was arrested by his former comrade, Soekarno. Sjahrir was imprisoned by his own people. The nation he fought for decades for independence.

Sjahrir's health in detention continued to deteriorate. There is no other way, he must be taken to Zurich, Switzerland. He underwent treatment until he died on April 9, 1966 at the age of 57. His status at death was still a prisoner. Sjahrir's body was returned from Switzerland. President Soekarno immediately gave the title of national hero to Sjahrir.

While Mohamad Roem and Prawoto Mangkusasmito are leaders of the Masjumi Party. This party is also considered to be involved in the PRRI / Permesta rebellion. Just like Sjahrir, M Roem was also a friend of Sukarno's arms. He has served as a series of important positions in this country. M Roem served three times as interior minister. He also served as deputy prime minister.

How did Soekarno respond when he was labeled as a dictator?
"Am I a dictator? No! There are five democratic bodies that govern with me. The Provisional People's Consultative Assembly (MPRS), the House of Representatives (DPR), the Supreme Advisory Council and the Presidium, a triumvirate consisting of Deputy Prime Minister Subandrio, Leimena and Khairul Saleh, "Soekarno argued in his biography written by Cindy Adams.

"A dictator has a party behind him. Who is always ready to take power. Sukarno does not have. Sukarno does not have an organization that supports him. A dictator rules from his throne. Sukarno is not in the middle of the people, Sukarno is a people."

"No friend, I am not Hitler. If it is true that a leader who is blessed with attraction and authority to move the crowd is a dictator, let me say I am a dictator who does good deeds," explained Soekarno.

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