Sunday, June 24, 2012

Surat Imam Al-Ghazali to Salah Salah Seorang Muridnya

O children! The advice is easy, the hard one is to accept it; because it tasted bitter by the lust that liked everything that was forbidden. Especially among students who are wasting time in seeking greatness and worldly glory. He thinks in the non-caring knowledge that there is safety and happiness, and he thinks he does not have to practice. This is the belief of philosophers.
He does not know that when there is someone in knowledge, then there is a burden, as the Messenger of Allah said: "The person who endures torment on the Day of Judgment is a knowledgeable person but does not benefit from the knowledge."
O kids! Do not live with charitable poverty and lose the will of work. Rest assured that science without charity simply will not save people. If in a battlefield there is a brave man with complete weaponry faced with a fierce lion, can his weapon protect from danger, if not lifted, struck and stabbed? Certainly it will not help, unless appointed, struck and stabbed. Likewise if someone reads and studies a hundred thousand scientific problems, if it is not practiced then it will not bring benefits.
O children! How many nights do you wake up to repeat knowledge, read a book, and you insult your sleep over yourself. I do not know what's your driving. If your motivation is the desire to search the material and the pleasure of the world or to pursue or to seek the advantage of a friend, then you are unlucky. But if what drives you is the desire to revive the Messenger of Allah and sanctify your actions and subjugate the endless passions inviting evil, then you are fortunate. It is true that a poet said, "Even tears are tormented, It will be free if it is not for Allah alone".
O children! Live as you please, but remember! that you shall die. And love who you like, but remember! you will part with it. And do as you want, but remember! you will surely receive the reward later.
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