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Shaykh Umar Abdurrahman: The American Mujahideen Scholar

Shaykh Usamah bin Ladin -rahimahullah- at the end of the book Taujihat Manhajiyah delivered a prayer that Allah Ta'ala liberated the Muslims who were then held captive in the prison of the United States of America. One of these prayers, among others, is directed to Shaykh Umar Abdurrahman.

And ask
Allah Glory be to Him And exalted أن Unpack Our prisoners من يد Americans Promise And you Their head Sheikhs; Omar Slave merciful, Wasted بن Zaire And our brothers في "Guantanamo"، And that Prove Mujahideen في Palestine And victory Waiting Countries Islam, And that Help us On Our enemy

"And we begged Allah Ta'ala to free our brothers who were taken prisoner by the Americans and their accomplices, especially Shaykh Umar bin Abdur Rohman and Shaykh Sa'id bin Za'ir and our brothers at Guantanamo and so that strengthen the mujahidin in Palestine and help them and also in other Islamic countries, may Allah win us over our enemies. "

Similarly, one of the nineteen heroes who managed to attack in New York and Washington on Tuesday 11th September 2001 M, As Syahid (Insya Allah) Ibn Jarroh al Ghomidy Ahmad al Haznawy, mentioning the name of Sheikh Umar Abdurrahman in his will before the assault full of blessings 9/11.

To laugh بل And our sheikhs ما Still في Detainees Countries Infidelity And all day We hear That Countries Infidelity Capture Collection من Our brothers Albania Vitamin Strive or Struggle To undo Their families Wonth Oh Scientists You say This Wires How many من the years Go ahead How many من the years Go ahead Washikna Omar Son Slave mercifulفك Allah familyلا Still في Prisons USA And its detentions and he Example Etc a lot And with that ما we heard Of you من club حي On Strive or Struggle

"Brother, our scholars are still detained by pagan countries and every day we hear that infidel countries arrest our brothers and our children, liberating them is fardhu 'ain. And you O scholars have said things this and agreed, so how many years have passed? While our Shaykh Umar Abdurrahman - may Allah liberate him - is still detained in an American prison, it is only an example and there are many more of our scholars who are in the same boat, but we do not hear the call of jihad from you (ulama ). "

Who then is the figure of the so-called Shaykh Umar Abdurrahman? Some Muslims who look at the world of Islamic movements are certainly not familiar with it because he is the leader of Jamaah Islamiyah Egypt. But in order for his figure to be better known by the people, we present a piece of his biography quoted from the footnote of Taujihat Manhajiyah volumes II written by Shaykh Usamah bin Ladin -rahimahullah-.

Shaykh Mujahid Umar bin Abdur Rohman
born in Al Jamaliyah Egypt in 1938 M. He was blind after 10 years of age and he memorized the Qur'an at age 11, then extended to Ma'had in Dimyath, he studied there for 4 years and obtained a school diploma basic Al Azhar.
He then went on to Ma'had Al Manshuroh until he graduated Tsanawiyah (SMU level) in 1960. He continued his studies at the Faculty of Ushulud Din in (Al Azhar) Cairo and he studied until graduated in 1965, with Summa Comlaude.

Then he was appointed priest by the waqf ministry in a village in Al Fuyum, then he earned his MA degree. He worked as a lecturer assistant at the lecture by voluntarily surrendering (without pay), until he was dismissed from his job at the lecture in 1969.

At the end of the same year he was released from punishment, but he was transferred from the university, which had previously been an assistant lecturer at the university to the Al Azhar administration office without work.
The pressure continued until he was imprisoned on 13/9/1970, after the death of Allah's enemy Jamal 'Abdun Nashir in the month of 1970, since he was standing on the pulpit and he said he could not attach it. He was jailed for 8 months and he was free on 10/6/1971.

Although he was under pressure after leaving prison, it did not prevent him from continuing to study. Until finally he attained a Doctorate degree, with a deserted title
Mauqiful Quran The Minor Myth (Al-Qur'an's position of His Enemies As Illustrated in Surat At-Taubah) and he reached the Alamiyah Brochure with the value of Summa Comlaude, but he was forbidden to be deported.

The ban continued until the summer of 1973. At that time he was summoned by the university and told that there were vacancies in the women's lectures and Ushulud Din, but he chose in Ashuth and stayed there 4 years until 1977, then he was loaned to college woman in Riyadl until 1980, then she returned to Egypt.

In September 1981 he was arrested, then he escaped until he was arrested again in October 1981 and he was tried for Sadat murder (Anwar) murder in front of the state's highest court and military court.
He was free of these two cases and was released from prison on 2/10/1984. He continues to live in this condition, between pressure, eviction and imprisonment. He is patient in sacrifice, da'wah, ta'lim and jihad.

He advised the people and encouraged the youths to follow the way of tawhid and iron (jihad), until the end of his journey ended in American prison, since 1993, after he received four charges;
First, conspire and provoke to overthrow the government of the United States. Second, to conspire and provoke to kill Husni Mubarak. Third, conspiring to blow up military bases. Fourth, conspire and plan to hold a city war against the United States.

And he-may Allah bless him-still be patient and sincere, may Alloh Ta'ala reply him with the highest paradise because of his patience and jihad.

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