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"There is no Pyramid Culture in Indonesia"

Found suspected stone piles punden berundak in Cilacap, Central Java, re-warmed the discussion about the pyramid building in Indonesia. The form of punden which is increasingly upward is increasingly pointing out, causing some people to call punden berundak on Mount Padang, Salebu village, Majenang, Cilacap, Central Java, this as a pyramid.

The issue of pyramids in the archipelago itself surfaced when Turangga Seta Foundation said there were pyramids on Sadahurip and Lalakon Mountains, in West Java. To prove that, Turangga Seta then carried out geoelectric research, the results of which showed a regular structure.

Even so, the alleged pyramid was denied by geologists who said the pyramid-shaped mountain was formed naturally. Geologist Sujatmiko later said that Sadahurip is a cumulo dome mountain formed from lava flows, intrusive rocks and pyroclastic.

Regarding the pyramid in Nusantara, the University of Indonesia archaeologist, Ali Akbar, said the findings of buildings with pyramid-like shapes that exist in Indonesia are punden terraces. Ali even mentioned in the cultural definition, pyramids in Indonesia had not been found.

"Indonesia does not know the pyramid culture. In this definition it means buildings like those in Egypt, with tomb spaces equipped with treasure," said Ali Akbar, when met at the UI Campus Depok, May 29, 2012.
Ali Akbar said that archaeologists had been working based on empirical evidence.

A building can be said to be a pyramid if it is found evidence of buildings with tomb spaces like those in Egypt.

"Archaeologists see it empirically. And now buildings in Indonesia are still called punden terraces," he said.

Actually, besides punden terraces, a number of temples in Indonesia also have terraced structures, for example Borobudur Temple. In fact, the shape of Sukuh Temple and Ceto Temple at the foot of Mount Lawu, Central Java, has a shape resembling a Mayan pyramid building. However, indeed there have not been found tomb spaces inside the building.

Do not Trust Yourself

Ali then argued, a search for the pyramid was like showing the unbelief of the Indonesian people. "Not PD (self-confidence), even though every nation has a unique civilization," Ali Akbar said.

Ali then gave an example, if Egypt had a Pyramid, the Mesopotamians had a Ziggurat. "Indonesia also has punden berundak," he said.

In fact, Ali said Indonesia had buildings like Gunung Padang Cianjur, with amazing construction. The form of construction of the punden terraces on Mount Padang Cianjur is similar to the famous relics of the Incas, Machu Picchu, which dates from the 15th century.
"Moreover, the punden on Mount Padang is bigger, and much older. This is clearly a pride," he said.

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