Friday, June 15, 2012

Not Overcome, Muslim TPU Attacks can Trigger Conflict in Ambon

AMBON - The potential for conflict in the city of Ambon is still quite large. The last conflict occurred on May 15, 2012 when the Pattimura torch relay was held. Dozens of people suffered severe and minor injuries in clashes between Muslim and Christian mobs at the incident.

The magnitude of the potential conflict in Ambon is caused by the lack of seriousness of the security forces and the local government in resolving the root of the conflict in the community. One potential conflict that could have sparked a dispute in Ambon is a problem TPU Muslim Air Salobar.

The issue of the Air Salobar Muslim TPU which was triggered by the seizure of TPU land by Christians has been going on for almost ten years. More than 2 hectares of TPU Air Salobar Muslim land are now occupied by Christians who are used as settlements and plantations.
Various efforts have been made by Muslim Air Salobar residents to claim their rights. But to this day the problem is still not finished. Various kinds of promises of settlement by the Ambon City Government have only become empty promises to this day.
"There is omission from the government so that conflicts occur, if it is resolved by the government it can actually be completed," Bullis said Rettob as Chair of Air Salobar TPU Muslim Settlement Team to on Friday (06/08/2012).

The injustice of the illegal Christian settlers in that location is increasingly becoming banned by Muslims to bury their bodies in the area of ​​Muslim TPU which is their land. In the last three months at least there have been at least two clashes due to a ban from Christian settlers against Muslims who would bury their bodies.

The first incident occurred on March 19, 2012 when Muslim residents of Air Salobar would bury their bodies. At that time, the illegal settlers joined the residents of Amahusu Village (Christian village) to ban the excavation of the graves so that the two excavated graves were closed again.

This event almost triggered a clash if the security forces did not act quickly. A temporary conflict can be alleviated after searching for alternative excavation of the cemetery.
The second incident occurred on March 26, 2012, with almost clashes between Muslims and Christian settlers in the area of ​​TPU Muslim Air Salobar. The clash again can be avoided because in this funeral there were escorts from TNI and Polri officers.

Such incidents do not rule out the possibility of re-occurring when there is a funeral of the bodies of Muslims in the TPU Muslim Air Salobar.
"If later there are Muslims who die, it is possible that there will be a clash when the body is buried," said Air Salobar TPU Muslim settlement team secretary Mohammad Borut.

The Air Muslim Salobar TPU area is now covered with wild plants and weeds. Mohammad Borut revealed that if the TPU area was cleared it could trigger a clash because the illegal Christian settlers who grabbed the area did not like it.
See the problem TPU Muslim air Salobar which never ends it is feared that it will become a time bomb that can explode at any time.

Voa-Islam/The Truth Seeker Media

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