Thursday, June 28, 2012

Taliban Afghanistan Division 7 Pakistan Army

The Pakistani military said on Monday that seven of its troops were beheaded by militants who had infiltrated Afghanistan.

The military as reported by DAWN.COM reported that six soldiers were killed in a shootout with insurgents on Sunday. They crossed from Afghanistan to the Dir Hulu district in the northwest.

Meanwhile on Monday, a military official said 11 soldiers were also missing, "seven of the hostage soldiers were killed beheaded."

The bodies of the dead soldiers have not been found, but intelligence confirms that the soldiers have been killed, said a senior Pakistani military official.
The military said more than 100 militants crossed from across the border to attack patrolling soldiers.

More Threatening Attack
On the other hand, Pakistani Taliban from the Malakand faction claimed responsibility for the attack and threatened to carry out more attacks.

"Our battle will continue until the realization of sharia law in Pakistan ... We will fight anyone who tries to block our path," Sirajudin Ahmad, spokesman for the Malakand faction, told Reuters.

Ahmad claimed his group had killed 17 Pakistani soldiers.
The Taliban of the Malakand faction is led by Maulvi Fazlullah, who was previously known as the Taliban leader in Swat Valley, about 100 miles northwest of Islamabad. But in 2009 the Pakistani military was attacked and forced him to flee.

Fazlullah is also known as the founder of Mullah FM radio which contains Taliban propaganda broadcasts.

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