Monday, June 4, 2012

Taliban Shoots 3 Elders Tribute to Muslim Fighters

GHAZNI, AFGHANISTAN - Taliban shot dead three tribal elders in the Andar district south of Ghazni province, a few days after residents took up arms against Islamic fighters, officials and locals said on Thursday.
Elders were killed Wednesday night in the Sarfaraz region and Kala Sher because of their opposition to Taliban activities, Abdul Jabbar, local residents said.
"The killed elders incited the people against the Taliban," he said.
"Two motorcyclists knocked on the door of Major Mirza's house and then started shooting at the door," said a resident from the Sarfaraz area of ​​Tahir Khan. Mirza was injured in the incident and later died in hospital due to injuries he suffered, he said.

He said there were reports the Taliban had killed two tribal elders again that morning in the district.

Voa-islam/The Truth Seeker Media

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