Thursday, June 7, 2012

Muslim cadets: Said Aqil is Islamophobia

JAKARTA -Statement Said Aqil Siraj which does not allow the aspirations of Islamic countries in Indonesia, according to Ustadz Alfian Tanjung as a phenomenon that uncovered the original face of the PBNU chairman and the antitrust parties against the enforcement of Islamic Shari'ah.
"It shows him the truth. He is a person prepared by the Sepilis group (secularism, pluralism, and liberalism-ed) and Zionists to maintain NU to remain as they wish," the Muslim cadets chief, Jakarta, Monday (4/6).
More than that, according to him at the Nahdhatul Ulama Conference, basically Said Aqil was not the person desired by the NU clerics.
"So indeed when the congress was intervened by certain parties," he explained.
The figure of Said Aqil, according to him, is a picture of paranoia suffered by those who hate Islam.
"He is Islamophobia, who doubts Islam and does not want Islam to be applied as a teachingbroken(comprehensive), "said Ustadz Alfian.
He continued, however the actions of Said Aqil will not be separated from the calculations in the hereafter, moreover he feels better than the creator of this universe.
"He has to be responsible in the hereafter. Said Aqil becomes more powerful than Allah, has a false view of Islam as an ideology and system, while Allah is sending such Islam," said Ustadz Alfian.
He added, Said Aqil had to study the history of the Islamic Caliphate which had stretched to stand above the world. So he will realize that the Islamic State is something that is needed by Muslims.
"Islamic governance is a necessity, because Islam is a religion with power, Islam cannot be without power. We do not need to be trapped with the term Islamic shari'a to be formalized. What Islam must realize must be actualized namely its Islamic soul and its action," he explained.
Said Aqil's own statement, according to Ustadz Alfian, is a form of anxiety among those who are anti against the Islamic Shari'ah in seeing the development of the struggle for Islamic Shari'a today.
"It is a form of fear of people who are anti against the Islamic Shari'ah, which is described through Islamic figures, so just borrow their hands," he said.
He also questioned Said Aqil's commitment to ideology which was heralded namely democracy and human rights, because his statement against the rejection of the idea of ​​an Islamic state contradicted democracy itself.
"Where is democracy and human rights that he adheres to? Even though the Islamic Shari'ah talks have been discussed at Konstistuante. If he is consistent with the logic of human rights and democracy, people should not be forbidden to speak Shari'at Islam," Ustadz Alfian said.
So it is true, that Said Aqil did not make the title of professor in the field of religion as a qualification for his actions. Because according to Ustadz Alfian, Said Aqil is someone who is controlled by another party. "So Said Aqil is a doll in my opinion," he concluded.
As reported, in a speech commemorating Pancasila in the DPR / MPR building Said Aqil Siraj on Friday (1/6) stated that there is no place for organizations that want to fight for an Islamic state in Indonesia.

Arrahmah/The Truth Seeker Media

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