Friday, June 22, 2012

Strong determination of the Egyptian People's Revolution

The al-Tahrir roundabout on Tuesday (6/19) again became the arena for demonstrations by millions of Egyptians. Various layers of society starting from the political camp, parties and even members of parliament also joined in mingling with the people and shouting anti-junta slogans. Some time ago the ruling High Military Council in Egypt carried out a number of political maneuvers on the political process in this country. The action of the Military Council was considered a coup.

The Egyptian Military High Council after the dissolution of the parliament and the release of perfecting laws to limit the authority of the president, has now formed a High Council of National Defense. Thus the full control of state security is in their hands. The plan for the National Defense High Security Council was the president and sixteen other people including the security minister and ten military commanders. This council is said to be responsible for creating state security.

Thus various evidences indicate the great ambition of the Military High Council to remain at the height of Egyptian power. A number of events in the last few days, especially the decisions taken by the military junta indicate strongly that the military is reluctant to give up its power in this Pyramid State.

Although the Military High Council once promised to hand over the reins of power to the elected president until June 30, the various indications indicated that the Egyptian Military Junta was in the midst of repressing and strengthening its position. Since before the era of Gamal Abdul Nasser, the former president of Egypt, the military in this country was one of the main pillars in Cairo's political process. Almost all Egyptian presidents in the past few decades were military and half of Cairo's economic pulse was in the hands of the military.

In this condition the great revolution erupted in Egypt and Hosni Mubarak, the deposed ditaror tried to control the situation. Before stepping down he formed the Military High Council chaired by Husein Tantawi to run the government. Since one and a half years ago, the military instead of trying to succeed in the purpose of the revolution has instead guaranteed the interests of the remains of the regime's overthrown elements.

Although at the beginning of the victory of the revolution, the military in a number of its attitudes seemed to lean towards the demands of the people, but gradually began to appear. It turned out that the Military Council was still bound by the overthrown regime. The release of a mild verdict for Mubarak and his children angered the people. Even though Mubarak was accused of committing anti-people crimes. Not to mention the dissolution of the people's parliament and the appearance of Ahmad Shafiq, the rest of the elements of the overthrown regime showed a strong indication of military ambition to seize the revolution.

Now the Military Junta is releasing laws perfecting and forming a National Defense Council to strengthen its position and limit the authority of the president. Indeed, their actions have reduced the degree of a president and made him the leader of the puppet. This is fully understood by the revolutionary people and the entire political camp. Therefore, the six April camp which became the forerunner of the revolution in Egypt together with Islamic strongholds such as the Muslim Brotherhood and the Justice and Freedom Party called on the people to again demonstrate their struggle to defend the revolution by concentrating on the al-Tahrir roundabout.

Uniquely, Muhammad Mursi who reportedly won the election by an unofficial Egyptian source stressed that if he won and became president, he would take an oath of office at the al-Tahrir roundabout in front of millions of people. Meanwhile, the Military Council stressed that any winning candidate must take an oath of office in front of the Constitutional Court and the Military High Council.

This means that the Egyptian president must take legality from the military rather than the people.

But Mursi stressed that he would take the legality from the people. This has become the hottest issue in Egypt today. Meanwhile, all the people of this country are awaiting events that will occur in Egypt in the future. On the other hand, they are fully aware of a new military conspiracy, therefore they stress that they will not abandon their struggle against the rotten conspiracy that threatens the revolution.

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