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About God

I Alias Allah Bismillah Specific Oxygen أحبه Of course

"Whoever knows God through His names, His attributes, and His deeds, He will surely love Him!"
(Ibnul Qayyim, Al-Jawabul Kafi)

Allah is the Al-Ilah
"Allah" is the name for the Essence of God 'Azza wa Jalla. Nobody has that name but Him. The pronunciation of "Allah" comes from tashrif أله-This-Goddess-إلاهة-ألوهية . Furthermore, إلاهة (Ilahah) bemakna Consciousness (Al-Ma'luh), whereas Consciousness (Al-Ma'luh) meaning The hypocrites (Al-Ma'bud), which is worshiped by love and splendor.

In short, God = Al-Ilah (god) = Al-Ma'luh (which is worshiped) Al-Ma'bud (which is diibadahi)

Pray for 'God' is islam musytaq
Scholars differ about the origin of the pronunciation of "Allah"; whether the pronunciation is name jamid (single / standalone form) or islam musytaq (derivative form).

  • First opinion: the pronunciation of 'Allah' is name jamid. The reason, conditions musytaq (decreasing the form of words) requires that the isim has a previous constituent, even though the name of Allah is old (earliest). Something that is old does not have elements. It is like a whole name that is just a name but has no relation to the root of it. Example: someone named Nashir, but not necessarily he likes to help; a man named Mahmud, but not necessarily his reputation; someone named Syuja ', but he is not necessarily brave.
  • The second opinion: the pronunciation of 'Allah' is islam musytaq. His argument is the word of God,
Sit down Allah F Alms Wifi Earth I am Head Impartiality Beware Me Compression

"And He is Allah in the heavens and the earth; He knoweth what ye conceal and what ye reveal, and knoweth what ye do." (Q.s. Al-An'am: 3)

Word fragment F Alms is associated with pronunciation; meaning:

Sit down Consciousness F Alms Wifi Earth

"He is god in heaven and on earth. "

Related to the pronunciation meaning of 'Allah', Ibn 'Abbas radhiallhu 'anhuma mention,

Allah ذو Divinity And slavery On His creation All together

"Allah is the owner of the right of uluhiyyah (divinity) and 'ubudiyyah (servitude) over all beings."

What is rajih in this case is the opinion that the pronunciation of 'Allah' is islam musytaq. (This explanation is found in Syarh Al-'Aqidah Al-Wasithiyyah, Shaykh Muhammad Khalil Harash and Syarh Al-'Aqidah Al-Wasithiyyah, Sheikh Muhammad bin Shalih Al-'Utsaimin)

Allah is Ar-Rabb
Ar-Rabb: Al-Murabbi (maintainer) of the entire universe and its contents. Everything besides God is a creature for Him. He completes the life of His creatures with all means and infrastructure. He gave them abundant delights. If all the favors were gone, surely His creatures would not be able to survive. Whatever pleasure is felt (by every creature) then it comes only from Allah. (Taisir Karimir Rahman)

Tarbiyah (preservation) of God for His creatures consists of two kinds:

1. At-tarbiyah al-'ammah (general maintenance), creating creatures, giving them livelihoods, and pointing out useful roads for their survival on earth.

2. At-tarbiyah al-khashshah (special maintenance), in the form of guarding God against His guardians (people close to Him). God nurtures them through the gift of faith and taufik. God also perfected their faith and faith for them. God also removes obstacles and barriers between themselves and Himself. The specific nature of tarbiyah is: (i) maintenance above taufik to all good; (ii) guarding of all ugliness. Perhaps this is the hidden meaning behind most of the prayers of the prophets who use the pronunciation "Ar-Rabb"; the contents of their prayers are asking at-tarbiyah al-khashshah from God. (Taisir Karimir Rahman)

Entitled to have rububiyyah properties
Who has the privilege of uluhiyyah only the Essence of the character of rububiyyah.

Only those who are entitled to worship are able to create the universe, all living things, mountains, seas, trees, and other creatures. Only those who are entitled to worship are able to reduce rain, bring prolonged drought, cause famine, shake the earth with earthquakes, and overflow sea water. Those who are entitled to worship are only the One who is able to publish the sun in the east and sink it in the west.

It is impossible for someone to be a god while he is created. It is impossible for someone to be a god if he cannot bring benefits even to himself. It is impossible for someone to be a god if he himself cannot save himself from danger. It is impossible for someone to be a god if he cannot change the condition of the universe and its contents as he wishes.

Claim without proof
If a person claims to be a god who has the right to be worship then first check whether he has the rububiyyah nature.
Let's look at the story of two ordinary humans who claim to be gods. A claim without real evidence!

1. The King of Namrud who lived in the time of Prophet Ibrahim 'alaihis greeting.

He said, "O my people! I am the Lord of the heavens and the earth, and I am the All-Knowing, the All-Wise."

"Do you not notice those who argue with Ibrahim about his Lord (Allah) because Allah has given to him the government. When Ibrahim said, 'My Lord is the one who gives life and death.' The person said, 'I can turn it on and off.' Ibrahim said, "Verily, Allah produces the sun from the east, then raise him from the west, 'then the unbelievers are silent; and Allah guideth not wrongdoers. "(Q. Al-Baqarah: 258)

Is it true that Namrud can turn it on and off?
It turns out, Namrud's intentions: he's able to let someone stay alive and he's able to kill him (turn it off) if he wants to. In fact, the Prophet Ibrahim is the ability to create a living being (from animate to animate) and to turn it off (from animate to animate). It seems that Namrud does not understand the fact of "turning it on and off".

To silence Namrud's arrogance, Prophet Abraham 'alaihis salam using other arguments. He challenged Namrud to publish the sun from the west. Namrud does not have rububiyyah properties, so how could he be able to change the position of the sun?
Finally Namrud lost heavily. How stupid and sad Namrud is! (This explanation can be seen at Taisir Karimir Rahman)

2. Fir'aun who lived in the time of Moses' alaihis greeting
This is the story of Pharaoh. The infidel who claims to be God, even though he has absolutely no rububiyyah character. When the sea split by God finally closes again, he cannot save himself or his army!

Fir'aun claimed the nature of rubbubiyah in him even though that trait was not in him.

فقال أنا ربكم الأعلى
"He (Pharaoh) said: I am the highest of you." (QS. An-Nazi'at: 24)

This happens when he feels very comfortable when he is worshiped, then his arrogance increases. Eventually getting worse and claiming to be Rab, which means the life giver for his people. So the Pharaoh claims the right of uluhiyah and the nature of rububiyah. Some commentators say his admission as Rab did 40 years after he asked to be worshiped (adored). At the beginning of his reign, the Pharaoh asked to be worshiped, forty years later, he claimed to be an Egyptian living giver. (Isaac Ishes, for the above paragraph).

Fir'aun (Pharaoh) and the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: "O my Lord!

"And Fir'aun said, 'O my great-granddaughter, I do not know your god beside me. Then burn Haman for me clay then make me a tall building so that I can go up to see the Lord of Moses, and I really believe he is a liar. '"(Q. Al-Qashash: 38)

Wastakber was wondering if he did not know what he was doing.

"And behave arrogantly Pharaoh and his army on earth (Egypt) for no right reason and they think that they will not be returned to Us. "(Q.s. Al-Qashash: 39)

فأخذناه وجنوده فنبذناهم في اليم فانظر كيف كان عاقبة الظالمين

"So We sent down Fir'aun and his hosts, and cast them into the sea. So look at the consequences of the tyrants. "(Q.s. Al-Qashash: 40)

At the end of his life, Pharaoh pleaded guilty. But regret is too late.

And the children of Israel carried us over the sea. Pharaoh and his soldiers followed them with pride and promised, even if he drowned. "I believed that there was no god except that which the Israelites had believed me,

"And We allow the Children of Israel to cross the sea, then they are followed by Pharaoh and his army, because they want to persecute and oppress (them). until when the Pharaoh had almost drowned, he said, 'I believe that there is no God but God whom the Children of Israel believe, and I am among those who surrender (to Allah).'"(Q. Yunus: 90)

Thus were two unbelievers from among the previous generations. It's a real story, not a fairy tale or an imaginary hikayat. There is no possibility that there are still people who have to be in charge at this time.
Should the sensible people take lessons. Really, only God Ar-Rabb Al-Ilah. No match for Him!

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