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Therapy for Curing the Properties of Arrest

Heart movements, need to be managed well by using science. Because the scientists can identify which are good and bad in the heart.

Someone who loses knowledge, we can be sure to be trapped in an 'illness' which leads to error. Because, Satan will easily enter a heart that is not filled with knowledge. One of the 'diseases' that lead to heresy is self-disease (swims) and arrogant (curiosity).

Usually, someone who is infected with arrogance (arrogant), is difficult to accept the truth. He thought, the heart was safe from various temptations. Even though Satan is not satisfied, if someone does worship. Satan seeks, how the worship becomes futile and even becomes a 'boomerang' for the culprit.

Ujub and kibr, are two demonic traits that are correlated with each other. Someone who is arrogant, at first begins with pride. That is feeling holy, and clean of all shortcomings, and looking at others with a low view.

Arrogant and proud of being called the nature of the devil, because iblis is the creature of God who first did this disgraceful nature. Devil originally devout God's creatures worship Him for a long time. However, God finally cursed and expelled from heaven and condemned him into the occupation of hell due to his arrogance. He was arrogant, feeling more noble than Adam as.

Similarly with mutakabbir (0bang arrogant). Most people who with science will not experience significant progress, because they already feel reaching the highest peak (top of the top) Science whose essence is still at the basic level, but feels it has reached the doctoral level. As a result, the advice of the people around him was ignored. He also fell into a real error. "They thought they were doing their best." (QS. Al-Kahf: 104).

The Prophet defines the kibr with bathorul haq wa ghomtu an-Nas (rejecting the truth and disparaging others) (HR Muslim).

Truth-whatever form it is and whoever submits it-is obliged to accept it freely. This inner courage needs to be instilled deep in the leader, da'i or thalibul 'ilm. Because, this conspicuous and conspicuous routine usually affects them, even as small as any.

Someone who has just studied science, needs to understand the contents of his little heart. One time sometimes it occurred to him that he was' pious, clever in postulating and challenging the debate a bit. Like someone who has just learned a number of martial arts moves, he usually challenges anyone to physically fight.

Learning religion is also the case, in the early phases, often we fall into error. This is reasonable. However, he will remain in error if the advice of the person when he made a mistake is not heard.

Satan, will not be silent to see someone who is studying religion. He is not willing to learn and his faith increases every time. One way is to whisper that the student has become 'pious', does not need to learn much more, and does not need the advice of others.

Satan always leads people to things that smell instant, whispers beautiful dreams. Become a pious person in a short time, get an ustadz or kyai degree easily and quickly. There is no need to learn from the swing to the grave (uthlubul 'ilma minal mahdi ila al-lahdi), as the Prophet's message. But as if just following a brief traning or auditioning from Dai, then listen quickly, people call him Ustadz. Be it a karitan scholar.

As a result of these instant ways, he did not have time to study science and would make it a heart disease.

Actually there would be no problem when, the da'i was still learning in the midst of his preaching work. The problem is, when it feels to be a missionary he refuses to complete science, and feels it is top.

Imam al-Ghazali stated, "A fool is a person who feels himself the smartest."
What if there is someone who has increased knowledge, but the fanciness is getting worse? One of the things according to Imam al-Ghazali was because he studied the science of religion in a state of dirty heart. Diligent to recite, but keep going.
Or, the original intention was wrong. Demanding knowledge with the intention of seeking influence, position and property or becoming a cleric to be rich. And this phenomenon seems to have become a trend nowadays.

Eradicate Fun

Then how to cure this ujub and obscure disease? Pride and trials, usually caused by nasab factor, good looks, wealth and knowledge.
For the issue of nasab (descent), a Muslim must be aware that whatever the father or grandfather's nasab is, everything comes from a despicable liquid and from a low place, which is land.

Arrogant because science is the most powerful form of arrogance its destructive power - which is complicated to cure it. Many cases a person falls into error due to this factor. This model of arrogance needs serious effort and intention. Then the person who has knowledge must have to know two things; first, the realization that the responsibility of 'alim before God is heavier.

An 'disobedient alim with his knowledge is worse than an evil fool. A kiai and a fool who commit adultery, the scarier is more painful than a kiai.

Second, that arrogance belongs only to God. Other creatures do not have the right to grow fast. If a person is frivolous, then he has actually robbed God of his rights. How is God not angry with someone like this?
In general, Imam al-Ghazali gave the following clues; Namely, there is a synergy or a combination of knowledge and charity.

A Muslim should be aware of the nature of himself and the nature of God (ma'rifatullah) The nature of humans is despicable beings. He was born of something contemptible (Surah Al-Insan: 1-2). At birth, he has absolutely nothing and is weak. All intelligence, intelligence and knowledge are all from God.

While Allah SWT is the perfect perfect. He is the one who deserves pride.
The healing with charity can be done by training yourself to become a tawadhu 'person, as high as any knowledge.

The Prophet Muhammad gave a remarkable example in this matter. He is the most noble man. But, the Prophet Muhammad was a type of leader who was populist. He did not hesitate to struggle with poor people.

In one history, he even had to eat on the ground without foundation with friends. A cleric 'salaf once trained himself by eating and chatting with the sellers in the market. Even though he is very prominent in the eyes of the people. This was done solely in order to get rid of the nature of kibr that perched on his heart. Practicing this simple life is sometimes difficult for leaders to do.

Familiarizing yourself with something that is underestimated this will spoil the arrogant nature and pride itself in his heart.

Everything depends on self-willingness, is there willingness from leaders, and preachers to be modest, open to accepting the truth, popularizing, and close to the people. Conversely, people who are self-closing, dishonest and selfish are usually easily swayed by heresy, and easily tempted by wealth, position and achievements.

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