Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Apparently there is another "God"

Not feel our age as humans, increasing. Our responsibilities and obligations as actors of any kind in the world also accumulate.

In the midst of that very busy life, sometimes it is tucked into our mistakes as humans. One of the most important of them is about our God.

As a Muslim, we are taught to study monotheism every day through prayer services that we must do 5 times a day. But even though the intention is good because of God, but who can guarantee that we do not think of the other "gods" who are passing through our minds.

Indeed that is the reality, sometimes we are all still just doing prayer as a routine ritual and not establishing prayer. While tucked into the heart, that when we pray in cash, then the heart will be calm because our obligations are finished.

And that's just the thing about prayer. Certainly there are still many other mistakes that we cannot describe in detail.

Really, the world is very interesting but busy. And sometimes, in the name of avoiding illicitness, many of us pass through the threshold of disbelief, that is to assert something and to attach it closely to the heart, so that somehow the love of God can be glorified.

Our "other" God, or more precisely something that we so glorify besides Allah Subhanahu Wata'ala, consciously or indiscriminately and seize our thoughts and our hearts.

Work, money, world busyness, husband, wife, children, etc., as if they have been so successful in leading the direction of our mind towards what they want. Whether it is something that is blessed by God or not, sometimes we ourselves still have time to think about it or not.

Allah has said in Al-Hadiid verse 20, "Know, that the life of the world is merely a game and something to neglect. And this life of the world is nothing but delusion. "

Whether we realize it or not, not always the worldly things we glorify bring peace to ourselves. Or if it is happy now, then of course there will be an expiration date.

And as easy as turning hands, sometimes it is not uncommon to even humiliate and keep us away from peace. Because basically when a human has lost God, there will not be enough space for his heart, even if it is only a place to relieve himself.

If by love our inner God can finally realize all that, then indeed we will also be struck, that God is indeed the Most Merciful, even to ignorant servants like ourselves. God's love and favors even endless every day.

And how lucky we are, because with a package of sins that we are aware of or not we are still doing, but we are still given the opportunity every second by Allah to return to the path that is blessed.

So, if not now, then who can guarantee that tomorrow we can still have the opportunity to change the concept of "god" which should only place Allah Subhanahu Wata'ala as our only god worthy of worship, acknowledgment and priority?

And not other "gods" who are actually born as products of our own minds because of our love for the world.

May God still give us the opportunity to improve ourselves and our faith. aamiin.

Voa-Islam/The Truth Seeker Media

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