Thursday, June 21, 2012

Elder Maungdaw: The government carried out systematic ethnic cleansing

Violence against Rohingya ethnic Muslims still ongoing in the state of Arakan (Rakhine), Burma (Myanmar). Murders, robberies, rape of Muslim women, and the arrest of Muslim youth may have become daily activities for so-called 'security' forces in Rakhine and supported by ethnic Buddhist Rakhine, even local authorities.

This is not a mere conjecture, but the evidence has been exposed before the eyes. Rakhine extremist efforts are a form of Rohingya ethnic cleansing, Rohingya Muslims are considered illegal immigrants by Rakhine residents. It seems strange indeed, because according to President ARNO (Arakan Rohingya National Organization), when interviewed by AljazeeraRohingya and Arakan ethnic groups have lived side by side for a long time and Rohingya Muslims are not illegal immigrants.

Evidence that local authorities support violence against Rohingya Muslims is that 'security' forces are allowed to be involved in atrocities against Rohingyas. And a number of Burmese media have made rotten propaganda which shows that the Arakan Muslims are terrorists who have killed Buddhists and burned their homes. As said by an elder in the city of Maungdaw.

A tribal elder in Maungdaw revealed, as reported Kaladan News on Sunday (6/17/2012), the Burmese Authority used a new tactic in an effort to purge Rohingya ethnic groups from their villages. They, called security forces, destroyed property of the Rohingya people, arrested their youth in every village in the southern city of Maungdaw and took them to the Nasaka headquarters where they were brutally tortured and taken after being equipped with heavy weapons, such as swords, knives and bottles full of fuel, as propaganda to prove to the world that they (Rohingya Muslims) are terrorists through Burmese media.

"It is clear that the government carried out systematic ethnic cleansing to make the Rohingya escape from their homeland (Arakan), "said the elder.

"Rohingya will suffer hunger if this situation continues. The Burmese authorities distribute food to the Rakhine community, but not to the Rohingya community," he added.

It has been reported before that thousands of Rohingya Muslims suffer from hunger due to lack of assistance. The UN delegation and NGOs who visited Rakhine were ordered to return a few days ago because the Burmese authorities did not promise to provide security for them.

With the absence of UN and NGO teams, extremists and local governments can commit genocide against Muslims more effectively without the knowledge of the outside world. Therefore, independent pro-Rohingya Arakan media which have direct sources from Arakan, greatly helped the international community in spreading the news of the situation and conditions of Rohingya Muslims.

IWD/The Truth Seeker Media

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