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This is Gender, Counting Feminism Academically

Issues about Kesetaraan Gender masih berlanjut hingga saat ini, bahkan para Feminis masih terus menyebarkan pemikiran-pemikirannya, salah satunya seperti mengadakan seminar Feminisme di Auditorium Gedung I, Fakultas Ilmu Budaya, Universitas Indonesia, Selasa lalu (01/05), dengan Prof. Musdah Mulia dan Dr. Gadis Arivia sebagai salah satu pembicaranya.

However, in fact, until now there is still no Gender Study Study Center in Indonesia that can research further and seriously on the ideas of feminism and base the research on Islamic worldview or Muslim women who can counter these feminist thoughts.
Therefore, Indonesian women, especially Muslim women, need adequate information on everything about Feminism so that their understanding is not lost on the dismal ideas of feminists., as one of the sites for feminism studies and the first Muslim online media in Indonesia will answer the challenges being faced by Indonesian Muslim women today.
"Alhamdulillah, a special website has been born that addresses gender issues and matters related to feminine themes that are discussed based on Islamic perspectives. This website was born because of the same anxiety felt by Muslim communities from various Islamic organizations in Indonesia due to the efforts of liberals, feminists and postmodernists who increasingly spread their thoughts on gender and women's roles through the hands of the media, institutions to the state ", explained Sakinah Fithriyah, Spokesperson This is Gender, the Center for Gender Studies (CGS) kepada media belum lama ini.

In fact, the plan is that the site, which is run by Muslim women from several Islamic organizations, will launch its first launch at the Doctoral Program Building, Univ. Ibn. Khaldun, on Tuesday (05/29/2012), together with the holding of the "Homosexual and Gender Public Lecture" in Islamic Perspective and Psychology "program which was planned to be filled by Prof. Malik Badri, International Psychology Expert from Sudan and Dr. Hamid Fahmy Zarkasy, Gontor ISID Postgraduate Director.


Seeing the enthusiasm shown by Muslim women towards the birth of CGS, it was precisely getting a response from the Responsible Division of the Women's Division of Ghurabaa (Militant Tauhid), he expressed tremendous support for this anti-feminist women's movement.
"If men who reject feminism are less attractive, precisely with the presence of the anti-feminism movement among Muslim women, this will further strengthen the relationship that the rejection of feminism comes from various elements of the Muslim community, but the KKG Bill is a dead price", he explained, as quoted from the site, last Sunday (05/13).

CGS First Project

Not only that, before, CGS had received its first project. The board together with INSISTS (Institute for the Study of Islamic Thought and Civilizations) membuat kritikan terhadap RUU KKG yang dituangkan ke dalam tulisan analisis. Rencananya, tulisan analisis tersebut akan diserahkan ke Komisi VIII pada hari ini (28/05).

However, the House of Representatives, especially Commission VIII must know in full the info on Gender Equality, starting from the problematic definition of Gender and deconstructed in such a way, the meaning of Justice, Equality, dissecting the concept of Discrimination, the contradiction of this Bill with the First Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution Article 28 J paragraph (2) concerning human rights until the problem of overlapping (overlapping) with other laws.

About CGS

CGS was born on April 7th, marked by the birth of a group on FB and blogs, then because of the great interest in the group and blog, finally we were female administrators, assisted by four men, created an official website specializing in countering feminism and gender equality, besides making fanspage on Facebook and Twitter.

The CGS rubric consists of Suara Muslimah which contains coverage of the Muslim activities and events that will take place, articles consisting of Fikrah, Gender Studies, Muslim Women Examples, History, Muslim Women Fiqh and Book Review, the last Consultation and Album gallery rubric.

By: Sarah Mantovani, diterbitkan dalam bentuk Press Release dalam situs

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