Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Anti-Muslim Character Behind The Irshad Manji Thought

Image-6855Islamic thinker Irshad Manji labeled heretical by some Muslims may be more controversial after a report said he got funding from an anti-Islamic Zionist tycoon.
The Nation newspaper reported Wednesday (13/6), a Zionist tycoon named Nina Rosenwald has funded a non-profit program run by Irshad called Project Ijtihad. "In 2007, Rosenwald provided funds of USD 10 thousand or around Rp. 94.3 million for the Ijtihad Project," the paper wrote. This project is to build a network of moderate Muslim and Muslim thinkers throughout the world.

Nina is the daughter of William Rosenwald, Zionist figure The United States founded the United Jewish Appeal organization in 1939. Through the Family Fund Foundation William Rosenwald, Nina and her sister, Elizabeth Varet, have contributed more than USD 2.8 million (around 26.4 billion) to anti-Islamic activists over the past 12 years and activities to spread hatred towards Muslims.
Nina also supported the struggle of anti-Islamic politicians from the Netherlands, Geert Wilders. The leader of the Freedom Party accused him of calling for an end to Islamization throughout Europe. "Islam is the biggest threat to freedom we are facing," he said. Through the film Fitnah, the right-wing politician discredited Islam as a violent religion and imperialism.

Irshad Manji came to Indonesia last month to launch his second book entitled Allah, Liberty, and Love. Unlike his trip four years ago, this time many Islamic organizations refused. Discussion of his book at Teater Salihara, Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta, was forcibly dissolved. A similar event at Gajah Mada University, Yogyakarta, was canceled. The study of his book in an institution in Yogyakarta ended in chaos.

The Indonesian Ulema Council along with a number of Islamic groups accused Irshad of heretical thoughts. In fact, he was also labeled an infidel.
Irshad's thinking is contrary to Islamic law. The women claim this lesbian admitted daily prayers 12-15 times. That is not a prayer like the Muslims generally.

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