Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Liberal figure Ratna Sarumpaet Bela Olga, Accuses FPI of Threatening Olga to Gain Profit

The efforts of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) which threaten comedian Olga Syahputra, are more about certain interests, one of which is material affairs.

The comment was conveyed by cultural observer Ratna Sarumpaet to Itoday on Monday (6/25) addressing the FPI's threat to Olga Syahputra who was considered to be harassing Islam. Olga in her joke calls the greeting 'Assalammu Alaikum' as a beggar's greeting.

"FPI behind the desk has always had an interest. If I say this, it is slander. I hang out with people who have been treated inhumanely by the FPI. We have a million reasons to dissolve FPI. FPI works only makes it wrong. the president also looks stupid, all stupid because of FPI, "said Ratna.

According to Ratna, Olga's problem was only a matter of technical error. "I am sure Olga has no intention of harassing. I know Olga. Olga has no interest. I think Olga is not wrong, she is unlikely to harass Islam. Expressing greetings like beggars, if not seen from the context, will be sensitive. this is only a technical error, "said Ratna.

Ratna also reminded Olga to be careful when it comes to religion, let alone greetings 'Assalammu Alaikum'. Religious issues are sensitive. All parties can find fault easily because of the sensitivity of religion.

"For me, what KPI task is? I don't understand, if Olga is wrongly hit immediately? The people must be educated to look at the context. On the one hand, I ask citizens who protest to see the context and not judge," said Ratna.

Furthermore, Ratna also requested that all parties be careful because religious issues are often used by certain parties to lead the race.

In particular, Ratna also criticized the reactionary attitude of DKI Jakarta FPI Chairperson Habib Selon. "Even if I don't say, I never thought about it. Selon felt he was a figure, but as a character he did not see the problem as an adult. This is a person who always heated up his group. If FPI wants to bring this case to legal matters, please," concluded Ratna

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