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False Tolerance of Unbelievers Against Muslims

It turns out that those who report to the UN human rights council about the intolerance of Muslims are people from the liberal group. I regret this. In my opinion, they struggle halfheartedly. On the one hand, they strongly defend the rights of minorities, but on the other hand they do not defend those who are oppressed at all. Who is oppressed? Muslims. When there are cases of oppressed Muslims in a majority area with a population of other religions, they are silent. However, when there are cases that have befallen other religious communities, they speak loudly like their supporters. Though very few cases occur. Where were they in the case of Ambon, Poso, NTT and other conflict areas?

The facts they reveal are not in accordance with the real reality. Just look at the following data on the growth of places of worship: Referring to the 2008 Ministry of Religion data, the number of Muslims in Indonesia reached 88.8%. However, the number of places of worship is only 64.8%. While the number of national Protestant Christians reached 5.7% with the number of places of worship 15, 38%, and followers of the national Catholic reached 3% with a number of places of worship 3.72%.

The history of Muslims is a history of tolerance. While their history is filled with massacres. But it is unfortunate that Islamic history is blurred and then twisted. So that is displayed in front of some people, especially the westernized is the ugliness of this people. They are people who are trapped into the nasty media vortex. They did not see the original form of Islam directly to the source. That is an authentic historical source. That is what I call "mental laziness" because they do not study it based on authentic historical sources, but only from media whose work enjoys insulting Islam.

Read the following facts about the intolerance of infidels:

The Canadian Islamic Congress compiled incidents after the first crusade (the Crusaders I, 1095-1099), where around 70000 Muslims in Jerusalem were massacred to the extent that Israel was carrying out the Palestinian people today.

Here are some victims of Muslim genocide throughout history, as released by By The Canadian Islamic Congress:

1. 70,000 residents of Jerusalem, mostly Muslims, were slaughtered by the European Crusaders on July 15, 1099, the massacre caused a flood of blood as deep as ankles.
2. After the European Crusaders massacre in June 1098 where no Muslimpun was still alive. Massacres also occurred in Asklan (1099), Aka (1104), Antioch (1098), Beruit (1110) and Tropolie (1102).
3. The Inquisition in Spain and Portugal (1834), the choice for Muslims was to go away, convert or be burned at the stake. The decision was revoked on July 15, 1834, after all Muslims were killed or fled. Muslim massacres also occurred in Toledo (1085), Lisbon (1147), Cordoba (1236), Seville (1248), Maria (1266) and Granada (1492).
4. The Mongols massacred millions of Muslims in India, Persia, Iraq and Central Asia, including slaughtering the Abbasic Caliph and his officials (1219-1260). The events of the Sack of Baghdad (February 13, 1258) massacred the population for more than 17 days in which two million Muslims were massacred there.
5. In Bosnia, Kosovo and Chechnya (1992-present), more than 200,000 Muslims were massacred and more than 1.5 million Muslims were injured, homeless or exiled. More than 50,000 Muslim women and girls were raped.
6. In the early days of America, around 15 million Africans were taken as slaves to America. More than half are Muslim. More than 3 million died at sea, more than half of whom were Muslims.
7. After the Deir Yassin, Palestinian massacre, 9-10 April 1948, where 250 were killed by armed Jewish settlers, around 100 thousand left their homes in fear. And now more than 3 million Palestinians are refugees or exiles.
8. Israeli soldier Lieutenant Dunhan reported to officers his order, after October 29, 1956 at the massacre of Kafr Qasem, "43 have been shot not including 15 of them from Arabia, it is difficult to count ..."
9. During September 15-18 1982, Israeli-backed Phalagist militia massacred 50,000 Palestinians, estimated in Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in Lebanon.
10. During 1932-1957, in the Arctic, Russian Vorkuta concentration camp, as many as 6 million people died and more than a third were Muslim.
11. On February 25, 1994, Jews shot dead in cold blood as many as 60 Muslims at the Ibrahimi Mosque, Hebron. Then more than thirty people died when they demonstrated against the massacre.
12. On March 16, 1988, in the Kurdish town of Halabja (population 45,000), Iraq, was bombarded with chemical weapons (by Saddam Husain's regime). 5,000 people are estimated to have died and another 1,000 have been seriously injured.
13. Over the past 8 years, after the American invasion of Iraq, all Iraqis were in horror, more than 1 million died including 575,000 children.
14. Thousands of Muslims were slaughtered in the Philippines, Kashmir and Thailand (since the 1970s-now).
15. On April 18, 1996, more than 100 Muslims were massacred at the UN complex in Qana, Lebanon by Israeli soldiers.
16. Millions of Muslim civilians were slaughtered by European imperial forces in Africa and Asia (1500 to 1900s).
17. Hundreds of thousands of Muslims were slaughtered during and before partitioning India in the 1940s.
18. Thousands of Muslim civilians have been victims of Israeli bombings and bombings in South Lebanon for the past 26 years. Hundreds of thousands of people were displaced.

An Egyptian salafy scholar, Shaykh Muhammad Hasan said that: "I command my brother Nashrani Coptik:" For God's sake to have the Ka'bah! You live with us for centuries and you will stay with us for centuries ahead safely, peacefully under the law of Allah swt. and His Apostle, because the Shari'ah followers will not be willing to suffer for you forever, because you are the will of the Prophet Muhammad, we and the latter ride on the ark, if the ark is safe, then we will all be safe, if this ark is destroyed then we all destroyed. "

In the Battle of Tartar in the Syrian state many Muslims, Jews, and Nashrani became captives of the Tartar forces. Sheikh Ibn Taimiyah boldly met the Tartar leader to talk about the captivity and release of their captives. The Tartar leader granted the release of the prisoners of the Muslims alone, not with the Nashrani and the Jews. But Shaykh, who in the western world is known as extremist-extremist clerics, refuses! He said: "What to release is all the prisoners that you have, including the Jews and Nashrani, who are our dzimmah experts, and we will not let a prisoner be nice to both dzimmah experts and scholars." (see bookIslamic Civilization Before, Now and Tomorrowthe work of Dr. Mustafa As Siba'i, see also the bookSyaikhul Islam Ibn Taimiyahkarya Abul Hasan Ali An Nadwi).

If we trace the history of Islam and other religions, surely we will find that Islam is the most open religion in dealing with differences. In the book "Futuhul Buldan", Al-Baladzuri revealed how the Prophet with his Medina charter, not only accepted coexistence with non-Muslims, but also acknowledged the existence of their places of worship. Furthermore, Al-Baladzuri wrote that when the Roman empire was conquered, none of the churches torn down by Muslim forces. Even the Coptic Christian church in Egypt, we still see it stands majestically from its construction in the Umayyad dynasty.

That is the true nature of history. Tolerance built by Islam is
tolerance that is full of sincerity and sincerity. Not false and fake tolerance. Not tolerance full of hypocrisy and camouflage. In front of talking A, but behind talking B. In front of sweet lips, in the back becomes a violent person.

We are in power then the forgiving of our nature,

When you are in power
The blood flowed evenly
It's no surprise the difference between us
Because each vessel seeps according to its contents.
(Dr. Musthafa As Siba'i)

Fimadani/The Truth Seeker Media

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