Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tricks Introducing a New Menu For Children Who Have Difficulty to Eat

Mothers often feel desperate when your child is very difficult to eat. You also do a lot of innovation on variations of the menu, but they are very difficult to be invited to compromise.

First of all, you must first understand that children are difficult to try new things and may not even like it, including in this case a new food menu. Your task is to eliminate the negative assumption. Here are the tips as described by the author of 'The Mom 100 Cookbook: 100 Every Mom Recipes Needs in Her Back Pocket' Katie Workman in Parenting USA:

Don't speculate negatively

All you have to do first is not to speculate negatively first. Without realizing it, you often assume that your child does not like the new menu that you make, even though in reality it is not necessarily like that. Maybe this time your little one will like it.

Start with Small Portions

Katie mentioned this many times in her book. Especially for processed fish, start with small portions. This is because children will immediately reject it. Starting with delicious little bites will make the child 'addicted'.

A little 'cool'

Although this is not good, but it doesn't hurt you look a little 'ignorant' of it. If you look very expecting your little one to try new food, then chances are that the child will refuse. It's enough to just ignore it, don't overdo it.

'Take advantage of' your child's friend

If the tips above have not been able to make your child voluntarily try new foods, try by inviting friends from your child who have a big appetite for lunch at home. Small children like to imitate what their friends do, so your child will try the new food menu that you make.

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