Friday, June 29, 2012

This Writing For Myself ...

One time the sun shone hot, sweat drops flowed little by little through the forehead, eyebrows, cheeks, then fell to the earth. The heat is indeed not much, indeed it is not able to make the eggs become half cooked. But still, sweat still comes out even though the body doesn't move much. But the heat of the sun is not always tormenting, usually there is a gentle breeze that wipes the forehead, eyebrows, and cheeks of the sweat that falls.


One time we almost fell, even fell in. Slowly crawling to reach hope, hoping to climb the deep hole that was lunged. After successfully reaching the surface, we usually go back to walking, but unfortunately we sometimes drag our feet more often with our breasts puffed up and head up to challenge the sky of power.

There is another time, when the water stops flowing. Then we wait for the heavenly advice to bring down its fortune, so that hope will grow again to germinate. It is still forgotten that grass is a place to ask, but unfortunately grass often sways in the wind. Or we forget that God always gives what we don't ask for, while we ask for things that don't give anything.


In the memory of human life, the state rotates linearly, repeating an event in a different period. But the bad still happens, while the ones that are rare are rarely repeated. The saying goes, the fruit will not fall from the tree. But unfortunately, faith is more valuable than experience, and it cannot be grafted to produce the same fruit from a tree of personality. There are times when the wheels are spinning, but are still stagnant due to various circumstances. Then we can only stare while hoping the wind can move the wheel: waiting for a miracle.

Then we begin to blame the devil for tempting the air. The celestial romance in the utopian has every meaning of the world. Enforced, enslaved, encroached, forced into a field that is limited to the abdominal discourse and below it.


Then, what kind of human are we? Half a vertebrate animal, or a demigod who wants everything to be there?

At one time we ask for the will of the earth and sky. At the time the chicken has not been developed by the angels, then tears are more valuable than our sweat. Immediately reflect on one third of the night.

Undergroundtauhid/The Truth Seeker Media

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