Monday, June 4, 2012

Steve Jobs Handwriting Auctioned

Auction house leading Sotheby's ready to let go of Apple's history. This notebook contains Steve Jobs's handwriting with pens before Apple was founded. This is the earliest document that the founder of Apple made when he was 19 years old.
Steve Jobs's note reads his home address and Buddhist incantations, "Gate gate paragate parasangate bodhi svahdl"This writing was done while he was still working for Atari.

At that time, Jobs was hated by his colleagues because he rarely bathed and often insulted the people around him. In 1974, Jobs was transferred to a night work schedule so that no employee could hear his insults and smell his body.

The results of Jobs' visionary thinking were well known until the end of his life. At the time the record was written, Jobs had not thought about Apple. It only took a few more years before Jobs changed the world.

Jobs's handwriting is expected to open with an initial offer of more than US $ 10 thousand. Gizmodo suspect this record will be worth more than thousands of dollars. There is nothing special in Jobs's writing. But, the value might be like when you find a graffiti on a Picasso painting shopping list.

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