Saturday, June 30, 2012

Turkey, US Mission Implementer in Syria

The NATO emergency session at Turkey's request to discuss shooting the country's F-4 fighter jet over Syrian waters has a veiled dimension. The meeting was more appropriately referred to as the stage for the congregation to issue a threat to Syria rather than to consult.

The incident opened a new round of Ankara-Damascus relations and increased tensions between the two neighboring countries. The incident invited strong reactions from Turkish officials and the Ankara government saying that Damascus shot down Turkish military aircraft in international airspace.

While Syria said the shooting was carried out because Turkish fighter jets violated its airspace and Damascus would not tolerate violations of its sovereignty. On Monday (25/6), a spokesman for the Syrian Foreign Ministry, Jihad Makdissi stated that the shooting of the military aircraft was a defense, because Turkish fighter jets violated Syrian sovereignty.

A Syrian military expert said that Turkey's actions had bad intentions, giving rise to speculation that the aircraft was on a spy mission. He said, the jet wanted to gain access to the palace area, apparently to send a special message to the government.

After the NATO emergency session, Prime Minister Tayyip Recep Erdogan said, Turkey would treat every Syrian military unit, which approached its border as a threat and military target. Erdogan also said Turkey was on the right path regarding Syria's actions, which shot down Turkish fighter jets, and Ankara's rational response to not being perceived as weak.

The Turkish maneuver however must be interpreted as a provocative act, because the country's fighter jets entered Syrian airspace with low flying and high speed. Maybe they are testing defense systems or spying activities.

Such actions clearly show hostility, especially Turkey's support for Syrian rebel groups who want to overthrow the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

Turkey was directly involved in the United States war against Syria. They participated in arming rebels and providing a place. Ankara has acted provocatively and possibly at the behest of Washington.

The US has plans for regime change in Syria. In early 2011, the West drafted a scenario to create violence in the Arab country. Washington wants Assad to be replaced by puppet leaders who submit to the US. If the steps taken are now unsuccessful, the West expects war to break out in Syria.

Such incidents can also be easily used as a pretext to worsen the conflict. Now, Turkey has deployed battle tanks and other armored vehicles to the Syrian border. According to a Press TV report, Wednesday (27/06/2011), 15 armored vehicles have been deployed, as well as other military vehicles and long-range weapons.

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