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The Battle of the Religion is Batil

By: Badrul Tamam

Al-Hamdulillah, praise be to Allah, Lord of the universe. Shalawat and salam may be overflowed for the Prophet Shallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam, family and friends.

There are some Muslims (or more precisely, claiming to be Islamic) believing and calling for the formation of interfaith ukhuwah (brotherhood). They postulate that Allah has set ukhuwah (brotherhood) between people who are different from aqeedah, namely ukhuwah sesuku, senegara, and one interest. That is with the word of Allah Ta'ala:

Ad أخاهم Hooda

"And to the Ad (We sent) their brother Hud."(QS. Huud: 50);"And to Thamud (We sent) their brother, Salal."(QS. Huud: 61);"And to Madinah (We sent) their brother Shu'aib."(QS. Huud: 84);"When their brother Nuh said to them: "Will you not fear (Allah)?"(QS. Al Syu'araa: 106);"When their brother, Lut, said
to them: "Will you not fear (Allah)?
"(QS. Al Syu'araa: 161).

Then they, the people whose understanding is reversed, concludes from these verses that we can call the Jews and Nashrani as our brothers, because they are a country with us. We seek refuge in Allah from this error.

Ukhuwah Only for the Believers
Indeed, believing that ukhuwah is only intertwined by fellow believers, not between believers and unbelievers, including the principal of the faith. This is based on the word of Allah Ta'ala:

Almighty Brothers

"Verily the believers are brothers."(QS Al Hujuraat: 10)

Imam al Qurthubi in his commentary said, "Indeed the believers are brothers in religion and honor, not because of nasab. Therefore it is said, "Ukhuwah because dien is stronger than ukhuwah because of nasab. Because ukhuwah based on nasab is broken because of different religions. While ukhuwah because dien will not be interrupted because of different nasab""

Ibn Katsir's Imam pointed out the above verse that they (believers) were brothers because of him. Then he mentions some of the hadiths that support the brotherhood only apply to fellow believers who are bound by faith and Islam. Among these haidts-hadith:

أخو Muslim لا Jealousy Nor YESUMA

"A Muslim is a brother to another Muslim, he will not regret it and will not give it (to the enemy)."(Narrated by Bukhari No. 2442 and Muslim number 2580 from the hadeeth of Abdullah ibn Umar bin Ktathab)

And in Muslim Shahih, "And God always helps His servant as long as the slave always helps his brother."(Narrated by Muslim from Abu Hurairah, no. 2699)
And from Abu Darda ', the Messenger of Allah Shallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam said:

Prayer Muslim Oak Bizarr Unsuccessful Carpet الملك: Amin, Why? Inaccessible

"If a Muslim prayed for a non-presence to him (without him), then there is an angel who said: "Amiin (Allah bless you!), And for you also."(Narrated by Muslim no. 2732 from Abu Darda ')

And from Nu'man bin Basyir, the Messenger of Allah shallallahu 'alaihi wasallam said:

Almighty F So much Wrapped up Disagreement Eg The flesh إذا Complained Thank you member Of course From Cyrus The flesh Boss والحمى

"The parable of the Muslims in love, compactness, and affection is like one body, if one member of his body complains of pain, then all members of the body also take care and guard."(HR, Bukhari No. 2442)
and in Muslim Shahih mentioned, "A believer of other believers is like a building, some reinforcing some others. Then he sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam merged his fingers."(Narrated by Imam Bukhari, Muslim, and An Nasa'i from Abu Musa Al Asy'ari) completed the haidts-mentioned by Ibn Katsir.

As for the meaning of ukhuwah (brotherhood) mentioned between the prophets and their people and what is mentioned about them in a number of verses is an expression, saga, and notice that the prophets sent by Allah came from among their own people and there is still one word with them. Meanwhile, the Qur'an never mentions that the Prophets said to their people that they were our brothers. In fact, the attitude of the prophets to their people was the opposite. Look at the attitude of Prophet Ibrahim 'alaihis salam when talking to his people:

Brother Of you See me Rectangular I Do it God

"Indeed, we are free from you and from what you worship besides Allah. . ."(QS Al Mumtahanah: 4)
Where is brotherhood and common interest in Abraham's statement?

Look at the words of Noah 'alaihis salam to his people: "Noah said: "My Lord, do not let any of the unbelievers live on the earth."(QS. Nuh: 26) Where are the collectives and interests?

Look at the opposition prophets and apostles. The Prophet of Luth said, "Banish Luth and her family from your home; for they are indeed purified."(QS. Al Naml: 56)

Look at the attitude of the Syu'aib people 'alaihis salam, "The leaders of the arrogant Syu'aib said: "Surely we will drive you out, O Shu'aib and those who believe with you from our city, unless you return to our religion."(QS. Al A'raaf: 88)

Look at Quraisy's behavior to the Prophet shallallahu 'alaihi wasallam dalam firman Allah Ta'ala, "And (remember), when the unbelievers (Quraish) think of an effort against you to arrest and imprison you or kill you, or drive you away."(QS Al Anfaal: 30) where is the common interest and unity between the apostles and their people who they claim?

Now, look at how insults against Islam and its followers around the world are without seeing the country and humanity? Indeed, this slogan was created to deceive the Muslims and to cover the envy of infidels and hypocrites. Undoubtedly, tribal slogans and nationalism are made up of Muslim enemies of the Jews and Nashrani that are campaigned by Muslims, either because of their ignorance, hypocrisy, or seeking refuge with infidels. But it is clear that they will never be ridla. Allah Ta'ala says:

Satisfied Element Alive Villa Christians Until Tables Friend Fort إن Directions God Yes Huda Wali Affiliation أهواءهم Later Always Place I Science Me Lak I God I Why Villa Nasir

"Jews and Christians will not be pleased with you until you follow their religion. Say: "The guidance of Allah is the guidance." And if you follow their will after knowledge has come to you, then Allah is no protector and helper for you."(QS Al Baqarah: 120) because they will not be tolerated unless Muslims follow their teachings globally and reproach is to follow their desires, either a little or a lot.

Following the desires of the unbelievers means hoping for their pleasure as explained in the above verse, based on two reasons:

, the wrath of Allah upon him, he comes out of the love of Allah and His Messenger and the believers, and falls into the area of ​​the infidels.
Second, unbelievers will not be pleased with the Muslims and will continue to inflict disturbance, because of their desire that the Muslims follow their religion. And this is a condition of getting the pleasure of unbelievers. Whoever does that, really loses the afterlife, and that is the real loss.

So the Unbelievers Dare not Disturb the Believers
The above God's Word clearly shows that the pagans are never pleased with Islam and Muslims. They are always trying to disrupt the believers and always try to convert them from Islam or shake them from the face of the earth. Therefore, God Subhanahu wa Ta'ala instructing Muslims to prepare for physical strength to deal with infidels that are always envious and hostile towards them. Allah Ta'ala says,

I Me Entity I قوة Accept Rabat Alert Terrorism Will Income God Promise Waiting I Day La I'm God Not

"And prepare them for their strength whatever you can and from the horses tied for battle (you make) the enemy of Allah, your enemy and those besides those whom you do not know; but Allah knows it."(Al-Anfal: QS)

The content of this verse is very clear, Allah commands the believers to prepare all forces that are capable of being realized, both the power of reason, body, weaponry, and the like that can be used to fight infidels who always try to fight and destroy the religion of Islam and its followers. The goal, so that the intention of the unbelievers to fight and slaughter the Muslims did not materialize because of fear and fear of seeing the power of the Muslims. This is because, if Muslims have the strength and ability to fight, they will fear the enemies of the kafirin and munafikin to carry out attacks. If they see that Muslims are weak, have no strength, and do not practice war so that they are not able to dispel and fight the enemy, then they will be eager to fight Muslims.

This is in accordance with the word of Allah Ta'ala:

Warn them O Messenger The wedding The people Kufa Take it Turbulence E أسلحتكم وأمتعتكم Families Aliq Miles Unit

". . and let them stand ready and carry weapons. Unbelievers want you to lose your arms and your possessions, then they invade you at once."(QS. Al Nisa ': 102)

. . . if Muslims have the strength and ability to fight, they will fear enemies from the kafirin and munafikin to carry out attacks. . .

How can we assume that the infidels are brothers who are always willing to help and help us? Will we still feel safe from their tricks and makar when they tell the truth about their habits? Have we prepared the strength to weaken our morals to harm Muslims?

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