Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Indian Ulama Fatwakan Death Penalty for Killers

NEW DELHI - A prominent cleric in India has asked his country to impose Sharia law to cut the number of politically motivated killings, communal violence and other crimes.
Kathapuram AP Abubake Musaliar (commonly known as Shaykh Aboobackar Ahmad), a Sunni community leader, said India and many other countries are currently going through the most chaotic times where violence has reached an unprecedented level.

"Those who kill must receive great sanctions. India must impose Islamic Sharia which has a very strict system of sanctions to prevent murderers and anyone who spreads violence to be free from political influence. Arab countries have succeeded in twisting the crime and India must follow , "Aboobackar said.

Secretary General of the Indian Ulema Council and inventor and vice chairman Jamia Markazu Ssaquafathi Ssunniyya (Center for Sunni Culture) in Kerala, is the person behind the biggest mosque project in India. He has been campaigning for anti-alcoholic movements, violence and other social violence and running charity and education institutions to help the poor.

Kanthapuram refers to a number of cases of political murder and communal violence that occurred in India, especially in Kerala. A communist rebel leader, TP Chandrashekhran, was stabbed 51 times to death by a mob of criminals believed to be men from third parties. Even BBC News recently unveiled a politically motivated murder case in Kerala, which showed that one political party was accused of carrying out a number of planned killings against several party leaders who were already on their list.

IWD/The Truth Seeker Media

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