Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ulil Abshar: Just Leave Papua Free!

The figure of the Liberal Islamic Network (JIL) who later served as Chair of the Democratic Party's DPP Strategy and Policy Development Center, Ulil Abshar Abdalla, again made a tantrum. Regarding the warming of the situation in Papua, Ulil actually agreed to approve Papuan independence.

Ulil is known to often speak out loud about the radical Islamic movement in Indonesia. "FPI is an organization that commits systematic violence but not separatists. The nature of violence refers to a group," Ulil stressed.
Ulil, who was keen to push for the dissolution of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI), is now openly defending separatist groups. Ulil firmly supports the aim of the Free Papua Movement movement, which wants to liberate Papua.
Through his twitter account Ulil Abshar Abdalla @ulil son-in-law KH Mustofa Bisri stated: "Do we still have to defend Papua? What if it's released? It's complicated!"
"I used to think, Papua must be maintained at any price. But I feel that my mind is naive," Ulil continued.
Why Papua should be freed, Ulil reasoned: "The cost of maintaining Papua is very expensive. That is so, whatever the central government does, it will be considered wrong.

According to Ulil's view, the Papua problem will not be resolved in the near future. It takes a long process. That's a political fact that all parties must realize. The issue of Papua is not merely a matter of economic justice. "The problem is, many people feel they don't belong to Indonesia!" Ulil said firmly.
"Like a marriage life, if one partner does not want to survive in a marriage bond, cook must be forced," continued Ulil.

IWD/The Truth Seeker Media

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