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Universities in the UK Unilaterally Close the Islamic Center on Campus

Sudden decision by a university in England to close a Islamic Center the one used for praying has shocked Muslim students.
"When I first heard about the plan last Friday I went straight to the student union to request detailed information," Mohammed Patel, from the Islamic Society, told BBC News Online.

"Nobody there knows about the move and no one at the university's Islamic Society has been told."

The University of East Anglia has closed an Islamic Center which is used by Muslim students to pray.
"It's a pretty surprising way to handle it," Patel said.

The University itself defended the closure, arguing that the worship facilities were always temporary and the usage permit had been completed.

"I can understand they are not happy but there is no ambiguity," said Professor Tom Ward, one of the pro-vice chancellors at the university.
"This center must always move at the end of the planning permit. This facility is always temporary and the time has expired."
The University of East Anglia itself is a public research university based in Norwich, England.

The university provides a chapel center for quiet reflection, worship and conversation between students and staff of all religions.

Kapelan includes public spaces, quiet rooms for individuals or small groups and meeting rooms for group meetings and religious services.
Muslim prayer facilities are available at the UAE Islamic Center on campus, according to a university website report.

Friday prayer

Justifying the decision, University officials argued that they wanted Muslim students to join the multi-faith chaplaincy.
"We adapted the building so that the chapel space can be used which can accommodate men and women to worship Muslims," ​​Professor Ward said.
"The answer is to use multi-religious buildings where each must accommodate the other."

But Muslim students complained that the chapel room was too small to accommodate them for Friday prayers.

"We have shared chaplaincy especially when students do not have time to reach the Islamic Center on campus for sh," kaalatta Patel.
"The space there, however, is too small to accommodate those who want to pray Friday."

Eramuslim / The Truth Seeker Media

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