Thursday, June 28, 2012

Riyadh Efforts to Bend the Awakening of the People

When we evaluate regional policies of Saudi Arabia after the Islamic revival in the Middle East region echoed, the most prominent role played by the Al Sa'ud regime was the destruction of the revolutionary journey and plunging regional security into the brink of danger.

Today, this destructive role is manifested in the attempt to overthrow the Iraqi Prime Minister, the merger of Bahrain, and the turmoil in Syria and Lebanon. A reality that has transformed Riyadh as a nest of crimes and depravity.
Because of the Islamic revival that continues to echo, Saudi Arabia is currently in a state of crisis, a condition that has never existed in its history.

The White House dependence on Saudi Arabia as the backbone of Uncle Sam's country is a successful production after the collapse of Syah Pahlevi in ​​Iran. Feeling dependence day by day is getting stronger. The development of 'Wahabi' leadership is also spread throughout the world thanks to the success of the Saudi Arabian regime. However, all these successes are now in great danger because of the Islamic awakening that continues to echo day after day.

The position and attitude of the top officials of Saudi Arabia in connection with the developments that are taking place in this region we can peel on two sides.



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