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Women are more easily addicted to Facebook

Women are more easily addicted to Facebook

A recent study found that women are more likely to be addicted to Facebook's social networking sites than men. This finding is published in Psychological Reports journal.

In his research, psychologists from the University of Bergen in Norway involved 423 students to observe signs of addictive behavior in the way they use Facebook. The researcher used a measuring instrument called "Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale", where each participant was given a score to see the level of use of Facebok, ranging from one (very rare) to five (very often).

In the scoring method, each participant was also asked to comment on their feelings regarding the urge to use Facebook, failure to limit site usage and feelings when unable to access the site.

The study found that some participants showed signs of "Facebook addiction" similar to those shown by people who were addicted to drugs, alcohol and other chemicals. According to researchers, younger students are more likely to depend on social networking sites like Facebook than older students. As for gender, female students are at greater risk of becoming addicts than men.

Researchers added that people who suffer from anxiety or social insecurity are more likely to be loyal users of social networking sites. This might be because they find it easier to channel their feelings when they have to use technology rather than communicating with people personally.

The study also found that people with extroverted (open) personality types were more likely to be addicted to Facebook, while well-organized and ambitious people tended to have a lower risk of using websites, except for work or network purposes.

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