Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Vice President Boediono Supports Narco-Terrorism Propaganda

JAKARTA - In his remarks at the XXIX International Drug Enforcement Conference, in Nusa Dua, Bali, Tuesday (6/12/2012), Vice President Boediono asking to be wary of the collaboration of drug cartels with terrorist groups.
"Another symptom that is more concerning and we all really need to be aware of is the development of cooperation between the cartel or narcotics syndicate with terrorist groups (Narco-Terrorism)," said Vice President Boediono in an event attended by Minister of Law and Human Rights Amir Syamsudin, Governor Bali I Made Mangku Pastika, Head of the National Narcotics Agency Gories Mere and 305 participants from 75 countries.

According to him, if a combination of narcotics syndicates and terrorist groups is established, it will be very dangerous because it has criminal motives and political motives.
The Indonesian Crime Analyst Forum (ICAF) coordinator, Mustofa B. Nahrawardaya, said that the Vice President Boediono was not careful in giving statements.
"This Deputy President has been several times less adept, when in front of the board of the Indonesian Mosque Council (DMI) kepleset about the call to prayer which should be hard not soft. That was the first example, Pak Boediono was not careful in giving statement, "he told voa-islam.com, Wednesday (13/5/2012).

With this statement, it was proven that the Vice President Boediono was poisoned by western opinion infiltrated through the film. "Pak Boediono has been 'poisoned' by the western opinions which the latter is trying to link
blow up the media that the drug originated in the Middle East is now being infiltrated in Asian countries including Indonesia, it is a large frame of western people through films, "he said.

According to him, it is inappropriate for a Vice President to issue the statement because Narco-Terrorism is western propaganda to discredit ISLAM.
"This Deputy President should not say that the drug cartel is associated with the Middle East and with terrorism. Because terrorism is already packaged in various forms, now it is accumulated, increate in such a way that this terrorism is also financed, intervening in the narcotics cartels.

Furthermore, Mustofa revealed that Narco-Terrorism propaganda was a stage to weaken Muslims to jihad through negative issues.
"If a year ago they had a big vision and mission to eliminate the word Islamiyah, the word khilafah, said the congregation was a big target that would be achieved maybe in the next two decades, but this (Narco-Terrorism, red) are stages for weakening Muslims in worship, jihad and so on through negative issues including linking the drug cartel with terrorism.

In fact, terrorism has now been stigmatized by the perpetrators of Islam, so later if the drug cartel associated with terrorism automatically justifies that it is Muslims who enjoy narcotics, "he said.

Voa-Islam/The Truth Seeker Media

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