Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Egyptians reject cooperation with Israel

The majority of Egyptians oppose their country's relations with the Zionist regime of Israel and demand the lifting of the peace agreement, Camp David, which was signed by Tel Aviv and Cairo in 1979.
"The majority of Egyptians oppose all forms of relations with Israel and they think that Israel is an occupying regime," Kamel Wazni, a political analyst, told Press TV on Monday (25/6).
The statement came a day after the Egyptian General Election Commission announced that Muhammad Mursi, a candidate from the Muslim Brotherhood came out as the winner in the second round presidential election in the country.
The political expert added that Egyptians want Palestine to have their legal rights to own their land and I think the Muslim Brotherhood, if it wants legitimacy from the Egyptians, they must respect the demands of the people of this country.
The pressure of public opinion on Egypt's new president to reconsider the initial agreement with Israel and the cancellation of the Camp David agreement continued to increase.
Wazni further said, "I don't know how long they will respect the Camp David agreement ... If they continue to deal with the agreement, they will lose their credibility."
The victory of the Muslim Brotherhood candidate has raised concerns for officials of the Zionist regime. Media and Tel Aviv officials warn of a difficult and obscure future regarding Tel Aviv-Cairo relations.
Israeli officials fear that Mursi's victory will end the peace agreement (Camp David) between Egypt and Israel, and threaten economic security and security that are very important for Tel Aviv.
Israeli media described Mursi's victory as a "dangerous development" for Tel Aviv.
The Egyptian Election Commission announced Sunday the victory of Mursi as Egypt's new president in the second round of the country's presidential election.
Mursi won 13,230,131 votes (almost 52 percent of the votes) and his rival, Ahmad Shafiq, the prime minister in the Hosni Mubarak era pocketed 12,347,380 votes (around 48 percent of the votes).
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