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Forgotten legacy

Forgotten legacy

Seeing developed countries like Japan, the United States, Germany, France and other developed countries certainly remind us of the history of their nation's life journey. That the life they experience now is a result of the history of their past lives. The dream of yesterday is the reality of today and the dream of today is the reality of tomorrow. Such are the expressions that are often spoken by great people.

Until the first president of the Republic of Indonesia, Ir. Soekarno, also once revealed the same thing with different words but had the same meaning, namely Never Forget History (Jasmerah). This is how important a history in life is for individuals, society, even the country.

Of course there are certain reasons why great people always remind to remember history, one of which is about science. There are many real things that can be learned from the wisdom of history, but this time will be more focused on the legacy of knowledge from the apostles and companions of the apostles.

Allah SWT says: "Verily in the Messenger of Allah there is a good example for you to those who hope Allah and the Hour and He will call Allah"(Al - Ahzab: 21)

Glory to God who has created the noblest human beings on this earth by making the Messenger an example for those who want the mercy of Allah. Allah has made the Qur'an and Sunnah as a guide in our lives. There are so many hints that we can get to achieve happiness in the world and in the hereafter.

The Prophet was a successful Entrepreneur who at the age of 12 years had become 'International Business Unit Manager' Abu Talib arrived in Syria, at the age of 20 years he became the main manager of the large business Khadijah invested. He is an entrepreneur with a prophetic nature. Siddiq (honest), amanah (kapabel), fathanah (intelligent), and tabligh (informative).

On the other hand he was also a warlord, a powerful military strategist throughout history. Fighting in war with troops amounting to 3 times less than enemy troops, but with his skill and skill in strategizing his intelligentsia in Mecca to provide related information about the Quraish troops they won in the Battle of Badr.

There will be so many things that we can emulate from his figure, which even in a 1,000-sheet book will not be enough to write his example. Until the closest people like friends become great people in their respective fields.

"He who sent to the unlettered people of a messenger among them, reciting His verses to them, sanctifying them and teaching them the Book and the Wisdom, and indeed they were before in manifest error" . (Al Jumu'ah: 2)

Like Abu Bakr who has a gentle nature in his behavior and said, Umar who has an honest and courageous attitude in upholding the truth, a shy Uthman, Abdurrahman bin Auf who is a successful entrepreneur, so is Ali bin Abi Talib who we know as the door to science . This is the privilege that exists in each of them by imitating the behavior of the Prophet Muhammad as a good example. That the essence of their success is imitating and studying the attitude of the Prophet.

Then what happens to us now, why are there still many people who are poor, lack of knowledge, dishonest, and people who have bad character? Don't we have good examples that have been inherited for us. If we want to become successful entrepreneurs, can we trace the story of Abdurrahman bin Auf? Likewise when we want to be a respected leader, we can read the story of Abu Bakr and Umar. When we have a lack of knowledge, isn't there Ali bin Abi Talib who can be used as an example.

By looking at the conditions that are happening to the people now, where do the heritages of science go?

"How many parks and water they leave, and gardens and places that are very beautiful, and the pleasures that they enjoy. Thus, and we inherit them to the other people. Then the heavens and the earth do not weep for them and they do not given tough. "
(Ad Dukhan: 25 - 29)

So that's why it's important to remember and trace history. In order to be a guideline to bring to the aspirations. Like the example of a Japanese state that always preserves the heritage of its ancestors. When in World War II, if we look at the Japanese torpedic missiles that destroyed the American ships, it was designed to float near the surface once it was dropped from a fighter into the ocean. That is, their fighter planes did not drop bombs on American ships, but they only simply dropped the torpedic missiles from a distant direction, then the missiles will glide and will hit the hull of the ship. What makes the missile float is the presence of wood and bamboo. Using wood and bamboo is one of Japan's sustainable traditions. They take good things from their ancestral heritage and remove bad inheritance.

May we be committed to preserving the inheritance that has been inherited to us, to guide us to the happiness of the world and the hereafter. Wallahuallam.

By: Arga Nur Pratama, Bandung
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