Monday, June 11, 2012

Testament of Abu Bakr Ahead of Death

Abu Malik related, when Abu Bakar Radhiyallahu 'anhu to die, he sent messengers to Umar bin Al-Khattab, to convey the message. The message reads, "Verily I convey a will to you, and you must accept it from me, that Allah Almighty has the right at night which He did not accept during the day, and Allah has the right in the day which He did not receive at night day.
Indeed, He does not accept the means before the obligatory. The people whose scales are heavy in the hereafter because they follow the truth in the world. It is proper that the scales on which it is placed are the truth, becomes heavy.
The people whose scales are mild in the Hereafter because they follow the falsehood. It should be that the scales on which it was placed falsely, was light. Do you not see that Allah brings down the hope in the verse that there is pain, and that there is pain in the sentence of hope? It is meant that humans are afraid and at the same time hope, not dragging themselves to destruction and not expecting God improperly.
If you guard my will, then there is nothing invisible but you like most except death. If you waste my will, there is nothing invisible but you hate most except death. You certainly can do it ".
Some say that before the death of Abu Bakr Ash-Shidiq ra, A'ishah ra. Her daughter met her then sang poetry,
"No means of wealth for youth
If dying approaches and suffocates "
Abu Bakr ra. uncovering the cloth that covered his head, then he said, "Not so, but say the word of God,"
"And, come to hell with the truth, that's what you always run away from." (QS Qaf: 19)
Then he said again, "Check out these two pieces of clothing, wash them, and spy on my body with this cloth: the survivors are more in need of a new cloth than the dead."
Sumber: Ibnu Qudamah, Muhtashar Minhajul Qoshidin,
IWD/The Truth Seeker Media

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