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National Insight: Gender Compatibility

Gender comes from English which means "sex", then becomes a meaningful term differentiating roles and responsibilities between men and women. But lately, Gender is no longer restricted to sex issues (sex) related to masculine and feminine at heterosexual level, but also includes the third type of Gender that is fluid and volatile, and likes to wear other Gender clothing at homosexual or lesbianism levels.

Term "Bias Gender"commonly used to indicate a condition of differentiation that harms women and benefits men as a result of sex differences. The term" Gender Equality "is commonly used to indicate a condition where the position of the roles and responsibilities of equal women and men are not different in all p.

Now, in the context of Nationalism, the author tries to offer the term "Gender Harmony" to show a condition of harmony in the differences in roles and responsibilities between men and women. This is important, because Islam as the majority religion of the Indonesian nation has comprehensive rules about the division of roles and responsibilities between men and women according to their respective biological and psychological aspects fairly. With "Harmony of Gender" there will be a harmonious relationship between types of men and women in the life of society, nation and state to go towards a just and prosperous Indonesia. Insha Allah !

In the jahiliyyah, almost all parts of the world place women as despicable, low-creature, second-class human beings, complementary life, entertainment goods, lustfulness, source of sin and household slaves. Women are victims of injustice and prey for centuries.

In the Arabian Peninsula, burying the lives of girls has become a proud tradition. Then the Prophet Muhammad came to shine light on the world with Islamic Minutes that defend women from injustice and save them from oppression, even elevating their rank to a very honorable level and providing high level of protection, and treating them as fairly as possible.

Islam does not prohibit women from pursuing careers and achievements in the fields of education, economics, politics, social, culture and technology, as long as they are fulfilled and their conditions are fulfilled, and the boundaries of the Shari'a are not violated. Even in Islam, women are required to study as required by men. In obedience to Allah SWT and the Messenger of Allāh wanita, women and men have the same obligations, and receive the same promises and threats. There is also a difference in the roles and responsibilities between men and women in the harmony of life, so that Islam sets rules that are very fair according to the biological and psychological aspects of each sex, to create "Harmony of Gender" that reflects "Gender Justice" in true meaning.

In Islam, women of noble and honorable beings who have high dignity and dignity, even have a number of features that are not owned by men. Islam makes respect for the mother three times more than respect for the father. Islam places heaven on the feet of the mother, not on the feet of the father. Islam requires men who pay marriage dowry to women, not vice versa. Islam requires men to give protection to women, not vice versa. Islam prioritizes women over men in hadhonah rights (child care) during divorce. Islam imposes men with heavy obligations that are not imposed on women, such as earning a living, establishing prayers in congregation in mosques, performing Friday prayers, leading the country and jihad.

Even in a number of ways that are not small, Islam pays more attention to women than men. For example, in the distribution of inheritance, a man gets twice the share of the daughter of her father's deceased inheritance, provided that the son is obliged to bear the expenses of the mother and sisters left behind by the father, while the daughter is not required that. Mathematically, the inheritance portion of a boy in a certain time will be used up for family financing, while the inheritance portion of a daughter will still not decrease.

For example, in the matter of giving (gifts / grants), Islam advocates the equalization between the sons and daughters, even if it must be distinguished, it is recommended that the portion of the daughter be exaggerated rather than the portion of the boy, as the hadith narrated by Imam Ath-Thabrani rhm and Imam Al-Baihaqi rhm about the words of the Prophet Muhammad, who read the translation: "Be happy with your children in giving. Suppose I were to overestimate someone's part (from my children), I would prefer that part of the girl." There are still many more theorems of the Qur'an and the Sunnah which show the privilege of women who are not owned by men. Please search for those who want to know more.

In addition, Islam gives women "regular leave" of prayers without qodho and fasting with qodho during menstruation or childbirth. Of course this is a very special thing for women, as a blessing from Allah SWT to facilitate their lives and ease their burden. How Islam "spoils" the women with love and affection. Subhanallah!

Women in the West experience the tragic fate of oppression due to gender. From ancient Greek times to even modern times, women were sentenced as disabled people, even considered as half-human beings, so that they were only objects of ill-treatment of men who felt as whole and perfect human beings. While their religion does not provide a true solution to the problem.

The accumulative disappointment and hurt of women in the West has given birth to the Feminism Movement which is a Western women's rebellion against the tyranny of men. Around the 1970s, the Feminism Movement in London gave birth to the demands of "Gender Equatity", namely the demand for equality and the equalization of the roles and responsibilities of men and women, ranging from individual, family matters to state affairs.

Even now, the West has no good solution to overcome the "Gender Bias" problem that continues to this day. Even in the West there has been a massive Feminism Movement in the demands of "Gender Equality", but in practice the West still places women only as "Slave Slaves". Just look, under the pretext of modernity, the beauty of women is celebrated, and the beauty of her body is exhibited, and her erotic shake is competed. Even the dance of naked women (striptease) is used as an official tourist attraction, and prostitution is also used as a legal profession for women. These are all undeniable facts, that men in the West remain number one as "buyers" and "users", while women remain number two as "bought" and "used" objects.

Thus, the background of gender issues in the middle of Western society and its handling is not the same as what happened in Islamic history. Islam has never had a problem with "Gender". In Islam there is no "gender bias", so Islam does not need "Gender Equality". Islam has taught and practiced the very perfect and amazing concept of Gender Compatibility since almost fifteen centuries ago, through the practice of the life of the Prophet Muhammad and Ahlul Bait and his noble Companions, the Almighty. Alhamdulillah!

The activists of Gender Equality in Indonesia come from Liberal circles, because Gender Equality as one of the jargon of Feminism is indeed born from the Liberal womb. Liberal gangs have long carried out systematic and strategic movements to pass the "Gender Equality" project. In 1980, they succeeded in infiltrating and influencing the Government of the Republic of Indonesia to sign the Gender Equality Convention initiated by the United Nations (UN) in Copenhagen. The convention is known as the "Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women" which is abbreviated as CEDAW.

Then in 2000, they succeeded in encouraging the Indonesian Government to issue Presidential Instruction No.9 Th. 2000 concerning Gender Mainstreaming in Development. With this Inpres, the Government of Indonesia wants to show the seriousness of its commitment to the CEDAW agreement that it once signed.
And around 2006, through an activist on Gender Equality who was active in Gender Mainstreaming - Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia, they threw a Draft Counter Legal - Compilation of Islamic Law (KHI), which contained proposals for changes to marriage and inheritance articles in KHI, such as the prohibition of polygamy, the giving of the rights of thalaq to women, the equalization of the inheritance of boys and girls, the periodic rebellion for men, and so on.

Subsequently in 2011, activists of Gender Equality in the National Human Rights Commission and the National Women's Commission and other LIBERAL NGOs, succeeded in encouraging the formation of a Working Team (Timja) in the name of the Women's Caucus in the House of Representatives, to draft the Draft - Equality Act and Gender Justice (RUU - KKG). It is said that the team had conducted a comparative study in Europe at a cost of billions of rupiah originating from state budget money. Now, the plan is for the Indonesian House of Representatives to form a Working Committee (Panja) to further develop the bill. The process is still long, but the steps to give birth to the KKG Law are increasingly real, concrete and clear.

Actually, Indonesia does not have a problem with Gender, because the majority of the Indonesian people adhere to Islamic teachings that are not "Gender bias". And the fact of the field also clearly shows that Indonesian women have the freedom to pursue careers and achievements in all fields with guaranteed legislation that is always bound by sacred religious norms and noble cultural values. Just look, Indonesian women are in all fields, ranging from housewives, teachers, farmers, fishermen, factory workers, scholars, scholars, doctors, engineers, economists, scientists, politicians, officials, ministers, board members, party leaders, journalists, columnists, presenters, motivators, retail traders, classy entrepreneurs, bankers, directors, commissioners, police, soldiers, lawyers, prosecutors, judges, flight attendants, pilots to even drivers, and so forth.

Therefore, Indonesia does not need a KKG Law or similar laws that are contrary to Islamic Sharia which are the true spirit of Indonesia's national pillars.

Author: Habib Muhammad Rizieq Syihab, MA
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