Saturday, June 02, 2012

When I Fall In Love....

Love oh love...

This pink virus can be caught in anyone's heart indiscriminately, come not picked up, go home unattended. The excellence will also drain the mind, energy, emotions, material, etc., etc. But the effect, too, will exceed even the most powerful magic. Yups, can make the owner more strange than the strangest. That is love

As an initial detection, if you have contracted this virus, your logic will suddenly disappear, aka, go on a walk and don't turn back again. Whatever you face and you feel as if everything is beautiful, and there is only a feeling of happiness. It is not uncommon for "tragic fate" to join in for those who are heartbroken because of this love. Some people like to cry themselves, or even sing unclearly while laughing, heee. The new gross weight of boz, not including daydreaming, imagining again and again about being loved, imagining when they were first acquaintances, first met, when they first talked, plus other special moments.

Still remembering the story of Mugits N 'Barirah, until the Prophet at that time with Abbas ibn Abdul Muttalib also said in Shahih Bukhari, "O Abbas, are you not amazed at the love of Mughits against Barirah and Barirah's hatred against Mughits?" . "Right," replied Abbas, "By the One Who sent you, their affair is very strange."

Love virus is really awesome. Love can also make people unable to be advised, because anything related to the person they love, it feels really beautiful. Walopun may be a person who is aware that this is really a big deal, but the basic person is already in love, whatever will continue. His eyes are, really beautiful. . . His face is really sweet, too, not boring to look at ... his smile makes blood go up and down ... cool makes it curious abies ... blah..bla..bla ...

Walo seems to be quite magical. But yeah, the name falls in love, the data base in the brain doesn't seem to work anymore. Then the logic is how are you guys? Especially if you fall in love it's the title "first love". Hmmm, it will be really hard to forget. But if you don't reply, widiwww feels like a tsunami alert 1. The most lightweight class, just tell you ... I..End !! the abies cried until rolling, or the heavyweight who was desperate to end his life, because of a broken heart. Ck ... Ck ... Ck ... sadiz abiees.

Yups, that's a glimpse of people who fall in lope.

Now that is one proof too, if we are not able to live alone. Allah Almighty even says in the Qur'an if we are created in pairs. So it's normal for you to start growing up, and feel like you can't live alone, even if you have a family. Thats very much normal, beib.

And love is a gift, therefore love should be able to make us all happy. But if it turns out it turns out to be torturous, maybe you have to take it again. The only criterion that is left is that your "love" is a trial or it could be an expression of your explosive lust. Well, your "love" includes which criteria, you and your own heart know.

Many people admit that they have the most sacred love for their love. But unfortunately, the reality that happened was far from guessing. I thought it was sad. Never counted how many of your friends had been ignored because of dating. Do they have a plan at the beginning, to experience their current situation? The answer must be no. But how sad they are now. It's really proven that the devil will never be willing to see you well. In any way, there will be no damned creature to let you escape immorality, until you are desperate and or at least your future is destroyed.

Then how good is it if we are in lope again? I just watched it, Santey, about mate's going nowhere, friend, don't worry. God himself has said that men are good for good women. That's the promise of Allah boss, it's definitely not going to be broken. The idea is that you want someone who is good for your partner, why you don't rush to improve yourself, so that you are right and worthy of God to be installed with him.

Then if you say, dating is needed times', to get to know each other. Wow ... based on the facts that have happened on the outside, courtship can actually create a thousand and one camouflage so that people who love can appear perfect in front are loved, at least for the first impression. Yes, yes, surely everything will be like that, if not, it won't be accepted. But unfortunately, a lifetime of misfortune, such as the loss of virginity, until the MBA was really happening.

Apparently, it's like a house that has to have a fence so it's safe, people live also need rules, apparently, friend. And our rules as Muslims have been completely peeled in the Koran. There is a taaruf process, before we merit bro. There we can get to know each other, but still in God's rules.

So, keep your good love, which you have the only one, so that it is still beautiful and not just become a time bomb that will damage you yourself. Be Smart, With UR love, Ok guys!

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