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Marwan Barghouti: Peace Is Dead

Palestinian leader Marwan Barghouti, who is in an Israeli prison, said peace between Israel-Palestine was dead. Marwan called for "popular resistance" to Israeli occupation, as in a letter written from prison.

The letter was published Wednesday, a day after their first Palestinian and Israeli negotiators held a meeting in the Jordanian capital, after the negotiations stopped for 15 months.
"The peace process has failed, completed, and is not worth trying desperately to revive negotiations, and it is like reviving a corpse," he wrote in a letter published in the Palestinian newspaper.
"It should be 2012 as the year of popular resistance, against colonialism massively peaceful, against aggression, Judaization of Jerusalem, blockade of Gaza," wrote Barghuti, who lives in Israeli prisons, due to his attacks on Israel.

Israeli and Palestinian negotiators met on Tuesday in Jordan at the initiative of the Quartet group - which consists of the United States, the United Nations, the European Union and Russia, which is actually the Quartet, none other than the Zionist-Israeli arm, which aims to perpetuate occupation of Palestine. (mh / wb / eramuslim /

New comics are de-radicalized using Asma Allah

Extremists can only be defeated by culture, said Naif Al-Mutawa. He created 99 comic heroes as good role modelsal-asma al- husna.

"My father began to be suspicious when I said I wanted to study psychology. But when I decided to write a comic book at the age of 32, my father shouted," Are you crazy? "NRC HandelsbladOn Thursday (05/01), as quotedRadio Nederland.

Clinical psychologist Al-Mutawa eight years ago took another way of life. In his native Kuwait, he founded the Teshkeel Media Group, a multimedia company with 54 investors from various countries, including the United States, Mexico and Saudi Arabia.

The Teshkeel Media Group publishes a comic that tells about 99 figures of Al-Mutawa's super hero. The comic "THE 99 ″ was read since the end of 2006 by children in most Arab and Southeast Asian countries.

Comic characters were created in collaboration with Stuart Moore and other former Marvel Comics and DC Comics employees. What makes this comic special is the story behind these hero characters based on Islamic tradition.

"Indeed, the 99 figures each carry the name of Allah, which represents the character of God. One of the most important figures is a kind-hearted giant; Jabbar" The Powerful ", whose superhuman strength is the same as the Hulk, which is self-raising, writeNRC Handelsblad.

In one illustration, you can see a hero from Indonesia; Fata "The Opener". The character was written real name Toro Ridwan, with 168 cm height, 64 kg body weight, brown eyes and black hair.

The nature of Islam

"I translate the attributes of God, say the archetypes (basic nature,Net.) Islam, such as generosity and loving peace to human level, "continued Al-Mutawa.

In addition to their "super" nature, each hero also comes from different countries. About half are made up of women, only a small proportion of them use headscarves. "Individuals are very important," said Al-Mutawa.

"I pray, fast during Ramadan, but religion is very personal for me. You don't need a religious leader who dictates how you should practice your religion. God doesn't need an intermediary. Thinking independently, that's what I want to teach children. "

"But still these comics are secular in nature," Al-Mutawa said. "There is no direct reference to Islam, or the Koran."

Criticism and Indonesia

FurtherNRC Handelsbladwrote, the launch of THE 99 did not go smoothly. The first edition in 2006, circulated in the Middle East as many as 200 thousand copies, only sold 20 percent. Judging from the prohibition of the depiction of God in Islamic teachings, comics whose hero characters have the attributes of God will surely reap criticism.

"I know that criticism will come," Al-Mutawa said. The biggest market for this comic book is Saudi Arabia. "It is difficult to attract advertisers to invest in our cartoons. The comics with the Teshkeel Media Group flag are still circulating in countries like Indonesia, Turkey and India. But in the United States, for example, they are no longer there."

THE 99 will also explore new markets. In the near future a series of animated films will be circulated. "That's my final goal," said Al-Mutawa. The first twenty-six episodes, in collaboration with Endemol UK, have now been sold to Arabic-language children's television channels, MBC3. "

"I never thought this would all be so successful," said Al-Mutawa. "Ten years ago I knew nothing about comics. But look at me now. If I now hear school children tell about THE 99, I will reply, 'You don't have to be 10 to graduate. You don't need to a value of 10 to get to heaven, '"wroteNRC Handelsblad. (kom / arrahmah /

Israel recruits gays and lesbians as "official messengers"

JERUSALEM - Amidst the international pros and cons of the case of gay and lesbian communities, Israel recruited gays and lesbians as "official envoys" in an effort to improve the "international image".

Israel tried hard to brainwash humans from various circles to support Israel. The Ministry of Public Diplomacy and Diaspora Affairs have formed "volunteer cadres" to spread pro-Israel propaganda throughout the world. recently, there have been reports that Israel pays 2,000 USD to every Israeli student to spread pro-Israeli propaganda on Facebook's social network.
In a recent post on its official website, Israel encouraged gays and lesbians to "step forward".
Israel has promoted itself "gay friendly", which aims to make people think that their religion (Jewish) is "tolerant" of gays and lesbians, which is basically to improve pro-Israel. (siraaj / /

Takaful Build a State Subsidy to Al-Qur'an

As a form of gratitude and sense of social responsibility, the Takaful Insurance Company annually provides CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) which focuses on the education and health fields. Especially for education, Takaful not only provides educational scholarships for disadvantaged children but also directs and directs Islamic religion.

Ernawan Priarto, Services Division Head of Takaful, said that the CSR program called scholarship is built, has provided scholarships and religious guidance to 300 underprivileged children spread across Jabodetabek. Now in 2012, this program will get an additional namely the Al-Qur'an memorization program.
"This program is unique, but scholarships are given religious studies to study the Qur'an. So that later in the community they can appear as priests," he said on the sidelines of the Takaful gathering with the Islamic Economics Journalist at Graha Takaful Jakarta last week.

According to Ernawan, religious guidance is the focus of Takaful CSR because the portion of religious studies in schools is considered very lacking. Therefore Takaful in conducting coaching has prepared its own curriculum. This proves that Takaful is serious in developing Islamic religious education early on in school-age children.
"Our social responsibility, how to educate them to become a generation of faith," added Ernawan, who is also the chairman of the Indonesian Takaful Foundation. (mzs / eramuslim /

Mandiri Marriage

Today can be a lesson. Very valuable, especially for me who is not married. Maybe there are some similar cases out there, but I just "caught up" this time because it happened before my eyes.

The case is like this, the Fulan who has lived a few years of household life. Already have two children. His life can be said to be very good in terms of economy and other things. But unfortunately, after a long time I observed there was something that was blocking my mind. I have not been able to reprimand him, so for now it is only enough for me to make it a lesson.
The comfort of Fulan's life is still interfering with her parents. He works for a company owned by his parents who should be able to be professional but unfortunately this has not been able to be demonstrated to be a good example for other employees.

Some time ago, I learned that Fulan's eldest child had severe diarrhea until he entered the hospital. Without more time, Fulan immediately told her father. Nothing wrong.
Only actually it does not deserve to bother his parents for household problems that should be able to work on themselves to the fullest. Because when he contacted his father, his father was out of town to take care of work.
Because my father's instincts were loving, he automatically went straight to Jakarta ahead of schedule.
Then, the thing I just discovered and made me feel was that when Fulan had a problem with her talents, she told me again with her parents. Automatically, his parents acted immediately and were troubled in the end. But the name of his parents never felt troubled by the child.

I can conclude from this incident. When we enter the marriage stage, the business between us and parents is broken. If we were previously children who were crew members who were coached by parents, then when we were married we were captain.
If in the past we only followed where the captain was driving his ship, our role as captain now is to drive our own ship. We have become skipper who has the task of carrying our family members across the wide ark to the dock of happiness.

There are times when the waves shake the boat we drive, but that is one of the risks of sailing. As captain we must have the responsibility to be able to carry passengers back to safe position in a good way. Independently, without parental intervention. If indeed we can afford to work alone with a partner.
What is certain is that leadership is now in our hands not parents. It's okay if we ask for advice to parents without making him worried. Try if what parents and society see is the happiness of our home. God willing, it can be a good example.

Parents who are tired of taking care of us from childhood to take us to the gates of marriage, our new lives. Then he was still bothered by his children's household affairs. I personally do not want to bother my parents when I get married. May God always lighten us in doing good.

This article does not intend to reach any party, just wants to share. And remind yourself when you later step towards the wedding gate.
At least by learning and observing now it can be a provision for me later.
Isn't it good for us to open our eyes, ears, minds and hearts wide in order to continue to gain wisdom from every event, so that there is always wisdom that can be taken and can be a sign to be careful when moving towards the future.


Convert Clay: When He Wants to Affect His Muslim Friends, He Is Really Enlightened

clay-requires-time-18-month-for-_120103125609-382.jpg (360 × 260)

The enjoyment of Islam and Faith will be given by Allah to whomever He wants. Clay, including one of them. He never thought, for 20 years he embraced evangelical Christianity, it turned out that he only needed less than two years before declaring faith in God. Now, this 4.5-year-old former University of Arizona student has embraced Islam.

He claimed he never knew anything about Islam. "Except what they told me when they were in fifth grade. What they taught me was that the Koran was a big thing," he said.

While still in college (18-20 years), he often studied with friends in the basement of the library. The study group comes from a mixture of several religions.

When studying, they don't just discuss lessons. Other topics such as politics and religion also become meals. Among his group friends, there is one Muslim. To his Muslim friends, he had kept the intention to 'Christianize' that person. In his heart, he said, "I will take this person to Christ," he said.

He once gave input about Christianity. As a Christian, he refers to the new covenant of the Bible. His friend listened intently. Until they split up, Clay prayed that the Muslim could convert to Christianity.

Seeing a strange gesture to Christianize his friend, the Muslim friend then asked what Clay really wanted. "Look, I'll do whatever you want. If you want me to buy you a car, I'll buy you a car," Clay said imitating his friend. Then Clay only replied that he did not want anything from his Muslim friends unless he became a Christian.

Who would have thought, the experience of a Muslim friend actually enlightened Clay. While chatting, Clay only found out about the background of the Muslim who turned out to be an atheist. Before becoming a Muslim, from atheists he converted to Christianity, then to Catholicism, then finally converted to Islam.

Even though the information had bothered him, Clay continued to go to church until he was 20 years old. Towards the age of 30, he felt something happening inside him. He was curious about Islam.

When the call appears, there is also a feeling of doubt between 'yes and no' to learn more. It took nine months for him to decide he would find out about Islam. "So I went to the bookstore and bought an English translation from the Koran and started reading it," he said.

He only needed about a month to realize there was a different picture of God from the holy book that he had just read. When he read the translation of the Koran, he realized that Islam is a very focused religion and that God is the source of all existing forces.

"None of the power is for other people. All good, bad, bad, beautiful and what will happen, only God has the power," he said. For whatever reason, he felt the desire to praise God was like growing on him.

At first Clay was not sure that the Koran was the only reason that made him convert to Islam, he thought his Islam today was happening at the will of Allah. "I never knew how my mind could change. Allah wanted me to someday embrace Islam. Alhamdulillah, after 18 months, I suddenly woke up with a feeling of faith in my chest and (suddenly) recognized him," he said .

Clay began to convert to Islam after 18 months studying Islam. Islam is like something spontaneous. He suddenly woke up in the middle of the night and said, "Hey, subhannallah, I'm Muslim!".

Quoting the hadith, he said that whoever was given guidance by Allah then no one could mislead him. On the contrary, who was deceived by Allah then no one could guide him (HR Ahmad, Abu Dawud, and Tirmidzi).

When he became a Muslim he was happy to know that Islam respected Prophet Jesus. Clay does not deny the divine rights given to Jesus (Isa). "When I knew how Islam described Jesus, I was happy to see that Jesus was described as a prophet (Jesus / Jesus was also called the Messiah)," he said.

One of the first Muslims he met during the 18-month period of studying Islam had made one thing. "Jesus is a prophet of God who must be respected. Dying by crucifixion is not a good way to die. And this is not suitable for a prophet of God," he said. At that time he just came to know that Muslims respected Jesus so much.

After embracing Islam, he hoped that all Muslims in the world would get guidance so that the worship would be better and more perfect. He felt sad about the news about Islam circulating in the media, for example about terrorists.

"It's very sad that people don't get a clear picture of Islam in the news and the media," he said. If there is something wrong about Islam, the media immediately reports it. According to him, the media is very clever about business news. "Even though a true Muslim will never be a terrorist. And that terrorist is not a true Muslim," he said.(IWD /

Saudi Hacker Back Leaks Credit Card Details of Israeli Citizens

Saudi hackers re-released a file containing credit cards belonging to 11,000 Israelis on Thursday, a few days after leaking a list of 18,000 Israeli credit cards.

In an e-mail interview with * Ynet, a 19-year-old Saudi hacker said that he considered his actions a "payment" for what he described as Israel's fault.
"Israel attacks and kills innocent Palestinians, they commit genocide, they even violate international law," said the hacker, who identified himself as "0xOmar".
"Harrassing people who occupy innocent land is not a bad thing, and this is the payment."
The Riyadh resident said his actions were intended "to hurt Israel financially and socially, by creating a long queue and crisis and panic."
The hacker told Ynet that the latest leak was only the beginning, and he immediately intended to divulge more private information belonging to Israeli citizens, as well as documents from military contractors and companies that manufacture surveillance equipment.
In a message, 0xOmar threatens to release a complete list of 60,000 credit card entries. The updated file contains credit card numbers, passwords and other personal details stolen from the Israeli coupon website.
0xOmar claims that it hacked more than 80 Israeli servers to steal sensitive details, and accused "Zionist lobbying" of forcing various sites to delete previously published lists.
On Monday, hackers who identified themselves as members of the online Anonymous network claimed to have leaked files containing credit card numbers and expiration dates of more than 400,000 Israelis. (Fq / ynet /

Towards the Destruction of the US Economy: Bill Gates's Wealth Can Only Cover US Budget Deficit 15 Days

bill-gates-_110922070111-798.jpg (360×260)

Known as a superpower, the United States is now touted as a country that is falling apart. The collapse came from the collapse of the economy of the UN Security Council members who were keen to increase sanctions for Iran.

The popular economic blog The Economic Colapse explained, even though US society has been frustrated by the economic situation, most have no idea how severe the condition is. "The deterioration is very bad and there will be many problems if we don't make dramatic changes."

In fact, he wrote, if Bill Gates gave every penny of his wealth to the US government, it would only cover the US budget deficit for around 15 days. Just know, one of the richest people in the world earns 250 US dollars per second, or 20 million US dollars a day, and 7.8 billion a year!

The article titled 50 Economic Numbers from 2011 that are Almost too Crazy to Believe outlines 50 facts regarding the deteriorating American economy. It was also explained that the list was made to make American society aware of this critical.

"If we don't educate Americans about how far the American economy has become a deadly disease, then they will fall into the same old lie of our politicians, that it is only a little difficult situation that will be overcome."

Among the economic facts that are almost unbelievable are:
· As many as 48 percent of the entire American population is categorized as "low income" or living in poverty
· About 57 percent of US children live in these low or poor income homes
· If the number of US citizens who want the same job in 2007 now, the official US unemployment rate is estimated at 11 percent.
· The average time span of unemployed people of working age is now more than 40 weeks
· A recent survey found 77 percent of small businesses in the US do not plan to increase the number of their employees
· There are fewer payroll jobs compared to the number in 2000, although there have been an additional 30 million since then
· Since December 2007, the average household income has declined, with a total decline of 6.8 percent when taking into account inflation
· According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 16.6 million Alerika entrepreneurs in December 2006. At present, that number has shrunk to 14.5 million.
· A "Gallup" poll in early 2011 found that about one in five workers considered themselves unemployed.

IWD/The Truth Seeker Media

DPR Motorbike Parking Renovation IDR 3 M, Toilet IDR 2 M

Jakarta - The Secretariat General of the House of Representatives revealed their plans to renovate the toilet in the people's representative building. The renovation budget is provided in the amount of Rp 2 billion. Parliamentarians said the condition of the toilets in the building was very alarming.

Not all toilets in the Parliament Building Complex will be revitalized. Renovations will only be carried out for toilets in Nusantara I Building, where the 560 legislator's rooms are located. "The estimated total renovation of the toilet is IDR 2 billion. We will survey again according to the level of damage," said Sumirat, Head of the Building Maintenance and General Secretariat Installation Bureau.
According to him, renovation of toilets in Nusantara I Building will not be hit evenly, but adjusted to the level of damage of each toilet. "(The toilet) starting from the 2nd floor to the 23rd floor is not the same as the damage. We hope that everything can be repaired. But if the budget is not enough, some can be budgeted for the following year," Sumirat said.
He explained that the toilets in the DPR are now as old as the DPR Building. "The toilets have been built since the Parliament Building was built. Routine maintenance is the most change of leaking taps, damaged shower. But if you go to the toilet, it is smelly," said Sumirat at the Indonesian Parliament Building, Senayan, Wednesday 4 January 2012.
The stinging smell of the DPR toilet, he explained, was not in accordance with health standards. "Even though health factors must be emphasized," Sumirat said. The smell of DPR toilets, he said, was not because there were no cleaners who cleaned the toilets, but because of a leak in the toilet facilities.
Sumirat said the renovation of the toilet was budgeted at the request of a number of council members themselves. "There are members asking as soon as possible to repair the toilet. There are several letters," he said. To execute the renovation, he continued, the General Secretariat of the House would first request the approval of the House of Representatives' Household Affairs Agency.
Not only that, the DPR also renovated motorbike parking. The budget provided for the improvement of motorized parking facilities in the DPR environment has absorbed a budget of IDR 3 billion. "Now we see motorbikes parked everywhere," said the Head of the Building Maintenance and Installation Bureau of the DPR's Secretariat General, Soemirat, at the Parliament building, Jakarta, Wednesday 4 January 2012.
According to Soemirat, renovation of parking lots is due to similar facilities that are already inadequate. Therefore, the existing motorcycle parking will be rebuilt into two floors. "The concept is two floors. That's for 800 motorcycles," said Soemirat. The plan, the ongoing project will be carried out by PT Baitul Rahmad Jaya.
Currently the DPR is also highlighted about the use of Rp2 billion in funds for renovating toilets. The funds are used to repair toilets located on the 21st floor of Nusantara I building. Repair of toilets starts from the 2nd floor to the 23rd floor.

Public Lecture '' History of Christianization in Indonesia & Its Distribution Mode ''

Attend the public lecture

"History of Christianization in Indonesia and its Mode of Spread"

1. Ustadz Abu Muhammad Jibril Abdurrahman
(Amir Ar-Royyan Science Council)
2. Ustadz Drs. H. Hartono bin Ahmad Jaiz
(Pimred, Experts and Heretics)

Keynote Speaker:
Abu Jundullah Mohammed Faisal, SPd. M.Pd
(Guidance for the Bekasi Anti-Apostasy Student Movement / GPAPB)

Ahmed Widad (Journalist

Sunday, 08 January 2012
At: 9:00 a.m. until the end

The place:
Mosque of Muhammad Ramadhan Bekasi
Jl. Pulo Ribung Raya Kav 2 Indah Pekayon Galaxy Park,
Bekasi Selatan (next to the Bekasi Selatan District office)

AR-Rayyan Science Council with DKM Muhammad Ramadhan

Contact Person:
Ikhwan: Abu Aira (0818.921271-02136611160) Kang Iman (0838.7650.1417)
Akhwat: Tanamice (0813.1405.0380)

"Whoever goes out to seek knowledge, then he is in the way of Allah until he returns" (Tirmidhi number 2.323).

Saudi Youth Hold Anti-Regime Demonstrations

BAY PERSIA - Saudi youth held demonstrations in the Eastern Kingdom province to condemn the regime's brutal actions against domestic demonstrators and the Saudi military invasion of neighboring Bahrain.
The demonstration was held in the city of Sawfa, demonstrators shouting slogans against the Al Saud family.

The Eastern Kingdom Province has been home to a number of anti-regime demonstrations which began in early 2011. Saudi public anger urges human rights (HAM) reform, realization of freedom, and freeing political prisoners.
Saudi regime forces joined with United Arab Emirates forces, invaded Bahrain on March 14, 2011 and urged the Bahraini regime to "quell" peaceful protests in the Persian Gulf Islands.
The Interior Minister of Saudi Arabia held an illegal public meeting, allowing regime forces to "take the necessary steps" against anyone who opposed the regime's government ban.
Based on the international amnesty report, more than 300 people have been detained for taking part in peaceful demonstrations against the regime's government in the province since March 2011.
Saudi activists say more than 30,000 political territories, located throughout the Kingdom prison. According to human rights activists most political prisoners are jailed without trial or legal charges and have been arrested on the basis of mere suspicion.
The implementation of repressive measures has hurt demonstrators and taken their basic rights without foundation.

(siraaj /

Zionist Israel Plans To Inhibit Humanitarian Aid Efforts in Palestine

Israeli media revealed that the Israeli occupation foreign ministry planned to limit the work of international aid organizations working in Palestine by limiting travel permits to their workers' representatives.

The Maariv newspaper said on Tuesday that the foreign ministry aims to reduce the number of travel permits granted to social workers who work with international organizations including those affiliated with the United Nations after several Israeli reports said that the number of aid workers had increased.
The Israeli report said that there were more than 1000 aid workers in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The report accused aid organizations of using loopholes in the system to obtain travel permits for their workers which enabled them to enter Israeli territory.

The Israeli occupation took a number of steps over the past few years to limit the entry of international solidarity activists into Palestine and systematically sought to limit charitable activities that help the Palestinian people. (Fq / pic / eramuslim)

Bishop, Military and Academics Appeal Bill Construction of Mosques in Athens

A group of Greeks including bishops, academics and military officers have appealed against a parliamentary bill that would allow the construction of a mosque in the Greek capital of Athens.

According to the Greek press, a petition submitted to the State Council in December was signed by Greek Orthodox Metropolitan Seraphim from Piraeus, as well as university professors, naval officers and five residents in the area where the mosque was planned to be built.
Their appeal argued that the construction of mosques would violate the constitution and be dangerous for national unity. They also cited the high cost of the development project when Greece faced a financial crisis.
Known as right-wing, the Serafim said the bill was an anti-Christian act. He went on to condemn the Greek parliament which approved the bill.
The controversial bill was passed in 2006 under the government of the New Democracy party. New debates over the construction of the mosque began in November after the government of former president Papandreou made a commitment to complete the project in the spring of 2012, according to the Greek press.
Although the city government of Athens gave the necessary permits for the mosque to be built since 2006, the project remains unfinished due to ongoing resistance. Navy officers refused to vacate the former naval base in the Votanikos district of Athens, where a mosque was planned to be built.
Athens is a unique city among the 15 capitals of the original member states of the European Union that do not have a mosque specifically for Muslims. Until now, Muslims in Greece had to worship in temporary mosques made in underground apartments, coffee shops, old garages and warehouses.
The debate over the construction of a mosque in Athens was unprecedented. Several resolutions on this issue have been discussed by the Greek parliament since 1939 and a further bill was approved in 2000. However, Muslims in Athens have not enjoyed access to a special mosque because of opposition by the church and the previous government. The cost of this project is estimated at up to 16 million euros, according to the parliamentary bill in 2006. (Fq / Cihan /

Psychiatrists Affirm Norwegian Christian Terrorists Breivik Not Natural Mental Disorders

Four psychiatrists who monitored Christian terrorists who committed mass murderers in Norway, Anders Behring Breivik, said that he did not experience psychotics and was not a drug user either.

A team of experts reached a conclusion after monitoring Breivik in prison, saying the public prosecutor had submitted their report to the court in Oslo, Norway's capital on Wednesday (4/1).
The team of experts rejected earlier reports regarding Breivik's mental status and said they did not believe Breivik had psychotic or schizophrenia.
The 32-year-old Brievik claimed to have carried out a twin attack on July 22, 2011, which killed 77 people in Oslo.
Earlier on November 29, 2011, two psychiatrists appointed by the court said that Breivik had a mental illness, aka crazy. This psychiatric analysis caused a heated debate by mental health experts. Many lawyers representing victims of the massacre demanded that the Oslo District Court evaluate the analyst.
Psychiatrists have reached their controversial findings after interviewing Breivik on 13 occasions. Their report said Breivik lived in his own delusion where all his thoughts and actions were guided by his delusions. (Fq / prtv /

Israeli spy network uncovered in Mauritania

Some Arab media, including the al-Manar television station affiliated with Shiite Hezbollah, reported Wednesday that Mauritania had found a large Israeli spy network in the country, which was allegedly led by Arab businessmen.

This report comes from a Mauritania news site and has not been confirmed by Mauritanian, Arabic or Israeli sources.
According to the report, the spy network was revealed when one of its members, identified as "Fares Albanah," a Palestinian who is also a Jordanian national, was arrested for theft.
When the authorities ransacked his home, they found a handwritten letter addressed to the UAE Ambassador in Mauritania, where he allegedly claimed to be a Mossad spy, and was involved in the assassination of Hamas senior Mahmud al-Mabhuh in Dubai in 2010.
The letter also details the man's alleged involvement in a 2010 accident from an Ethiopian plane off the coast of Beirut.
Hezbollah TV Station said that Albanah asked the Mauritanian authorities not to hand it over to the Jordanian Intelligence Agency, in exchange for valuable information about Mabhuh's murder, plane crash and Israeli spying network in the country. (Fq / ynet/

Romney-Israeli Zionist Supporters Win Elections in Iowa

Romnye who was a supporter of Zionist-Israel won the battle in the election of a candidate for the Rebpulik Party in Iowa. Romnye, who once emphasized that he would provide unlimited assistance to the Israeli-Israeli security interests. The former Governor of Massachusetts, viewed from the Republican candidate, was the most committed to the Zionist-Israel. L
Romney received support from his toughest former rival, Senator John McCain. Romney shows in all countries through research, where he received popular support, Tuesday. Although, support for Romney, increasingly shows the weakness of Republican candidates.
There are no Republican candidates who are very worthy to fight Obama. On average they do not have a clear vision, especially facing the economic crisis of the United States, which has destroyed it.
The Republican candidates, now they want to escape the influence of former President George Bush, who has dominated the nomination of Republican candidates. "Can we get higher than the margin of eight votes in New Hampshire?" Asked the crowd, where the margins were very thin in victory in Iowa.
Republican candidate Michele Bachmann, the only woman announced Wednesday that she resigned from the Republican nomination, helped Mr Santorum's efforts to emerge as a conservative challenger to Mr Romney. But Governor Rick Perry of Texas initially intended to resign, but turned around on Wednesday and said he would compete in the main South Carolina on January 21.
Romney dominated the day-after-Iowa news coverage with his victory. Santorum and his staff slowly made a journey of 1,400 miles from Des Moines which seemed very difficult to rival Romney.
Santorum is busy inviting leaders of the conservative social coalition, supporters of the Tea Party and Romney's candidacy. Some of them conservative leaders are now discussing among themselves, whether Santorum can be a candidate - and whether he really deserves to face the engine that is Romney's campaign.
Romney's victory will be a Middle East disaster, because Romney has the character of Benjamin Netanyahu, who is equally conservative, and anti-Arab, and very close to Israel. (mh / tm/IWD/

Attacks on mosques in Newcastle recorded security cameras

An attack on a mosque in Newcastle, trapping seven worshipers in it, has been caught by security cameras.

The attack took place just minutes after a group of children completed their Al-Quran class and the latest attack in a series of incidents that have caused the Muslim community in the city to feel "vulnerable and scared".
In a security videotape, which was given to police, two tattooed men were seen approaching the Wallsend mosque at around 9:30 a.m. on Monday. A man, with a large cross tattoo on his neck, kicks through the gate of the fence and throws an object at the door of the mosque. Then he walked and made a flying kick to destroy the door.
Newcastle Muslim Association vice president Diana Rah said seven worshipers were inside the mosque during the incident and they managed to lock the main entrance on the side of the building. The two men tried to kick through this entrance, but were unsuccessful, he said. Diana Rah said a group of children left the mosque after their Al-Quran class just minutes before the attackers arrived.
Newcastle Police Chief Inspector Dean Olsen said the attack was being investigated. He called for anyone who had information regarding this incident to notify the police.
Diana Rah said the incidence of mosque attacks had increased in the past three months. Garbage is intentionally dumped in the front yard of the mosque. In April, an envelope containing photos of three slaughtered pigs was left at the mosque's doorstep. The pigs are half buried in the ground where a new mosque will be built on the construction site.
Last month the word "Srebrenica" was sprayed on graffiti in a car parked outside the mosque. Srebrenica is the name of the city where 8,000 Muslims were massacred in July 1995 during the Bosnian war. The Newcastle Muslim Association also receives abusive e-mails and threats. (Fq / nhrld/IWD/

Establish Hisbah In Country

by Hasan al-Banna

In many Islamic countries is very weak in upholding hisbah. Little by little, his government really uphold hisbah, because they do not practice Islamic sharia. Establishing hisbah is very important for this life, because the survival of this life can only be maintained by the existence of hisbah.
The scholars have several definitions of hisbah, among others, written by Imam Gazali in al-Ihya ', that al-hisbah is:
"Efforts to prevent the offense (infringement) of God's rights in order to prevent persons prevented from doing injustice".
Ibn Khaldun defines hisbah sentence in his Muqaddimah:
"Hisbah is a religious duty in the category of amar ma'ruf and nahi munkar".
Ibn Taymiyya defined it by:
"As for the al muhtasib, then for him the right to do amar ma'ruf and nahi munkar is not included in the special duties of the authorities, judges, government employees and others".

From various definitions, perhaps we see some viewpoints from the scholars. The scholars each see from a different perspective. Among the scholars there were those who looked from the point of view like Imam al-Gazali. There are also those who see it from the point of view of the specificity of a muhtasib and its differences with the duties of rulers and judges such as Ibn Taimiyah.
Imam al-Mawardi and Abu Ya'la al Hambali in the book Al-Ahkam As-Shulthoniyah, Ibn al-Khuwwah in his book al-Mu'alim 'I-Qurbah, Umar bin Muhammad As-Sanami in his book Nishabu' I-Ihtisab.
This last definition is followed by many observers and authors of the matter of Hisbah. Like Ustadz Ali Khahfif who said:
"Al-hisbah according to the scholars is to call upon the evil, when it has been clearly abandoned and prevented the wrong, when it has been manifested".
Sheikh Abdul Majid Ma'az has said the same from al hisbah in Hadzihi magazine:
"Surely al-hisbah is every abandoned ma'ruf and every mischief done".
Amar ma'ruf and nahi munkar are the obligations of Allah Rabbul Alamin in the Qur'an. In it Allah Rabbul Alamin much praise the people who make amar ma'ruf and nahi munkar. Even this obligation has been stated by Rasulullah shallahu alaihi wasalam in many hadithnya.
Some verses of the Qur'an about the obligation to do amar ma'ruf and nahi munkar. His Word:

ولتكن Of you his mom The word to me Khalid Video Well known Vineon E Alarm وأولئك Also المفلحون ﴿١٠٤﴾

"And let there be among you a party of people who call on good, rule the right and prevent the evil, those who are lucky."(QS. Ali Imran [3]: 104)

Allah Rabbul Alamin has made amar ma'ruf and nahi munkar as the great character and character of this people. If the nature and character are abandoned by the people there is no meaning for life. His Word:

You were Good his mom I got out Lilas تأمرون Well known Leave E Alarm Veteran ballh

"You are the best of the people who are issued to men, enjoining what is right and preventing what is wrong and believing in Allah". (QS. Ali Imran [3]: 110)

Allah Rabbul Alamin praises and declares the virtue of those who practice hisheir in his word:

Accept Yes Allah Did it Vitaad Limit ydkhlh Nara Khaleda فيها Wait Punishment Month ﴿١٤﴾

"There is no good in most of their whispers, except those who order to issue shadaqah or ma'ruf or improvement among men". (QS. An-Nisa' [4] : 14)

This is from the community as a whole. As for the individual, then Allah has made hisbah as one of the qualities of the Believers. God said:

Walmounton Walms Some أولياء Some Yarmone Well known Vineon E Alarm Vaccines Prayer Voice Zakat Vitamin Allah Did it أولئك Sermon Allah إن Allah Aziz Hakim ﴿٧١﴾

"And the Believers of men and women, some of them are helpless to others, they enjoin what is good and prevent the wrong, obey Allah and His Messenger, those who will receive mercy from Allah Allah is Mighty, Wise. "(QS. At-Taubah [9]: 71)

Even God glorifies His servants with these attributes. When God is prosperous with the qualities of other believers. Word of God:

Appendix العابدون Alert Alcohol Arrows الساجدون Alarmone Well known The sins E Alarm Wallpapers Boundary God Poor Almighty ﴿١١٢﴾

"... Those are those who often repent, worship, praise Allah, walk in the path of Allah, ruku ', prostration, enjoin the ma'ruf, prevent the evil, keep the laws of Allah, and give good news to the people mukmin. " (QS. At-Taubah [9]: 112)

As for those who leave hisbah and do the opposite, then Allah cursed and called them hypocrites, both men and women. Word of God:

Consumption Consumption Some I Some Yarmone The ball Vineon E Famous Vaccinations أيديهم Nervous Allah Fiction إن Almighty Also Alasqun ﴿٦٧﴾

"The hypocrites are male and female, some of them are helpers of others. They always call for evil and prevent those who speak." (QS. At-Taubah [9]: 67)

Furthermore, God considers the neglect of hisbah because of the descent from His side. As ever happened to the children of Israel. His Word:

Cursed The people Kufa I Ben Israel Ali Lisa Dawood Promise Ibn Mary Mind I am Christianity Convince me Yatadun ﴿٧٨﴾ they were La Sins E Munkar Act Label Me they were يفعلون ﴿٧٩﴾

"The offspring of the Children of Israel have been cursed by David and Jesus son of Mary, for they are disobedient and transgressors, and they have not prevented their evil: what evil they do!"(QS. Al-Maidah [5]: 78-79)

God also proclaims that the abolition of hisbah is the cursing of Satan. In his word:

Oh أيها The people Sincerely La Tablespool Posts Alishan Accept Orphanage Posts Alishan Fiction يمر Slanderous The employer

"O believers, do not follow the steps of the devil, and whoever follows the devil's footsteps, then the devil hates the ungodly and the evil ones." (QS. An-Nur [24]: 21)

As for the Sunnah, so many words of Rasulullah shallahu ala isalamalam which explains the obligations and virtue of hisbah and its influence on individuals and society.
From Abi Sa'id al-Khudri ra said the Messenger of Allah shallahu alaihi wassalam said,"Whoever among you sees in the state of affliction, let him change it with his hands, and when it is incapable, let him change it in a clear way." When he does not, he must change it with his heart, and that is the weakness of faith. (HR. Muslim)

The virtue of hisbah, then as in the hadith:
Abu Dzar said that some shahabat said to the Messenger of Allah,"The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) took the wealthy with the reward (from Allah), they prayed like us, they fasted like our fast, and they gave alms to their wealth." The Messenger of Allah said, "Has Allah not blessed you with anything you can afford? Surely in every tasbih is shadaqah, in the faithful of takbir with shadaqah, on every tahmid is shadaqah, in every tahlil is shadaqah, calling the ma'ruf is shadaqah and preventing the munkar is shadaqah ". (HR. Muslim)
Today it is necessary for hisbahbah fighters who with their piety and mujahadahnya (sinceritasnya), do the ma'ruf and prevent the wrong.

Because this people, have been immersed in a very astray, need the mujahid who have the commitment to uphold the Hisbah. So that this life will continue. Wallahu'alam.