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Because love is a soul

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"Never be overtaken; Inna ma'ana Rabbuna, surely my Lord is with me, He will guide me. " [1]

The answer broke out from Moses' mouth, responding to the whining of his people, the Children of Israel. Allah made a dialogue of musa against this people in surah Asy Syu'ara verse to sixty two. What is the reason? The story of the escape of Moses and the Children of Israel from the fires of Pharaoh and his zalim. Which then God saved by miracles splitting the red sea. So Prophet Musa and Bani israil can go through it[2]. And God saved them from the pursuit of the pharaoh and his army which God then sank them in the red sea[3].

It is interesting to note, the diction that Moses chose. Let's compare it with the Prophet Muhammad. They are both the Prophet of Allah. Equally in a bizarre condition in the tyrant tyrant's pursuit. The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) should be held back in the cave of tsur, taking refuge from enemy troops. Moses hunted the pharaoh's army. Muhammad was pursued by the Quraysh forces of Quraysh. But the dictator chosen by the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam, when Abu Bakr crying anxiously fear they were both caught. "Laa Tahzan !! Allahu ma'ana, Do not grieve God with us[4]" The Prophet, the Prophet, who then recorded and documented this great dialogue with this story and surah At Taubah verse forty.

Let us look, Moses said "Inna ma'ana Rabbuna, indeed my Lord is with me, He will guide me "when the Children of Israel were worried fear of Tiran and his army, because Moses and the Children of Israel were never a soul. Ignorant Compound. Their faith in Moses and his Lord, is difficult to expect. They do not have the same frequency waves in faith. Just now God saved them from the pursuit of the Tyrant. Just got a miracle, God showed me. They crossed the red sea. The Tiran drowned in the red sea. Before the eyes. As much as they forgot, they had whined to Moses, "O Moses, make us a god (idols) as they have several gods (idols)[5]"

But different from Abu Bakr, He is a companion who has been in the same frequency of faith with the Messenger of Allah. He is nicknamed Ash Shidiq. Always be true and justify. What comes from the Messenger of Allah, he immediately believed. It includes Asabiqunal Awwalun, which was the first charismatic. Also in the halaqah in the house of Arqam bin Abi Al Arqam. And one out of ten people are guaranteed heaven.
Yes, in love there is a feeling that can not be forgotten. Feeling soul. It's on the same line. The same goal. It is on the same frequency wave. Love it. Feeling soul. Which makes it one body. As He said in a hadith, "The believer shares one body, if one part is injured then the other part also feels it."

Just like Abu Bakr when in the cave of tsur. The fear that he faced was the anxiety over the safety of the Prophet. Spiritual feelings will bring about ghirah, jealousy. Unreasonable if the loved one gets bad treatment. So this feeling of soul is what drives a person to behave and act to defend the one he loves. As if it's been commanded! To give a defense to those he loves. Because loved ones are a part of him.
"The spirits were like soldiers lined up. The one who knows each other will be mutually soft and united. Those who do not know each other will definitely be different and separate" (HR. Bukhari)

So this soul feeling must be turned on for the first time before the others. Soul feelings will emerge from a vision and purpose. This feeling of soul will make it comfortable when traveling. He will find similarities in movement rhythms. When to move fast and when to slow down. When to take a break and when to get ready to leave.

The Soul Begins from Equivalent
Especially in treading life. The essence is a long journey. Then it will be very important to form a solid and soul Work Team. In completing the mission of human civilization that was destined to become a caliph of Allah. Al-Imam Asy Syahid Hasan Al Banna in Maratib Al'Amal, explaining the details of achieving this great mission. Starting from Self Improvement (Islah An Nafs), the establishment of Muslim households (Bina'ul usrah al muslimah), Establishment of Muslim Communities (Irsyadul Mujtama), Land Liberation (At Tahrir Al Wathan), Legal and Government Improvement (Islahul Government), and Become Master of the Universe (Ustadziyyatul 'Alam).

All need souls. Soul feeling. Especially in the process of forming Muslim families. The similarity of vision and motion will determine the continuity and permanence of the process towards the next stage at the stage of forming Islamic society. Even at the stage of Islamic society, it is also desirable to have soul enhancement. The same vision of each Muslim family. So that the resulting movement and rhythm can be in harmony. One frequency. And a harmony is formed.
Generating harmony and well-being in this stage (Muslim society) is determined from the previous process (the formation of a Muslim family). The process of forming a Muslim family is determined by the extent of the quality of a Muslim and muslimah to be united. The feeling of the soul in faith, is required here. As God said "The dirty woman is for a dirty man, and a dirty man is just for a dirty woman. A good woman is for a good man, and a good man is for a good woman" (QS. An Nur: 26)

Then the process of being good is important. As Solikhin Abu 'Izzuddin writes in Zero To Hero, "Being important is good, but being good is more important" So the initial process that must be passed is prores of self-improvement (Al Islah An Nafs) became a person dipped in the glaze of God (shibqoh Allah)[6] , then make him a rabbi[7]. After this stage, the brilliant individuals are ready to move on to the next stage: Marriage.
The festivals are met to form a glorious generation. Unite love and desire in a marriage. Thus it is also required that it is also a blessing. Acquaintance. Kafa'ah. In Fiqh Sunnah Sayyid Sabiq's work is described Equality and equality in question are in position, social status, morality, wealth. But the most important thing is the fact of faith. In his religion. The Messenger also said: "she was married for four things, because of her wealth, because of her descent, because of her beauty, and because of her religion, and choosing her religion, you will be lucky."

Wealth, heredity, and beauty or good looks are easy to equalize. But not all equality is capable of producing a sense of soul. The feeling that grows becomes a calmness. Presents a reassuring sakinah. Because of the relativity that is in each of the definitions of Kaya, Cantik, Mulia (offspring) each has its own version which is difficult to equate. But not with religion. Yes, it will be able to provide calm and soulfulness. Because the standard of truth is in God. Not on each person. Of course the good value that is used is the goodness of God's version. So these similarities in values ​​will present a sense of soul. Feelings that give rise to the same beliefs. So that it is in the same frequency of faith. So that one and the other will love each other. Will grow ghirah to defend, protect the one he loves. Because for lovers and loved ones, there is no single ownership anymore. What is available is shared ownership. No longer "me" and "you" but "us". Hun libaasullakum wa antum libasullahun ... He is the garment for you and you are the clothes for him (Al Baqarah: 187).

Align Back
It is important to get the soul. The same feeling. Same vision. Because religion is not another. Then it is necessary at all times to re-align our vision. The vision of the household that we will build. Like a guitar string that must always be harmonized with the resulting notes so as not to be discordant.
As has become the human nature to not be easily complacent. The temptation to look away from that great vision must be there. This uncertainty must occur. Physical fatigue that affects the psychological will also be able to shake the big vision. Makes it lame and no longer in harmony. And spirituality began to fade. Then it needs a process to refresh our vision. Our spirit is starting to slack. The vision starts to blur, and the ghiroh starts to wear off. In the siroh we can see the prophet's life fairy with his wives to re-harmonize the vision and rhythm of life. This shows that the temptation must be there. After the Hindu war, the wives of the Prophet demanded more jewelry from the world to the Prophet. If wives now demand additional spending.

Then the verse came to them, " O Prophet, say to your wives, 'If you want the world and its ornaments, then let me give you mut'ah and I will divorce you in a good way. And if you desire the pleasure of Allah and His Messenger and the pleasure of the land Hereafter, Allah hath prepared for those who do good, among you, a great reward " (QS. Al Azhab 28-29)

This verse is so great, it teaches us to always harmonize our vision and rhythm of motion. To always dialogue with our partners about the vision and rhythm of life's movements. Marriage vision and our household. In order to remain soul. To stay in harmony. So that sakinah can be reached so that mawaddah and rahmah can be touched. Wallahu a'lam bishawab.

Oleh: Ardhianto Murcahya, S.Psi- Solo
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[1] QS. Asy Syu'ara (26): 62
[2] QS. Asy Syu'ara (26): 63
[3] QS. Asy Syu'ara (26): 67
[4] QS. At Taubah (9): 40
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Japan Following China and India Ignore US Sanctions Against Iran


Japanese Ambassador to Iran Kinichi Kumano said Tehran was an important energy source for Tokyo. Kumano said the Japanese government and the country's private companies ignored US economic sanctions against Iran.
"The status quo must change in the interests of both countries, Iran and Japan," he said in an interview with Fars News on Sunday (26/2).
Last week, Showa Shell Sekiyu KK, which runs the fifth largest refinery in Japan, announced it would continue to import crude oil from Iran amid intense Western sanctions on the Tehran oil sector.

On February 14, the energy giant said it would continue to import Iranian crude around 100,000 barrels per day.
"Iran is an important source of Japanese crude oil, as well as our company," said Showa Shell President Juni Arai.
Earlier, Japanese Foreign Minister Koichiro Gemba said, "There is a danger that will damage the global economy, if we stop Iran's crude oil imports."
Together with Japan, China, South Korea and India and other countries have demanded that they be freed from US sanctions on the Iranian oil industry.

The Indian Foreign Minister said, New Delhi will continue to import oil from Tehran, and there is no need to heed Washington's policy of seeking support for US sanctions on the Iranian oil sector.
New Delhi considers the new US sanctions to be non-binding. India fills around three quarters of its crude oil needs through imports, and Iran becomes the second largest supplier after Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile, the South Korean Foreign Ministry Spokesperson expressed great difficulties facing Seoul to seek new suppliers to replace Iranian crude oil. The statement came to the fore amid increasing Washington pressure on South Korea over the adoption of new US sanctions against Tehran.
Cho Byung-jae is concerned about skyrocketing world oil prices due to Iran's oil sanctions. In 2011, South Korea fulfilled 10 percent of its crude oil supply needs from Iran.

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David Sanger; To attack Iran, US armed Israel


The United States was reported to be supplying sophisticated weapons and technology to Israel to help Tel Aviv if the choice of attack on Iran's nuclear facilities was put in place, said a prominent American journalist.
"Arming Syrian rebels! And, while we also arm Israel, provide the tools they need - bunker-busters, refueling planes - so if they decide to attack Iran's nuclear facilities, they will get right and right on the first target," wrote David Sanger at The New York Times, 02/25/12.

The article said, even though "the White House deliberately obscures the type of technology that has been shared with Israel" but if the unilateral sanctions attempt fail to stop Iran, Israel will attack Iran by military means and technology from America.
From many perspectives and politics, Sanger said, "Syria and Iran are not related to the matter," and overthrowing Bashar Assad will not weaken Iranian influence in the region.

According to the article, the approach of violence taken by Gedung Outih actually reflects the reality and disgust of the American people with the White House government who are crazy about war rather than talking about "domestic development".
"There is something tempting why the US is giving weapons to rebels and Israel, they are hoping for good luck and hope they will back the White House if all that works," Sanger said.
Israeli officials recently raised war rhetoric and threatened Iran with a military offensive if US engineering sanctions against the country failed to force Tehran to put in place a civilian nuclear energy program.
The United States, Israel and some of its allies accuse Tehran of pursuing mass weapons.
While the International Atomic Energy Agency has never found evidence to suggest that Tehran's peaceful nuclear energy program has been diverted towards mass weapons production.

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Are you a Muslim?

Muslims are a gift. He is soft, but he won't be weak. Authoritative, but still modest. He also understands morality. That would be an expression of the Muslim word seen above. Now, the predicate of Muslims is in our bosom, if we do have the title of a Muslim. It's a pride when we all still claim ourselves as Muslims. Alhamdulillah, yeah! However, it is also not enough to just admit, the attitude and nature must also be equal.

Hmmm, Muslims are a predicate that is not difficult, even though it is not easy. However, when we want to fall into the Islamic circle and become a true Muslim, then God's help will be close to us.
So, what is the duty of a Muslim? Is it just walking in this life with the aim of getting the pleasure of the world and in the hereafter? Is that enough? It's okay to say that, but the justification for such an argument doesn't exist. Try to look first in the Letter Adz Dzariyat verse 56, which means:

"I do not create jinn and men except that they should worship Me."

Yeah, like that. Such is the duty of a Muslim in the world. Which task is if we indeed carry the title of a Muslim. A Muslim is nothing but duty / aim to serve His Lord. Indeed, at this time enjoyment in the world is so promising. So that most of us who claim to be a Muslim are lulled by the world miracles and their duties are forgotten. Plus, along with the times that are getting increasingly extraordinary without limits. Gambling is so prevalent, drug games are here and there, rape in various places, corruption is rampant, the trend of western culture is ball-back into our country, murder of parents / families themselves, etc. Na'udzubillah.

Today's development does require us to be more mature and alert. Because, as a Muslim, this label should be used and maintained in the face of this kind of problem. Sadly, if we forget the Muslim label on our chest, we forget or not be proud of at this time. Moreover, even worse when, we are even proud of 'not being able to' learn the religion contained in Islam. At present, the disbelief is so apparent.
Some time ago, I had a chance to catch a statement from a friend who was in status FB-the contents, "Want to practice prayer ae confused ... Jane islam sitting (Do you want to practice praying just confused ... Actually, what is Islam or not?).
It is unfortunate that statement. Why should such statements be displayed? In fact, the sad thing is why when we are predicated Muslims, but the statement that comes out like that is where the note is actually like dropping the name of Islam confidently. Na'udzubillah.

In fact, we could be shocked with Valentine's Day. Is it true that Islam teaches that culture? Is it also a Muslim predicate that is extraordinary in the eyes of Islam following that culture? Need to think about it! Supposedly, before doing something, we need to think a thousand times or think before taking action. Clearly, the best way is to avoid and do filtering (filtering process) against anything seen in the eye. Approaching the good and away from the bad. Stay proud to be a Muslim. Improvements still exist. The road is still wide. Hopefully we will not be swayed by the style of slang in the global era. And may we be directed always on His path with the title of a Muslim. Wallahu a'lam.

By: Rendra Mochtar Habibie - Magetan

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City Society Easier Stress

A research result issued by Nature Journal from the Telegraph (6/22/11), said that city people are more at risk of being exposed to high stress compared to rural communities or areas that are protected from crowds.
Not only stress is eyeing, but also experiencing high anxiety disorders, loss of life passion, and mental health disorders such as schizophrenia.

This research was conducted by a number of researchers on 32 people who settled in urban and rural areas. They are monitored and carried out observations about their life problems.
Based on the research, it was produced that the city community produced a higher score when they were asked and analyzed about their problems which could cause stress and anxiety.
The more he lives in urban areas, the anterior cingulate cortex or pACC or perigenual activity has a significant increase. pACC is a part of the brain that can regulate the level of stress experienced by a person.

Surjo Dharmono, psychiatry doctor from the Department of Psychiatry at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, said stress is something that is common to all people, namely how they respond to various problems in life.
Stress is not a disease, in normal conditions stress can be positive to develop a person's personality. But if excessive, of course it will be negative.
In order to avoid stress, Surjo said it was necessary to make a healthy lifestyle including consuming nutritionally balanced foods. Practice your mind by thinking rationally and objectively, but it is also necessary to approach yourself with the creator to achieve spiritual peace.

According to Jalalludin Rachmat, these psychologists and Muslim scholars say, "People who are optimistic will feel happier, psychologically healthier, and will not run away from problems."

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Creating closeness with the Qur'an

Furthermore, what we must do so that our hearts are linked to the Qur'an is to reproduce it in tartil, with a sweet voice and understanding. But before far explaining what actions can help us understand and absorb the influence of the Koran, we first present the excerpts of the experiences and advice of those who have received enlightenment from the Qur'an.

Muhammad Iqbal
Abu Al Hasan Al Nadwi said that Muhammad Iqbal's reading of the Qur'an was different from the reading of other people in general, which made Iqbal more able to appreciate the Qur'an.
Iqbal said, "I used to read the Koran after doing morning prayers. Father looked at me and asked me. I answered, I was reading the Koran. For three years I always asked so and I always gave him the same answer. Until one day I asked what he meant. Father replied, "My child, read the Qur'an as if it was sent to you! Since that day, I have tried to understand the contents of the Qur'an, more than just reading it. From it, there was a light that I got, there was a pearl I arranged. "(Rawa'i Iqbal, Abul Hasan an-Nadwi, 38, 39)

Hasan Al Banna
Hasan Al Banna gives advice on the tips of al-Quran, "Read al-Quran slowly and in service, both inside and outside prayer. Stop at the end of each verse (do not connect one verse to the next verse in one reading). how to pronounce each letter, as well as its rhythm, without composing yourself or making it, do not just focus on the reading to neglect its meaning, read it in a voice that is not too fast or too slowly .. It all helps to understand the meaning of the Qur'anic verses and will cause nothing new to your heart as well as reading the Qur'an as a soliloquy and contemplation. (Hasan Al Banna Wa Manhajuhu fi Al Tafsir, 100).

Once a week Hasan Al Banna filled out the interpretation column in the weekly newspaper of the Muslim Brotherhood group. In one edition, he wrote, "Between the Qur'an and a faithful heart there is a strong bond. In the heart of the faith, the secrets of the Qur'an are revealed. I hope you read the verses of the Qur'an repeatedly by presenting the heart - before reading the commentary After that you will know how to understand the book of God without intermediaries. (Hasan Al Banna Wa Manhajuhu fi Al Tafsir, p. 98).

Sayyid Qutb
Sayyib Qutb wrote a lot about the Qur'an and how to benefit from it. He said that the Qur'an deserves to be read and passed on to each generation of Muslims with full awareness. The Qur'an deserves to be contemplated as a guide to life. He was revealed to overcome problems at all times. Become a way to the future. It is not just beautiful words that descend only to be read, nor are there past records that will never come back to every age.

We will never benefit from the Qur'an as long as we do not read it, not trying to get clues to our lives today and tomorrow - as did the early Muslim generation.
When reading the Qur'an with such awareness, surely we will arrive at a desire that cannot be obtained by those who read it without awareness. We will see, every sentence and instructions in it appear alive, arousing and moving. He seemed to be talking in length to us about all the affairs of our lives. He gives life to us. (Fii Zhilalil Qur'an, 1/261, Darus Syuruq, Egypt).

God said, "O ye who believe! Bless the call of Allah and the Apostle when the Messenger summons to something that gives you life. "(Qs Al Anfal: 24)

Abul Hasan An Nadwi
An Nadwi said, he had experience related to the Qur'an. He interacted with him directly to establish a close and emotional relationship, benefiting from it, being close to God, walking to get taufik with the guidance of the Qur'an.
"Someone should concern themselves in interacting with the Koran without intermediaries. Read it as much as possible while enjoying it and reflect on its meaning. If you have enough knowledge of Arabic that allows understanding the Koran, one should try to reflect on its meaning while reading this Scripture. in the interpretation notes of the verse being read, but, as much as possible, try to read, understand, ponder, and enjoy the Koran directly, without always having to rely on the commentaries. Indeed, it takes a little time ... After that thank God that has given an understanding of His word and given the ability to read it. " (Madkhal ilaa dirosat Qur'aniyyah, Abu Hasan Nadwi, hal 107).

May be useful.

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Pig Cattle, Zionist Names for Non-Jewish Women

"Non-Jews must be shunned, even more so than sick pigs."(Orach Chaiim 57, 6a)

There are interesting things found by Dr. Guardian of Al Qodhi when trying to examine the education of Jewish children. Based on his research, there are at least three subject matter in Jews who use the Talmudic approach, namely History, Geography and Hebrew. Hebrew is indeed very important for Jews, eliminating Hebrew is the same as breaking Jewish history itself. Etymologically, Shegitz also means abomination or object of hatred.
But interestingly, because the Hebrew language approach is talmud, we can see how Jewish abuse against people outside it. In Talmudic language, non-Jewish women will be referred to as Shiksa. Shiksa itself is a derivative of the Hebrew word "shegitz" which refers to a pig carcass.

Not only that, the term Shiksa also refers to the terminology of a deceptive seduction girl. Jews often consider Shiksa to work to attract the attention of Jewish men. Therefore no wonder, people who marry non-Jewish women will be very despicable in the eyes of the Jews. And parents know very well how to keep their sons from falling prey to this interfaith marriage. No parent of Jews wants to have a son-in-law called by his people with pig carcasses and bitches.
"There is no wife for non-Jews, they are not really their wives." (Talmud IV / 4/81 dan 82ab)

So Shiks was a threat to the survival of Jewish morality. It is no doubt that Orthodox Jews also pinned the word Shiksa to anyone Jewish woman who failed to follow the morality of her teachings. Jews who are reluctant to learn their religion and away from the noble Jewish personality will be feared as Shiksa. A satire that makes Jewish women think again not to be lazy to learn religion.

This satire is truly felt in Jewish education today. The doctrine of non-Jewish women is a bitch who is a necessity to be swallowed up by Jewish children. See when Ary Syerabi, a former officer of the Israeli Anti-Terror Unit, conducted a study of 84 elementary school-aged Israeli children about feelings for their Palestinian children the same age. To the children of Israel, Ary gave a piece of paper and a pencil, then to them Ary said, "Write a letter for Palestinian children, we will convey the letter to them." And what happened? Ary Syerabi gets a surprising sentence from an 8-year-old Israeli girl for Muslim girls.

"Sharon (PM. Israel, ed.) Will kill you and all the villagers and burn your fingers with fire. Get out of our house, O female monkeys. Why don't you go back to (where) you came from? Why do you want to steal our land and house? I offer you a picture (this) so you know what Sharon will do to you ... ha ... ha ... ".
And the picture referred to by the Israeli daughter is an Ariel Sharon with her hands carrying the head of a Palestinian girl who has shed blood.

Eramuslim / The Truth Seeker Media

When Israel Cursed Israel


Reading the analysis of 'outsiders' against Israel, may be commonplace. Hearing Ahmadinejad repeatedly state his prediction that Israel will soon be uprooted, it is also commonplace. However, it is quite interesting if we read the analysis of an Israeli against his own country. Within Israel, there are actually a handful of 'enlightened' people who can clearly judge the depravity of the 'state' and the Zionist government. They write, carry out peace actions, and give speeches in various countries to raise awareness among fellow Jews and humanity in general, to stop supporting Zionism. "Women in Black" group for example. They routinely stand in silence wearing black clothes, carrying anti-Palestinian occupation banners. Inevitably, they were said to be 'prostitutes' and 'traitors' by the Israelites.

What raised the awareness of those people? Nothing else, because the conditions inside Israel are indeed very bad. Uri Avnery and Gilad Atzmon are two Israeli writers who often voice criticism of the Zionist government. In the article entitled "Why Israel Will Not Attack Iran", Avnery in the style of sarcasm calling Israel like a schoolboy who threatened "Hold me back, before I break his bones!"
Israel boasted it would attack Iran, with or without US approval. This big talk was broadcast nonstop by mass media throughout the world; triggering various analyzes and talk shows. Even within the country, the Zionist leaders voiced their war on Iran incessantly. According to Avnery, Israel is actually being upfront in front of the US, and said, "I attacked Iran ... Come on, try to hold me back, I attack now, now!"

In Avnery's analysis, Israel is in no way possible to attack Iran without US approval because indeed, militarily, Israel, which is said to be the 'largest military force in the Middle East', is heavily dependent on supplies from the US. Simply stated, Avnery tried to 'explain' to the Israelis that Iran had power over a 'narrow' strait, the Strait of Hormuz, which was 35 km wide. The distance was as far from Gaza to Beer Sheva, which turned out to be 'easily crossed' by simple rockets belonging to Palestinian fighters.
As soon as Israeli aircraft enter Iran's airspace, the Strait of Hormuz will be closed soon and the Iranian navy has very many missile carriers to guard the strait, Avnery explained. Not to mention, the closure of the Strait of Hormuz means blocking one third of the world's oil supply and will cause enormous economic chaos in the world. And to force open the strait, it requires a very expensive military operation; which will be very hard for the US and NATO; especially by Israel. Avnery even added that if a war occurs, "the missile will bombard Israel, not only from Iran, but also from Hezbollah and possibly Hamas. We don't have enough power to defend our cities."

However, Israel's threat to attack Iran was enough to make the US government frantic and send a mission to persuade the 'younger brother'. US Military Joint Staff Commander, Gen. Dempsey even mentions Iran as a rational actor, to appease Israel so as not to attack Iran (read my previous article).
Then, for what reason does Israel boast of attacking Iran? In addition to pressuring the US to obey the will of Israel, it turns out it is also for domestic political consumption. The condition of the Israeli economy is getting worse and triggering massive anti-government demonstrations. There is nothing easier to divert people's attention from economic problems besides the threat of war. That's why the 'Iranian threat' is very well sold. Iran continues to be called a nuclear bomb maker that will be used to destroy Israel. Ahmadinejad's legendary saying, "Israel must be removed from the face of the earth" is a very powerful mantra to cause fear in the midst of citizens. That is why Avnery with sarcasm closed his writings, "Luckily there is Ahmadinejad, if not what will we do today?"

Actually, what is the economic chaos in Israel like? Aren't various media calling Israel one of the highest economic growth countries in the world? Gilad Atzmon, in his article "Israel Economy For Beginners" explains this. Atzmon asked the critical question, "Where did Israel get its wealth?"
"Isn't besides avocados and oranges, we don't find Israeli products?" Atzmon wrote. Israel does not produce cars, electronic devices, and very few make other consumer goods. With sarcasm, Atzmon wrote, "On the land they robbed from a native Palestinian nation, they also did not find precious minerals or oil."

So, where does the wealth of Israel come from? Atzmon offers facts - and most of us already know - that Israel gets 'alms' from rich Jews throughout the world. In another article on Haaretz (Israeli newspaper), it is stated that there is a Hebrew term which is the standard of moral values ​​among Jews, namely 'tzedakah'. Haaretz quoted a researcher who said that Jewish rich people had very close family ties and made 'tzedakah' a moral obligation.
"Six of the seven conglomerates that control 50% of the Russian economy in the 1990s were Jews," Atzmon wrote, and many Russian Jewish businessmen also had Israeli passports. Of course, it is well known, most US conglomerates are also Jews. In the article in Haaretz, it was also explained how various social organizations, schools and universities in Israel relied heavily on tzedakah.

In addition, Israel reaped huge profits from the money laundering business. Israel is a paradise for laundering illicit money by dirty mobsters and businessmen. Israel also gets money from the diamond industry. Israel imported raw diamonds from poor African countries and then processed them into jewelry and exported them to various world countries. Given that diamond mining sacrifices many poor people in Africa, and that diamonds are one of the main pillars of the Israeli economy which is a Palestinian occupier, then Israeli-produced diamonds are often referred to as 'blood diamonds'.

Worse, on the market, consumers do not detect which Israeli 'bloody diamond' products are, where diamonds are from other countries. No wonder the pro-boycott NGOs of Israeli products voiced protests related to the detection of the country of origin of diamond production.
Israel also gets money from the sale of military equipment (and unfortunately, Indonesia is including its buyers!), Even from the sale of human organs. In short, Israel has an advanced economy due to very dirty economic activities.

And, the bad news (or good?), Low caste Jews in Israel did not enjoy that wealth at all. Rapid economic growth in Israel at the same time is accompanied by social injustice. In Israel, there are 18 families that control 60% of companies. "The gap between the rich and the poor in Israel is very large," Atzmon wrote.
Interestingly, the crimes committed by Zionist rich people in various parts of the world through their dirty economic activities, made Atzmon conclude, "We are all Palestinians and we have one common enemy.

Israel Inside by Dina Y. Sulaeman
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Warning for Playboy Guys

Ah, I have a trailer, now it's outdated. No wonder if boys have a lot of 'sephia' collections. Be careful, not until you are including the activist.

Bro en sis, times have changed, the love story is getting excited. The romantic story of two lovebirds, it feels like it doesn't sell anymore. Switch to a more exciting love adventure story. If you watch teenage soap operas on television, it is easy to find a love story. The guy has lots of girls who are his lovers. Who knows who really becomes his true lover. Because all women are his dream. Hehehe ... this is the name of the loyal type guy, aka 'every bend', the girl is crazy. Jengkang!

Hmm ... make no mistake, even in real life, such habits may already be tightly attached, aka cannot be separated from our culture. People, like tradition. Right. Because, it's no exaggeration if the reality has become a formal legality that the activists don't need to feel blamed for. The result, is now flourishing the carbitan love adventurers. Some are indeed a way of life, but not a few are just fun.
Friend, young Muslim, loyal reader, gaulislam, if you think about it, why do boys like to play aka aka playboys? Isn't it difficult to set the wakuncir schedule? If this question is intended for men, it does not mean that the girl is in all the good. There are only one or two (thousands, hehehe), that daughter. But, compared to the actions of boys, the daughter of the child is still far behind the achievements in the affairs of this profit.

I sell it!
A boy who likes to hang out, indirectly doi is proclaiming who he is. Actualizing his position in the eyes of others. That's why, even though they don't shout "I'm selling!", People can read from their behavior. Tul, no?

That is why, please be careful with the charm that we have. If you happen to mix your face between Afgan, Vidi Aldiano, Won Bin and Jo In Sung, don't go crazy by selling your sweet look everywhere. It is possible for a girl to misinterpret. Likewise, if you have the cute look of Song Joong Ki, as proud as Jung Woo Sung and can play soccer like David Beckham, don't be too indulgent. Be careful, because for most Eve people, the look that can make the heart beat twice as fast (careful dislodging can be finished!). Suer, you look like that can make hysterical girls. It is not impossible if later they want to hunt you down and crown you the ideal guy. Certainly in accordance with the ideal criteria of the girls.

So, for those of you who have eleven-twelve looks with Hyun Bin, usually there are lots of installments, aka lots of behavior (generally, not all). You can't close girls, it's really like Gatel if you don't sell charm. Starting from just asking reckless, to date everything. A boy who likes to hang out, of course it's not fun if you only have one trailer. Well, feeling that he looks worth selling, then going here and there hobbies make promises with many girls. On Monday, when I met with Nining, on an appointment with the Salsa, on Wednesday, he went to the Queen's house on Thursday and took a walk together with Lilis, on Friday, he had been asoy together with Juminten. Saturday? It has slid to the top with Sabrina. I don't know who else hasn't got diapelin. Wow!

It's really different from that, sorry, sorry, the 'layout' of his face is equal or under Emmanuel Adebayor (former Arsenal striker who is now defending Tottenham Hotspur), oh, already fortunate there are people who want it too (but many people are rich ... want to ... the money hehe). Especially having a BSC model, aka New Worm Healing, might not be glanced at by a daughter. Including those that happen to be 'destined' to have the look of the Romusa model, aka the sadistic Roman Face. Wow, it's guaranteed that girls will immediately avoid using it again. Glodax!
Well, the 'disease' that has a good look is usually proud, then geer, and keeps on showing off. Understandably, it has a fantastic charm, who is not happy. You might be sold if you don't have faith, mah. So, don't be weird if a lot of boys fall into the congregation of the playboys, aka the gossipers. His hobbies are changing partners. Blocking there blocks here. Can not stay in one heart. Just want to move. Don't stand up, aka fast bored. That's why, the playboys were given the rabbit stamp. He said, because rabbits like to 'hang around' everywhere. ** Is that right or not? (while thinking)
Really, surrounded by women and being an idol certainly makes the market go up. That means you are selling well. You have reason to collect as many women. Until you yourself are confused which one is your girlfriend, which one is 'sephia' you are and which one is the herbalist (what is the connection?). Indeed, that is the disease of the Playboys, maybe because there are so many women he works with. Very probably, the principle is faithful, aka endless cheating. God forbid!

A glimpse of Casanova
Bro en Sis 'enthusiast' gaulislam, talking about playboy, is always identical to the figure of Casanova. Well, in the world of love there are legends of love adventurers who (can't) be imitated, one of them is Cassanova. This man is really adept at playing women.

Giacomo Girolamo Casanova was born in Venice, April 2, 1725. His brother is an actor. His father was named Gaetano Giuseppe Casanova and his mother Zanetta (Maria Farussi). His orthodox life as an actor made him often left alone, when his parents had to travel outside the city. Small casanova is included in children who are susceptible to disease.
In 1733, when he was 8 years old, his father died. A year later, Casanova was sent to the Padua area, where she studied with Dr. Gozzi. This is where he began his love adventure. At a very young age, he has shown his 'talent'. Casanova fell in love with DR Gozzi's younger sister, Bettina. This is the first lesson about women.
Casanova is getting bolder in her love adventure. In 1940, at the age of just 15 years, he had carved a story of love with Teresa Imer, Nanetta and Marta Savorgnan, and Giuletta at once. Really a rabbit stamp guy!

In January 1741, Casanova accepted an offer to study matters relating to church life. At the very least, the 'sickness' has subsided a little. In fact he had decided to make a career in the church. Casanova was a pastor.
Although he had been in the church for around two years, apparently Casanova could not forget her old habits. In May 1744 Casanova visited Rome, stopping briefly in Naples. He met Donna Lucrezia and her husband, also Lucrezia's sister. Unfortunately, Casanova was involved in a sex scandal with Lucrezia. Silly, after the incident, Casanova returned to church life as Cardinal Acquaviva's secretary, diocese of the Spanish ambassador. Between the years 1750-1760, Casanova was back and forth in Venice-Paris, even in the Netherlands. During that time, he worked as a pastor, soldier, and violinist. He also became a member of the Freemasonry Lyons Club.

Many people remember Casanova as a love adventurer, even some people label her as the most famous 'erotic hero' in the world. Understandably, during his life, as written in his memoir, Casanova had 'made love' with 122 women from various countries! On June 4, 1798, Casanova exhaled her last breath, while ending her love adventure that had shocked the world.

Having fun?
There is also a boy who just forgets because he just wants to be happy. All try the loyalty of the girls to him. But usually, the model is fast extinguished. Not many, many do it. Even so, I still have to admit that the reason for doing it is because having fun is apparently an active actor. Especially those who still wear school uniforms.

For this group, usually they don't think too much about whether by doing profit the degree will be increased or vice versa. Generally, they are not too confused with such predicates. The look of the capital is not too sized. Nyang is fun. Once the lyrics are okay. That is all.
But remember, for those of you who are already 'students' of Don Juan and Casanova, don't feel safe with your bad behavior. Your potential has a limit, so your actions will also be held accountable. Allah SWT. say, "... Indeed, hearing, sight and heart will be held accountable." (OS al-lsra '[17]: 36)

Bro en sis, even though the reasons for profit are different, but still it's a disgraceful activity. Never mind the free slang is forbidden by religion, eh, use the girls all. Really, nowadays, about the problem of not having a monopoly on boys, girls also have lots of people who love to change partners. Usually it is only done by those who have high bargaining power; can because of her beauty, it can also be because of her wealth. Regardless of whether they do it because they want to be considered salable, or just having fun, it doesn't matter to them.

But the problem is, we also have to obey the rules of our religion. You can't arbitrarily tamper with this Islamic rule with as much as our udel. How come our airplane doesn't want to be tampered with by someone else? Remember the sodara, mah physical appearance has a limit. Now it's just glorious and handsome, but a year or two in the future you can Numpra aka collapse! Let alone just us, people who are far richer, more handsome, and even more popular, are dead and still buried. Yes no? Hehehe…

[solihin: Twitter @osolihin | 're-enactment' of my writing in Permata Magazine, May 2003]

Muslim Pasif, Air Tenang which is easily polluted

What happens if someone sits in front of a television for a full day? Do not do or do activities other than just watching television shows that have been in crisis? In terms of health alone, we certainly know it's not good if it's too long in front of a glass screen that is able to 'spray' radiation with 'frightening' it. Especially as a Muslim we are required to be able to become a 'manager' who is able tomanage time so it doesn't just go past. Therefore, in the book How to touch the heart, Abbas As Siisiy said that a young man and woman of Islam must be preoccupied with things that are useful, in order to build optimism for his soul, fill the emptiness of his feelings, and satisfy his pleasure, such as exercise. The activity was also carried out in order to strengthen family and social ties.

Friends, of course you've heard the phrase Time is Money. Yups, this expression is very famous and familiar to our ears. However, the expression seems to be an empty phrase because we tend to disregard time. Here are some activities that we can do to fill time (leisure):

Maintaining good relations is certainly a necessity for every Muslim. In addition to facilitating sustenance, maintaining friendship can also prolong life. We can visit relatives, friends, or maybe community leaders. This certainly can add to the long list of our brothers scattered in various places.
  • Visiting Exhibition - Book Exhibition
So many benefits we can get when visiting book fairs. Starting from getting a book at a low price because there are usually large discounts until meeting many people, well, this is part of the relationship too, right?
If you are a student or student, you are certainly familiar with the terms above. Usually, in some schools or campuses often hold scientific competitions with many categories and various prizes. For example, Science Competition, such as the Olympics of Physics, Mathematics, Biology and so on. If friends don't like the world of science, there's nothing wrong, guys, try this one. Writing Contest, such as short stories, poetry and novels, both fiction or nonfiction. Writing is indeed synonymous with creativity, this will certainly trigger the brain to 'work' in accordance with its function. One thing is certain, writing is very pleasant.
  • Active activities at the mosque
As a young man and young Muslim, we must be able to have a dynamic program in order to develop the power of reason and new insights. Active in the mosque includes several activities, such as Friday evening lectures and sermons for men, intense activities for youth mosques or may be the initiators of an event where you are in charge of chairing the committee. This is certainly better than that hang out - hang out at the café or mejeng at the mall just for 'eye washing'

Of course there are many more positive activities that can be carried out by a Muslim who is obliged to always fill the void of mind and spirit. Positive activities must also be carried out in a continuous manner, so that the positive effects can always be felt, especially so that the heart is not easily tempted to laze around and keep quiet.

The Clogged Water
Have you ever seen water in a ditch clogged because of garbage that has accumulated? or Water Closed that clogged? Well, what happens after that? That's right, it's tainted. If the gutter is clogged by accumulated garbage, it can be ascertained that the water in the gutter will change color and other impacts will occur due to poor sanitation.

Then, what if this happens to the younger generation of Islam that is a milestone in civilization? The same problem but not the same. Self-neglect in routines that tend to be useless, is like trash piled up in a ditch. Inevitably, the generation of Islam has been gripped by influence westernisasi. The brain that is blessed by Allah SWT is only used to think of a rapidly developing fashion trend, or ways to hook up on 'junior conglomerates'. Friend, if for trivial things like that we can linger for a long time, why not try the Charity Giving Competition Good, the prize can be taken in the world and the hereafter. Well, this race has been started for a long time and still will last until death picks up.

" And follow not that which ye have no knowledge thereof. Indeed hearing, sight and heart are all to be accounted for. " (al- Israa ': 36)

That is why, we as Muslims must always actively use what God has given by always being in His way. Then how do you become an active Muslim in a different place?
This environment is a stepping stone for you to become an active Muslim. If your school or campus conducts an activity, take part in the activity. Organizational learning can also be started from school or college. For example, becoming a student council member, scout or other extracurricular. Don't just be an audience who usually claps for the success of others, be part of that success.

Starting from helping parents do homework, such as sweeping the house, mopping, washing dishes and so on. " And one of the signs of the end is the number of servants who gave birth to their employers"It would not be amazing if we were able to perform both inside and outside the house at once.
Today communities are like mushrooms in the rainy season. Many types and names. Like, the snake lovers community, a community of big motorcycle lovers, a community of punk kids and more. The activities carried out also varied, according to their vision and mission. However, before deciding to enter a community, friends must first know what your friends enjoy and need, the background of the community they are aiming for, the people who shelter them and the positive agenda of the community. Thus friends will be more calm and happy to be in it. Then, how do you become an active Muslim in the community? None other than that, of course, helped to enlighten the activities organized by the community of 'diami' friends. Don't be a 'junk' that clogged up the flow of positive activities in your community. Friends can contribute fresh ideas for the progress of the community.

For example, friends like biology lessons and happen to have communities that have the same preferences, well, you can try to enter that community. The idea of ​​going into the community or making a new breakthrough in biology can be one way to become an active Muslim in the community.
Basically, all that will not be realized and will not produce results if not based on sincere intentions. The activeness of a Muslim is indeed needed wherever and whenever. Because the potential stored in a Muslim is far greater than what he has issued.

By: Giva Putri Maryesya, Padang

Fimadani/The Truth Seeker Media

What is the 'Achievement' of the JAT Until Classified by Terrorists?

Determination Jama'ah Anshorut Tauhid as a US Terrorist group received sharp criticism from Islamic activists, Ustadz Fauzan Al Anshari. He considered it a diversion of issues.
"What is the achievement of JAT calling it a terrorist organization? In my opinion it is only a transfer of issues from the dilapidated law in this country," he said in a short message to Eramuslim.com.

He said this was done after the public could no longer be transferred by the FPI issue. "Because people are smarter who are terrorists and who are anarchists," he continued
This is where the role of the media is important to act objectively in seeing US statements. "The problem is whether the media will always be neutral or have a hidden agenda? Check the truth so that we do not regret later (Al Hujurat verse 6)," he concluded.

O believers, when a fasiq comes with information, then check carefully so that you do not overthrow a people for a folly, so you regret what you have done (al-Hujurat: 6)

Eramuslim / The Truth Seeker Media

Hebron 18 Years Ago

On February 25, 1994, when hundreds of Muslim worshipers were performing morning prayers at the Ibrahimi Mosque in downtown Hebron, a Jewish-American terrorist by the name Baruch Goldstein entered the mosque from the Kiryat arbaa settlement, shooting worshipers with machine gun bullets, killing at least 29 people and injuring many other worshipers.

Terrorists, who use Galilion military rifles, want to kill as many innocent people as possible and try to create mass terror in as many cities as possible, the largest in the West Bank. The motive is terrorizing Arabs, which constitutes 99.5% of the city's population.
The Israeli occupation authorities have denied involvement or colluding with the perpetrators of the massacre.

Israeli officials, including Prime Minister Ishak Rabin, claimed the massacre was like thunder on a sunny afternoon. However, it is hard to believe that the terrorist could reach a protected location without secretly colluding with the Israeli army on site.
Goldstein himself was finally able to be paralyzed and killed by worshipers, because it was feared he would still kill more worshipers. Strangely, many Jewish settler leaders bravely tried to demand that they arrest those responsible for Goldstein's death.
Many Jewish religious leaders praised the mass killings carried out by Goldstein, even calling him a great saint and hero. Even an enshrined monument was erected on Kiryat arbaa and Jewish pilgrims from California came to pay homage to his tomb.

Goldstein was also praised by many rabbis, arguing that his actions were indeed appropriate because he had killed an infidel or Goyem.
A rabbi, when asked about his acceptance of murdering innocent non-Jews, said he did not regret the death of innocent Arabs but whom he was relying on the death of innocent flies!
After this bloodshed, the Israeli government carried out a large public campaign aimed at convincing western public opinion especially America that the Israeli government had no role in the massacre.

Claims that the massacre shocked the Israeli government were too extraordinary and very unreliable. Because, the massacre was preceded by a poisonous campaign of incitement towards Palestinians by Talmudians.
Goldstein himself is affiliated with a Zionist religious school as taught by Abraham Kook.
According to the authors of "Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel," Israel Shahak and Norton Mezvinsky (Pluto Press, 1999), Kook said that "the difference between Jewish souls and Gentile souls — they are all different in all levels and deeper than the difference between the human soul and livestock souls. "

One group is at the root and is "really evil." While the others are "really good." A number of rabbinical groups have stated that Goldstein's actions cite a lot from the Old Testament and Talmud, which justifies genocide against non-Jews in general and Palestinians in particular.
Goldstein is a follower of Rabbi Meir Kahana who is very racist, who believes in the need to cleanse ethnic Palestinians from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean. In 1978, he wrote a book called "They Must Go." Fourteen years later, after a speech at a New York City hotel, where he called for depriving all Palestinian-Israeli Palestinians, Kahana was killed.

Today, 18 years later, after Goldstein has ceased to exist, but "Goldsteinism", which is an attitude of anti-Palestinian hatred and revenge, is still alive and well among Jewish settlers.
Several years ago, Daniella Weiss, leader of Jewish settlers, visited Hebron to encourage settler squatters, who had taken over Arab property in the city, to counter government efforts to expel them.

Weiss, a former mayor of a settlement in the northern West Bank, widely quoted from the Old Testament verses that urged Israelis to slaughter every man, woman and child. According to Weiss, "this is the only way to deal with Arabs."
After the massacre, the Israeli occupation army placed all Hebron residents, Arabs, not settlers, under the loudest and longest curfew ever imposed since the start of the occupation in 1967.

And today the overall situation in Hebron and the entire occupied territory is very similar to the situation on the night of the Ibrahimi Mosque massacre 18 years ago.

Eramuslim / The Truth Seeker Media

Creating closeness with the Qur'anCreating closeness with the Qur'an

Creating closeness with the Qur'anPig Cattle, Zionist Names for Non-Jewish Women