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Gender Equality Bill: For Who?

Controversy over ideas "Gender Equality"It came back in line with the discussion on the Gender Equality and Justice Bill (KKG Bill) in the Republic of Indonesia Parliament. Readers who are familiar with the discourse of feminism and gender, will understand that this bill tends to be sexist, which only prioritizes one gender. oppression of women.

This bill is very thick with the ideology of feminism which has nothing to do with the development of a dignified Indonesian nation. Some of them are only translations ofConvention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW).For example about the definition of discrimination against women.

In Chapter I article 1 paragraph 4 Draft of the Law on KKG states:"Discrimination is all forms of differentiation, exclusion, or limitation, and all forms of violencemade on the basis of certain sexes, which have an influence or purpose to reduce or eliminate the recognition, enjoyment of benefits or the use of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political, economic, social, cultural, civil or other fields regardless of marital status, on the basis of equality between women and men. "

This definition is not much different from CEDAW part I article I which reads:"…discrimination against women shall mean any distinction, exclusion or restriction made on the basis of sex which has the effect or purpose of impairing or nullifying the recognition, enjoyment or exercise by women, irrespective of their marital status, on a basis of equality of men and women, of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political, economic, social, cultural, civil or any other field."

The above definition, within certain limits, impresses the content of the spirit of deconstruction and provocation at once. Because in social sciences, rules and laws are usually made to respond to and anticipate social phenomena that exist or might occur. Then, have there been ongoing deprivation and deprivation of women's rights in all fields of life in general so that this bill is very urgent to be ratified? Do women want it? And are women tooshouldwant it? Or is this because as a logical consequence of Indonesia's participation in signing the CEDAW convention in 1980, so that there is no need for Indonesianist contextualization in implementing the items contained in CEDAW?

Editors of the notion of "discrimination" in the Draft Bill above can be interpreted to open the protection of all forms of freedom desired by women and override the limitations of religion, family and marital ties. Including the right of women to own and manage their own bodies without being intervened by laws and scriptures, as feminists always do:My body, my choice, my pleasure.

Consequently, the state must legalize the law on the right to have an abortion for women aged 18 years and over, interfaith marriages and same-sex marriage. Including the right of the wife to complain about her husband to the authorities on charges of rape. In gender discourse, this issue is known as the termmarital rape, namely unwanted sexual relations or without the wife's consent.

With the emergence of the KKG Bill, it is increasingly clear that the term "gender" is no longer neutral. Gender is only used for women and "defends" the interests of female elitist circles. Gender is not the concept of justice that is enforced on men and women equally. Gender equality is only used to combat the injustices that afflict women. So it is not surprising that with the introduction of this bill, the nuances of sexism in Indonesian legislation have strengthened. Consider, for example, the phrase in this bill that only focuses on women's rights, protecting women, improving the quality of life and welfare of women, increasing the involvement and active participation of women in all areas of life, especially in the process of policy formulation and public decision making at all levels institutional, and others.

Rather than overhaul the basic concepts in male and female relationships established in Islam, KKG activists should focus more on the defense of the real problems faced by women and all parties today. For example, eradication problemshuman traffickingand rehabilitation of the mental health of the victims, increasing the availability of breastfeeding spaces in malls, terminals, workplaces and other public facilities (nursing room for breastfeeding mothers), Providing paid leave for a year and giving birth to at least a year, menstrual leave, apply more flexible working hours for married women, fight for monthly subsidies for underprivileged mothers who have babies up to five years of age or more, provide easy, safe, healthy and cheap, and so on.

If so, the assumption that the KKG Bill was drafted to fulfill the ambitions of certain elitist women would automatically be refuted. In the matter of maternity leave (maternity leave) We can imitate several countries in Central Europe. They are not subject to the interests of international companies operating in their country.

In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the standard of maternity leave is given for three years for each child. Mothers can choose a period of maternity leave for 2, 3 or 4 years. Salary during leave is paid by the state. In Slovakia the standard maternity leave is 3 years. But it can be extended for up to 6 years if the child has a disability. The state pays a salary for maternity leave of EUR. 256 (around Rp. 3,051,520) per month for the first two years. After this period the allowance is EUR. 164.22 (around Rp. 1,957,502) per month. Likewise in Austria. Whereas Sweden gives 16 months of maternity leave for each child. Salaries during leave are borne between the employer and the state. (see: wikipedia)

We hope, the members of the honored council - let alone Muslims - will not endorse any form of law that does not favor the development of a just and civil society. Because, Iwan Fals said, "You're not picked up."

Henri Saladin

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Henri Saladin MA, born in Bojonegoro, East Java, September 5, 1975, sixth son of the couple M. Subhi Ali (aIm) and Mardhiyyah (almh). His formal education began at SDN I Sumberrejo Bojonegoro (1982-1988), MTs al-Tanwir Talun Sumberrejo Bojonegoro (1989) and KMI Pondok Modern Darussalam Gontor (1989-1995). Continuing the Undergraduate level (S1) at the Pondok Modern Institute of Islamic Studies (ISID) Gontor (1995-1999) at the Ushuluddin Faculty. While the S2 education, he took in International Islamic University Malaysia (HUM), the Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Science Faculty (IRKH), the Department of Proposals aI-Din and Islamic Thought.

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Italy Seizes 14 Trillion Rupiah in Assets from Kadhafi's Family

- Italian financial police announced Wednesday the seizure of more than US $ 1.5 billion (- + Rp. 14 trillion) in assets controlled by the family of Libyan leaders killed by Muammar Kadhafi.

The seizure followed a request by the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague, which sought extradition from Gaddafi's son, Seif Al-Islam, on charges of crimes against humanity.

Police "today seized fixed and movable assets, company shares and bank accounts linked to the families of former Libyan leader Kadhafi and his entourage," said a police statement, which also included the value of assets seized.
... Police "today seized fixed and movable assets, company shares and bank accounts connected with the family of former Libyan leader Kadhafi and for his entourage ...
Shares in top Italian companies, including the largest state-owned banking group UniCredit, the main oil company ENI and carmaker Fiat were among the assets seized.

Police said they further confiscated shares in the Juventus football club, a building in Rome, a 150-hectare forest on Pantelleria island and two cars.

A commission of rogatory at the ICC requested that the assets be confiscated in the context of the ongoing investigation of Gaddafi's son and his former intelligence chief, Abdullah Senussi, also a brother-in-law for the deposed Libyan strongman.

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The INSISTS Publication Book will be Translated in Foreign Languages

Indonesia as with the largest Muslim population in the world is clearly the main target and lading most attractive to other nations. The destruction of Islam in Indonesia will be an example and study appeal for the same strategy in countries with other large Muslim populations.

Because of this, even though liberalism in Indonesia was not selling well and was only followed by a small number of people, their movement was actually helped and received massive funding from foreign parties. This was the statement of the Chairman of the Indonesian Young Ulema and Intellectual Ulema Council (MIUMI), Fahmy Zarkasyi, MA., M.Phil in Jakarta.

According to Hamid, his statement was not playing, even senior political scientist was justified at RAND Corporation, Angel Rabasah told him in a forum. Therefore, many foreigners gave massive funds to publish liberal books in Indonesia.

"I heard that explanation myself when I met Angel, he said that the Lib For All Foundation was indeed a mouthpiece that would fund the translation of liberal books in Indonesia into English," explained the man who was the Director Institute for the Study of Islamic Thought and Civilization (INSISTS) this to while at the MUI office on Tuesday (03/27/2012) then.

In fact, according to Hamid, it is not impossible with excessive funding, they will also translate liberal books in Arabic and will be re-entered into several Muslim countries in the Middle East.

"What is even more dangerous is that these books are translated into Arabic, then sent back to Indonesia in Arabic. There are still many Indonesians who do not understand Arabic, later it is assumed that the book of yellow will be a bother," he added.

According to him, this problem has become a serious concern for researchers INSISTS and MIUMI. In response to this, Hamid plans to publish books by INSISTS researchers into English and Arabic to be disseminated internationally.

"What is certain is that we will not remain silent, we have approved several books to immediately be translated into English and we will release the Arabic language slowly," he explained.

According to him, the request that INSISTS publish its books in the context of English and Arabic is also a direct request from Al Azhar Egypt.

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Australia US Spy Spots in Asia

An Australian defense expert said the possibility of the Kokos Islands, an Australian region in the Indian Ocean, would be used to launch American drones. An internal review of the Australian Defense Forces has recommended that the airstrip on the Kokos Islands be upgraded.
Australia said Wednesday it would allow the United States to use its territory to move long-range unmanned spy planes, as part of an increase in the presence of the superpower in the Asia-Pacific, which hurts China.

An Australian defense expert said the possibility of the Kokos Islands, an Australian region in the Indian Ocean, would be used to launch American drones.
An internal review of the Australian Defense Forces has recommended that the airstrip on the Kokos Islands be upgraded.

Last year, Defense Minister Stephen Smith said that military use on the islands might be improved, but would require substantial infrastructure changes.

Andrew Davis from the Strategic Policy Institute said the region was becoming increasingly important for the United States.

"It is increasingly becoming a competition area, so the base on the Kokos Islands is actually ideal for the eastern part of the Indian Ocean and the southern part of the South China Sea. So I think this is a natural evolution".
Washington and Canberra also reportedly placed US aircraft carriers and nuclear-powered submarines in the Western Australian city of Perth as part of a large expansion of military relations.

In that expansion, the first United States marines from deploying 2,500 troops to Darwin in northern Australia - inaugurated in November 2011 by President Barack Obama - arrived in April.

The Marine Plan angered Beijing, but convinced several Asian countries, which saw it as a statement that Washington intended to defend its allies and interests in the region amid fears of increasing Chinese assertiveness.

Media Australia cited Wednesday the "Washington Post" report that the United States was considering using the Cocos Islands, or in the Indian Ocean off the coast of northwestern Australia, to launch unmanned reconnaissance aircraft.

The news said Cocos, which has a population of around 600 people, will replace Diego Garcia, the US base in the Indian Ocean, whose superpower leased from the UK and is scheduled to be returned in 2016.

"The Washington Post" also said the Australian government was considering improving the Stirling sea base in Perth "for deployment and movement in Southeast Asia and the Indian Ocean by the United States Navy".
The improvements will reportedly help Stirling serve large surface warships, including aircraft carriers and US combat submarines.
Australian Defense Minister Stephen Smith said the key priority in the closer cooperation of the United States was the maritime cycle through Darwin, greater air lines and the use of more HMAS Stirling bases in Perth.

Kurt Campbell, deputy US secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific affairs, was in Australia last week to discuss the first deployment of 250 Marines in April and another defense issue, he said.

Smith stated that the use of Cocos islands was a long-term choice for closer engagement with Australia and the United States and the runway needed to be repaired first.
"Cocos is a possibility. It's a long-term opportunity and must be treated as such," Smith told ABC radio.
"This is not for now, because one of the first things we have to do is to improve infrastructure, especially airports," he said.
Australia's neighbors need not be afraid, the defense minister said, "We are open about that," he said.

When asked about Smith's response, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Hong Lei did not directly answer the possibility of unmanned US aircraft using Australian territory.

But, he told reporters in Beijing that all countries in the Asia-Pacific region must uphold the new security system in equality, mutual development, raising and mutual benefit, and trying to uphold security for all.

Cocos is seen as an adequate place for unmanned aircraft bases to patrol the busiest shipping lanes in the world and the South China Sea, where territorial recognition is considered a hotspot.

China, Taiwan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and Cambodia claim territory in the area.
Hugh White, defense analyst at the National Australian university, said Australia was seen as a "strategic treasure" by the United States when monitoring China's rise.
"I think, what we see here is a fundamental shift that is very meaningful in the strategy of the United States," he said.

The United States currently only has a limited distribution in Australia's long-standing allies, including a remote Pine Gap spy satellite station near Alice Springs.


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Jose Rizal: GMJ Mission Free Jerusalem from Zionist Strike

AMMAN-JORDAN - Before leaving Dr. Joserizal Jurnalis, SpOT had reminded the participants that the mission this time was to liberate Jerusalem from the Zionist grip of Israel. "Global March to Jerusalem is a movement to raise awareness of the world community that Jerusalem is a city for 3 religions: Islam, Christianity and Judaism and belonging to lovers of Humanity and Justice. Not Zionist property," he said.

This movement, he continued, was also to break the 4 myths of rights that the Zionists had believed so far. The four rights are Jews are ethnic elected to lead the world, they are promised Palestinian landowners, they have the right to return to the land and they have the right to carry out attacks first. "These four rights must be broken because we cannot coexist with the norms of human civilization," said Dr. Joserizal to GMJ Indonesia participants.

In addition, all participants were also reminded to always straighten out their intentions and prepare themselves with all the possibilities even the worst.
Meanwhile, the GMJ Land Convoy Team consisted of various countries, namely Indonesia (28 people), Philippines (3 people), Malaysia (1 person), India (34 people), Iran (40 people), and a number of participants from Iraq, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Tajkishtan, Saudi Arabia, the US and Turkey this afternoon reportedly arrived at the port of Beirut, Lebanon.

At the port, the Indonesian Embassy in Beirut has been waiting and ready to welcome the Indonesian delegates. Tonight (28/03), from Beirut the Indonesian delegation is scheduled to depart immediately for Amman Jordan by plane to join other Indonesian delegations who had already arrived in Jordan.

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The People Scream, Ani Yodhoyono Fun to Watch & Photo Together with Boyband Korea

JAKARTA - The people's screams in the homeland that reject the fuel price hike plan, do not hinder First Lady Ani Yudhoyono to entertain yourself watching concerts and photos together boy band Korea.
Ms. Ani Yudhoyono had the opportunity to witness the appearance of the Korean boy band, JYJ while attending the event 'Nuclear Summit First Ladies' Event' at the Blue House, South Korea, Tuesday (12/27/2012) yesterday.
Together with other first lady countries, Ani Yudhoyono also had the opportunity to take a photo with the teen idol group.
As quoted by the site Allkpop, JYJ was specifically invited by the local government to entertain First Ladies from several countries.

On that occasion, JYJ performed their flagship hit song, 'Be My Girl' and also 'In Heaven'.
In addition to Ani Yudhoyono, a number of first lady who took part in the event came from Gabon, Nigeria, South Africa, Malaysia, Vietnam, Switzerland, Singapore, Italy, India, China, Chile, the Philippines, countries at the United Nations, the European Union and much more.

The first lady reportedly really enjoyed JYJ's performance. They look to develop a smile during the event.
According to JYJ representatives, the first women from Switzerland, Vietnam, the Philippines, Chile, and South Africa even took time to pose with a boyband group consisting of three personnel, Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu. After the show, they did not want to miss capturing their meeting with a boy band that was being teased by teenagers.

The PR of the event planning committee also commented, "All First Lady, including Kim Yoon Oak, welcomed the performance of JYJ. This also became a great opportunity to introduce K-POP to the world."
The departure of First Lady Ani Yudhoyono with President SBY abroad when the turbulent homeland caused deep concern among activists. No wonder the Chairperson of the Indonesian Prosperous Labor Union (SBSI) Ajat Sudrajat was angry and accused SBY of being a timid and irresponsible president.

"In the midst of the rejection of BBM in the community, SBY even went to Korea with an appendix of visiting state interests. This shows that SBY is a not gentle leader. When all elements take refusal, President SBY leaves. This is not his responsibility. we are, "he blurted out.

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Embarrassing!! Halangi GMJ, Government of Indonesia Requests Jordan Deportation Munarman

AMMAN - JORDAN - How could other people respect the Indonesian nation, while our own government humiliates its people before other nations?

That is what the GMJ Team experienced (Global March to Jerusalem) Indonesia departing for Jordan on Tuesday (3/27), at 00:40 a.m. WIB. Arriving at Amman Airport, Tuesday (27/3) o'clock. 08:40 local time, one of the 9 members of the GMJ route 2 team, Munarman SH, was refused his arrival by Jordanian immigration and intelligence. Munarman was also forced to return to Indonesia that same day. Thus information from Dr. Joserizal Jurnalis, SpOT, MER-C Presidium who also went and led the GMJ Team at that time.
Through a short message sent this morning (3/28/2012), Dr. Joserizal reported that regarding this matter the team had sought assistance from the Indonesian Embassy in Amman to help negotiate with Jordanian immigration.

The Indonesian Ambassador to Jordan, Mr. Zainul Bahar Nur even came directly to the airport to negotiate with Jordanian immigration. A concern from the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia who deserves a thumbs up. However, the negotiations did not produce results because in reality Munarman SH, still unable to enter Jordan. Jordanian immigration argued that Munarman's refusal was at the request of the Indonesian Intelligence. "It's not from our side," they said.
"When Cat Steven (Yusuf Islam) visited America but was rejected by American immigration, the British government delivered a note of protest and condemnation to the American government. But what is experienced by the Indonesian people is really different?" said Dr. Joserizal.

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The enormity of the Repetitive Method for Educating Righteous Children

AFTERNOONalready late afternoon. However, sunlight still feels hot and dazzling. These are the times when the screaming comes back, "Lontong, peyek, egg salty! "Sounded every day, greeting the complex ears of the residents, especially the mothers who came out of the house watching their little ones playing outside the house.

One day the yell again sounded loud, "Come out, peek, egg salt! "A young mother hurriedly approached," Bang, there egg salty? "The brother of the voice owner with a sorry face replied," Wow, not there is ma'am Egg the salty is empty. "The mother looked at the brother of the seller in wonder,"Lha, before yelling, the subject, egg salty. How come eggis it not there? "he said as he passed into the house.

The next day another mother approached the brother of the lontong-tofu seller. Shortly after the shout greeted the ear, "Lontong, peyek, egg salt! "The mother asked," Bang, there egg Isn't it salty? "This time the brother replied,"Egg it's hard again, ma'am! "Now, Mother is more fierce, protesting Abang," Nothing egg salty how come scream egg salty! "The Abang was just a smile smiling.

... Allah SWT educates us with methods repetitive through the five-time prayer to prove obedience and understanding the meaning of life ...

Either shout three triangles "lont know, peek, egg salty "is a sound unit that has been memorized by the Abang or indeed the Abang kadung forgets that one of the items offered is apparently not there. What is clear is the shout of the Abang the following days remain the same. Repeat the same shout, greet the ear with a sound the same intonation, the information that is conveyed is always repeated, "Lontong, peyek, egg salty!"

It is interesting to pay attention to the pattern of the lontong-seller above. Something he repeated for several thousand times throughout the history of his profession as a tofu seller, had made him eloquent in saying the series of words. Without having to make him think about the truth.
This is actually very useful in the learning methods of our children.

Power Repetitive (Repetition)
Repetitive or repetition is indeed a known method in the world of learning. A teacher often asks his students to repeat the lessons that have been given when studying again at home. The goal is that the lessons that have been received are inherent in memory.

Every factory employee, especially factories owned by Japan, always follows the morning apples by repeating core value company. The goal is none other than to make employees appreciate these core values ​​and apply them. Furthermore, Allah SWT also educates us with methods repetitive this is through prayer. Prayers must be established five times a day so that every Muslim proves obedience and easily understands the meaning of life.

Doctor Oz is often the partner of Oprah Winfrey in talk showhe said, conveying an appeal to children to do something ten times just a warming up. Thus, as a parent, it is certainly an obligation for us to be sincere and be patient in accompanying our children to learn and repeat it.

... This repetition makes the child accept and instill the faith in his heart without busy questioning the truth ...

Sincerity and patience of parents in guiding children to repeat the knowledge gained will be very useful to make children feel they get support and reinforcement. Thus, instilling confidence in monotheism and the truth of Islam will become easier.
Because, as the tendency of children who fully believe what is said by those around them, the more people who repeat the truth, will make him even more convinced that he is on the right path. This repetition and support will later make the child accept and instill the faith in his heart without busy questioning the truth.

God said, "Really, Robb, He is the Creator, the Knowing. And, verily, We have given you seven (repeated) recitations and a glorious Quran"(Qs. Al-Hijr 87).

The seventh verse referred to in the verse above, by some scholars is defined by the letter Al-Fatihah which reads a Muslim repeatedly 17 times a day. It is certainly a method of learning from Allah SWT so that His servant will understand the true nature of life. As an invention that can not escape from his will and help. As a servant who should always ask for the unity of Allah SWT in the form of obedience, always given to Him, so that the Creator wishes to avoid it from the crimes of himself and other creatures. Until then he will return home in the eternal paradise of life.

... This method of repetition taught by God should we inherit to our baby so that he knows exactly where he should step ...

This direction and purpose of life is always reminded repeatedly by God to us, as servants, to always remember and straighten steps. Repetition taught by Allah SWT is also what we should inherit to our baby. So that he also knows exactly where to go, what to use when he gets lost in order to get back, and what he must believe without questioning much.

Everything can only be obtained, nothing else, only by affirming obedience and belief. By repeating in the minds of our children that God, only He, the Almighty Rabb, Merciful, and never expect anything from His servants except good for them.

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Al-Qossam: We Will Cut the Hands of the Sinners of the Persecution of Sayid

Gaza – Brigade Izzuddin Al-Qossam, the military wing of the Hamas opposition movement insists, it will cut off the hands of the unjust who have persecuted the leaders of the Palestinian prisoners, Shaykh Abbas Sayid in prison.
In his statement on infopalestina, Wednesday (28/3) Al-Qossam said that if the musul did not understand the lesson given by Giladh Shalit, today they will understand the bitter lessons he will get for their crimes and brutality. He asserted, we will not leave the detained captive of such kind by the Zionist.

Earlier, Ikhlas Shuwais Ummu Abdullah, wife of Abbas Sayid, said that the lawyer told him that her husband's health was very difficult. "He suffered an assassination attempt on Wednesday (3/21). It was a brutal attack on his head and chest and all over his body by a prison in prison. Then they left the victim like a lifeless corpse."

Umm Abdullah added, her husband wrote a letter through a lawyer if it was not for the grace of Allah, his body would now have been lifeless due to the severity of the attack. At present he is still suffering very ill and the Israeli prison has refused to provide treatment.
He continued, "The prison guards had preached to him that he could be examined outside the solitary cell. After exiting the cell and entering a room, there were about 15 soldiers. Once inside the door was closed and brutally beaten, searched and accused of planning action. the martyrdom which killed dozens of Zionists to coincide on his birthday on Tuesday (3/27/2002). They did not leave him except in circumstances like lifeless corpses. "

Sayid's wife accused the Israeli occupation of carrying out an assassination attempt on her husband. He said, "How can a prisoner in an invading cell experience this kind of brutal treatment. This is clearly an attempt at murder, moreover there is a prohibition to seek treatment after the brutal attack." He called on parties, human rights activists, officials in the West Bank and Gaza Strip and outside Palestine to shout their voices to save their prisoners and leaders, because this would not be the last attack. Today Abbas Sayid and tomorrow are the leaders of another prisoner movement.

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Can It Accidentally Show Charitable Character To Be Implied?

Al-Hamdulillah, praise be to Allah, Lord of the universe. Shalawat and salam will be blessed with the Messenger of Allah Shallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam, family and friends.

Ikhlas is the price of death in good deeds that are not negotiable. Without sincerity, charity will be in vain and God will not accept it. Among the most powerful means to make it happen is not to show charity to humans. Because the soul is easy and fast changing which sometimes a person cannot control it. But that does not mean that this is forbidden to show charity in total. Because there are times when showing charity actually brings great benefits to the culprit, -as long as he can maintain ikhlash-ie reward as many people who imitate and follow the good deeds.

Actually the law of origin from righteous deeds is covered, not revealed. This is based on the word of God Subhanahu wa Ta'ala,

إن Change Times Fame This وإن Ideas وتؤتوها Conservatives Foe Good Lule Wikispecies About you I Seatum

"If you show alms (you), then it is very good. And if you hide it and give it to the needy, hiding it is better for you. And God will erase from you some of your mistakes; and God knows what you do."(QS. Al-Baqarah: 271)

And in the hadith of seven people who will receive the shade of Allah on the Day of Resurrection which is no shade unless His shade is mentioned by the Messenger of Allah Shallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam one of them, "And the man who gave charity then hid him so his left hand did not know what his right hand did."(Muttafaq 'Alaih)

. . there are times when revealing charity actually brings great benefits to the culprit, -as long as he can maintain ikhlash-namely reward as much as the person who imitates and follows the good deeds. . .

Imam Al-Bukhari made the chapter "Chapter Sadaqah al-Sirr" (Chapter Sadaqah in a closed manner) and mentioned the hadith below it. But in the previous chapter he also made the title "Chapter Sadaqah al-'Alaniyah" (Chapter Sadaqah Blatantly), then mentioned the word of Allah Ta'ala,

The people Agreements أموالهم Open Walnar Clay وعلانية Flame أجرهم Eh Wait Villa Fear Ali Villa Also Jones

"Those who spend their wealth in the night and in the day are hidden and open, then they will receive a reward with their Lord. There is no fear of them, nor shall they grieve."(QS. Al-Baqarah: 274)

This suggests that revealing charities is not strictly prohibited as long as the perpetrator is able to apply. Even if hiding the shalih charity will be more sincere. The attitude of the salaf has become the proof, among which there are some friends Radhiyallahu 'Anhum who show their deeds because they are needed.
It is in Muslim Shahih, from the hadith of Jarir bin Abdillah Radhiyallahu 'Anhu, he said: "We were with the Messenger of Allah Shallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam in the morning. Then came one who was barefoot and bare-clothed dressed in sheep skin who was torn or wearing only outerwear with a sword. Generally they are from the Mudhar tribe or entirely from Mudhar. Then the face of the Prophet Shallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam changed when looking at their altruism. He went in and out, then ordered Bilal to adzan. Bilal also adzan and iqamat, then he shalat. After completing his preaching and reciting the verse,

Oh أيها Alice Incredible Lord Always Creator I Self Unit Vakhla Thank you Zuhua Waiting Muhammad Men Much Wisdom Waitaqwa God Always Facilities Will Wal إن God Kan Aliq Wait

"O mankind, be careful of your Lord who has created you from one self, and from whom Allah created his wives; and from both of them God multiplies many men and women. And fear Allah that by His name ye ask one another, and (guard) the relationship of fellowship. Surely God is always watching over you."(QS. Al-Nisa ': 1)
And one verse in the letter of Al-Hasyar, "Keep your duty to Allah and let every soul see what it has done for the hereafter, and fear Allah." (QS Al Hasyr: 18)

Give a person a gift from his dinar, his dirham, his clothes, the size of his sha 'wheat, his sha' kurmanya-until he says-even half the date.
Jarir said, 'Then a person from Ansar came with a bag that was almost unable to hold his hand, even unable.'
Jarir said: 'Then the people alternately gave until I saw food and clothing like two hills, until I saw the face of the Prophet Shallallahu'Alaihi Wasallam shining like gold. "(Narrated by Muslim)

. . . It is not forbidden that the charity be forbidden as long as the perpetrator is able to take action.
Even if hiding the shalih charity will be more sincere. . .

The Anshar people have come with a bag that almost did not carry enough of her hand, even no longer enough. And this charity is definitely visible and heard by people. So if there is a mashlahat (kindness) that demands to reveal the good deeds, then the charity is shown to realize that only, nothing more.

It's just that if a Muslim or Muslim wants his charity to be followed and imitated, he must seriously control himself and subdue his desires, because the Shetan will surely try to enter the riya 'upon it. Allah knows best.

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Are You Wanting Ablution 'and Bathing After Sleeping?

Al-Hamdulillah, praise be to Allah, Lord of the universe. Shalawat and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah Shallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam, family and friends.

Not required to bathe and not ablution after waking up, unless you want to pray. So he performed ablution because he wanted to pray, not because he woke up from sleep. Likewise, you don't have to take a shower when you wake up, except in junub conditions. So he took a big shower to lift his friend, not because he woke up from sleep.

This also applies when going to bed, not obligatory ablution and no big bath. But if he is in a small-faced condition and wants to pray then he must abstain. And if he has a big deal and wants to pray, then he is obliged to take a shower.
But manners should be guarded by a Muslim, he waits before bedtime. This is based on the history of Bara 'bin Azib Radhiyallahu 'Anhu, that the Messenger of Allah Shallallahu 'Alaihi Wasallam said,

إذا أخذت Funny فتوضأ Wudhu The answer Tham Additionally Ali Clause الأيمن Tham Fort Allah إنى Alert To pay The letter Wasted أمرى The letter وألجأت Obviously The letter desire Split The letter La Friend Villa Man Thank you No The letter Honey بكتابك Which Unavailable WBB Which أسسلت Vajpayee I Finally كلامك Fiction Do not I Lailatak Do not Vatan Ali Nature

"When you want to sleep then wudhu'lah as wudhu for prayer. Then lie down tilting to the right, then read:

Allah إنى Alert To pay The letter Wasted أمرى The letter وألجأت Obviously The letter desire Split The letter La Friend Villa Man Thank you No The letter Honey بكتابك Which Unavailable WBB Which أسسلت

"O God, truly I give my face to you, I give my affair to you, and I back my back to you with all hope and fear of you. Surely there is no refuge and will save you from (your threats) except You. I truly believe in Your Book which You have sent down and (believe) to Your Prophet whom You sent."

Make those sentences as your last words, for if you die that night then you die on the path. "(HR Bukhari and Muslim) Wallahu A'alam.
  • Translated by: Badrul Tamam from the site Al-Islam Su'al wa Jawab dengan judul: Hukmu al-Wudhu 'wa al-Ightisal Ba'da al-Istiqazh Min al-Naum.

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