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The King of the Desirable Papuans

At first he was a priest. He taught the science he had from the pastor Jostri Ayome for four years in Jayapura, Papua, he began diligently speaking in the church. He was officially appointed a pastor in the 90's.

The reason for being a priest is simple. As a chieftain, he felt responsible for saving his people's ideology. "The people must be religious and know God. So, I have to study religion as my responsibility," he said Ismail Saul Yenu, the priest.

Many were surprised why Yenu became a priest. Because in Papua not many tribal leaders can concurrently become pastors.

Yenu knew that her position as head of the tribe would make it easier for her to win the hearts of the people to enter Christianity. His guess is correct. Many Papuans, both immigrants and indigenous people, including five Muslim families, converted to Christianity. Most of them are transmigrants who live in the forest.
"At that time there was someone who was sick and managed to heal me with prayer. Therefore they converted to Christianity," Yenu told about this Muslim family. However, the journey of life says something else. Yenu the head of the tribe received guidance and had time to perform the Hajj. After returning from the pilgrimage he was greeted by his people with a shout, "The king has come ... the king has come!" Uniquely, those who welcome are not only Muslims, but also many Christians.

This opportunity is not wasted Yenu. If he used to be diligent in church, then he was diligent in preaching for Islam. Many were convinced that he had spoken through the prophecy of Yenu, including the Muslim family he had once reneged. All this he did to redeem the responsibility he had transmitted earlier.
How about the twists and turns of the chieftain on Indonesia's easternmost island? hidayatullah, met this native Irian man at his home in Fakfak, West Papua.

Why are you interested in Islam?

Even though I was a pastor, I secretly like to observe the behavior of Muslims. I am interested in seeing Muslims diligently pray and pray. They pray five times a day.
This is different from the non-Muslim way. They only pray once a week, or if there is a family prayer program. This shows that Muslims have an extraordinary God. I then asked, why could they pray while I didn't? From here I began to be interested in Islam.

Do you have memorable experiences about Islam when you were Christian?

Yes. When in the 70s, in my area there was an ABRI program in the village led by General M Yusuf. Everyone gathered, from the military to civilians.
Most of the soldiers are Muslims. While Christians are mostly civilians.
When the apple is on standby, Pak Yusuf asks, which Muslims are ready to help the people? Simultaneously Muslims stand, while we Christians just sit there.
Then General Yusuf asked me about the religion that I was following. I answer Christian. But he said, "You will only be outside, you cannot get a share of heaven, it's better to join them (Muslims)." Finally I somehow got up too.

After being interested in Islam, who guides you to embrace this religion?

I'm looking for the truth myself. I've been looking for Manokwari (West Papua), and even expelled and rejected. But I'm not angry. I went back to Jakarta. In Jakarta I met many Muslim co-mates, including Ustadz Fadzlan (M Zaaf Fadzlan Rabbani al-Garamat, a Papuan figure who helped many Muslims in his area). I helped them a lot.

When do you worship?

In 2002, at the Great al-Azhar Mosque, Kebayoran, Jakarta. I was guided by a mosque imam there. The next day I immediately asked for circumcision (circumcision). Even though I am 68 years old. Where in the world are 68-year-old circumcision except Ismail Yenu. Hehehe.

How did your story go pilgrimage?

The next day after I was circumcised, I called Amin Rais (Muhammadiyah figure) and asked to be served. I also told the situation of the people of Irian. I said that I could not go home and preach in the people of Irian if I had not made the pilgrimage. Because, usually people do not immediately believe if they immediately prosecute.

As a result
, Amien Rais called Din Syamsuddin (Chairperson of PP Muhammadiyah), asking if there were vacancies to Baitullah. Alhamdulillah, apparently there were candidates for the Hajj who were canceled leaving the Asiyah flight group. The number of mothers is 240 prospective pilgrims. Even though I felt uncomfortable because I had to join the mothers, I ended up being included in the group.

How did you feel at that time?

I pondered, why had only been a convert to Islam a few days ago to get a great call from Him to go on the pilgrimage? This is because of Allah's greatness and permission.
Three days later I left for Hajj. Even though at that time my circumcision was not completely dry. I went to the doctor to practice and buy condoms.
Before leaving, all prospective pilgrims are examined. Apparently I was caught carrying a condom. After being asked, I replied that my circumcision was still wet. Not believing, I was examined again by a doctor.

Have interesting memories during pilgrimage?

At Arafat, we prayed from morning until noon. In fact, the air and weather when it was very hot. As if this body is roasted in the hot sun.
Suddenly, out of nowhere, someone poured over my body soaking wet. My clothes are all wet. I was so wet that I prayed while inhaling water.

Immediately I became cool, didn't feel hot anymore. Even though at that time the number of people was in layers. It seems impossible if someone comes to water me.

While at the Masjid al-Haram, there was a large woman sitting next to me. In fact, male worshipers cannot mix with female worshipers. So big, the height of the woman's hip reached my shoulder. I feel terrible.
After praying, I thought I was going to rebuke her. Once turned, eh, the woman had disappeared somewhere. And his body is huge.

In the Mosque of Nabawi, the atmosphere is very crowded. There is no more empty space inside the mosque. Once entered, apparently there was a vault that was about to fit for two people.

I was surprised why no one saw the place. Even though the congregation had been fighting over the place since then.
While I prayed, suddenly someone came in with a very good robe. The fabric is very soft. The quality of my clothes is far inferior to him. Even though my clothes are still new, the term is just opening plastic.

Like the first incident, once I want to reprimand, the person in question has vanished somewhere.

What does this all mean for you?

My confidence is growing. Allah Almighty never fails to monitor the conduct of His servant. My belief is stronger if Islam is truly the religion of God. We can not play with this religion.-Muslim co-mates, including Ustadz Fadzlan (M Zaaf Fadzlan Rabbani al-Garamat, a Papuan figure who helps many Muslims in his area). I helped them a lot.

What did you do after returning from the Holy Land?
I didn't go straight to Manokwari, but stopped by in East Kalimantan for 14 days. I visited Balikpapan, Bontang, and several other areas with Ustadz Kodiran (a Yogyakarta resident who lives in Condet, East Jakarta). We preach in those places while witnessing the greatness of Islam.

How is your family's response after the pilgrimage?

Arriving at the house, I was immediately greeted like a king by the local community with a traditional ceremony. I was asked to step on 120 dishes placed on the road to the house.

What did you do after entering Islam?

I once visited the church when the priest preached. Without a look, wearing a gamis and a songkok pilgrimage, I immediately asked the pastor to stop preaching. I invite them all to Islam. I dare to do that because they used to be my congregation, including five apostate families I have ever baptized.

What is the family's response after you become a Muslim?

I said, "Sorry, I'm not what I used to be. If you still like to wear singlets or shorts, then you can't get close. Please go change clothes first. The head must also be covered with a hood.
Previously I had prepared 40 souvenirs from the Holy Land. Each of my wives gets 10 pairs (Yenu has four wives). I also ask friends to give an understanding of Islam to my wives.

Once you have embraced Islam, are those you have ever converted to embracing Islam?

Most of them converted to Islam again. Indeed there are a small number that persist (with religion), but there are not many in number. In fact there are those who think, when I was still a pastor my prayer was answered by God, especially now after entering Islam and returning from the Holy Land.
But I told them that everything was only God who arranged. Humans can only be willing.

Hidayatullah/The Truth Seeker Media

Why do we reject the Gender Equality Bill?

Republika Daily (Friday, 03/16/2012), reported that The Justice and Equality Law Plans Gender (The KKG Bill) has begun to be discussed openly in the DPR. Pro-contra voices began to appear. Do we - as Muslims - have to accept or reject the KKG Bill?
If you review the Draft Bill on KKG / Timja / 24 / August / 2011 - then we call the RUU KKG - then it is fitting for Muslims to REFUSE the draft bill. Because, fundamentally, the various concepts in the bill contradict the basic concepts of Islamic teachings. There are a number of reasons that require us - as Muslims and as Indonesians - to reject the KKG Bill.
First, the definition of "gender" in this bill is contrary to the Islamic concept of the role and position of women in Islam. This bill defines gender as follows: "Gender is the differentiation of roles and responsibilities of men and women which are the results of socio-cultural construction that are not fixed and can be studied, and can be exchanged according to time, place, and certain cultures from one sex to other sexes. " (chapter 1: 1)
Such a gender definition is very wrong. Because, according to the Islamic concept, the duties, roles and responsibilities of women and men both in the family (domestic space) and in society (public space) are based on God's revelation, and not all are cultural products.
The responsibility of men as family heads and breadwinners is based on revelation (the Koran and the Sunnah of the Prophet). Throughout Islamic history, in any part of the world, male responsibility as head of the family has been understood, is a matter that is common in Islam (ma'lumun minad din bid-dharurah). That those who become guardians and witnesses in marriage are men and not women. This has also been understood.
Because based on revelation, the Islamic concept of the division of male and female roles is eternal, cross-era and cross-cultural.
Therefore, at the level of faith, overhauling the standard concept derived from Allah SWT is very risky. If done consciously, it can lead to acts of defiance to Allah SWT. In fact, it is just the same form of arrogance, because feeling yourself has the right to rival God in making law. (QS at-Taubah: 31).
So, the perspective that puts the division of male and female roles (gender) as a culture is clearly contrary to Islamic teachings. Because, the nature of the Shari'a of the Prophet Muhammad - as the last prophet and sent to all humans until the end of time - is universal and final. Zina is unclean, until the end of the world. Khamr is haram wherever and whenever. Likewise bribery is haram. Illegal pork, anywhere and anytime. The concept of Shari'a like this is cross-era and cross-cultural.
Islamic Shari'a is clearly not a concept of Arab culture. When the Prophet Muhammad ordered a wife to obey her husband - in good things - then the Prophet's order was universal, not only for 7th century Arab women. Muslims throughout the ages accept the concept of universal aurat; not culture dependent. Because, the facts show, anywhere and anytime, women are indeed the same. Already thousands of years women have lived on earth, without experiencing evolution. His eyes are two, nose one, breasts two, and also menstruating. Women are the same, everywhere. Only skin color and body size may vary. Because of its universal nature, the concept of Islamic law for women is universal.
Indeed, it cannot be denied, in its application, there are cultural elements that enter. For example, the concept of Islam about marriage in essence in any part of the world remains the same: there are prospective husbands, future wives, witnesses, guardians and ijab qabul.
But, in its application, it could be an element of cultural entry, as we can see in the implementation of various marriage ceremonies in various regions in Indonesia.
Second reasonto reject the western-oriented Gender Bill. Gender equality activists usually think that what they receive from the West - including the WHO and UNDP gender concepts - must be swallowed up, because it is universal. They are less critical in looking at the historical facts of women in the West and the birth of feminism and gender equality movements rooted in the "historical trauma" of oppression of women in the ancient Greek era and the era of medieval Christian domination.
The concepts of life in the West tend to be extreme. They used to oppress women as freely as possible, now they free women freely. In the past, they applied live sawing to homosexuals. Now, they provide the widest possible rights for homo and lesbi to get married and even lead the church.
Look, now the concept of family in the style of gender equality that gives total freedom and equality between men and women has led to very complicated social problems. In Germany, in 2004, a survey showed, population growth was minus 1.9. So, babies born are fewer than the number who die.
Western civilization also views women as individual beings. While Islam puts women as part of the family. Therefore, in Islam there is the concept of guardianship. When married, the guardian of the woman is married; not a woman who married herself. This is one form of giving responsibility to the husband. In the West, this concept is unknown. Therefore do not be surprised if gender activists are usually very active in questioning the concept of guardianship. To the extent that there are those who claim that in Islamic marriages, the marriage is between men (guardians) with men (bridegroom).
Check out how strong the influence of the Western perspective is in the concept"gender equality" as stated in article 1: 2 of the Gender Bill which is currently being discussed: "Gender Equality is a common condition and position for women and men to get the opportunity to access, participate, control and obtain development benefits in all areas of life"(chapter 1: 2).
Think about this concept. How individualistic. Men and women must be equalized in all areas of life. Then, it is also defined:
"Discrimination is any form of differentiation, exclusion or limitation, and all forms of violence made on the basis of certain sexes, which have an influence or purpose to reduce or eliminate the recognition, enjoyment of benefits or use of human rights and basic freedoms in the political, economic , social, cultural, civil or other fields regardless of marital status, on the basis of equality between women and men. "(chapter 1: 4).
If the Gender Bill is to become a law and has a permanent legal force, it will lead to very cruel oppression of Muslims - or other religions - who carry out the concept of religion, which happens to be different from the concept of Gender Equality. For example, one day, Muslims applied Islamic inheritance law; dividing inheritance by pattern 2: 1 for men and women will be sentenced to criminal penalties for gender discrimination. If there are parents who refuse to marry their daughters with men of other faiths, the parents will be punished as well. What if we differentiate the number of goats for aqeedah between boys and girls?
Third reason, This Gender Bill is very JULY. This bill discards the afterlife dimensions and dimensions of worship in the interaction between men and women. Secular civilization does not have the concept of afterlife responsibility. For them all matters are finished in this world alone. Therefore, in a secular perspective, "justice" is only measured from a world perspective. For them it is not fair if men can be polygamous and women should not be polytheists. For them, it is unfair, if the wife leaves the house must be permitted by the husband, while the husband may leave the house without his wife's permission.
For them, it is not fair if the man in his prayer must be placed in the front shaf. Etc. If a woman is exposed to thoughts like this, then that thought needs to be straightened out first. Usually the verses of the Koran and the hadith of the Prophet did not work for them, because even those verses would be interpreted in a gender perspective. Actually, women who get this understanding deserve pity, because they have misunderstood. They only see aspects of the world. Only see aspects of rights, and not aspects of world and hereafter responsibility.
In fact, in the Islamic perspective, God gives a high gift to women. They are burdened with lesser worldly responsibilities than men. But, with that, they can enter heaven, just like men. Women do not need to be tired of becoming preachers on Friday, become witnesses in various cases, and are not obliged to compete with men crammed into trains. Women are not obliged to make a living for the family. Etc.
Meanwhile, men get a heavy burden and responsibility. Great power is also a big responsibility in the hereafter. If seen in the perspective of the hereafter, then a husband who has more than one wife is certainly more responsible, because he must prepare more reports to God. It is wrong if people see that being the head of state is good. In the world it is not necessarily good, especially in the hereafter. Very heavy responsibility.
This "dimension of the hereafter" is missing in various thoughts about "gender". Included in the Gender Bill that is being discussed in the DPR. The perspective of this bill is very secular. (century= world); only counting aspects of the world. If the dimensions of the Hereafter are removed, then the concept of women in Islam will appear lame. For example, gender activists often question the problem "double burden"(double burden) experienced by a career woman.
Besides working outside the home, he is also still burdened with taking care of children and various household matters. The woman will be very depressed, if she does all that without the insight of worship and retribution in the hereafter. Instead, the woman will feel happy when she realizes that her actions are a form of worship to Allah SWT.
Therefore, if God does not give women the opportunity to take part in various things, it does not mean that God is degrading women. But, that is precisely one form of God's love for women. By being oriented towards the hereafter, various forms of deeds will be beautiful. Including pleasure accepts the division of roles given by Allah and His Messenger.
In the end, in assessing a concept - such as the concept of Gender Equality - one must choose to put himself in place: is he willing to accept Allah SWT as God who acknowledges his sovereignty to govern his life? A Muslim, certainly does not want to follow in the footsteps of Satan, who only recognizes the existence of Allah SWT as God, but refuses to be governed by Allah SWT. As if, this kind of human being said to Allah SWT: "O Allah, you really are God, but don't try to regulate my life! Because I don't need all kinds of rules from You. I have been able to regulate myself!"Na'dzubillahi min-dzalika.
Inevitably, the spread of the notion of "gender equality" has now become a flagship program in the liberalization project of Islam in Indonesia. Many Islamic organizations are utilizing aid funds from a number of Western NGOs to work on Muslim women to have this understanding of gender equality. Muslim women are now encouraged to fight with men on public land, in all fields. They are given empty dreams, as if they will be happy if they are able to compete with men.
In the future, this kind of demand will probably continue to grow, in various fields of life. In accordance with the demands of the implementation of the conceptHuman Development Index (HDI), women are required to play an active role in development, by plunging into various public sectors. A woman who diligently and seriously runs her activities as a Housewife, educates her children well, is not included in the category of "participating in development". Of course, this kind of concept is very strange in the Islamic perspective and traditional values ​​that have also been influenced by Islam.
Instead of wallowing in uncertainty and sin, why does the government and the House of Representatives not only submit the "Sakinah Family Bill" which clearly refers to Islamic values? Why is the Gender Bill proposed and discussed? From the three academic texts that I read, there seems to be no strong rationale for submitting this Gender Equality Bill. This bill tends to exaggerate the problem, and further adds to new problems. Not to mention if this bill violates the rules of Allah SWT, it will surely bring the wrath of Allah SWT.
Our task is just to remind!Wallahu a'lam bil-shawab. * / Jakarta, March 16, 2012
*DR. ADIAN HUSAINI, was born in Bojonegoro on December 17, 1965. His formal education was taken from elementary school-high school in Bojonegoro, East Java. The Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine was obtained from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Bogor Agricultural University, 1989. The Masters in International Relations with a concentration in Middle East Political studies was obtained at the Jayabaya University Graduate Program, with a thesis entitledIsraeli Foreign Policy Pragmatism. While he earned his doctorate in the field of Islamic Civilization atInternational Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization -- Internasional Islamic University Malaysia (ISTAC-IIUM),with a dissertation entitled"Exclusivism and Evangelism in the Second Vatican Council: A Critical Reading of The Second Vatican Council's Documents in The Light of  the Ad Gentes and the Nostra Aetate.

IWD/The Truth Seeker Media

An 'Israeli' woman rejects military compulsory requests

Earlier this week, an 'Israeli' woman Noam Gur, 18, publicizing his rejection of the military mandatory orders sent to him. Gur said, "I refused to take part in the 'Israeli' military which (even since it was founded) always tried to dominate other nations, looting and terrorizing the civilians under its control".

Page contributorElectronic Intifada, Jillian Kestler-D'Amours interviewing Gur regarding this decision. Here's the excerpt.

Jillian Kestler-D'Amours: What is your reason for refusing military service orders?

Noam Gur: 'Israel', from its inception, has been involved with many wars and wars against humanity. From Nakba (the displacement of 750 thousand Palestinians in 1947-1948) to this day. We can see this in the last massacre in Gaza, in the daily lives of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza. We also see this 'Israeli' war crime in the lives of Palestinians who are always under the threat of 'Israel'.

I don't feel the need to be in a place like that. I think, I personally will not be able to take part in all the crimes. And in my opinion, we need to criticize this crime and tell the public that we will not take part in the military as long as they are still colonizing other residents.

JKD: Why did you choose to publish this rejection?

NG: Ten years ago, there was a large scale resistance movement. And in the past two or three years, the movement has been lost. Through the actions I have taken, I want to tell people that this movement still exists.

Besides that, I don't want to just be quiet. Since I was in high school, I have always been silent. We always allow our critical attitude to be known only by a handful of people and the world does not know it, Palestinians also do not know. Although I do not know whether my attitude will bring change, at least I try to make a change.

JKD: Did your family influence this decision?

NG: My parents are not political people. My father was a military man and had taken part in the war in Lebanon and was wounded there. My mother is also a military person. My sister works as a border police officer.

I think, since I was 15 years old, I began to be interested in Nakba. I started reading a lot about it. Then, I read testimonies from Palestinians in the West Bank and former soldiers. I began to have Palestinian friends and started taking part in demonstrations in the West Bank. And finally I saw with my own eyes what really happened. At the age of 16, I decided not to join the military.

JKD: What reaction did you receive by publishing this rejection?

NG: Both of my parents don't support. But after all, this is my opinion and now I am 18 years old. I no longer contacted friends during high school because most of them joined the military.

I received a lotfeedback positive in the last few days. But I also received negative comments.

JKD: How does it feel to receive negative comments?

NG: That made me even more convinced of my decision. I am increasingly convinced that this decision is correct and I do not care how people will comment.

JKD: What will happen if you formally submit the rejection letter?

NG: On April 16, I will come to the recruitment center in Ramat Gan. There, I will declare my decision. I will most likely receive a sentence between a week and a month. I will be put in a women's prison and wait to be released. After being released, I had to go again to Ramat Gan. And once again I will receive a sentence between a week to a month. And this will continue until the military decides to stop.

JKD: What do you want to convey to other 'Israelis' who will join the military?

NG: I think it's important for everyone to know what they want to do. Most 18-year-olds don't know what they want. They also don't really know what's happening in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
IWD/The Truth Seeker Media

Netanyahu Promises to Continue Supporting Jewish Settlements

Although many have been criticized by the international community, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu said he would continue to provide support for the construction of Jewish settlements in the West Bank in general and in the city of Hebron, the southern region of the West Bank, in particular.

Netanyahu said he had approved the emptying of what he called "disputed buildings" in Palestron belonging to Palestinians and controlled by settler settlers with strength, after Defense Minister Ehud Barrak stressed that from the operational side these buildings had to be emptied.

"If from a legal standpoint it is possible for Jewish settlers to enter the confusion, then they must be allowed to." This was conveyed by Netanyahu after the Israeli occupation forces on Wednesday (04/04/2012) evening, as quoted by the Palestine Information Center (PIC).

Previously Netanyahu made it clear in the Israeli government's press conference, about his determination to provide a form of legality for 3 colonies of illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

Recently, Israeli Knesset members submitted their request to give permission for a number of colonies of illegal Jewish settlements to obtain legality and not be destroyed.

Meanwhile Israeli Foreign Minister Avgidor Lieberman criticized how to deal with the issue of "disputed houses" in Hebron.
"How is it possible to seize the ownership of houses from Jews who have been legally purchased. At the same time, it is reasonable with ownership rights to vacate the settlement points that were established 13 years ago," he said.

Lieberman, a Jewish far-right, even called for the removal of special authority for settlements from Defense Minister Ehud Barak and submitted to special commissions that reflected the wishes of the government and the majority of the people, as he revealed.

Refuse Investigation

Meanwhile, on Tuesday (03/04/2012) yesterday, the International Criminal Court (ICC) announced it had refused to investigate Zionist Israeli war crimes in the Gaza Strip during the Tel Aviv attack in December 2008-January 2009 against densely populated areas in the region that is.

The ICC stated that it had rejected the Palestinian Authority's request to conduct an investigation and trial of Israeli war crimes in Palestine which had killed more than 1,400 civilians and children and caused an estimated loss of more than USD 1.6 billion to the region's economy.

Earlier, Amnesty International accused Israel of committing war crimes during the invasion.
IWD/The Truth Seeker Media

The Zionist authorities will build 872 houses in the Har Homa illegal settlement

WEST TEPI - Israeli Ministry of Housing announces new tender for the construction of hundreds of new houses in Jabal Abu Ghneim "Have Homa", an illegal settlement in the south of the occupied territory, East Jerusalem.
Ahmad Mustafa Sob-Laban and an expert in settlement affairs in Jerusalem issued a press release stating that according to the latest offer issued by the Israeli Ministry of Housing, 632 units would be built as part of the third phase of development in Abu Ghneim.
New units were approved in August 2011 by Israeli Interior Minister Eli Yishai. A separate bid is issued by the ministry for the remaining units at the next stage.
Sob-Laban added that Israel's announcement came in parallel after the forced eviction of housing belonging to Palestinian residents in the city of Hebron.
He further stated that Israel was also carrying out activities aimed at isolating Jerusalem from the surrounding area, by building the Annex Wall and the settlement chain stretching from "Har Homa" in the east to Givat Ha-Matos, in addition to the Gilo settlement expansion project and "National Park" which will be built on land belonging to the Palestinian village of Al-Walaja in the district of Bethlehem.

IWD/The Truth Seeker Media

Assessed to lower human dignity, Juri Indonesian Idol reported to KPI

JAKARTA-Comments are seen as degrading human dignity towards the Indonesian Idol contestants dragging Ahmad Dhani, Agnes Monica and Anang Hermansyah reported to the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) by the Indonesian Television Program Care Alliance (Ampati).
"When the judges judge that it relates to 'personal' or the appearance of the contestants that is a problem," said Ampati chairman Hartoyo at the KPI building, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (4/4).
Idy Muzayyad and Ezky Suyanto, Hartoyo explained, Anang Hermansyah, Agnes Monica and Ahmad Dhani were considered often doing degrading dignity. All three denounced the contestants personally, for example sissy, less macho and others.
Hartoyo gave an example of the lowering of the dignity of Indonesian Idol contestants on a show dated March 25, 2012 on Private Television or RCTI at 1:00 p.m.
"Many of their statements from the Anang, Dhani and Agnes judges to the Indonesian Idol participants. The jury's statement was very harassing, he questioned someone's feminine appearance, how come you are so very, that is not ethical," Hartoyo explained before the KPI commissioner.
More than that, Hartoyo claimed to also get some complaints from the public through social networks.
"Why does the arena sound but criticize someone's appearance? Complaints from Indonesian people have been socialized a lot, in our opinion the jury's attitude has demeaned someone's attitude, the Indonesian idol event," Hartoyo said.
Hartoyo gave an example of the lowering of the dignity of Indonesian Idol contestants on a show dated March 25, 2012 on Private Television or RCTI at 1:00 p.m. Next is Anang, Agnes and Ahmad Dhani's conversation with one of the contestants.
Anang Hermansyah: "Your style is like that of a woman, feel like a man not like a woman,"
Ahmad Dhani: "This is what the apocalypse is close to. Your look doesn't match this song,"
Agnes Monica: Very Male Style, "
"Many of their statements from the Anang, Dhani and Agnes judges to the idol participants. The jury's statement was very harassing, he questioned someone's feminine appearance, how come you are so very, that is not ethical," explained Hartoyo.

IWD/The Truth Seeker Media

K-Pop Virus and Deconstruction of Aqeedah

By:Muhammad Saad

PRESENCE OF Korean artists (K-POP) In the face of entertainment, it seems that really has drugged and hypnotized most of the Indonesian people, especially teenagers. Starting from soap operas, songs, even clothes with their accessories become a mecca for those who idolize.

Almost all teenagers now love and tend to follow the trend of Korean artists. Start the haircut disasak without rules, fashion style ala K-Pop Boy and Girl Band, even to the language, is increasingly loved. Even ironic, because I wanted to be perfect in Korean, a Korean Style fan girl from England named Rhiannon Brooksbank-Jones operated her tongue.

Not only in Indonesia, it turns out the Korean artist's fever virus with K-Pop has spread to European countries. A media recently included the success of Korean artists, especially in the world of singing, not only in Asia, but also in Europe. This was proven by the successful concert of five South Korean bands at the Le Zenith de Paris Concert Hall, Paris, France, which was held on June 10.

Talking about the success of the Korean intertainment world, of course what is meant is South Korea which is pro with a Western (American) lifestyle. Surely it is not surprising that what is sticking out, and rising in the world of intertainment is South Korea, not North Korea. Because the Western media is very instrumental in bringing the artists of the State of Ginseng to the fore.

Not without the intentions of the Western media crews with their cronies scouting the popularity of Korean artists with K-Pop, soap operas and fashion. There is no casual lunch for the West in providing assistance to other countries. There are certain missions that can benefit Western and American civilizations in particular. The author does not intend to discuss the benefits that West has for the Korean Style Wave, but rather focuses on the dangers brought about by this phenomenon of idolization.

Western Hemontion products

Dr Adian Husaini, thought researcher from INSIST, said that the rise of idolization of inport entertainment (in this case Korea), is a proof that the current of globalization in the entertainment sector is strong, where globalization leads to Western "Cultural imperialism" towards other cultures.

This is what is then called Western hegemony. Hegemony is the control of its subordinates through cultural imperialism, for example language (lingua franca rulers) and bureaucracy (social, economic, educational, government), to formalize its dominance. This makes power not dependent on someone, but on the rules of action.

According to Antonio Gramsci, Western domination of culture in developing countries aims to force developing countries to be forced to adopt Western culture. As for Dr. Adian, one of the missions of Western hegemony, especially America, is to export moderates and to propagate consumerism.

From the statement above it can be concluded that the purpose of Western hegemony towards other nations is to perpetuate the dominance of its civilization.

Deconstruction of Aqeedah

Korean style fever (K-Pop) is a latent danger for Muslims. This is due to the Korean style, in addition to tarnishing the well-known tradition of Indonesian culture that is well-mannered, also damaging the joints of morals and constructing principles in Religion.

Korean style as a product of globalization in the field of Fun or entertainment, has eroded the morals of Muslims. The life of the bourgeoisie in the style of K-Pop music, the spirit of hydonist and realistic in the storyline of the soap opera, as well as minimal clothing in the fashion model, shifting the mind of the audience. This then became a wave of massive trends throughout the community.

Just look at Muslim teenagers now, from appearance to mindset, slowly but surely they have changed in the style of Korean style. As if enchanted by the performance of Korean artists, every new thing that comes from them is considered positive and always updated. Even Wine (beer) of Korean rice which is clearly unclean, is said to be good and healthy even though it is rather intoxicating.

If studied in the perspective of Islamic law, the wave of Korean Style can not only erode the morals of Muslims, but will also deconstruct the faith. This is due to the existence of tasabbuh (imitating) by making it an ideola artist, even though all the actions, personalities and daily behavior cause a Muslim to become a hypocrite or out of Islamic morality.

A strong warning in the Qur'an for those who make idols other than Muslims will be hypocrites. Word of Allah An Nisaa Verse 138 - 140:

Human beings Almighty Bhan I A torment I am
The people References الكافرين أولياء I Do it Almighty أيبتغون عندهم Glory Fiction العزة Ladder Jimmy
"Tell the hypocrites that they will have a painful torment, those who take the unbelievers as friends of abandon, leaving the Believers, and seeking the strength of the unbelievers? surely all the power belongs to Allah. "
According to Ibn Kathir in his interpretation, what is meant by lafadz "auliya" "means helpers, lovers, close friends, leaders and idols. The sympathy and empathy in the heart because it makes the helper, lover, close friend, leader and ghairul Muslim idol, can lead to the fading of one's faith and can convert from believers to munafiq

The hypocrites are the worst of the people. They are more despicable than the unbelievers. The torture of hypocrites is even more painful, even they are placed at the base of hell (inna al-munaafiqina fi al-darki al-asfal mi al-naar).

Therefore in QS. an-Nisaa '144, Allah forbids believers to idolize the unbelievers. Because it is the same as inviting God's wrath ready with His torment. God's Word:

Oh أيها The people Sincerely La Tremendous الكافرين أولياء I Do it Almighty أتريدون that Dissemination Ladder Aliq Sultanana Based

"O ye who believe! Take not the Unbelievers to be a guardian, leaving the Believers, and wilt thou have a clear argument with Allah (to punish you)?"(QS: Al-Nisaa ', 144).


It turns out that the Korean style wave virus is not a trivial problem, limited to just enjoying music and sinetronnya. Aside from Western hegemony products, more than that, the wave of Korean style has brought down a serious problem for Muslims, a problem that causes moral decadence and deconstruction of aqeedah or the destruction of faith.

Therefore, all Muslims, let us close ranks, in order to fortify people from virus attacks born from Western globalization. Without realizing it, the difference can erase the values ​​of religious teachings. As well as turning his followers and will not return. Like an arrow, he was released from his gendung.Wallahu 'a'lam bi shawwab. *

The author is a PP Alumni. Aqdamul Ulama 'Pasuruan, End-level Students of Uluwiyyah High School in Mojokerto
Information:Action Girl Band from Sidayu, Sunni. K-Pop also hit Muslim veiled teenagers
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Why, Use Long Khadija's Skirt To Be Returned!

A junior high school student near Paris was accused of wearing provocative clothing, and was therefore told to go home by the school.

"Other students came in clotheshippieor gothic and nobody said anything, "said the girl, Khadija, to the French dailyThe Parisian, quoteThe Local. "I'm not even allowed to wear a skirtgypsy, "he stressed.
The last Monday last March (03/26/2012) Khadija told to go home because the school considered the skirt he wore too long and carried a religious message.
"If I come to school wearing a veil, I can still understand their reaction," said Edmond-Rostand high school girl in Saint-Ouen-l'Aumône near Paris.
"It was a beautiful day, I was wearing a long skirt," Khadija told me, "(then) the principal told me that I was too provocative and told me to go home."
However, officials from the local education authorities denied that Khadija was sent home and said that the school only "commented on" the skirt the girl was wearing.
"He took off his veil before going to school, but it was our job to reprimand students who were wearing provocative clothes. We did the same thing to the girls who came to school with visible stomachs," the official who was not named toldThe Parisian.
In 2004 France imposed a ban on the appearance of religious symbols in schools, which meant Muslim girls could no longer wear a veil to school.
Khadija argued that the school could not reprimand regarding the clothes he was wearing and he insisted it would not shorten his skirt.
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