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Awal Ramadhan and Syawal 1433 H in Indonesia

This year of 1433 H or 2012 will be a serious concern when the Indonesian Muslims will enter the holy month of Ramadan, because in the early reckoning of Ramadhan 1433 H there will be differences between the criteria of Imkan Rukyah and Hisab intrinsically, or the fame between Hisab vs. Rukyat. Hisab will start Ramadhan first than Rukyat.

To determine when the beginning of Ramadan, let us start from the determination of the 1st of Sha'ban 1433 H. And to ascertain the beginning of Sha'ban, I tried to observe the closing month of Rojab 1433 H. This activity is not commonly done, but for me this is a hobby , but science can also be used to understand the meaning of Yaasiin: 39, "the waning crescent marks the end of Rajab – Urjunil Qadim (Quran 36: 39)".

The results of the observations on the Role of the Final Role, are as follows:

Hilal Closing month Rojab 1433 H
Hilal Closing month Rojab 1433 H

//Earth Light, in the picture above it can be seen from the round shape of the Moon above the hilal crescent is the sun's light reflected by the Earth towards the surface of the Moon, which we finally see again from Earth//

Hilal above the termati on Monday June 18, 2012 after Shubuh. And on June 19, 2012, the same Hilal can no longer be observed, then the night will be the final Conjunction or Ijtimak Rojab 1433 H at 22:03 WIB.

Because Ijtimak occurs at night, then in the evenings (maghrib, June 19, 2012) hilal is still negative because he is still -4 hours and 33 minutes.


The astronomical new moon for Sha'ban took place on June 19, 2012, at 3:02 p.m. UT (Tuesday, June 19, 2012, at 10:03 p.m. WIB).

Hilal Visibiltas:

There will be almost no region of the world that will be able to witness the emergence of a new crescent on the evening of June 19, 2012. Only the next day: Wednesday, June 20, 2012 (maghrib) the crescent moon will be easier to see.

For the territory of Indonesia and its surroundings, it needs the help of optical devices to be able to find the moon moon of Sha'ban, because Indonesia is in gray.

Photo Hilal Sya'ban 1433 H:
Observations that have a chance to see it are on Wednesday, June 20, 2012. However, in Indonesia the weather is less supportive, Solo is cloudy. Some have managed to see that is in Kudus. Kudus Astro Club managed to see and capture it.
Hilal 1 Sya'ban 1433 H is seen from Kudus, and successfully captured in times-laps photos and videos.

Hilal 1 Syaban 1433 H
Hilal 1 Syaban 1433 H from Kudus
Hilal 1 Syaban 1433 H from Tanzania
Hilal 1 Syaban 1433 H from Tanzania
Hilal 2 Syaban 1433 H
Hilal 2 Syaban 1433 H from Juwiring-Klaten

Hisab-Rukyat: Agree to the Beginning of Sha'ban

By Hisab and Rukyat, there was an agreement in starting this month of Sya'ban 1433 H. The beginning of Syaban in Indonesia began simultaneously, namely on Thursday, June 21, 2012. The 15th Syaban 1433 H will fall on Thursday, July 4, 2012 after Maghrib until Friday, July 5, 2012 before Maghrib.

HISAB-RUKYAT -> 1 Syaban 1433 H = June 21, 2012 M

Hisab-Rukyat: Different End of Sha'ban

By Hisab and Rukyat, it must finally be different in ending this month of Sha'ban 1433 H. The end of Sya'ban 1433 H in Indonesia ended in HISAB on Thursday, July 19, 2012 - at maghrib. While in Rukyah, the end of Sya'ban 1433 H will fall on Friday, July 20, 2012 - at maghrib.
HISAB -> 29 Sya'ban 1433 H = 19 July 2012 M
RUKYAT -> 30 Sya'ban 1433 H = July 20, 2012 M


Awal Ramadhan 1433 H - HISAB:

From the final difference of Sya'ban 1433 H above, the beginning of Ramadhan 1433 H can be predicted to be DIFFERENT.

In Hisab, the final conjunction or ijtima of Sya'ban 1433 H will fall on Thursday 19 July 2012 at 11:25 WIB. Then the beginning of Ramadhan 1433 H will fall on Friday 20 July 2012, because the calculation of contemporary celestial science, Hilal on the afternoon of Thursday 19 July 2012 has been positive in all regions of Indonesia.

Organizations that use the HISAB criteria will start fasting on Friday, July 20, 2012.

Early Ramadan 1433 H - Rukyat:
-Istikmal Sya'ban 1433 H-
From the port of Ratu: Hilal on Thursday 19 July 2012 is only as high as 1.5 degrees. Although the elongation is above 4 degrees, but because of age it is only 6.5 hours; it is ensured that Imkan Rukyah is also impossible to see / fulfill. So that in the afternoon, or the next day, July 20, 2012, it will still enter the month of Sha'ban 1433 AH, aka the Wisdom for Sha'ban 1433 H.

So, the Government of the Republic of Indonesia which uses the Imkan Rukyah criteria and organizations that use the Rukyat criteria will start fasting on Saturday, July 21, 2012.

Hilal Visibiltas Simulation from Surakarta, on the first day of Rukyah (conjunction day / ijtima):

Visibiltas Hilal Ramadhan 1433 H, 19 Juli 2012
Visibiltas Hilal Ramadhan 1433 H, 19 Juli 2012


HISAB -> 1 Ramadhan 1433 H = Jum'at, 20 Juli 2012 M
RUKYAH -> 1 Ramadhan 1433 H = Saturday, July 21, 2012 M
As a citizen, I await the Decision of the Session of the Indonesian Government, on Thursday, July 19, 2012 after Maghrib or Isyaa ... God willing ... :)

BEGINNING 1433 H: -> THE SAME BEDA-Finish Start


This is what will happen for the next 3 years, 2012 to 2014. The beginning of Ramadan will be different between Hisab and Rukyah. But it will always be together in ending Ramadan and initiating Shawwal:

HISAB -> 1 Syawwal 1433 H = Sunday, August 19, 2012 M
RUKYAH -> 1 Syawwal 1433 H = Sunday, August 19, 2012 M

HISAB fast for 30 days. Rukyah fast for 29 days. Rasulullah SAW fast, once 29 days also once 30 days.

How come?

Because, as in the month of Rajab, he entered Sha'ban. Hilal position still Negative in the day of conjunction / Ijtimak.

# keep guarding ukhuwwah because we are heading towards His heaven ... :)

AR Sugeng Riyadi (Pak AR)
Live in Klaten (Bendo Ketitang Juwiring)
Dinas of Solo (MA PPMI Assalaam)
Science Teaching Staff Physics

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Unstable teenagers

The charm of the world sometimes delights anyone who welcomes it with joy. But what is it like that, friend ?. yups, this world is just a person who knows his ultimate end to the world. And even this world will become more gripping and slipping their hearts, for anyone who is willing to worship and immerse themselves with it.

And every person must experience it, namely adolescence. Yes, this period is actually as heavy as the trials, and as beautiful - beautiful as anyone who knows it. Do not believe? Just try it! The more you sink with him, and pamper your mind with the reason "Ah I'm still a teenager, there is still a lot of time to have fun", then you enjoy the world in a way that is prohibited by Allah, then what is in the next is "harvest" for your actions unfortunately you are planting yourself with your hands.

And vice versa, when you really can control hot blood and your enthusiasm that is still overflowing, and when you can still take control of your unstable self, then the way of pleasure will actually be very siding with you. Just look at the evidence that happened around you. Oh God, how sorry for our friends whose intentions are happy, but ultimately it becomes a shame for life. Come to think of it, how selfish they really are to themselves. Because even they have tormented themselves to be part of a difficult. And, not only here, see later when they are old and when good fortune does not side with them, then with difficulty they will blame anyone even God, and whoever it is, as long as it is not itself. And do things like this add to their goodness? Absolutely, NO!

Friend, it's not enough there it turns out. The ugliness can even have the effect of a "snowball" that will stick to the name behind our name, for life ... for life. Our bad will also have consequences for people who love us, for example our parents. And, don't say that this is the smartest way for us to be able to repay their best services after so long caring for us !.

So, actually being a teenager is also about responsibility. And starting today, have we reminded ourselves that, we are not a "sick" generation that can only spend the breath in the world, for something that is in vain? Isn't everything in the world will be held accountable every second ?. You answer yourself who will know.

Voa-Islam/The Truth Seeker Media

Say No To Maksiat

Adolescence, is a time when we need a figure and atmosphere and a good environment for us to grow. But, unfortunately it turns out that not everyone can get what he wants. And that situation finally made teenagers of our age choose the path of despair and getting worse and worse. In addition, they also decided to change their identity to become someone who is not good in terms of morals and behavior, for the sake of the coming of attention.

A friend, Allah SWT, has sent an example of the Prophet Muhammad who was an orphan. There is no parent who accompanies to complain or just pamper him. At that time the Prophet only lived with his uncle, Abu Talib. At the beginning of adolescence, the Messenger of Allah also did not have a permanent job to make ends meet. However, he did not give up hope, he also did not complain. He shepherded goats in the Bani Sa'ad group and also in Makkah in return for several dinars. He did all that not only one day two days, but for several years.

See how all the trials of life still do not make him behave badly or even fall into the slight and plunged into negative things. He retains the glory of his character, as narrated by Ali bin Abu Thalib, that the Messenger of Allah had said:

"I have never been interested in what is usually done by ignorant people except twice. But twice that God guarded and protected me. When I was working as a goat herder with my friends, I told one of them one night:" Watch this shepherd's goat, I want to enter the city (Mecca) to stay up as is usually done by the youth ". Upon arrival in Mecca I heard tambourines and flutes from a house that had a party. When I asked a person near the house, he replied that it was the wedding of the Fulan with the Fulannah. I then sat down to listen but then Allah made me fall asleep until I heard nothing. By God I just woke up from my sleep after being stung by the sun. This incident happened again the next day. I never repeat things like that again ".

Subhan Allah....

Friends, many of us reason, "I'm like this because it's broken home", "I'm stubborn because of lack of attention from around me", "I became damaged because no one guided me" and so forth. But all our blasphemy and invasion of the situation does not make us move from the mistake itself. We stay there and "enjoy".

Friends, know ... indeed life is about going through various trials after trials. Many of us are easily tempted by "pleasure", because it is so desperate to face the situation. In fact, if we know, it really isn't fun at all. We think it's still young right, so just enjoy it. But it's a shame, nothing is free in this world. Including with the minus effect of every bad deed that we do. Even though it's in the name of an escape from despair.

Well, unfortunately when we have fallen to the lowest point of our fall due to that action, it is not uncommon to blame parents, family, even anyone but ourselves, as a result of all the mistakes we make. Not really Gentle right.

Therefore the task of a leader who cannot be represented is to decide. And you are the leader of yourself. So, why are we not strict with ourselves, by saying "NO" to any immorality or bad behavior that we do? That way we will be proud of our ability to educate ourselves. Just look, there won't be any harm, if we hurry up and cut the bad habits as soon as possible. Yups, because everyone knows that being a person who experiences losses will not be profitable and reconcile. And who are the losers?

The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) said, "Whosoever is in his karma today is worse than yesterday, he is cursed, whoever today is the same yesterday, he is among the losers, and whoever today is better than yesterday , then he belongs to the lucky ones. " (HR Bukhari).

If other people can, then why don't we? Are we not all created by God with a very special and certainly has its own privileges? The key is immediate determination will be what and will where you will spend your life path, by changing the ugliness and processing our shortcomings, so that we become personal to be proud of, at least by ourselves. Life is just this once, why doesn't it make a very meaningful one? Yes, no?

Voa-Islam/The Truth Seeker Media

Yemeni Foreign Minister Admits Asking US to Use Drones in His Country

The Yemeni foreign minister has admitted that Sana'a has requested an attack on US drones in his country.

Yemen's Foreign Minister Abu Bakr al-Kurbi revealed on Wednesday that Sana'a had asked Washington to send killer planes in some of the problems faced with Al Qaeda fighters.
"Concern lies in the infiltration of extremists and terrorists into Yemen from Somalia," Kurbi explained.
"It is very difficult for us to distinguish between people displaced for humanitarian reasons and terrorists," he added.

In May, US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta acknowledged for the first time the use of drones in Yemen.
The United States has often launched drone strikes not only in Yemen but also in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Somalia.

Washington claimed to target fighters but witness and victim reports provided by local officials showed that civilians were the main victims of the attacks.

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3 out of 4 Pakistanis call the US the enemy

Three out of four Pakistanis stated that the United States was an enemy country, a new survey conducted by the Washington-based agency the Pew Global Attitudes Project showed.

The Pew survey, published on its website on Wednesday June 27, said that last year 69 percent of Pakistanis said they hated the US but in 2012 that number jumped to 74 percent.

The survey also showed very low respect for US President Barack Obama among Pakistanis. They believe Obama is as bad as former US President George W. Bush.

US-Pakistan relations have stiffened due to the increase in civilian casualties from the people of Pakistan due to US military attacks on the border region with Afghanistan.

Under strong public pressure, Islamabad closed the border crossing used to transfer NATO supplies in Afghanistan in November 2011 after 24 Pakistani soldiers were killed in a US-led air strike on two checkpoints on the Afghan border.

In addition, the Pew Global Attitudes Project survey also shows that former cricket star Imran Khan remains the most popular politician in the country. More than 70 percent of people gave good opinions about Khan, who led the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (Movement for Justice or PTI). This basically did not change from last year.

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