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Kenyan Police Arrest Two Iranian Intelligence Agents

Kenyan police arrested two Iranian intelligence agents who planned to carry out an explosive attack on the Israeli community center in Nairobi. Sayed Mansour Mousavi and Ahmad Abolfathi Mohammad were caught carrying 16.5 kilograms of explosives on the day of June 19, 2012.

According to Asociated Press (AP), Sayed and Abolfathi were allegedly part of the Quds Revolutionary Guards resistance group which was an Iranian revolutionary guard. They were assigned to attack all Israeli, American and Saudi Arabian business assets in Kenya.

The Israeli government has sent its intelligence team to interrogate the suspects. According to the office of Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu previously Iran had sent people to kill the Saudi ambassador last fall.

"And they also carried out attacks in Azerbaijan, Bangkok, Tbilisi and New Delhi, now the intention to carry out an attack in Africa was revealed," the press realease of the Israeli Prime Minister's office reminded the international community to jointly fight the Iranian group which they also called syndicates terrorism.

The Intelligence War between Iran, Israel and America has indeed been going on for a long time. In 2002, there was an explosion at an Israeli-owned hotel in Bombasa and succeeded in killing 13 Israelis there. After the incident over the past few years, at least five scientists linked to Iran's nuclear program have been killed, and Iran has accused the United States, Britain and Israel of being responsible for the attack.

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Vile! Ustadz Ba'asyir Confused Controlling Narcotics & Terrorism Practices

JAKARTA - The test storm as if it did not stop befalling Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba'asyir. Even though he was behind bars, this old scholar was still slandered.
Even this time it is more cruel, a 74-year-old grandfather who must spend his old age with 15 years in prison is accused of controlling the practice of narcotics and terrorism or commonly called narcoterrorism.

The statement was made by a member of the Indonesian House of Representatives Commission III from the PDIP faction, Eva Kusuma Sundari. He stated that terrorist networks make the narcotics and illegal drugs business a source of funding in carrying out their actions.
"Related to the findings of the National Counterterrorism Agency (BNPT), in the form of starting the practice of 'narco-terrorism' which indicates the involvement of ustad Abu Bakar Baasyir in control of Solo," Eva said, told reporters on Saturday (06/30/2012), in Jakarta quoted gatra.

According to him, this was revealed at the BNPT meeting with the Special Committee for Terrorism Funding Crime (TPPT) in the DPR.

Associated with the findings of the National Counter Terrorism Agency (BNPT), in the form of starting the practice of 'narco-terrorism' which indicates the involvement of ustad Abu Bakar Baasyir in control of Solo

Meanwhile the director of JAT Media Center (JMC), Ustadz Son Hadi, flatly denied the statement of members of the House of Representatives Commission III, Eva K. Sundari. According to him it was a mere statement and slander.

"That is slander and inconsequential, because it does not mention what the indications are," said Son Hadi, Tuesday (03/07/2012).

In addition, he also questioned the statement because it did not support the slightest fact. "What is the indication? This is legal content, and the police should deliver it. What do we ask for the indication? Moreover, we have already mentioned the name," he said.

On that basis, Ustadz Son Hadi regretted that such an inappropriate statement was made by a council member.

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Illegal food and gout

"Verily, Allah has forbidden only you the carcasses, the blood, and the flesh of swine and the beast that is beside Allah: but whoso abideth to do it, he does not want it nor transgresses it, for Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. "(Qs. Al-Baqarah: 173)

In the above verse, Allah mentions four types of food that is forbidden by the Muslims to be consumed. And every thing that is forbidden by God must be there madarat for this human life. This shows the greatness of God's love for man. And this seems evident, when the discovery of dangerous diseases contained in illegal foods, especially the first three types of food mentioned above. Let's look at one another - one of the three types of food that God has forbidden.

First: Stalking

Carcasses are dead animals not through shar'i slaughter, such as animals that die from suffocation, fall from high places, are hit hard and others, all of which cause blood to freeze in the body and clot in the veins, so that the meat is contaminated with toxic uric acid. In addition, the carcass also contains toxins released from its body, so that its body rot. Unlike the shar'i slaughtered animals, after being called the name Allah, the animal was cut off by the veins of the neck, so that all of the blood came out, so the animal died of blood loss, so the meat was fresh and not exposed to toxic substances.

In addition, Islam advocates slaughter with a sharp knife. As it turns out, with the sharpness of the knife, slaughtered animals can die faster without feeling significant pain, this results in more healthy flesh. Because the sharp knife will perfectly cut the blood vessels that drain blood towards the brain nerves that are responsible for detecting pain. So that the animal does not feel pain. If it is seen that the animal is cramped and struggles when slaughtered, the essence is not because of pain, but rather because of the reaction of the muscles that experience contraction and relaxation due to drastic reduction in blood.

The research in Germany was conducted by Prof. Wilhelm Schulze and Dr. Hazim at the School of Veterinary Medicine, Hannover University found that the way to slaughter taught by Islam with a sharp knife turned out to be far better and more human compared to other methods, even the most modern, like bolt stunning (a tool that pierces the skull to the brain) which turned out to cause great external pain in animals.

The study uses EEG (to detect brain waves) and ECG devices (to detect heartbeat). 3 seconds after slaughter there were no changes to the EEG chart, this showed that there was no pain at all when the animal was slaughtered, the second 3 seconds on the EEG chart showed self-awareness, this was because there was a lot of blood coming out from the animal's body. After that the EEG chart shows zero levels, namely that the animal does not feel pain when slaughtered. Subhan Allah.

What is the connection with gout and meat quality? Lha, when slaughtered it turns out that the animal's heart is still beating, the body twitches blood maximally, but the brain is unconscious. This causes the meat not to be mixed with blood containing toxic uric acid.

Unlike the bolt stunning system which stops the heartbeat of an animal when the brain still feels tremendous pain, coupled with no body strain, so that the blood is still clogged inside, and this results in blood mixed with harmful poisons.

Then shar'i slaughter is done on the neck only, so that the damage is only in the neck area, and not spread to other organs. It is different if the animal dies in other ways such as bumping or being hit, which causes one of its organs to be damaged, so that the blood vessels will freeze in the organ. And of course it contains gout which will poison the meat so fast.

Second: Blood

Blood is a concentrated liquid that flows in the directional vessels and arteries in our body. Blood is the most effective medium for breeding germs. Therefore blood becomes an effective tool for transmitting disease. Not only that, but dangerous poisons are released from the blood.

Blood also contains high levels of uric acid. High levels of uric acid in the blood can cause chronic joint inflammatory disease. This uric acid is very dangerous for the body, because he is a remnant of imperfect metabolism, resulting in a buildup of purine from food. In the human body, 98% of uric acid is released through urine, the remaining 2% is stored and broken down through the body's metabolic system. From this we know that the prohibition on eating blood, prevents us from dangerous diseases, one of which is gout.

Third: Pork Meat

Pigs are animals whose bodies are used as the most fertile place for breeding various parasites and dangerous diseases. The pig's body has a different uric acid breaking mechanism than humans. In pigs, only 2% is solved, while 98% of uric acid is retained in the body. As for humans 98% uric acid is released through urine, the remaining 2% is stored and broken down through the body's metabolic system. So it can be said that the uric acid levels found in the pig's body are very high.

It is predicted that someone who eats pork will get gout.

Pigs are also declared to be "Disease Storing" animals. The results of research in China and Sweden, where the majority of the population eat pork, that pork is a major cause of anal and intestinal cancer. The percentage of patients with this disease in countries where the population eats pigs has increased dramatically. Whereas in Islamic countries, the percentage is low, around 1/100
Pigs also contain Taenia Solium (tapeworm). This tapeworm attack is evenly distributed in certain regions of France, Germany, Italy and the plains of Europe. Tapeworm larvae in the body can cause body tissue infections and nerve weakness. This worm can suck the sufferer's food essence, so that his body is very weak and thin.

The most terrible thing is if the worm larvae attach to brain tissue, because it can cause epilepsy, and other brain diseases. One proof of this was in 2001 that US doctors had removed a worm that developed in a woman's brain, after she ate a typical Mexican hamburger containing pork and contained tapeworm eggs, this egg finally stuck to the female intestinal wall, then blood circulation gets to the brain. That causes a very hard dysfunction in the structure of the brain in the area surrounding the worm.

Tapeworms can develop in the 12 fingers of the intestine and in a few months they will become adults. Tapeworms can breed up to 1,000 birds with a length of between 4-10 cm, continue to live in the human body and remove their eggs through bowel movements (defecation).

Pork causes many other dangerous diseases, such as hardening of the arteries, rising blood pressure, choking chest pain (angina pectoris), and inflammation of the joints.

Hopefully God protects us from unclean foods and avoids us from various diseases. Aamiin.

Oleh: Dr. Ahmad Zain An Najah, MA

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Candy from Nicotine Material Substitutes Cigarettes, the Law is Unlawful !!

Tasikmalaya - In the Ijtima Commission B-1 'Ulama the Indonesian IV Fatwa Commission in 2012 also discussed the issue of whether nicotine is permissible as a cigarette substitute for candy.

Today, awareness of the dangers of nicotine is increasingly gaining world attention. The ban on smoking and non-smoking areas began to be implemented by many countries. However, on the other hand, some people anticipate the smoking ban by making engineering through other methods, namely making nicotine into sweets as a substitute for cigarettes. By eating or sucking the candy it feels like it will be the same as smoking cigarettes.

Not only that, Nicotine is also used as the active ingredient of consumptive products for medicinal purposes. Nicotine also functions as a sedative which causes an addictive effect (a person becomes addicted), like heroin and cocaine, so that it will cause dependency similar to the dependence on narcotics drugs because nicotine can change some brain functions. Nicotine which is put into cigarettes as well as ingredients (makers) of candy functions the same which has an impact on endangering human health.

Health experts agree that nicotine - which is generally found in cigarettes - is an addictive substance that endangers the health of the human body, both for the exploiters (active smokers) and those who smell because they sniff cigarette smoke (passive smoking).

According to scholars, basically, the law of consuming nicotine is haram, because it endangers health. The use of nicotine as a medicinal ingredient and therapeutic healing for various diseases, including parkinsonism and cigarette addiction, is permissible as long as no other pharmacological therapy has been found, is temporary, and proven to cause pain.

Eating something made from active nicotine outside the interests of treatment is illegal. Ijtima 'Ulama of the Indonesian Fatwa Commission recommends that the Government make rules regarding the production and distribution of consumptive products made from active nicotine.

Health workers (both doctors and paramedics) are asked to educate the public about the dangers of consuming nicotine. The government and experts were asked to conduct research on the benefits of nicotine for treatment and its dangers to human health.

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How to build good communication with children

Children need figures in their growth period. Therefore, parents must act as a mirror for children. And good communication will be an intermediary and bridge the interests and willingness between the two.

Communication is a way to build strong bonds with the people around us, including our children. With communication, we can also learn to understand what they need and / or want.

Communication can be conveyed verbally and non-verbally. Non-verbal communication can include all types of emotional expressions, actions, body language, and meaningful words. By forming good communication, it is hoped that they can finally express their thoughts in a better way.

The following are some tips for communicating well with our children.

1. Love and attention.

As parents, we must prioritize that children's needs for attention and affection, are the main capital for their "health" in their growth. And conversely, if we ignore this, then this will greatly trigger hatred in the child's heart, so they will not open themselves to communication.

2. Make time for children

Children really like to play. They also learned a lot through these various games. so there's nothing wrong for parents to play on the floor with children for at least 20 minutes. By spending a lot of time with them, at least three times a day, will make him interested. And in the end they will begin to open up to communicate.

3. Become a good listener.

Sometimes we as parents, we feel we know more about sharing things than our children. Furthermore, parents unconsciously then force themselves to give advice about this and that. In fact, children have many things to talk about. And what they really want is an interesting listener so they can devote everything in their little hearts. And if finally parents really need to give advice, then parents have to choose the right time to
conveyed it, of course after going through the process many heard about what their children felt.

Communication like this is very important, because the closeness between parents can start from here.

4. Engage with children.

Indeed the responsibility of being a parent is not light. Sometimes it is very time consuming and our minds. But as parents, we must not ignore the interests of our children, because they are the real investment for us in the future. Showing them that we are involved and know about their world is an effective step to initiate communication. Of course, in doing so, parents must look from the perspective of a child.

5. Encourage them to talk

After the approach to enter the child is successful, then encourage them to talk. Parents must avoid in a hurry to show the dominant nature when children talk to children, because it can cut access for children to talk more.
Parents can start by asking simple questions that children will enjoy when answering. In addition to passing verbal, parents can also provide communication assistance through several visual things. show pictures, or videos related to their interests such as games, animals, and so on.

6. Storytelling or storytelling

Children really like a fairy tale. Parents can m
open communication and closeness through giving a story or fairy tale with many expressions that attract children.

7. Keep expression
When initiating communication with a child, parents must avoid serious impressions to avoid serious impressions on the face and tone of voice. Trying to keep smiling and showing joy will make them feel more comfortable. If parents easily look angry and disappointed, and communicate in a bad tone or are seen while speaking, then non-verbal communication that is facial expression will send a negative message to the child.

8. They are us.

Sometimes when parents recall their childhoods, including things that hurt or happy, it will bridge the communication gap between parents and their children now. By doing so, parents can get a new way to how to behave and communicate appropriately with their children.

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Cool Men Islamic Version (Especially for Guys)

A hedonic lifestyle that is widely echoed by infidels today, realizing that they don't realize that we've dragged us a lot in their standard of living. Just for example, they consider a lot of human degrees based on physical appearance with all the accessories.

One of the criteria for a cool guy is you who are able to look okay. Or in other words, if you want to say cool I have to be obliged to look fashionable. Do not believe? Just look, advertisements for hair oil products, fashion, perfume, shoes, cars, and cigarettes, are always aligned with the nickname of cool guys.

And this hedonic outbreak is really troublesome for the victims. The problem is, to fully support their lifestyle, of course you need big capital. And finally, for the victims whose bags were tight, everything was done, to satisfy their luxurious lifestyle.

Even though the saying "don't judge the book by its cover". That is, not everything that looks good, the "inside" must also be good. Having an eye catching appearance, or an esmud suit, plus haircut and smooth shoes, do not guarantee that the "inside" will also be displayed.

In addition to appearance and lifestyle, cool guys are also the hedonists to show those who have physical good. By default, the face is handsome, no zits with pointed middle chin, plus well-maintained skin. They do all this to highlight sex appeal or sexual attraction.

Want to know why? because the hedonists consider the relationship between men and women do not have more value than mere gratification.

Friend, and do you know, who are the "missionary bearers" of the hedonists right now? Yups, most of them are nicknamed celebrities who have a metropolis lifestyle.

And their "da'wah" material is to show you all that someone's glory is only judged by physical appearance and lifestyle. Even though you know friend, it's all really temporary and meaningless before God.

Then it's wrong if you have a cool appearance and okay? yes, obviously it's not. God also loves beauty as long as it is within His limits and rules. But what you need to remember, Allah also does not see someone's glory from his face, clothes, or appearance with all his accessories, but from his heart and piety. the word of Allah swt .:

"Surely the noblest of you in the sight of Allah is the most cautious of you." (QS. Al-Hujurât [49]: 13)

Just be cool where enough, friend. In the past, the companions of the Messenger of Allah were not just cool, but also okay in faith. For example Mushab bin Umair. A Muslim teenager who became the opening ambassador for the first mission in Medina. He grew up in a prominent Quraysh family. His face is handsome, his life is luxurious, everything is sufficient, and always be "the star" in meeting places. So, it's not wrong if he finally becomes the byword of the girls in Mecca.

But far from all that, the cool talent he possessed really increased after he left all the luxury because of his faith in embracing Islam. Until the Messenger of Allah. said: "I used to see this Mush'ab had nothing to compensate for obtaining pleasure from his parents, then he abandoned all of it for the sake of his love for Allah and His messenger."

So, for you guys, don't be proud if you can only look cool, but not pious, knowledgeable, and cautious. If you have not been able to exchange all worldly pleasures with glory before God, then your coolness is still in doubt or less valid. Because of what? because the physical coolness must have an expiration date, but the coolness of faith, morals, and kindness is what will last forever.

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I Want Penance, But ...

Many of us are stubborn, thinking, "I've been stubborn, all of them are more stubborn. Like a word, already wet, just showering". And anyone who has this rich mind, finally it is difficult for them to escape the "black" world that has become a part of life. They finally took light of a sin, even though the severe effect, when it became parents, will be transmitted to their children and offspring.

Yups, looking down on sin and delaying repentance, the effect is not so trivial. So, it's really proven right, if Satan still won't stay quiet in order to see us become what they want us to be. And somehow they will deflect our good intentions for various reasons. Maybe one of them is to delay repentance that we do, because of feelings of shame and reluctance.

Friend, is not the loving and caring God Almighty has said,

"And also those who, when they are engaged in self-indulgence or persecute themselves, remember Allah and ask forgiveness of their sins, and who forgives sins other than Allah, and they do not pursue their crimes they are Knowing: Their reward is a forgiveness from their Lord and a Garden wherein rivers flow, wherein they will abide for ever.
the best of those who do good deeds. (Ali Imran, 135-136)

Allah SWT firmly stated in the above verse that if one of the characteristics of a devout person is not someone who has never committed a sin or who has no fault. But, people who are devoted are those who make mistakes, they then remember Allah, then they repent for all their mistakes.

We all also know that humans are the wrong place and forget. So that's the real proof that God is truly all-loving and merciful. So before the sun rises from the west aka the apocalypse or our breath has reached the throat, aka want to die soon, do not ever despair over us. And never have a thought that God won't forgive us. But remember, that repentance received by Allah is truly, not just tomatoes or repentance or relapse - relapse again. Allah is omniscient about who is serious or who is just being ignorant.

It's life's friend's choice, but the choice to repent and end the immorality that we do, is not a choice but a necessity. But it does not mean coercion, but only the intention of God who wants to see us always be good servants and on the right path. If so, we will benefit ourselves. Yes, no?

And we all need to know friend, it is Islamic youth like us who actually play a vital role in change. Just listen to what was said by Mustafa Al Ghalaya, a thinker from Beirut who said: "It is in the hands of the youth of the interests of this people, and lies in the hands of the youth and the life of this people." So, this is the best for us to really be a good person and have a fighting spirit for Islam. If not now, when else?

Do not let us be like Musthafa Kamil, an Egyptian thinker, "The foolish, frozen youth (without the spirit of jihad) to advance the nation, that death is better than his life."

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Minutes Escape from Indonesian Historical Records (Kafil Yamin)

The following article is truly extraordinary, but at the same time makes the chest tight. About a robbery and fraud committed by the IMF, UN, and capitalist countries. About a great stupidity by Indonesian officials. Poor East Timor, poor Indonesia ...

Written by Guaranteed Yamin, a journalist at The IPS Asia-Pacific, Bangkok, who was sent to East Timor on August 28, 1999 to cover the 'East Timor Poll' held by UNAMET [United Nations Mission in East Timor], August 30, 1999.


Minutes Escape from Indonesian Historical Records

By: Kafil Yamin

The poll, which was none other than a referendum, was a result of various international pressures on Indonesia that had arisen since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. Later the pressure intensified and troubled Indonesia. When the monetary crisis hit Southeast Asian countries during 1997-1999, Indonesia was hit. Economic shocks are so great; impact on political stability; and that poll happened.

The bankruptcy of the Indonesian economy was exploited by the West, through the IMF and World Bank, to pressure Indonesia to release East Timor. The IMF and World Bank are willing to help Indonesia through the package called bailout, amounting to US $ 43 billion, from Indonesia releasing East Timor.

What does this mean? This means that a decision was made before the poll was carried out. This means that the poll is just a formality.

But even though it was a formality, the situation in the city of Dili after the implementation of the popular consultation / ballot was already crowded. The polling committee was dominated by Australian and Portuguese Caucasians. Foreign reporters arrived. Activists from opinion monitoring NGOs, local and foreign, graced it too - for a big play. Great isn't it?

Around 1 o'clock in the afternoon, August 28, 1999
, I landed in Dili. The sun straddles in the middle of the sky. Once I store the items at the inn [if I'm not mistaken, the name of the inn is Dahlia, owned by a Makassarese], I tour the city of Dili. Anyone who was there at that time would conclude with me: the city of Dili was dominated by pro-integrationists. Looking for pro-independence East Timorese people to interview, it's not as easy as finding pro-integration people.

Intrigued, I wandered out of Dili, reaching Ainaro and Liquica, about 60 km from Dili. The impression is the same: more pro-integration people. In many places, many East Timorese youth wear t-shirts that read Mahidi [Death and Life for Integration], Gadapaksi [Young Guard Enforcement Integration], BMP [Besi Merah Putih], Aitarak [Duri].

After a day of sightseeing, I concluded that East Timor would remain with Indonesia. Not only in the potential of sound, but in terms of culture, economy, social, it is not easy to imagine East Timor can be completely separated from Indonesia. Most East Timorese people communicate in Indonesian. Providers of goods needed in the markets are Indonesians. Many East Timorese students study at Indonesian schools and universities, almost all of which are funded by the Indonesian government. Most teachers in East Timor schools are also Indonesian, as are health workers, doctors, paramedics.

After the evening of August 28, 1999
, after showering and eating, I sat in the inn lobby, drinking coffee and smoking. Shortly thereafter, a man in his 50s, but still looking handsome, long haired, athletic, walked towards my seat; sit near me and take out cigarettes. Apparently he also wanted to enjoy cigarettes and coffee.
He greeted first: "Where?" he said.
"From Jakarta," I replied, explaining that I was a reporter, wanting to cover the poll.

Somehow, each of us quickly dissolves in the chat. He did not hesitate to reveal himself. He was a former pro-integration army commander, who never rebuffed Fretilin [pro-independence organization], "because with the Portuguese, they massacred my family," he said. His voice is in, with emotional pressure controlled. Strongly impressed he was a mature man who had been eating a lot of tamarind life. The gray hair on the hair shone strengthens the effect of maturity.

"Just call me Laffae," he said.
"Is it an Timorese or Portuguese name?" I am curious.
"Timor. That is the nickname of friends and foes. It means 'crocodile'," he explained.
The nickname emerged because as a militia commander, he and his troops often were not detected by the opponent. After the opponent feels safe, suddenly he can appear in the middle of his opponent's troops and devour everything that's there. Well, according to his subordinates and enemies, such expertise is possessed by crocodiles.

He also told me that he lived more in the forest, but had educated, trained many people in politics and organization. "Many of my assistants have become officials," he said. He also mentioned a number of names of Indonesian military figures and officials who were often associated with him.

Apparently he's a character. Indeed, judging by his visit, he was very clearly a senior combatant. I am reminded of the Cuban warrior Che Guevara. It's just a smaller body size.
"If it's with Eurico Guterres? Is it often related?" I am curious.
"She's my niece," Laffae answered. "If you meet, just greet me."
We talked for quite a long time. He mastered the history and politics of East Timor and I enjoyed it very much. Chat was over because sleepiness was increasingly attacking.
This person has a strong impression on me. As a journalist, I have met, talked to many people, from street vendors to ministers, from pimps to clerics, most of whom have forgotten. But this person, until now, I still remember clearly.

As he walked towards the room, his mind wondered: if he was a character, why had I never heard his name and seen him? Like I know Eurico Gueterres, Taur Matan Ruak? Xanana Gusmao? And others? But nevermind.


Morning on August 29, 1999.
I left the inn to monitor the situation. That day I had to send a report to Bangkok. But before going around I looked for a restaurant for breakfast. Incidentally, through a restaurant that is quite comfortable. Immediately I entered and sat down. Uh, at the table there I saw Laffae being surrounded by 4-5 people, all in uniform with the local government. I am sure he is an important person - but mysterious.

After disabling, I asked Laffae who those people were. "One of the Regents of Los Palos, one of the Ainaro Regents, the other two prosecutors," he said. "They ask my advice about the current situation," he added.

If we meet Laffae on the road, we will see 'nobody'. The clothes are very simple. Her hair is unraveled. And if we haven't 'entered', he seems quiet.

I went around. The city of Dili is increasingly lively by the activities of foreigners. It was seen that the police and UNAMET soldiers were on guard in every corner of the city. I began to get busy, there were at least three press conferences in different places. Not to mention certain events. A friend of a journalist from Tempo magazine, Prabandari, always told me the events that had taken place.

Of the various events, what stood out was the reports and incidents of cheating by the organizing committee, namely UNAMET. The most complained of was that UNAMET only recruited pro-independence people in the committee. This claim is proven. I visited almost all the closest polling stations, no pro-integration people were involved.

What made the atmosphere hot in the already hot city was the attitude of the UNAMET police who did not allow monitors and supervisors of the pro-integration, even to just approach. The closest is 200 meters. But Caucasian monitors can enter the secretariat. Even typing!

Here I need to reveal the mental size of NGO people from Indonesia, most of whom support East Timor's independence because of foreign funding. They did not dare to approach the polling station and the secretariat, only the UNAMET police were appointed to resign immediately. But to Indonesian officials they are very fierce: accusing, accusing, blaspheming. Dare to fight the police. In the presence of the Caucasian police they suddenly became real inlanders.

A chaotic increase is that many pro-integration people are not registered as voters. Of the 4 press conferences, 3 of them are about expressions about this. Even Mahidi children transport a group of parents who are refused to register because they are known as supporters of integration.

I also have to reveal the mental size of Indonesian journalists here. Late afternoon, UNAMET held a press conference in Dili about the plan to hold a poll tomorrow. I am certainly present. More foreign journalists than Indonesian journalists. I am sure Indonesian journalists know about the fraud.

When asking questions, there were no Indonesian journalists questioning the unfair practice. Even just not asking. Only I ask about that. The answer is unclear. The question was dominated by Caucasian journalists.

But I remember how fierce Indonesian journalists were when interviewing Indonesian officials regarding human rights or fraudulent practices. Language barriers cannot be a reason because there are quite a number of Indonesian journalists who can speak English. I think the main reason is inferiority, like the attitude of the local NGO activists.

After the press conference was over, I spent about 2 hours writing the report. The main content is about fraudulent practices. In addition to interviews, I also complete it with direct monitoring.

About 2 hours after I sent, the editor in Bangkok called. I still remember the exact dialogue:

"Kafil, we can't run the story," he said.
"What do you mean? You send me here. I do the job, and you don't run the story?" I'm dressed.
"We can't say the UNAMET is cheating…" he said.
"That's what I saw. That's the fact. You want me to lie?" I'm a bit emotional.
"Do they [pro-integrasi] say all this thing because they know they are going to loose?"
"Well, that's your interpretation. I'll make it simple. I wrote what I had to and it's up to you,"
"I think  we still can run the story but we should change it."
" I leave it to you," I closed the conversation.

I feel uncomfortable. But I was later able to understand because I remembered that IPS Asia-Pacific was among others funded by the United Nations.


Morning 30 August 1999.
I traveled around Dili to polling stations. In each polling station, the queue of voters lined up. I can stand close to the lines. The 'monitors' did not dare to approach because they were expelled by UNAMET police.
Because it was close, I could see and hear Australian Caucasians who seemed to be arranging ranks even though the campaign was rough. Incidentally they can speak Indonesian: "Remember, choose independence!" shouted a Caucasian girl to a group of parents who were lining up. Other Caucasians also do the same.

For a moment I was surprised by their behavior. Who often campaign for honesty, the right to self-determination. Hypocrisy, I thought. They are quite shameless.

After monitoring 4-5 polling stations I immediately looked for a place to write. I have to send a report. After sending the report. I benefit from the time to relax, find a comfortable place, loosen muscles. After all, the work was finished.
I arrived at the beach a little to the east, where the statue of the Virgin Mary stood facing the sea, like she was ousting the ocean wave. The statue stood at the top of the hill. Very large. Surrounded by parks and beautiful buildings. To reach the statue, you will pass a wall that is quite gentle and wide. Very comfortable to walk in groups even once. Throughout the trap the walls are covered with marble. Every distance of 10 meters, on the walls are displayed copper reliefs about Jesus, Our Lady, disciples of Jesus, with very high-quality carvings. Beautiful. Exquisite.

The statue and all its facilities were built by the Indonesian government. It must be very expensive. Yes, that's political costs.

Not felt the day began to dim. I have to go home.

After the evening of September 30, 1999.
Back at the inn, I met again with Laffae. This time he overtook me. He had first popped line by row of cigarette smoke from his nose and mouth. We chat again while enjoying coffee.
But this time I'm not free. Because many guests met Laffae, mostly pro-integration militia leaders. Plus the inn is getting crowded. Some monitors stay there. There is also a UNAMET police representative from Pakistan.

There was a woman coming out of the room, looking with a 'asking' look at me and Laffae. We don't understand the point. Just found out after his escort man said he wasn't strong in cigarette smoke. Laffae then told the person why he was a monitor if it was not strong in cigarette smoke. Both of us continue to carry out our obligations with the poison. A few minutes later the girl fainted and was taken to the nearest clinic.

I entered the room faster. Sleep.

Morning, September 4, 1999.
Announcement of the results of the poll at the hotel Turismo Dili. For me, the results were very surprising: 344,508 votes for independence, 94,388 for integration, or 78.5 percent compared to 21.5 percent.
The chairman of the committee announced this result with a smile, as if he had just had a windfall. Not many questions and answers after that. I immediately ran to find a place to write a report. After finishing, I returned to the inn.
In the lobby, Laffae was watching TV broadcasting the results of the poll. Alone. As I approached, his face broke into tears. "No way. This is impossible. They cheat ..." he sobbed. He embraced me. The warrior, fresh, ripe man suddenly melts. I don't have any words to cheer him up. After all, my eyes were filled with tears, moved to imagine what this man felt. His hard struggle throughout his life ended in defeat.

I can only be silent. And Laffae also seems to not want her sadness to be seen by others. After a few moments he managed to behave normally.

"This Dili city will be empty ..." he said. Slow but deep. "After it's empty, what does UNAMET want?"
The telephone rang, from Prabandari Time. He told all Indonesian journalists immediately evacuated using Hercules military aircraft, because there would be sweeping against all Indonesian journalists. I was asked to go to the airport immediately. If not, the military is not responsible. All Indonesian journalists have gathered at the airport, my stay. It only took me five minutes to decide not to participate. I told Prabandari: "I persevered. Leave me alone."

Laffae eavesdropped on the conversation. He replied: "Why do reporters come here if something happens instead of running away?" he said. I think he thought more correctly.

I then went out, conducted various interviews, attended press conferences, mostly about anger over UNAMET fraud. "There are only 50,000 Mahidi members; not yet Gardapaksi, not BMP, not Halilintar, not people who have not joined the organization," said Nemecio Lopez, commander of the Mahidi militia.
Returning to the afternoon inn, Laffae was facing 4-5 pro-integration frontmen. He looked at me: "Kafil! Come here," invited me to join.
"Wait a minute!" I'm excited. I can't miss this. After storing items in the room, take a quick shower. I joined. I just listened there. Yes, just listen.
"At best we can prepare a thousand people," said chairman Armindo Soares, I met him many times during coverage.
"I need five thousand," Laffae said.
"Yes, five thousand is enough to shake the city of Dili," he said, looking at me.
"We will try," Armindo said.

I could not clearly understand their conversation when a friend told me there was a press conference at the residence of Governor Abilio Soares. I immediately got ready to go there. Around 7pm, I arrived at the Governor's house. Apparently there is a banquet. Quite a lot of guests. Soares spoke to reporters about his rejection of the results of the popular consultation because of various frauds that were not understandable.

After taking a good meal, I returned to the inn at around 8:30 a.m. Already longing to relax with Laffae while accompanied by nicotine and caffeine. But Laffae isn't there. Strangely, the inn was rather quiet. Observers already check-outalso the UNAMET police from Pakistan. There's not much to do except sleep.

But when it collapsed, sleepiness was difficult to come because there were gunshots. At first it sounded far away. But more and more sounds are closer and the frequency of shots is more frequent. Maybe because my stomach was full and my body was tired, I fell asleep too.

September 5th morning, around 9:00
, I left the inn. The city of Dili is far more deserted. Only visible UNAMET vehicles crossed the road. There are no more public transportation. But I have to get out. Can you make it - walk. Farther and farther away, the shots were almost heard from all directions. So far, Dili has been tense.
There is no shop or shop open. The stomach has been billing hard. It is okay for me to walk to the hotel Turismo, only in large hotels there is food. But soon after that I returned to the inn. There's not much that can be done that day.

After the evening of 5 September 1999.
I was alone in the inn. Hungry. No food. Not a hundred percent tense. The sound of unremitting fire. Due to the extreme hunger I came out of the inn.
Besides gripping. Too dark. Only in certain places the lights turn on. Only about 20 meters walk, a shot from the right. Stop. Walk again. Another shot from the left. Every stop there is a two-way pull from within: back or continue. For some reason, I always chose, because to go back already far away. I walk alone; in the dark; sprinkled with gunshots. The heart is filled with a mixture of three elements: hunger, fear, and struggle to subdue fear. Besides, I don't know which way I'm going. Abysmal wet, just keep going.

Around 11pm, accidentally, the foot arrived at Dili port. Pretty bright by the port lights. Immediately fear disappeared because there were so many people there. They sit, lying on the asphalt or harbor land. Apparently, they want to evacuate via ship.

Many of them are eating rice packs together. In this manner, I am embarrassed and reluctant to throw it in the middle of the sea. I want to eat! "Take a meal huh?" I said to a group of families who were eating together. "Please bang! ... please! ..." the father looked happy. What are you waiting for, I immediately take the rice, sambar the fish. I eat fast. Satisfied already, so there is energy for further insolence: all ask for cigarettes to the father. Also given.
Around 3 pm I managed to return to the inn.

Early morning, September 6, 1999.
I only sat in the inn lobby because there were no vehicles. There are no shops and shops that open. There is only shots that don't stop. Dili is uninhabited - except for UNAMET officers. Almost all Dili residents fled, some via ships, some via land to Atambua.
Pro-independence people were running around under attack by pro-integrationists. Headquarters and secretariat were set on fire. Blood spilled again for some time.
Now, I am reminded of Laffae's words after watching the announcement of the results of yesterday's poll: "Dili will be empty .."

I also remembered his words: "I need five thousand people to shake the city of Dili." Yes, now I conclude this action. The actions of pro-integration fighters who feel they are losing their future. Yes, only I knew who was the main character of the scorched earth action, while television only reported pro-integration militia attacks on pro-independence.

Of course, pro-integration people also fled. Laffae and his troops want all East Timorese to have the same fate: if there is one party who has no place on Loro Sae, then all East Timorese people must get out of there. He said it to me.

Here is the direct result of the forced polls to be won. The law of human interaction at the time was as straightforward as the law of chemistry: the act of fraud and dishonesty was fruitful.


I have to go home, because there isn't much that can be seen and found. Fortunately there are still friends who want to go to the airport. Around 11 am I arrived at Comoros airport. Circumstances at an emergency airport. Everyone panics. Everyone wants to get a ticket and a seat on the same flight hour. Because riots were approaching the airport. After all, the clock flight was the only and last.

Normally orderly Caucasians are now elbowing each other, pushing each other to the front of the counter guard's computer. There are Caucasians who are stressed to the point of being tensed to the point of asking cigarettes to me who stand behind calmly. This is the pleasure of being a believer.

Many don't get tickets. I don't know why I am going smoothly. Enter the waiting room, there is Eurico Gutteres. I approached him, I said I talked a lot with Laffae and he said hello to him. Eurico looked at me for a long time, surely because I mentioned Laffae's name.

Afternoon, November 7, 1999,
I landed in Jakarta.
East Timorese residents fled to Atambua, NTT. It's really not easy for them to evacuate. The UNAMET police tried to prevent any form of displacement outside Dili. But they can only hold little in Dili.
In Atambua refugee camps, the situation was truly heartbreaking. Old people sit mecakung; restless young people are afraid of fear; some are overwhelmed by anger and resentment; children are filled with anxiety. They are the ones who choose to live with Indonesia. And that choice requires that they be separated from the family.

The government of the country they choose is the foundation of life, far from supporting them. Pro-integration militias were pursued by lawsuits for 'crimes against humanity', and Indonesia, boro-boro defended them, instead joined in chasing East Timorese who chose red and white. Eurico Guterres and Abilio Soares were tried and convicted in a country they loved and defended.

Generals who used to enjoy power in East Timor are now on
hide away. No one has enough courage to be assertive, for example: "We protect the people of East Timor who choose to join Indonesia." In fact, those who always teach sacrifice for the country; be sacrificial for the honor of agriculture, with even life.

Meanwhile, the refugees were abandoned. There is no national solidarity shown by the Indonesian government and military.
This is the tragedy of humanity. Seeing this, Western jargon, foreign media, about 'self determination', nothing more than a bitter irony. The attitude of Western countries and international humanitarian activists who feel the struggle for the people of East Timor seems absurd. Because time has proven that what they are fighting for is no less than East Timor's natural resources, especially petroleum, which they are now suctioning out.

Ever Laffae called me from Jakarta, about 3 months after the disaster. At that time I lived in Bandung. He said he wanted to meet me and would come to Bandung. I am very happy. But he never came ... I don't know why. Hopefully he's fine.

12 years old already. How are you bailout The 43 billion dollar IMF? Until now, the money is somewhere. There were several splashes disbursed in 1999-2000, with less than a quarter. And nothing helps. What was proven was not to withdraw the promised funds, but asked the Indonesian government to revoke fuel subsidies, food subsidies, electricity subsidies, which made the Indonesian people poorer and more miserable. Strangely, all of his suggestions were obeyed by the government of this inferior inlander bin.

The most needed is to cover the budget deficit. For this reason, loan funds [not assistance] are needed. But the IMF overcame the budget deficit with guile: revoked all subsidies for people's needs so that the deficit was covered, so that his money remained intact. The case of the people is raging and getting miserable, caring very much.

Complementing his guile, the IMF asked the Indonesian government to privatize all state companies, such as Bank Niaga, BCA, Telkom, Indosat.
Once the IMF issued a reserve fund of 9 billion dollars. But, as complained by Economy Minister Kwik Kian Gie at the time, even though the funds could not be used because they only function as security. What's the difference with a fictitious fund?

After all, why at that time the Indonesian government seemed to have no brain reserves, even the simplest ones. Why want to release East Timor in return for debt? Shouldn't it be compensated? Is there in this world the people whose property is bought with debt? Here I pay for your goods. I take your things, but you have to keep returning the money. Isn't this exactly the same as giving free? And in this case, what is given is the state? Yes, Indonesia gives the country to the IMF free of charge.

If I were the representative of the Indonesian government at that time, I would offer the most reasonable 'deal': "Well, our East Timor is released unconditionally. Change the funds we have spent to build East Timor for 24 years." Thus, there is no debt.

To this day Indonesia still installs debt to the IMF, for something that it never got. I hope the young generation of Indonesia is not as stupid as the leaders now. (27 January 2011).


China Refuses to Comply with US Sanctions on Iran

The Beijing government has again stated that China is not obliged to carry out unilateral sanctions against the United States. Therefore, it is a natural step that Beijing will continue trade and oil transactions with Tehran.

IRNA reported on Saturday (30/6), a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Hong Lei in a statement, alluding to Washington claims regarding the exclusion of Beijing from banking sanctions. He said, China firmly opposed US unilateral sanctions.

Hong Lei stressed that China cannot accept sanctions under US domestic law.

"We cannot accept that a country complies with its domestic laws, imposes sanctions on other countries and also asks other parties to comply with their internal rules," he said.

Hong Lei explained that China, based on its need for economic development, would continue to import oil from Iran. He added that China's oil trade and transaction relations with Iran were reasonable and did not violate international law at all.

Chinese media in the past two days also answered US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's statement and wrote that Beijing would oppose Washington for Tehran.

IRIB / The Truth Seeker Media

Turkish leader asks Erdogan not to fight Assad

A prominent Turkish intellectual asked the Ankara government not to cooperate with the West in fighting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

In an interview with the Turkish newspaper, Dogru Haber, Ali Bulac criticized Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's government policies regarding the Middle East region, particularly ongoing riots in Syria.
He said that the Syrian crisis must be resolved in accordance with the national interests of the Muslim nation.

Bulac said his country must revise its foreign policy and distance itself from the West in an effort to help resolve the Syrian crisis in a peaceful manner.

The US is trying to push soldiers from Muslim countries into war in Syria.

On Tuesday, Turkey deployed a large number of tanks and other armored vehicles to the Syrian border amid growing tensions with Damascus over the shooting incident of Turkish fighter jets.

IRIB / The Truth Seeker Media

OPEC, Western Scenario and Saudi Oil Quota

Following a decline in world oil prices below $ 100 per barrel, Iranian Oil Minister Rostam Qasemi on Saturday (30/6) asked OPEC Secretary General Abdullah Al-Badri to hold an emergency meeting of the oil organization. The issue of global oil prices in the past month after the latest OPEC ministerial meeting a decrease below $ 90 per barrel.

The increase in production exceeds consumption, economic recession, violations of oil quota carried out by a number of Arab countries affect the drop in world oil prices. In addition, Western efforts, especially at the global media level to show the lack of influence of the effects of Iran's oil sanctions on the global oil market, also contributed to the decline in world oil prices.

World energy analysts assess the most influential factor for the drop in world oil prices is Riyadh's action to boost its crude oil supply exceeds the quota set by OPEC.

International economic observers consider that Saudi football is in harmony with US dictation which is detrimental to the interests of the majority of global oil producers. Saudi Arabia's Oil Minister ahead of the 161nd OPEC meeting officially urged a decline in world oil prices citing the recovery of global economic conditions. Even Riyadh proposes world oil prices in the range of $ 50- $ 60 per barrel.

Prior to OPEC's latest meeting, the total production of member countries of the world oil organization averaged 33 million barrels per day. Based on the OPEC decision it was reduced to 30 million barrels per day. At the June 14 meeting, OPEC also stressed that its member countries must fulfill their commitments to their quota.

World oil prices in the summer usually decline. But in the winter the demand for crude oil increased. Now, the West is trying to undermine the balance of the world oil market, in the midst of the intense application of US sanctions that the European Union agrees to the oil and financial industry of Iran. A world arrogant country such as the US seeks to show that oil sanctions on Iran will not trigger a rise in world oil prices, by reducing global oil prices as low as possible.

Responding to the illegal West football, Iranian Oil Minister Rostam Qasemi said on Saturday (30/60) that Iranian oil had its own market and the country was fully prepared to face Western sanctions on the oil industry. Qasemi said the Iranian government had studied all options in the face of oil sanctions.

Of these various variables, international economic analysts assess that the increase in Western dictated oil production against a number of Arab countries will not last long, and the application of sanctions to the Iranian oil industry will have a negative impact on the world oil market amid the worsening economic crisis in Europe that spread to other countries .

IRIB / The Truth Seeker Media

This is the Quick Goal the US Must Achieve Before It's Too Late

Regional strategic experts alluded to a new balance of the world and an increase in Iranian power while stressing that the United States could only get out of this reality until the end of this year.

Ghalib Qindil, a strategic expert in the region to al-Sharq al-Jadid, alluded to new developments in the region, especially in Syria, while pointing to the inability of the United States to hold a war or new occupation in the region. He added that after experiencing a strategy failure in a number of wars, the United States was now "swerving" to improve its indirect war strategy. However, the strategy is also facing a severe test especially in Syria. America and its allies continue to encourage the activities of terror groups in spreading instability in Syria.

Balancing Changes with Syrian Resistance

The Obama administration is trying to prevent the formation of a new global balance. A new balance emerged following Syrian resistance which in the process boosted the role of Russia, China, and veto resolutions in the anti-Syrian UN Security Council by the two superpowers. Coupled with the UN-League Arab special envoy peace initiative, all indicate the emergence of a new balance of power in the world.

Rejection of the Recognition of Iran's Strengths

On the other hand, the United States is reluctant to acknowledge the failure of its sadistic projects to destroy Syria. America is also unlikely to recognize the strength and influence of Iran in resolving the crisis in Syria. As a superpower that behaves like a world police officer, the two things are "pamali" for White House officials.

The United States rejected Iran's participation at a conference in Geneva that discussed the Syrian crisis. But at the same time, the United States Secret Service (CIA) directly coordinated an international and regional security group from the Turkish territory, to oversee the operations and actions of the terror network in Syria.

Washington wants to open up more space for terror groups in destroying the pillars of the Syrian government and military. Moreover, the option of a military attack weakened after shooting down a Turkish fighter jet over the Syrian air zone.

US Can not Keep Dying

Qindil argues that the United States has time to avoid recognizing Iran and Syria's strength until the end of this year. That is, for the next six months, Washington can continue to avoid various commitments and continue to spread interventions and repression.

US Short Term Goals

US officials in the next six months are trying hard to revise a number of objectives as follows:

1- The division of forces in Egypt between the Muslim Brotherhood and generals on the Military High Council (SCAF) and the revival of the role of Egypt accompany Saudi Arabia and Qatar in leading the totalitarian tradition of Arab regimes with agreements from the United States and Israel.

2- Test the anti-Syrian indirect war expansion program to the limits that can be done, and refuse to undertake negotiations next month in the hope that Syrian government and social structures will become increasingly porous.
3- Blockade of Russia's steps and the completion of Moscow's efforts to resolve the crisis in Syria which at the same time became an anticipation of Rusiah's transformation as a counter-force.
4- Preparation and preparation for the implementation of the Pentagon's programs and strategies for the coming year. In that strategy, China was labeled as the enemy of the United States and the US priority was to control Africa which would certainly be a battleground for Washington and Beijing's strategy.

Qindil argues that global and regional transformation clearly reflects US colonialism and imperialism. Facts on the ground prove that increasing resistance and muqawama are the only factors that can force the rulers of the United States to recognize the emergence of new balances and rivalries in the world.

IRIB / The Truth Seeker Media