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Prayers for us from people we don't know

Prayers for us from people we don't know

When we feel happiness, really behind the happiness that we feel we have to believe that many people out there that we don't know are always faithful to pray for good for ourselves, When we feel sadness, really behind the sadness we feel, many people don't know out there who are always faithful to pray that we are happy.

Yes, an unknown person's prayer for us is like a heart that is in our body, sincere sincerity just because we want to expect blessings from God alone, he does not want to know its existence, he just wants people he knows or never meets in his life he could feel happiness like the happiness he felt, he just wanted that in every strand of good prayers he said to God could be felt by many people.

It's a noble person who always prays for good for others, oral and heart always wet by Allah's asthma, every breath of breath and heartbeat is dzikir and prayer. Then how about ourselves ... shame when we only pray for the good of ourselves, shame if we only pray for happiness ourselves, not goodness and happiness will feel good if we can share with others.

Allah ta'ala berfirman:

"And those who came after them (Muhajirin and Anshor), they say:" Our Lord, pardon us and our believing brethren before us, and do not let our fury come upon us, the believers. "(QS Al-Hasyr: 10)

For a moment, let's take a look at this beautiful and beautiful story, from a daughter of the Prophet Muhammad, she was the Sayyidah Fatima, As usual, in the last third night, Sayyidah Fatima, the beloved daughter of the Prophet always performed the prayer in his house. Sometimes, he spends his nights with lail qiamu and prayers. Hasan bin Ali, his son, often heard his mother's statement.

One morning, when Sayyidah Fathimah finished praying, Hasan asked a little, "Yes Ummi, from now on, I listen to your prayers, but no prayers do you offer for yourself?" Fathimah replied gently, "Son, pray for your neighbors because when the angels listen to you pray for your neighbor, they will surely pray for you. Is something better than the prayers of the angels who are close to God, our Lord?"

When one prayed for his brother (fellow Muslims) without being told by the prayers, the angels said, "Amin, may you earn as much as you pray." (HR Muslim and Abu Dawud)

Let's start at this time we always play the role of our heart and oral to always pray for good for people we know or people we do not know, it is wonderful when prayers of kindness prayers are prayed by people who are pious.


By: Gunawan Alfarizi, Jakarta


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Gazans Welcome Eid Al-Fitr in Suffering

GAZA, - Middle Gaza residents this year prepared Eid al-Fitr in a state of suffering due to the Israeli blockade and also the closure of borders by Egypt due to deadly attacks on Egyptian military bases in the Gaza and Israel Border.
The deadly attack that took place at the Egyptian military base on the Sinai Peninsula, made Egypt close the Rafah border with Gaza. However, Egypt has reopened the border three days before Idul Fitri.
Although the Rafah border has been reopened, Egypt has imposed strict regulations there. The regulation eliminates the opportunity for tourists to spend Eid holidays with their families and loved ones.
As a result of the Israeli blockade and the closure of the Rafah border, Gazans have experienced increases in prices of basic necessities. This phenomenon affects buying and selling. The sellers asked for high prices due to the difficulty of getting their goods to Gaza. So buyers are forced to buy goods at high prices ahead of the feast.
Gazans also question how to celebrate Eid al-Fitr, while they can only get electricity for several hours every day. Gazans say, many lost the meaning of Eid al-Fitr even before starting. Because they were unable to prepare to welcome Eid al-Fitr in the way they expected.

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Will Zuckerberg Stop Leading Facebook?

Jakarta - Facebook's stock price continues to fall free. The lowest price record occurred recently worth USD 19.06 from the initial price of USD 38. The poor performance of Facebook shares gave rise to speculation that Mark Zuckerberg should not continue to lead Facebook as CEO.

An industry analyst thinks that Zuckerberg, known for his casual dressup, can focus on technology on Facebook. While the Facebook business is held by truly competent people.
"I think there is a lack of trust in its ability to run a corporation," said Andre Stoltman, a securities lawyer in New York diquote from ComputerWorldOn Sunday (08/19/2012).

"Zuckerberg, from any side is indeed a genius. But you should have a chief executive who is mature and more experienced in running the company," he added.

However, Zuckerberg still has support to continue to lead Facebook. Patrik Moorhead, analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy, said it was too early to discuss the possibility of a change in CEO of Facebook.

"He has provided the vision that Facebook needs to be as big as now and they will still need him as a guide. Zuckerberg must remain in the top position now," said Patrik.

Karten Weide as an analyst at IDC also stated that Zuckerberg would not give other people the opportunity to lead the company he founded.

"Mark Zuckerberg will not step down anytime soon. He is a man on a mission, which is to force the world, if necessary, to be more open. And as a man on a mission, he does not prioritize business," said Karten.

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Pesantren Al Fatah Temboro, Birth Da'i Kelana

Pesantren Al Fatah Temboro, Birth Da'i Kelana

Wandering does not only belong to adventurers. The students of Al Fatah Islamic Boarding School, Temboro, Magetan, East Java also like to do it. But the berkelananya is not just wandering, because they carry out a noble mission, which is to spread rahmatan lil 'alamin.

Wandering habits have been around for a long time, even now it has become a 'tradition'. This means that every santri is 'obliged' to do it, as one part of education, besides spreading Islam.

It's just that, in Al Fatah the designation is not wandering, but 'out' or khuruj. Namely preaching somewhere in a few days or months. The place can be in Magetan, or places in various parts of Indonesia. After 'going out' they returned to the pesantren to study again. In a certain time they 'go out' again, then return again. So on.

'Exit' is done in groups, consisting of 7 to 10 people. The cost of travel and life is borne alone by the way each member makes contributions. The magnitude is influenced by the length and duration of preaching. To save costs, they usually bring their own provisions, such as rice, side dishes and kitchen utensils for cooking.

Once the importance of 'going out' is that, if they really do not have provisions, they carry a charcoal, which is the remnants of dried rice. Karak is cooked instead of rice. "Those like this are known as Karak worshipers." said Muhammad Nurrahman, one of the santri.

Usually, the place they are going to is a mosque, where they stay while making the mosque the center of activity. For example, prayer, dhikr, i'tikaf, tadarus Quran, and ta'lim. During the time, they preached from house to house belonging to Muslims around the mosque.

The thing that is emphasized during 'out', they are demanded of service, ie behave like Rasulullah. But there is one thing that is forbidden, which is talking about politics. "In order not to ruin the atmosphere," said one of the senior students who did not want to be named.

Nurrahman felt the benefits after joining 'out'. "As people fill the battery, our faith increases," he said. In addition, he said, the opportunity was also used to practice the knowledge that had been studied in Islamic boarding schools, "So that knowledge develops," another santri added.

Tholhah, a santri from Gunung Kidul Yogyakarta felt a change in him. "It used to be very lazy to go to the mosque, now when I hear the call to prayer, I think I want to run to the mosque immediately," said the teenager who had studied at Al Fatah for three years.

However, for students who have never "come out" there is a distinctive obstacle, namely feeling lazy. That was acknowledged by the Alawi santri, a santri from Wonokromo Surabaya. "But after a few 'exits' it was delicious," he said. What is it like? "Well, the thing is delicious," he said then laughed.

Almost finished

Located about 4 kilometers behind the Gelodok sugar factory, Al Fatah is an old boarding school, since it was founded in the Dutch era, precisely on May 1, 1939. Before 1990 the development of boarding schools was very slow. At first, the number of santri was 'only' 400 people. KH Mahmud, the leader of Al Fatah at the time made a new policy, namely to instruct his santri to 'get out'. The policy was carried out in 1990 after KH Mahmud arrived at an Indian man named Mustaqim. This guest is one of the activists of the Tablighi Jamaah who is on a missionary journey in Indonesia. When returning to India, KH Mahmud was invited as well as to see the development of da'wah there. Once back in Indonesia, at that time the policy was implemented in Al Fatah.

Something new often makes controversy. And that's how it happened. As a result of the policy, Al Fatah was deemed to have deviated from the teachings of the Ahlussunnah waljamaah. As a result, many parents then withdraw their children. Even at that time the number of Al Fatah students was almost gone. But over time, the tradition of 'going out' was acceptable to the people. Until now, the number of Al Fatah students has reached more than 7,000. Temboro village has become a santri village, on every corner it will easily be found by people who are religious.

Now, Al Fatah is led by KH Uzairon, a person who was named in the Tablighi Jamaat, especially in East Java. Every night Friday thousands of JT activists from various regions in Indonesia gather here to listen to Gus Ron's tausiyah-tausiyah, as he is usually called his congregation.

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This Ramadhan, Our School Is Dead Again Suri

This Ramadhan, Our School Is Dead Again Suri

It has been almost four months since I and SGI3 friends from Dompu, NTB, tried to serve. Various shock culture we have met and passed. Starting from language, food, shelter, to culture in the community. Including the culture of students taking a break from school during Ramadan. Therefore, maintaining students to go to school during Ramadan is the main homework for me.

Since before entering the month of Ramadan I have often heard complaints from teachers (as well as to convince me) that in Ramadan there are no students who want to go to school. The school becomes suspended. Government regulations which cover on H-3 Eid must still be carried out. The teachers come without students. when I asked why that was so, the teachers assured me that the children followed MI (private school) students who were off during the month of Ramadan. In addition, according to my observations, there are often no activities in the school which also contribute. Students come to school, play, and two hours later come to the teacher to ask: "Second grade ule teacher?" ("The teacher returned home in the second grade?", Lombok Language). The teacher's answer, which usually states "No", will get additional complaints from students who then return to play. This phenomenon occurs evenly, at least in the schools that I have met in remote areas.

I decided to hold a flash boarding school. Sending a notification letter to the school to keep the student guardian failed because the beginning of Ramadan continued with the semester vacation time. As a result, I wrote an announcement on the school entrance schedule along with activities that students would follow on each class of the board. After that, I collected and explained the announcement to students who were only 50 people from 144. Their speech was extraordinary. At that time they also asked me to go home to bring mats and prayer equipment. Because there will be ablution activities every time before entering the class, we (me and the students) agreed to go to school using sandals during the lightning pesantren.

Our series of lightning pesantren activities began with the Dhuha prayer, then continued with lectures from religious teachers, then recited. My recitation activity was divided into three groups. the first is the Iqra group, the Al-Quran group, and the Khataman group. The khataman group consists of students who have been fluent in reading the Koran and targeting one time in the month of Ramadan. The method takes turns reading one verse while sitting in a circle, while the other group is guided by the teachers. I also target students memorizing the letters Al-Ikhlas, Al-Falaq, An-Nas, and Al-Kautsar. Cooperative learning methods are very effective in the practice of memorizing these short letters, where students who have memorized teach friends / classmates who have not memorized. Dhuha prayer every morning in a loud voice also helps low-class students to memorize quickly.

The first week, the arrival of students continued to increase to reach almost 80 people. However, there are still doubts about the arrival of students in the following week. The second week, the arrival of students declined again as in the beginning of Ramadan. But I remain optimistic, because fluctuating student arrivals every day, on average around 50 people, are far better than near-death schools, he he. Because at the beginning of the third week I had to go to the city to go to National Education and not enter one day, surprisingly the next day the students who came were only 17 people. At this time, of course, there are many pessimistic voices that emerge from students. Even though I have carefully entrusted the teachers to run the Ramadhan agenda as usual when I am absent.

Finally, I decided to announce at the village mosque so that the students' guardians would send their children to school until the time specified by the government. Because the teacher I asked for please refused, so I made my own announcement at the mosque using Indonesian. While many student guardians do not speak Indonesian. The teachers in the Lombok transmigration area are also mostly Dompu people.

This announcement is less effective. The students who arrived were only around 20 people.

This series of lightning pesantren activities is closed with a vibrant Ramadan contest. No half-hearted, in collaboration with SGI3 friends in one sub-district, I made a one-district contest for SD / MI. The socialization activities carried out by the principals were received positively. Even though in reality, only 1/3 of the schools participated. The causes varied, from the school that did not come during the socialization to the schools in the Balinese transmigration area where all the students were Hindus. The competition that was held was the adzan competition, the little preacher, tilawah and saritilawah. We convey honestly the source of funds for prizes from the registration fees of the participants, which is Rp.10000 / race. So the prize that will be obtained adjusts to the number of participants.

Alhamdulillah, the race went quite lively, my students faithfully hosted and were good supporters for their friends who took part in the race. The school became very crowded with reverberations echoing before the race began. For three days, this activity was closed with a lecture from a cleric of our friends in Dompu, who sincerely contributed without being paid. Thanks to Allah, the prizes received by the winners were quite lively, namely complete stationery: pencil boxes, books, pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, and pencil sharpeners.

The biggest lesson I got was the initial commitment that came true. As long as there are certain activities that are consistently carried out in school, students will definitely go to school. In a very simple way, God embodies my dream, breaking the reality of the culture of students leaving themselves in the month of Ramadan. With lightning boarding schools, it has been proven, our school is no longer suspended.

By: Clara Novita

SGI3 Guru Dhuafa Volunteer Teacher

Fimadani/The Truth Seeker Media

Obama Worries in Upcoming Elections, Why?

The United States presidential election is only 80 days away. Meanwhile President Barack Obama and candidates from the Democrat camp claimed it was not easy to defeat his Republican rival Mitt Romney.

Obama warned his supporters that he was not Usain Bolt who successfully won two 2012 Olympic gold in London.
Obama stressed that his nomination to become US president would be a fight to the finish line, not an easy match to win as Bolt did. Sunday local time, Obama gathered with his supporters from the elite of Chicago in his magnificent Georgian house in the Hyde Park area. Obama himself has long left his private home since being elected President of the United States in 2008.

About a hundred Chicago eliet people who donated $ 40 thousand to get exclusive campaign invitations. They listened to Obama who said the US Presidential Election which will take place on November 6 will be a very tight battle between him against Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

Obama again asked for support from the Chicago elite.

"This will not be a match like when Usain Bolt competed, where we were 40 yards (about 37 meters) ahead and we could reduce speed, and jogged about three meters before the finish line," Obama said, referring to legendary runners from Jamaica won two golds from the 100 meters and 200 meters in the run of two consecutive Olympics.

He added, "But we really have to live it. We will not only win, but also will make America more advanced." "Every election, candidate or president will say, 'this is the most important election in my life'," Obama said jokingly.

"On behalf of Michelle and myself, I want to thank you and also remind you, this will be a tight election. We only have 86 days. And now is not the time to be tired and tired. Now is the time to work twice as hard," Obama concluded as quoted by AFP.

In America itself, it is currently stated that if the current presidential election is held, Obama will only be ahead of Romney, around 4 percent. This prediction for a president who has experience and easy access to media is no guarantee of victory. The history of elections in America shows that until now there has been no president of this country elected for the second time when the country experienced unemployment above eight percent. This means that every poll that shows Obama's superiority from Romney when the unemployment rate in this country is quite high, can be digested as a form of deviation.

However, raising funds raised by the Democratic team's success team is greater than what the Republic has collected. This still raises optimism for Democrats to hold campaigns to attract votes from independent camps.

Based on the data collected at this time there are still around 25 percent of those who have the right to vote yet to decide to choose Romney or Obama. These people are not tied to a particular party, they choose candidates based on the personal criteria of the presidential candidate or the work program offered. In these conditions, Obama is quite difficult because he is considered to have failed in dealing with various crises such as deployment, the state budget deficit and the termination of a number of public welfare programs due to the absence of a central or state government budget.

The Republican camp is predicted to be easier to deal with this condition because it is not involved in the White House. On the other hand, the poll stated that in the next period of Congress, the number of Republicans in parliament would increase and the composition of the two camps in the Congress would be balanced. In conditions like this the vice president's voice which can also be called the chairman of the Senate will be very decisive.

With predictions of increasing Republican membership in parliament, even if Obama wins, he will have difficulty running his program, at least for the next two years. Therefore, by looking at Obama's uncertain victory in the upcoming presidential election, the political conditions in this country will become increasingly turbid.

IRIB / The Truth Seeker Media

Tips for Online Shopping Tricks on Vacation

Jakarta - Almost every aspect of our lives, the internet has changed the way we shop too. Online stores are always available. The price does not include the price of fuel (fuel oil), parking and does not spend time.

You can get almost anything you want from almost anything anywhere in the world. According to the 2012 Ipsos Global Survey, 4 out of 10 internet users in Indonesia like to shop online. This has recorded 40 million online buyers in Indonesia last year and it is estimated that there will be 175 million online shoppers in 2016 in Indonesia.

However, online transactions involve some of the most sensitive things such as personal and financial information that can be misused by cyber criminals.

Norton Cyber ​​Crime Report 2011: Human Impact reveals that more than 1 million adults worldwide have become victims of daily cybercrime. In other words, 7 out of 10 adults have become victims of cybercrime in their lives.

Phishing and pharming is an example where cyber criminals use fake e-mails or web pages to trick people into leaking account numbers and passwords. Once they get this information in their hands, they just click a few accounts or misuse your identity.

A major online risk is the use of a keylogger that can be installed on the system without your knowledge to capture everything you type - whether it's your username, password or account number and send that information back to cybercriminals.

So, here are the questions we need to ask before shopping online. Is my password and credit card number safe when entered into cyberspace? Can my security software detect and remove crimeware? How do you find out the fake e-mail and original website?

Be Alert, Skeptical & Smart

As a buyer, you need to be aware of the dangers and know that making a bad decision can cause many losses and costs if you are not careful. Here are some tips to keep in mind during Lebaran Holidays:

- Use non-debit credit
If you happen to be a victim of a scam, the credit card company may be able to reverse the allegation if you can prove that you have been a victim. With a debit card, the money is gone and there is little chance that money can be replaced.

- Beware of bulk e-mail
This is often clear when the e-mail you get on a PC or mobile phone is a mass mail that tries to reach you to buy and buy. If you make a general rule not to buy from companies that send spam, you have saved yourself from many problems.

-. Beware of fake websites
Make sure it's an original website. See if the company logo looks different. Is your color off right? Is it spelled correctly? Are there grammatical errors in the text you read?

- Protect your social media network activities too
Facebook has millions of users and this means that cyber criminals are constantly looking for ways to infiltrate the network to steal people's identities and personal information.

- Stay calm and use your common sense
Yes, most websites and emails are really safe from danger. But there are cyber criminals out there, using this year's vacation time as the percentage of fraud and illegal activity on the Internet soars because there are some of us shopping online during holidays.

Be careful and use your best judgment so you can avoid casualties during special times of the year.

Finally, just like keeping physical files and money at home, you also have to maintain digital trading facilities safely. With a comprehensive, legitimate and up-to-date security solution that not only removes the uncertainty associated with online transactions, it makes your online shopping more secure.

*) Author, Effendy Ibrahim is Norton Internet Safety Advocate and Director, Asia, Consumer Business.

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Apple Gadgets Make Home Thieves Steve Jobs Caught

United States of America - Thieves in action at the house of the late Steve Jobs have been caught. Reportedly the police succeeded in tracking the whereabouts of the perpetrators after he turned on the stolen device.

The perpetrator who was homeless had previously stolen several Apple devices such as two iMac units, three iPads, one Apple TV, and a number of jewelry. The total value reaches USD 60 thousand.

Shortly after breaking into Steve Jobs's house, a thief named Kariem McFarlin (35 years) from Alameda, California was arrested and charged with theft in housing and selling stolen property. Then what made it so quickly captured?

As quoted from sophosOn Thursday (08/16/2012), the perpetrator was caught shortly after he turned on the stolen Apple device. Automatically the device communicates to the Steve Jobs house and the Apple campus in Cupertino to do update.

it is not difficult for the authorities to track the whereabouts of the thieves, moreover by default the stolen devices send the location coordinates to the Apple server. Moreover, all stolen products have also been embedded in tracking applications such as Find my iPad or Find My Mac.

As a result of the incident, McFarlin was imprisoned on bail of USD 500 thousand while waiting for the trial to take place on August 20. According to the Prosecutor, he will face charges of 8 years in prison if found guilty. But authorities believe, he did not realize it had broken into Jobs's house.

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Twitter Founder Create a Blogging Site

San Francisco - There are many ways to pour and share writing or photos online. The founders of Twitter enriched the choice of the blogging platform by developing Medium.

Medium is claimed as an alternative blogging tool for those who feel limited by Twitter, also overwhelmed by using Blogger or Tumblr.
Currently, Medium is only limited to preview mode and will continue to be developed.

This project attracted attention because there were two prominent names behind it, namely Twitter founder Evan Williams and Biz Stone.

CNN quoted on Thursday (08/16/2012), Medium is the latest product from the Obvious Corporation. The founding duo of Twitter has a big vision for blogging tools.

"We are realizing publishing in an effort to make something revolutionary, based on everything we learned in the last 13 years and user needs," Williams said.

Medium design looks like a Tumblr or a minimalist WordPress theme. The content post can be in the form of large photos, writing, or a combination of both.

This content will be arranged in collections such as Pinterest and can be displayed according to its popularity based on community voting results, for example, such as Reddit and Digg sites.

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Priority And Evidence About the Fasting of Shawwal

Dari Abu Ayyub al-Anshari radhiyallahu 'anhu, Rasulullah shallallahu' alaihi wa sallam bersabda,

My Ramadan is the third person of your Lord

"Whoever fasts (in the month) of Ramadhan, then he will follow it with (fasting sunnah) six days in the month of Syawwal, then (he will get the reward) like fasting a full year." [1]

This great hadith shows the priority of the fast of the six-day sunnah of the month of Syawwal, which includes the great gift of Allah to His servants, with the ease of obtaining a full year's reward of fasting without any significant difficulty.

Pearl of wisdom that we can quote from this hadith:

The reward of good deeds will be multiplied to ten times, because the fasting of Ramadhan plus the fast of six days in the month of Syawwal becomes thirty-six days, the reward is multiplied ten times to three hundred and sixty days, equal to one full year (Hijri year).

This priority is for those who have perfected the month of Ramadhan and have been in charge of the fast of Ramadan fasting if any, according to the words of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam above: "Whoever has fasting (in the month of Ramadan)", then for those who have fasting debts Ramadhan is obliged to discharge / repay his futures first, then fast Syawwal [4].

However, whoever fasts Syawwal before paying Ramadhan's fasting debt, then his fasting law is valid, his obligation to pay the debt of Ramadhan fasting [5].

It is especially important if the six-day fast is done consecutively, as it is included in the merits of goodness, though it is permissible not to be consecutively. [6]

It is more important if this fast is done immediately after the Idhul Fithri feast, because it includes being haste in kindness, showing love for fasting and not getting tired of doing it, and so that later obstacles will not arise if it is postponed

Performing Shawwal fasting shows the love of a Muslim for fasting and that this worship is not burdensome and boring, and this is a sign of the perfection of his faith [8].

Sunnah worship is the perfection of the obligatory obligations of worship, as shown in the authentic hadiths [9].

The sign of accepting a charity by Allah, is to actively perform other charitable acts afterwards [10].

5 things about Shawwal fasting

The philosophy of fasting for 6 days in Shawwal after a full month of fasting in Ramadan is the same as fasting a year, because every hasanah (goodness) is rewarded ten times as much.

Getting fast after Ramadan has many benefits, including:

1. Fasting six days in the month of Shawal after Ramadhan, is a complement and perfection of reward from fasting a full year.

2. The fast of Shawwal and Sya'ban is like the prayer of sunnah rawatib, functioning as a perfection of deficiency, because on the Day of Resurrection the deed of fardhu will be perfected (equipped) with the actions of sunnah. As information came from the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam in various narratives. The majority of fardhu fasting that the Muslims do have disadvantages and imperfections, it requires something that covers and refines it.

3. Getting used to fasting after Ramadan signifies the acceptance of Ramadan fasting, because if Allah Taala accepts a servant's charity, surely He helps him in increasing good deeds afterwards. Some wise people say: "The reward of good deeds is the good that exists afterwards." Therefore, whoever does good then continues with another good, then it is a sign of the blessing of the first charity. Likewise, vice versa, if someone does a good thing then is followed by a bad one then it is a sign of being rejected by the first charity.

4. Fasting Ramadhan - as mentioned in advance - can bring maghfirah to the sins of other times. The fasting person of Ramadhan will get his reward on the fasting day of Fitri, which is the day of the gift, then familiarizing the fast after Idul Fitri is a form of gratitude for this favor. And there is no greater favor than the forgiveness of sins.

5. And among the benefits of the six-day fast of the month of Shaykh is the deeds which a slave performed to draw near to his Lord during the month of Ramadhan is unbroken with the passing of this glorious month, as long as he lives.


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Undergroundtauhid/The Truth Seeker Media

Hartati Murdaya Donates SBY's Campaign

Jakarta - Admittedly, Hartati Murdaya was a contributor to SBY's campaign in the Presidential Election, both in 2004 and 2009. Nevertheless, Hartati was not the biggest contributor to SBY's campaign.
"Who said Mrs. Hartati was the biggest contributor to SBY's campaign. Many of our members contributed," said Democratic Party Advisory Board member Syarief Hasan to reporters at BRI Building, Jakarta, Friday (8/10).
Hartati Murdaya is a slippery figure in carrying out her business actions. He always arrived at the State Palace to get protection from the authorities. This is done so that each of the company's corporate actions is safe. When talking to Hartati Murdaya, at the time of Megawati Soekarnoputri, she, through her husband, Murdaya Poo, joined the Palace. The era changed, Hartati arrived at SBY.
Relations between Hartati Murdaya and the SBY regime are like symbiosis of mutualism. Hartati made SBY a place of refuge. Hartati Murdaya is accustomed to using power to reap the benefits. On the other hand, SBY's finances were assisted by Hartati Murdaya, as happened in SBY's campaign during the 2004 and 2009 presidential elections.

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Jamsostek, 9 Trillion of No-Man's Funds

PT Jamsostek will track the owner of a total fund of around Rp. 9 trillion which is still stored in the BUMN account.
President Director of PT Jamsostek Hotbonar Sinaga in Jakarta, Wednesday, said the funds belonged to around 17 million workers who had been categorized as inactive participants. Inactive participants are participants who for six consecutive months do not pay contributions. Accompanying Hotbonar HR Director of PT Jamsostek Joko Sungkono and Director of Development Planning and IT of PT Jamsostek HD Suyono.
From the available data, those who were not active were registered since 33 years ago, so that the BUMN assessed the possibility of those inactive participants who had died. When answering the question, Joko said, the accumulation of such funds was because PT Jamsostek changed the manual data collection system to a computerized system.
The system change resulted in the finding that around 21 million participants were not actively paying their contributions. Of the 21 million, around 4 million participants are awaiting the disbursement of old age guarantees so that even 5 years are in accordance with existing regulations. The funds that will be claimed as liquid JHT aids are around Rp. 4.9 trillion. "So there is around Rp. 9 trillion which is not clear where the owner is," Joko said.
When answering the question whether the main difficulty was finding data on the whereabouts of the participants, Joko said that not only was the existence of workers unclear, some of the companies had also disbanded. "In a company that still exists, we will easily trace it, which is difficult if the company has also disbanded," said Hotbonar.
He explained, the condition occurred because the company did not notify workers that they were entitled to JHT funds if they stopped working or retired. On the other hand, the weakness of the data that is currently owned, only in the form of names, places of birth date, starting work and position. "There is no address and contact number of workers so we lost contact if we wanted to contact them," said Hotbonar.
He also explained, the motivation to trace the workers' funds was because PT Jamsostek did not want to save funds that were not their rights. "We don't want to straddle funds that are not our right," said the Managing Director who is also a lecturer at the FE UI. The difficulty of tracing the legal owner of the fund makes PT Jamsostek careful in disbursing it, because they do not want the funds to fall to those who are not entitled.
Then, if the owner is not traced, the owner will also not find it, Joko said he would ask for a legal fatwa so that the distribution or use of the funds would not be mistaken. "First of all, we want to return the funds to the rightful ones. It requires hard work so that we remain trustworthy in managing workers' funds," Joko said.

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Naked in the Church, MTV Presenter Arrested

mtv.jpg (105 x 68)

, - The reality show host Jason "Mayhem" Miller yesterday was thrown into jail for alleged theft. Miller was arrested after being found naked in a church in the southern state of California, United States.

After being arrested, Miller was detained with a security deposit of USD 20 thousand. The plan for the first trial session for Miller will be held on Wednesday (8/15) tomorrow.
The Associated Press reported on Tuesday (15/8), spokesman for the Sheriff Mission Viejo office, Jim Amormino, revealed that priests at the Mission Hills Church in the town of Mission Viejo, California, called the authorities after finding signs of a burglary on Monday (13 /8 am. Moments later, officers arrived and found Miller lying naked on the sofa. "When asked what his name was, he answered 'Mayhem,'" Amornimo said.
He added, officers also found evidence that Miller lit a fire extinguisher inside the church. Miller, who had fought in several mixed martial arts competitions including the UFC, reportedly did not fight at all when he was taken by officers to the police station.
Miller, who a few months ago claimed he would soon retire from a professional martial arts event, also hosted the "Bully Beatdown" program aired on MTV. The event challenged bullies or 'bullies' to compete against professional mixed martial arts athletes for money.

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US Not Shocked by Egyptian Military Overhaul

The United States has predicted Egypt will overhaul the military by firing the commander of the armed forces, according to an official Pentagon statement.

Marshal Mohammed Hussein Tantawi, who was known to be close to the US military for decades, was ordered to retire on Sunday (12/08).

The policy came out after several weeks of tension between Mursi and the military.

Although President Mursi's announcement surprised observers, the BBC reporter in Washington reported that the US showed no signs of being surprised.

The Pentagon, as the largest donor agency for the Egyptian military, said it would continue to maintain good relations with the Egyptian military.

"We have expected President Mursi at one time to coordinate leadership changes in the military, by appointing a new team," Pentagon spokesman George Little told reporters.

"The US and especially the Department of Defense will continue close cooperation with SCAF (the High Council of the Armed Forces of Egypt)."

But new US aid worth more than US $ 1 billion for the Egyptian military is expected to be followed by an increase in conditions or warnings.

BBC reporters report that a number of names in the new team were mostly officers trained in the US and known to the Pentagon.

Marshal Tantawi's position as military commander and defense minister was replaced by the head of military intelligence Abdul Fattah al-Sisi.

"The new defense minister is someone we know, he is from a high-ranking circle of officers in SCAF and we believe we will continue the strong partnership that has been built with Egypt," Little said.

He added that US Defense Minister Leon Panetta would soon meet with his new counterpart in Egypt in the possibility of an immediate time.

US State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland said it was important for Egypt's civil and military leadership to work together "" to improve the goal of democratic transition in Egypt. "

Egypt has been a key US ally since 1979 when the Israeli-Egyptian peace agreement was agreed.

But when Mursi Islamists were elected president in the first democratic election, there were fears that he might review the peace agreement.

So far the Egyptian military has not shown signs of resistance to the replacement of Marshal Tantawi.

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Israel Bikin RUU Aqsha Mosque Used for Islamic-Jewing

Zionist Israel is constantly seeking ways to control the Aqsa Mosque. The latest way is to form a bill made by the right-wing group of the Israeli Parliament which regulates the rotation of the use of the Alaqsa Mosque as a place of worship for Muslims and Jews. Inevitably, the bill was criticized.

Al Arabiya reported, in the bill it was mentioned that it would make the Alaqsa Mosque the same as the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron which was also mentioned as a Jewish place of worship. If the law is passed, the Al Aqsa Mosque must be opened every day for Jews, except Friday and on Islamic holidays. And it must be closed for Muslims every Saturday and on Jewish holidays.

As written in the Jerusalem Post, the bill also designed hours of worship, namely for Jews from 8:00 to 11:00, 14:00 to 18:00 and 21:00 to 23:00. While the hours of Muslim worship are from 04: 00-07: 00, 11: 00-14: 00 and 18: 00-21: 00. If the Islamic and Jewish holidays coincide on the same day, then a special schedule must be established by the Ministry of Religious Services.

Certainly, if the bill is a goal there will be armed clashes in the area. Middle East Monitor reported that the senior imam of Al Aqsa Mosque Syeikh Ikrimah Sabri criticized the proposal. He cited the plan as an aggressive act and affirmed the existence of a Jewish rotten plan against Al Aqsa Mosque at all levels.

Sheikh Sabri, who is also the leader of the Islamic Supreme Council in Al Quds (Jerusalem), insists Al Aqsha is not a material

to be negotiated. "It is the duty of every leader and Muslim to maintain and protect him. Jews have no business with the Al Aqsa Mosque," said Sheikh Sabri.

The Palestinian news agency WAFA reported, the bill was designed by Knesset Member Aryeh Eldad of the National Union. The bill was allegedly ordered by the United States Government who criticized Zionist policies that prohibit non-Muslims from worshiping in the Haram Al Syarif complex, where the Al Aqsa Mosque is located.

Eldad told the Jerusalem Post that the place was the most sacred place of the Jews. Jews claim the Al Aqsa Mosque was built on the ruins of Solomon Temple or Solomon's Temple.

Despite criticism, Israeli legislative member Likud Party, Zeev Elikin said he would fight for the bill to be passed.

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Jewish settlers spray poison on livestock belonging to Palestinians, a group of dead sheep

Dissatisfied with targeting Palestinians and their agriculture, extremist Jewish settlers also target livestock belonging to Palestinian Muslims. A group of Jewish settlers sprayed poisonous liquid at a group of shepherds near the city of Yatta, south of Al-Khalil (Hebron), causing a flock of sheep to die, reports PIC.

The coordinator of the people's committee opposed the barrier walls and settlements in Yatta, Ratib al-Jabour, said that the sheep belonging to a resident named Jihad Noajah, had died after grazing land was sprayed with poison by Jewish settlers from the Susiya settlement south of Yatta.

Meanwhile, the head of the village council of Wadi al-Maleh, Arif Daraghmeh, stated that Israeli Zionist authorities had ordered Palestinian badui in Wadi al-Maleh in Jordan to pay an expensive fine of up to 15,000 Shekels as ransom of their livestock seized a few days ago .

Daraghmeh added that Palestinian residents had lost a number of cows killed by confiscation while others were still detained by Zionists even after they paid fines.

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Strange, Economy Minister Hatta Rajasa Doesn't Know There Are Fruit Imports from Israel

coordinating Minister for the Economy Hatta Rajassa admitted that he only found out that there were fruits from Israel that entered Indonesian territory. In fact, so far, Indonesia has never opened diplomatic relations with Israel, including trade relations.

"I just heard that, about the import of fruit from Israel," Hatta said when met after a coordination meeting on the construction of the Jatigede Dam at the office of the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, Tuesday, August 14, 2012.

Although only heard, Hatta promised to follow up on the chaotic import of Israeli fruit. He will also check whether the fruit is from Israel. "We will check from where the goods are. Do not let our country become the entry point for all kinds of goods. Poor our farmers. We must protect them from imported goods," he said.

Hatta has not been able to say whether Israeli fruit imports are truly illegal. He said, he would not give too many statements until there was certainty about the import of the fruit.

Previously, Deputy Secretary General of the PPP DPP Husnan Bey Fananie condemned the entry of imported fruits from Israel such as dates and oranges from Shantang. He considered the products from Israel were illegal because there were no diplomatic and trade relations between Indonesia and Israel.

The DPR Commission XI member also asked the Commission VI to immediately call the government. He felt the government needed to conduct evaluations and investigations to reveal those responsible for the escape of Israeli products into the domestic market.

Data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) as of August 7, 2012 launched, two of the nine largest types of imported fruit that were in demand by Indonesian consumers came from Israel. In June, 20.6 tons of dates worth US $ 191,300 from Israel entered Indonesia. While Shantang oranges entered Indonesia in April 2012 as much as 0.666 tons with a value of US $ 709.

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Former Disney Demanding Officer Due to Ban on Veiling

A former restaurant worker at Disneyland sued Walt Disney Co on Monday for religious abuse and discrimination, saying he was fired for wanting to wear a headscarf while working.

Imane Boudlal, 28 years old and a Muslim, working as a waiter at Storytellers Cafe, a restaurant at the Grand California Hotel & Spa in the Disneyland neighborhood in Anaheim, California, according to data in federal court.

After working for two years, Boudlal requested permission to wear the hijab while working. He said he offered to wear headscarves with matching colors with working uniforms or those with the Disney logo.

In the claim file, Disney managers were said to have refused the request, saying it violated company policies regarding the appearance of employees at work. Included in the company's policy is the ban on showing tattoos and hand nails that exceed one quarter of an inch, according to a statement in the dossier.

Boudlal said that he was given the choice to work in the back office and not connect with customers, or wear a fedora hat on his headscarf. When Boudlal refused, he was fired.

Boudlal, a US citizen born in Morocco, said that he was also the target of anti-Arab and anti-Muslim ridicule, including getting "terrorist" and "camel" calls from colleagues and superiors. According to him, he had reported these events to managers, but they never took action.

"Disneyland calls itself the nicest place on Earth, but I faced abuse from the moment I started working," Boudlal said in a statement issued by the American Civil Independence Union in Southern California. "The situation got worse when I decided to wear the hijab."

Disney said that they offered several costume options that could accommodate the Boudlal religion, including four different positions where he could wear a headscarf.

"Walt Disney Parks and Resorts has a history of accommodating requests based on worker religion of all beliefs," said Disneyland Resort spokesman Suzi Brown in a written statement.

"Unfortunately, [Boudlal] rejected all our efforts and has since refused to return to work," Brown said.

Boudlal's demands are asking for legal action for the loss he suffered and the order that Disney should not ban his employer wearing a hijab. He also requested that Disney be instructed to conduct anti-abuse training for employees on Muslim-related issues.

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The History of Islamic State in Arakan

by: Farid Wadjdi

Arakan, an area where the majority of Rohingya Muslims live, existed even before the Burmese State was born after being granted independence by Britain in 1948. Muslims in Indonesia have for centuries lived as sultanates of independent Islam. In fact what happened was colonization by the British Buddhist and Colonial kingdoms in the country.

Historians say that Islam entered the country in 877 AD during the Caliph Harun ar-Rasyid. At that time the Daula al-Khilafah became the largest country in the world for several centuries. Islam began to spread throughout Burma when they saw its greatness, truth and justice.

Muslims ruled Arakan province for more than three and a half centuries between 1430 and 1784 AD The suffering of Muslims there began to occur when both Buddhist colonists and British colonialists colonized the land. Following are the important years of suffering from Rohingya Muslims.

1784 AD: The Buddhist kingdom coalition attacks the province and occupies the Arakan region. They revive the damage in the province. They killed the Muslims, killed the Muslim clerics and the dai. They also robbed the wealth of the Muslims, destroying Islamic buildings in the form of mosques and schools. It was because of their envy and their fanaticism towards their kejahiliyahan budhism.

1824 AD: Britain occupies Burma including the Arakan region and implements their occupation of Burma.

1937: Colonial Britain occupies Arakan province by force and combines it with Burma (which was then a separate British colony from the British government in India). To subjugate Muslims to be controlled and colonized, the British arm the Buddhists.

1942: More than 100,000 Muslims are massacred by Buddhists and hundreds of thousands of people flee abroad.

1948 AD: Britain gives Burma formalistic independence. Previously, in 1947 the British held a conference to prepare for independence and invited all groups and races in the country except Rohingya Muslims. At the conference, Britain set promises of independence to each group or tribe ten years later. But the Burmese government did not implement it. What happened was the suppression of the Muslims who continued.

1962: There is a military coup in Burma under military leadership General Ne Win. The military regime continued the 'important task' of the massacre of Muslims. More than 300 thousand Muslims were expelled to Bangladesh.

1978: the military regime expels half a million Muslims outside Burma. According to the UNHCR, more than 40,000 Muslims consisting of elderly people, women and children died during evictions due to their worrisome conditions.

1982: the operation to abolish the nationality of Muslims because it was considered a non-native Burmese citizen.

1988 M: more than 150 thousand Muslims were forced to flee abroad. The Myanmar government prevents Muslim children from getting an education. To reduce the population, Muslims are prohibited from marrying before thirty years of age.

1991: more than half a million Muslims are displaced by the oppression they experience.

2012: In June Buddhists carried out an attack on a bus carrying Muslims and killed nine of them. Conflicts tend to be left by the government. Murder, house burning and expulsion occur. Tens of thousands of Muslims left their homes. Bangladesh refused to help Muslims who arrived in Bangladesh. This country even returns and closes borders for its Muslim brothers. There are no exact numbers of Muslim victims, but it is suspected that tens of thousands of Muslims were killed after the conflict resumed in early June 2012.

Security will not return to the property of Muslims in the country unless it returns to the Khilafah. They have taken shelter under the Khilafah since the time of Caliph Harun ar-Rasyid for more than three and a half centuries. So it is the Caliphate that gives them security and spreads goodness throughout the world. May the Khilafah be near its existence, with the permission of Allah.

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