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Saudi Arabia Hit by Fuel Scarcity

Saudi Arabian media reported that the oil-producing country and the owner of the world's largest oil reserves were facing a fuel crisis, especially gas stations (SPBU) in al-Qasim Province until it was closed.

According to the Fars News report, the al-Wiam newspaper, a print of Saudi Arabia in its report, said that al-Qasim Province was facing a fuel crisis and even a number of gas stations in the region had to be closed.

According to reports also covered by other Saudi media, there were long queues at the al-Qasim provincial gas station and roads leading to refueling.

The owner of the gas station assessed the Aramco company as the party that caused this crisis and said that the company refused to send fuel and refined oil products.

This crisis was also reported to spread to other regions in Saudi Arabia, even reaching Riyadh. The fuel crisis in al-Qasim was so serious that a number of factories had to be closed.

Saudi Arabia is currently facing a fuel crisis, even though this country is the world's largest oil producer and has the largest oil reserves. Riyadh officials who followed the US policy in imposing Iranian oil sanctions promised to meet the shortage of oil supplies in the world.

The al-Watan newspaper also confirmed the scarcity of fuel in Saudi Arabia and cited an official government source reporting that this loss was caused by damage at the country's oil refinery.

Some time ago the Aramco company was attacked by a virus and as a result 30 thousand of the company's computers were infected with the virus. Aramco company officials stated that the virus attack was under control and the company's entire computer system was operating again.

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This is the Statement of the Palestinian Officials regarding the Declaration of the 16th NAM Summit

Palestinian detainee minister Isa Qaraqa said the final declaration High-level Non-Aligned Movement Conference (GNB) The 16th in Tehran specifically related to the statement of solidarity to Palestinian prisoners who are in prison in the Zionist regime of Israel is an important step in internationalizing the problem of detainees.

"This statement is very important and shows the level of international solidarity in supporting the release of Palestinian prisoners," Qaraqa said as quoted by Egypt's al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper on Saturday (1/9).

He added, GNB member countries demanded the release of Pelestina prisoners and considered Israeli aggression as a real violation of international law.

"GNB member countries condemned the violation," he concluded.
The meeting of leaders of NAM member countries in Tehran, the capital of Iran, ended on Friday (31/8).

The summit ended by issuing a final declaration in particular the statement of solidarity with Palestinian prisoners and demanding their release and urging the international community to realize that demand.

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The Republican Republic of Indonesia against Critical Barack Obama

Recognition of the failure of the United States in leading the world is the agenda of the talks of Condoleezza Rice, former US Secretary of State and John McCain, former Republican presidential election candidates at the Republican National Congress. Rice, who under the administration of George W. Bush once served as a national security advisor and was later appointed as foreign minister to discuss the fading of America's position in the four-year Democratic administration.

Rice said the US was "leaving a free trade arena" under Obama. He argued that while America had ratified only 3 trade agreements in recent years - all during the previous administration under President George W. Bush - China had signed 15 trade agreements, and was negotiating 20 more.

Meanwhile, the Republican American Senator, John McCain of the Republic, made a speech critical of Obama's foreign policy on Tuesday, at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida. He said the president had repeatedly failed to support allies around the world and others who had tried to oppose tyranny and dictatorship.

McCain called Obama's failure to do more to support reformists in Iran who protested the re-election of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and said Obama caused the opposition to fail in Syria, which is struggling to overthrow the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

He also criticized Obama for allowing countries such as Russia and China to have too much influence on American foreign policy. McCain said American presidents of the past had always supported people who opposed American enemies and had the courage to confront what he called cruel tyrannies.

McCain said, unlike Obama, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney realized "that America does not lead our enemies will lead" and that Romney has the ability to restore the position of American leadership in the world arena.

Romney-Ryan also joins Obama's criticism

US President Barack Obama continues to be attacked by political opponents. Paul D Ryan, a Republican member, said he joined Mitt Romney in dealing with state matters. In the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida, USA, Wednesday (29/8), the US Vice-President candidate who will be paired with Romney, attacked the Obama administration which was considered incompetent in overcoming economic problems.
"We will solve the nation's economic problems. We don't have much time. But if we are serious, we can do all this," Ryan said in his speech.

Ryan thinks if the Obama administration has run out of ideas to overcome problems in Uncle Sam's country. Ryan's statement continues to attack President Obama's defense and the foreign policy he has taken.

Meanwhile, some experts considered Ryan's words would backfire for him. Ryan will be considered to have no credibility because he continues to attack Obama.

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GNB, New Gazette of Global Cooperation

Non-Aligned Movement High Level Conference the 16th ended Friday (31/8). The meeting which was held in three stages from experts, foreign ministers to heads of state was attended by delegates of 120 member countries and a number of observer countries. Not only that, the GNB Summit this time was also attended by UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon. A number of important issues such as the global political and economic crisis, revived the role of NAM in the international arena, support for the use of nuclear technology for peaceful purposes, the Palestinian problem, reform of the UN structure, the Syrian crisis and the sweeping world peace.

In the declaration read at the end of the closing, all members of the NAM emphasized the increasing role of NAM at the international level. All members also voiced an increase in collective participation to realize the goals of the Non-Aligned Movement. Because the success of GNB can only be achieved through solidarity, cooperation, brotherhood and continuous efforts based on understanding and justice.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at the closing of the conference stated that the success of NAM lies in the extent of the strength of cooperation among members and their participation. Ahmadinejad said, "The final declaration of the summit has been agreed and ratified. The declaration represents a shared view. This is our important political message together to overcome the great obstacles regarding peace and security and justice for the international community." Ahmadinejad added, this important message is justice, equality, respect for the glory of the people and the world, dialogue and continuous mutual cooperation.

Regarding global security issues. The Tehran Declaration alludes to the urgency of nuclear disarmament, and stresses that nuclear weapons owners comply with Article 6 of the NPT concerning nuclear disarmament. NAM members also stressed that all countries have the same right to use nuclear technology for peaceful purposes, including support for Iran which has been using nuclear technology for civilian purposes.

Iran's attitude was emphasized by the Iranian Islamic Revolution's Great Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei at the opening of the summit, which stressed that Iran upheld the principle of "nuclear energy for all and nuclear weapons for no one."
Rahbar said Tehran saw the use of weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear weapons, as "a big and unpardonable sin." He stressed that the elimination of weapons of mass destruction was an urgent need and universal demand.

Rahbar noted that the US and its Western allies had armed the Israeli regime with nuclear weapons and created a major threat to the Middle East region. The Great Leader of the Iranian Islamic Revolution asserted that the US and its lackeys protect Western interests in the name of human rights, launch military intervention into other countries in the name of democracy and attack innocent people with bombs and weapons in the name of eradicating terrorism.

The support of NAM members for the use of nuclear technology for peaceful purposes as carried out by Iran as a member of the IAEA and the signing of the NPT, reaffirmed the pattern of international relations on the basis of cooperation, justice, friendship and mutual respect amid the hegemony of a number of world adidya countries. This big "homework" will be played by Iran in the next three years.

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There is no Twitter and Facebook in Iran

Tehran - The strict supervision of the Iranian government also applies in cyberspace. Social networks like Twitter and Facebook cannot be opened in that country.

During the XVI Non-Aligned Movement summit in Tehran attended by Vice President Boediono, reporters tried to open Twitter but were unsuccessful. If the Twitter address is entered in the browser then the timeline and the little blue bird symbol which is the Twitter logo are invisible. What came out was a full page containing Iranian-language writings on Friday (08/31/2012). The same thing happens when typing a Facebook address into a browser.

Just like Twitter and Facebook, the address also failed to open in Tehran, Iran. When the address is entered into the browser, what appears is a page containing Iranian-language writings just like what you get if you type your twitter address and Facebook in an internet browser.

But the seconds news can still be seen if accessed directly from each channel as in, http: // and AFP news can still be seen if accessed directly from these addresses.

Previous, detikINET on (13/2) then reported in commemoration of the 1979 Islamic Revolution, Iran block a number of sites. The Iranian government tightened internet access control and made sure its citizens could not access popular sites.

Local media reported, around 30 million Iranians reported being unable to access Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and a number of other sites. Quoted from Hacker News, Monday (02/2/2012), the blocking was carried out by Iran since Thursday last week.

Although there has been no official statement from the government, the Iranian media strongly suspected this was done to prevent the outbreak of protests from opposition groups.

Until now, Iranians generally use a kind of 'mouse path' to escape government censorship. But now, it is reported that many Iranian internet users, such programs no longer allow access to sites like Facebook.

Iran does show its ambition to hold full control over information access for its citizens. At present the country led by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is being diligent in testing domestic internet. This network that is claimed to be 'halal', will later restrict Iranians from penetrating foreign sites, including Facebook and Twitter.

The Iranian authorities even require internet cafe owners there to gather information on their clients. If you refuse, the cafe's internet business will be stopped.

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Egypt: Iran Will Be Involved in Discussing Syrian Crisis

As reported by al-Mayadeen television, a spokesman for Egyptian President Muhammad Mursi stated that in the near future a meeting will be held to discuss the Syrian crisis attended by representatives from Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Meanwhile, clashes between Syrian government forces and Western-backed armed terrorist groups in the cities of Homs and Aleppo have resulted in a number of terrorists being killed or injured.

According to Syrian television reports, a Syrian military unit launched a special operation in the area of ​​al-Kalasah, Bustan al-Qasr, al-Sukra and al-Bab in Aleppo resulted in heavy losses on terrorists and a large number of them met death and injury.

A Syrian military unit also clashed with pro-Western terrorist groups in al-Sayid Ali and Quwaires. This incident resulted in a number of members of the terrorist group being killed or injured and the area was successfully cleared of elements of armed groups that disturbed the community.

Syrian troops also held special operations in the area of ​​al-Arima, Aleppo and managed to hit the terrorist group and paid people. In the Qabtan al-Jabal region in Rief Aleppo, the Syrian military also held an anti-terrorist operation and succeeded in killing a large number of these groups.

On the other hand, Syrian forces engaged in the al-Sultaniyah region in Homs succeeded in killing large numbers of terrorist groups and injuring them. Members of the anti-Syrian armed militia killed in this military operation have been identified.

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Crisis in Syria in Bashar Assad's perspective

President of Syria, Bashar Assad when interviewed by television, Ad-Dunya explained the current state of the country and called the crisis the result of a Western conspiracy and a number of Arab countries. Assad stressed, Syria is currently paying its attitude in defending the anti-Zionist Front of the Muqawama Front of Israel.

The Syrian president in his interview signaled an anti-Damascus movement in a number of regional countries. He immediately accused the Turkish government and stressed that Ankara had a direct role in the massacre of the Syrian people.

Turkey and Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Western countries, especially the United States for the past year and a half, have fully supported terrorist groups and made Damascus an arena for armed clashes and internal crises. Civilians in this crisis were the main victims of Western ambitions and their Arab allies.

Funding and weapons support for terrorist groups, sending weapons and terrorist members to Syria includes a strategy for the anti-Syrian front consisting of a combination of the West and a number of Arab countries including Turkey. In addition, the use of international organizations such as the United Nations and the Security Council to pressure the Syrian government is strongly emphasized by the West.

Until now the West has released a number of anti-Syrian resolutions to the UN Security Council, but failed to be ratified because of the veto of China and Russia. China and Russia along with a number of international communities still believe that the crisis in Syria can be resolved through diplomatic channels, but the West and its Arab allies over the past few months have increased communication with the anti-Syrian stronghold, especially those abroad to increase the crisis in Damascus. Their hope is that by fomenting slander and war in Syria they will have a greater chance to carry out military operations in this country.

Political observers say that the planned enactment of a no-fly zone in Syria and the formation of a transitional government indicate that a Western-style anti-Damascus conspiracy has indeed been well organized. The difference is, this time the United States wants to achieve its ambition in Syria through legal channels.

Provocation of public opinion to antagonize Syria is a policy that is applied by the West to Damascus at this time. On the other hand, Western mass media controlled by America and Israel also contributed to spreading this provocation.

Referring to this reality, Bashar Assad stressed, we are entering a regional and international war. To find out the results of this war, enough time is needed. The reality is that currently the entire region is affected by the crisis in Syria. A number of countries in the region such as the Islamic Republic of Iran and Egypt in order to maintain regional stability and security are trying to resolve the crisis in Syria through peaceful means.

The 16th NAM summit in Tehran also put forward various proposals to help resolve the crisis in Syria through diplomatic channels. In the view of Iran and Egypt, the presence of the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon and the gathering of leaders and officials of 120 world countries on Tehran is a golden opportunity for 2/3 members of the United Nations to exchange views on the Syrian crisis, far from American and Western influences. Thus the best solution is expected to be able to resolve the crisis in Syria.

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Tanya: I am so touched, so it is difficult to say two sentences of Creed

Life before Islam
My life before Islam had no solid roots. I live with my parents. My mother does not have a strong religious background. He came from a Christian family. Because I can't get along with my mother, I don't stay at home. For a few months I stayed homeless so I was found and placed in the host family's home.

I live in three foster homes before the last, where the house became my permanent home. I live for six years here. At that time I was really alone. I have no mother, no father and no friend. There is no place for me to complain. I think that's what has opened the door for me and why I started searching because I felt myself.

My mother never taught me about religion. I did it myself. I forget about my suffering by immersing myself in Christianity. I followed the Pentecostal church. I look forward to every Sunday arrival to be able to go to church. Sunday worship is like a spiritual education for me. Maybe that's why I'm not home. Every Sunday, I go to church and I will ask about Jesus. At home we are taught to pray by my mother just as a prayer before dinner and before bed, nothing more.

I heard classic egg theory from my Sunday school teacher. It is said that the theory of egg shells, egg yolks and egg whites: and how these three can be an egg. If you take one of them, then you won't have an egg, that's the explanation of the trinity of Prophet Jesus, the father and holy spirit. I believe it but like there is something strange in the teaching.

How do I become a Muslim?
Shortly after I was in high school, I began to engage in church activities but then slowly I pulled away from him. Like other young people I also joined with peers. But my heart is still dissatisfied and still asking about what life is. There is a male student in the school who is a Muslim. I tried to explain the Christian to him and he was trying to explain Islam to me. I still remember, I just explained about the Christian to him and he refused some things about Christianity. I was somewhat surprised how he could speak like that about Christianity.

What comes to my mind is from being drawn by someone's view, I want to find my own view regarding Islam. I don't want to be guided by other people or under the influence of others. I started visiting the library and looked for more about what religion is; Islam, Christianity and others. That's where the door starts to open for me.

What attracts me to Islam is the beauty that is in it. I am not open to all kinds of stereotypes or media as well as all sorts of negative connotations. When I read Islamic-related books I was only dealing with my childhood education, the way I lived that day, living without direction, and now Islam came.

My soul is in a state of trauma. I can't eat, can't sleep, can't think. I can't live life well. I don't know what's right. Everything seems absurd. I try to get anything, anyone who can give me an explanation of God. I think he's just a name. He is not alive. He hasn't lived in my soul.

I still remember, one when I ran out in the dark of the night and cried to the Creator and prayed "please give me an answer, please show me the way, please give me a place to stand, give me something to hold on to because I'm in misguided state ". I really feel disappointed. I no longer want to live because I know that I cannot kill myself because there is something I have to do. But at the same time I did not know whom to ask for help. Do I have to call God like someone who was taught Christianity or God who was taught Islam or should I be floating around like this. I continued to pray and hope, "Please give me an answer, I need to know, I am no longer able to continue to live like this.

Alhamdulillah, after two days I prayed, I got the answer. At that time I was in grade 11 mathematics class. I am reading a book and anything related to the belief that I once rejected. I can not explain transparently, what happens is that everything comes to itself. I believe and believe everything, and I have also learned about the shahadah through the reading of Islamic books. I also learned about Prophet Muhammad and others about Islam. It all came to my mind. I say this is the answer.

Here, I have found it, I feel overwhelmed. Tears rained in my eyes. My soul is covered with joy, I'm out of class. My teacher asked, "Ask, where are you going?" I can not answer, my tongue becomes confused, nothing in my head. I ran into the washroom. At that time I still did not know ablution. I washed my face to make it clean. Maybe like doing wudhu! What I'm looking at is this, here's what I've been looking for all this time.

I met a Muslim in my school, he wore a hijab and I said to him, "Are you a Muslim?"

He replied, "Yes".

I said to him, "I need to talk to you, because I think I am a Muslim".

He brought me to see his family. They accept me with open arms. They invited me to come to their house.

They give me clothes, books, food and anything. They are so kind and friendly. They then took me to the mosque. In this place I say two sentences of syahadah. I recite two sentences of syahadah with the family who took me to their adopted children and a Muslim working in the office. I was so moved that the words of the creed were difficult for me to express.

Life after accepting Islam
My life has changed completely. Now I stand on the real earth. I have an opinion that is not the same as my mother's faith. My mother is white, my father is black. I was not raised by my father. Therefore, often people will ask me, "Where are you from?" They will question me, what is my background and I really do not know what to say. I am a Canadian. I only recognize the family of the mother.

Now I no longer feel hesitant, I know why I am on this earth, where I am going. I will go back to the Creator and this makes me want to learn. My past started with learning, researching and continuing to search until God commanded to quit. I urge everyone to continue to seek peace of mind and peace of mind.

I want to share the feeling that is in my heart. Sometimes some people embrace Islam in this way. Only by example we can show to non Muslims, what is Islam. Alhamdulillah that's my goal is to share the light of the light that God has given me with others.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Palestinian Authority Appreciates South Africa Regarding Zionist Product Labels

The Palestinian Authority on Thursday (08/24/2012) appreciated South Africa's decision to mark Israeli export goods produced in Jewish settlements with special labels.

OP Deputy Minister of Economy Abdul Hafez Nofal thanked South Africa to label the "Occupied Palestinian Territory" on Israeli products produced from Jewish settlements instead of labeling "Israel" on the product.
"Giving a signal to the products as a differentiator, will prevent Israel from fabricating it as an Israeli product rather than a product from a settlement (Jewish)," Nofal said to Terrestrial.

According to Nofal, giving a special label will make it easier for consumers to recognize the products they buy, including products that should be boycotted.

Zionist Israel built Jewish settlements and outposts on occupied Palestinian land. In addition to the residence of Jews, the area was used as a production center for various kinds of Zionist export commodity goods.

Hidayatullah/The Truth Seeker Media

The Pros of Legalization of Gay / Homosexuals in the American Rap Scene

A cultural shift about homosexuality also occurs among rap music artists in America. One of the schools that are loved by many in Indonesia has begun to provide support for the existence of gay and homosexual groups. One American rapper Frank Ocean even dared to declare that he began to be interested in falling in love with same-sex.

"The success of a rapper is not determined by sexuality, but by the quality of the rap." Clearly the famous American rapper Darryl McDaniels from the legendary Run DMC group defended Frank Ocean as quoted by (08-23).

The well-known American rappers who provide support for gay and homosexuals in the rap community include 50 Cent, Nas, Jamie Foxx, Russell Simmons Def Jam Record, Beyonce and Flea bass players from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ghostface killah from Wu Tang Clan , Snoop Dog, Eminem, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Run DMC.

Jamil Abdullah Al Amin (Rap Brown) and the Islamic movement in the United States (US)

This condition is clearly different from the background of the origin of Rap music itself. The Rap word comes from the name of a US missionary Rap Brown. Rap Brown is the driver of Islamic preaching after the era of Malcolm X was shot dead by the CIA.

Rap Brown once wrote a book called 'Die Nigger Die'. A book that describes the degradation of the identity of blacks. At that time Brown criticized the black people who were increasingly lulled by the culture of hedonism, consumptive and even licked in the face of the tyranny of white capitalism.

Although on the other hand the book also tells the truth about the other side of the rapidly developing black community in the southern region. Building resistance from the bronch (slum) to oppose American racist rule at the time. Even they spend all their lives on the run.

Rap Brown debuted the struggle of the poetry he spoke on the streets.
His resistance was inspired by Malcolm X. It was from this story that people began naming the characters below by Rap Brown as Mr Rap's style of music (taking from one part of the word Rap Brown's name). The word rap in rap music was inspired by the name of the pioneer Rap Brown.

"I chose the Rap Name based on what I tried to describe in Die Nigger Die - Ability to Speak. I no longer memorized the verses of the poem. It was actually a history of the past, which showed language skills when I grew up. Indeed they named it music rap after I often sang it. The name was given because I was consistent with what I wanted to show at that time. I did not claim that I was the first person to rap music. However, the name was introduced and associated with my style at that time ". Clearly the man born in Baton Rouge Louisiana, October 4, 1940 as quoted from the book "Islam in America".

Rap Brown became a Muslim in 1971, when he was serving a prison sentence in New York. Brown was arrested for allegedly carrying out subversive activities that threaten white Americans. Brown also became the FBI's number one fugitive at the time. Brown's gestures were always watched by US intelligence under the leadership of Edgar Hoover.

There, too, he changed his name to Jamil Abdulllah Al Amin. He also had the chance to become a great Imam of the Mosque in Atlanta. Brown is also known to have led the Darul Islam movement based in Brooklyn. Jamil Abdullah Al Amin was one of the leaders of the most influential Islamic movement at that time, his followers were around 10,000 Muslims spread over more than thirty cities throughout the United States. Including Chicago, New York, and Detroit.

Now, Rap music has actually been 'stolen' by capitalism. Then it developed into a contradiction with the reason when he was first born. Especially when rap is no more than a party, naked women up to the idea of ​​gay / homosexual legality. Though in the beginning he was a manifesto of a black resistance, especially he was born in the soul of a preacher named Rap Brown.

ket.foto: Ustad Rap Brown (H. Jamil Abdullah Al Amin)

Undergroundtauhid/The Truth Seeker Media

Israeli Combat Jet Attack Gaza

Israeli Israeli F16 jet fighter triggered a sonic bomb explosion in Gaza airspace following several bombings in the blockaded area two days earlier. The Israeli regime launched an attacksonic booms in Gaza City on Wednesday (29/8) to cause fear in the midst of the Gaza Strip residents.

On Monday night, Israeli warplanes launched at least three air strikes in northern Gaza that wounded several Palestinians.

The Israeli military bombarded the Gaza Strip and claimed it was carried out for defensive purposes. Even though the excessive use of force that he always used was in violation of international law which caused a number of Palestinian civilians to be killed or injured.

Gaza has been blocked since 2007, which is a situation that has triggered a decline in living standards, a surge in unemployment, and an increase in poverty.

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High security

A sense of security is everyone's dream. In Islam, security is not only for Muslims, but for all citizens who live under the auspices of Islam even though they are non-Muslims. Whew, really cool huh?

But, if you look at the current conditions, it's safe to feel more expensive. Some time I have come to a school. When I was about to meet a teacher in order to participate in distributing the print edition of the gaulislam bulletin, he was receiving guests of two men who were short-haired, well-built, and seen from his hair and skin color, I suspect the two men came from eastern Indonesia. While waiting I had a chance to chat with another teacher for a while. After that, I just talked to the teacher who had just received a guest. Without being asked, he instead told me that the two men offered security services for the school but were refused. Ckckck ... what if there was a security apparatus when the security task was even pestered by 'thugs' - which of course were paid.

Bro en Sis rahimakumullah, who doesn't want to be safe in his life? Everyone must crave peace, security and comfort in life. How many houses are made, complete with anti-theft security systems, alarms are installed everywhere. Still unsatisfied, there is a security guard 'nearing the gate'. If on the road, we are really happy if there is no one who is unfortunate or wet. Once, my friend walked right through an area in Jakarta, being beaten by two thugs. Because my friend chose to save his life, he finally gave up (of course mumps), the wallet and its contents in the form of a number of money and ATM cards. Duh, really sorry right?

You also seemed to have heard before when you were walking in Jakarta, kept stopping at a red light, so for those of you who got information about the Red Ax conspiracy, they were immediately flustered, worried if they became victims. If you have a cellphone, you can't just use it, you might have a cellphone floating. A friend has a story, he saw someone calling again using cellphones at a stop in an area in Jakarta. Not long, there were people who immediately grabbed the cellphone, then followed by several people who immediately pulled up on the city bus. Ouch, it's not very safe right? Sorry, you made it in Jakarta. This is just an example. Because there is also in Bogor. Saturday (08/25/2012) I met a guard at an internet cafe who had been a customer. After I asked why the computer wasn't there, he told me that 11 computers in his internet cafe had been looted by thieves a week before Eid yesterday.

Friend, that's why, we really want to live safely, both in our neighborhood and right on the road on the road. Well, Islam also has a solution. Arranged too, you know. This is proof that Islam maintains a sense of security for its citizens.

Robbers, beware!

Hehehe ... not challenged you know. But I want to remember. So, for robbers aka legalists will be punished in Islam. Both of these terms mean the same at least when viewed in a dictionary. Robbing means stealing by force (usually carried out by more than one person); also means taking away violence. Significantly robbing (other people's goods) on the road (please open it Indonesia Dictionary, third edition, print III, 2003, p. 926 and page 121).

To protect property from crimes like this, Islam has given strict rules and sanctions. Imam Syâfi'iy narrated in musnadfrom Ibn Abbas about the robber or robber (qutha 'ath-thariq), "If they are killing and seizing property, they will be killed and crucified, and if they kill but do not confiscate property, they are killed only but not crucified, if they take the property of the edge does not kill, their hands and feet are cut across, and if they terrorize on the road and do not take away the property, take them away. " (please read the writings of Abdurrahman al-Maliki, in the book Sanctions System in Islam, p. 117)

Anyway, it seems like you need to know that there are three requirements in the form of facts that mention a case can be called a hijacking or robbery. First, happening outside the city. Namely in villages, mountains, wide plains, wide land, and others. And happens in trains, airplanes and cars outside the city. Well, if it happens in the city, that doesn't include qutha 'ath-thariq, but only usurper. But if they attack the city, kill, seize property or terrorize on the road during their attack on the city, then they are considered qutha 'ath-thariq.

Second, they carry weapons to kill; such as swords, rifles, automatic rifles, machetes, or knives that can kill, or other tools that can be used to kill. If they do not carry weapons, or are armed but do not kill directly; like sticks, whips, etc., they are not considered as qutha 'ath-thariq.

Third, they come out blatantly, take property in force, and settle in their places. Yes, because if they take property in secret they are called thieves. If they rob the property then flee, they are called the hijackers.

Anyway, if the robbers or robbers repented before being caught with the security forces of the Islamic state, then fall hudud God for them, but they must restore human rights; both soul, wound, or property. But if they are forgiven, then automatically hadit died for them. This is based on the word of God Almighty:"Except those who turn to you before you can take them, then know that Allah is Forgiving, Merciful." (QS al-Maidah [5]: 34)

Well, if they repent after catching them, none of them hudood who died for them. So you will still be punished. This is because practicing the understanding of the word of Allah: "before you can master (capture) them" (QS al-Maidah [5]: 34)

Young Muslim friends, it seems that if the rules and sanctions are implemented as severely as this, the robbers or those who intend to rob them rethink before carrying out the action. Really horrified if it gets caught?

Sterile immoral

Immoral places such as prostitution complexes, gambling (including lottery), discotheques, and alcoholic sales centers are places that will be muzzled by the state if they are still determined to operate. Because, it is very possible that this place has the potential to become a source of trouble. Can you do it right? For those who lost gambling, for example, even though he had already lost his money, it was not impossible if later there was a commotion and could disturb local residents. As a result, the general public will not feel safe and comfortable with these conditions.

Friend gaulislam, you know in my village (far from the city, it's also called a village hehehe ...) there are many people who feel anxious because in their neighborhood there is a resident who sells alcoholic drinks or liquor. Feeling not safe?

First, because the place is in the neighborhood. So it must be bothered if the drunks were in action. Yes, the problem is that it is not uncommon for those who are drunk to chat and disturb people around, so they like to vomit carelessly (in the homes of other residents), the sellers set loud music (including evenings). Wow, if it's like this, how come mo is comfortable living?
How do mo have a sense of security for fear of being disturbed by drunks.

Even though the religious leaders have warned of the chaotic action, the person concerned uses the principle: "The dog barks the caravan away". Wow ... it's not really polite that religious figures are disturbed like that. What article does he dare to fight against the reminder? Um, because he already had a collaboration with one of the police officers. Indeed, the security apparatus that should provide security for all citizens, it turns out, only gives a citizen a sense of security, and has done something wrong. Because of what? Because it secures an error. Not defending the truth. If the security apparatus is like this, break down. How safe is our life?

So, apart from being a place of prostitution, gambling and the sales center of alcoholic beverages (plus drugs) is a place of immorality, also that place could potentially cause trouble. So, the state will take firm action against its managers. Including alcohol and drugs that will be done is to close the factory. This is part of the country's efforts to maintain a sense of security for its citizens.

Try you want it now. In the auspices of democracy as the political engine of Capitalism which is based on secularism, freedom becomes the commander. People are free to do anything as long as they are not criminal. This is the theory, you know. Because of the practice, even those who commit crimes can still be satisfied because the law enforcement officers have already been cursed first and millions of rupiah. Just for the fact, the officers and officials who were supposed to put gambling bookies in jail were even willing to scavenge unlawful fortune by securing their businesses. For his "services", the officers and officers would receive money from the gambling kings. For those whose deposits are 'tight', their business is guaranteed safe. If it doesn't deposit, the address will be covered! Even though it was finally released if I gave a bribe. Take for example, a lottery dealer in Cimanggis, with the initials PA, was arrested by the Metro Police because the bookie was known as 'stubborn', refusing to give a deposit to the capital's security institution. Except for local security, such as Koramil, sub-district police, and Babinsa. However, after paying a ransom of Rp. 40 million, the city was finally released. (Media Indonesia, March 7, 2002).

This is indeed old data that I quoted, the possibility of the practice is still there until now. The problem has also been insinuated in the film "What a funny thing (this country)" was released in 2010. Not long ago this year, there was a story from a friend of mine who had sold pulses, next to the kiosk, there were people selling lottery. Hadeuuh ... Then my friend also said, that there are police officers who like to handle lottery there. * Turn the forehead!

Try, how not to worry about this condition. But strangely, even though many have become victims of lottery, the government chooses to relax. Some of the people who shouted out loud protests so that the government closed this illegitimate business, but apparently the protest was criticized, aka it was shared with the officials and our officials. Why? This is democracy: Pursue Democracy, You Cheat!

If Islamic law is applied, God willing, it will be safe. Just for example, in NAD, even though the Shari'a is only partially enforced, it is quite deterrent. Chairman of the Buntut-Togel Gambling Eradication Community Forum in NAD, Tarmizi HA Hamid H, said that before the caning law was implemented, Bireuen was an area in Aceh where gambling was quite widespread. After-lottery gambling turnover, every day an average of Rp. 110 million. After applying Islamic law, gambling has fallen between 70 and 80 percent. (Eramuslim, 07/28/2005)

Please write Bro en Sis, a loyal reader of gaulislam, that with only a partial application, it can even reduce immorality at all. This is only partial, or the locale, especially if it is applied in the frame of the great Islamic Caliphate. Global. And it should not be partial. God willing, it's even better.

Islam gives a sense of security

As the police motto in us: "Protect, Serve", it should indeed be aimed at protecting the people and serving the people who need justice. Not protecting and serving those who have illicit businesses. Is that okay?

Rasulullah saw. as a messenger and at the same time the head of state, is well aware of the sense of security for its citizens. That is why, in order to maintain the security of society he formed a kind of city police (Syurthah). Imam Bukhari narrated from Anas who said: "That Qais bin Sa'ad, at that time was near the Prophet. In his position as a member of the police unit"

The police unit is given the task of maintaining the system and regulating internal security, as well as carrying out all operational activities. It is this unity that goes around every night to watch over thieves, bad people and those suspected of committing crimes.

Oya, just know that Abdullah bin Mas'ud was a patrol commander during Caliph Abu Bakr. Even Umar bin Khaththab patrol himself and sometimes asked to be accompanied by his assistant, he also sometimes asked to be accompanied by Abdurrahman bin 'Auf. And, of course, this is the state's duty, not the people's duty. (Read more read Abdul Qadim Zallum, Islamic Government System, Publisher al-Izzah, 2002, p. 188-190)

Police preparedness in securing also applies to all Daulah Islamiyah citizens. So, not only Muslims, but non-Muslims are also guarded. Tuh, what is not great about Islam. Because humans need security. This is one form of concern for Islam in respecting humans.

Compare this with the legal system in democratic countries and adherents to the Western legal system that are not strict with those who disrupt the security of society. As a result, recidivists can become king of thugs outside the prison. In fact, it is well known that the mafia and gangster groups actually have a "friendship" relationship with the police so that the presence of robbers, criminals, street thugs, and various crime mafias still exists throughout the world. Anyway, in our country too, it often happens so that it becomes an open secret. There are individual judges or individual prosecutors who can buy and sell the law. Free the one who should be punished, and jail the innocent because the pay is less. Is not it? Do you think you already know corruption cases right? The perpetrators can negotiate with a number of judges, individual prosecutors, or individual police officers, who are important: "Wani Piro?" Is not it? Jleb!

[Solihin | Twitter: @osolihin]

The History of Blues Music Sources From the Creativity of Islamic Artists

Blues known as a stream of vocal and instrumental music originating from the United States (US). Music that began to develop rapidly in the 19th century emerged from spiritual music and praise that is usually sung by black communities from Africa in the US. Music that applies blue note and patterns call and respone it was believed the US public popularized 'Bapak Blues' - WC Handy (1873-1958).

Do you believe that Blues music is rooted in the traditions of Muslims? Initially, the public in Uncle Sam's country did not believe it. However, a writer and scientist and researcher at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in New York, Sylviane Diouf, managed to convince the public that Blues had a relationship with the traditions of Muslim communities in West Africa.

To prove the connection between American Blues music and Muslim traditions, Diouf played two recordings. The first thing he heard to the public who was present in a Harvard University room was the call to prayer - a call for Muslims to perform prayer services. After that, Diouf turned around Levee Camp Holler.

The second recording is an old Blues song that first appeared in the Mississippi Delta about 100 years ago. Levee Camp Holler is not a fairly ordinary blues song. The song was created by a black Muslim community from West Africa who worked in post-Civil War America.

Song lyrics Levee Camp Holler Diouf's voice sounded like a call to prayer - containing the glory of God. Like the chanting of the call to prayer, song Levee Camp Holler it emphasizes words that sound trembling. According to Diouf, a fierce style between Blues songs Levee Camp Holler the adhan-like ones are also evidence of the connection between the two.

The public present in the room was amazed by the truth of the evidence expressed by Diouf. "Applause rumbles, because the relationship between American Blues music and Muslim traditions is clearly proven" said Diouf. "They said, 'Wow, it really sounds the same. Blues are actually rooted from there (Islamic tradition)'."

Jonathan Curiel in his article titled, Muslim Roots, US Blues, revealed that the American public needs to thank Muslims from West Africa who live in America. Around 1600 to mid 1800 AD, many black residents from West Africa were forcibly taken to America and made slaves.

According to historians, about 30 percent of slaves from West Africa who were forcibly employed in America were Muslim. "Although his master was forced to convert to Christianity, many of the slaves from Africa continued to practice Islam and their original culture," Curiel said.

They keep reciting the verses of the Koran every day. However, history also notes that Muslim sailors from West Africa were the first to discover the American continent before Columbus. "Needless to say, historically Muslims have influenced the evolution of American society several centuries before Christopher Columbus discovered it," said Fareed H Numan in American Muslim History A Chronological Observation.

Historian Ivan Van Sertima in his work, They Came before Columbus, prove the existence of contact between African Muslims and native Americans. In African Presence in Early America, Van Sertima found the fact that Muslim traders from Arabia were also very active in trading with people living in America.

"Columbus also knows that Muslims from the west coast of Africa have lived first in the Caribbean, Central, South and North America," said Van Sertima. Muslims who initially traded had built communities in the region by marrying natives.

Curiel added that other influences given by the black Muslim community in America to Blues music were musical instruments that they could play. In the era of slavery in America, white people forbade them to beat the drum, for fear that it would foster the spirit of resistance of the slaves.

However, the use of a stringed instrument commonly played by Muslims from Africa is still allowed to be played because it is considered to be a violin. Professor of Ethnomusicology from the University of Mainz, Germany, named Prof. Kubik wrote a book about Blues relations with Islamic civilization in West Africa entitled, Africa and the Blues, which was published by the University Press of Mississippi in 1999. "I'm sure many Blues singers today don't realize that their musical patterns emulate the musical traditions of Muslims in Arabia," he said.

Academically Prof. Kubik has proven it. "The vocal style of most Blues singers uses melisma, surging intonation. Such vocal style is a legacy of people in West Africa who have made contact with the Islamic world since the 7th and 8th centuries AD," he explained. Melisma uses many tones in one syllable.

Meanwhile, wavy intonation is a series that switches from major to minor scale and back again. It is very commonly used when Muslims chant the call to prayer and recite the Koran. With that fact, said Prof. Kubik, music researchers should recognize that Blues are rooted in the Islamic tradition that developed in West Africa.

Although it has been proven academically, there are still many who do not acknowledge the influence of the traditions of the African Muslim community in Blues music. "Non-Muslims are very difficult to believe that fact, because they do not have enough knowledge about Islamic civilization and Islamic music," said Barry Danielian, a trumpet player who performed with Paul Simon, Natalie Cole, and Tower of Power.

The voice of the call to prayer and the verses of the Koran that can be sung by black Muslims in America contain musicality. "In my congregation, said Danielian, who lives in Jersey City, New Jersey, 'When we gathered and the priest came there were hundreds of people and we sang prayers, it must sound very musical. You will hear the musical like Americans call Blues. "

That is the Islamic tradition in the US has given birth to a music stream called Blues.

Fiqihislam/The Truth Seeker Media