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Why did Rasmussen Suddenly Visit Afghanistan?

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen made a sudden visit to Afghanistan. Upon arriving in Kabul and meeting with President Hamid Karzai, he also held a joint press conference. At this press conference Rasmussen stressed, NATO after 2014 will continue its assistance to Afghanistan, especially in the field of training of the Kabul security forces.

According to Rasmussen, NATO will also provide heavy weapons to the Afghan military, but this still requires time, especially the Afghan army must get training first to operate the equipment.
Meanwhile, Karzai said the delegation of security responsibilities from foreign troops to Afghanistan was the right process.

Rasmussen's visit to Afghanistan came at a time when the NATO secretary general made a statement regarding the possibility of early withdrawal of foreign troops from Kabul before 2014. Looking at Rasmussen's strategy regarding the early withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan, the latest NATO officials in Kabul began to find meaning.

Richard Krip Wall, one of NATO's top officials in Afghanistan in recent days claimed full readiness of Afghan security forces to accept responsibility for security control from foreign forces.

Some observers believe that NATO's old policy in deploying a poor image of the capabilities of Afghan forces in resisting threats after the withdrawal of US and NATO forces from this country after 2014 aimed at exaggerating the ability of foreign forces has undergone a slight change.

Given the difficulties faced by Western countries in Afghanistan including the large costs of continuing the war and the increasing number of victims of foreign forces, NATO was forced to adopt a policy to withdraw troops from the country as soon as possible. This also forced Krip Wall, the person in charge of the process of delegating security responsibilities from foreign forces to Afghanistan, acknowledging the ability of the country's security forces.

There are also predictions that when the United States and NATO jointly claim the important position of foreign forces in Afghanistan in guaranteeing the security of this country and accuse Kabul forces of being too weak in facing any threats, then either the US or NATO will not be separated from public opinion criticism world.

The US and NATO who previously promised equipment and training for Afghan security forces and police became their work agenda, for 11 years in Kabul, they had never taken positive steps.

At present, the increasing ability of Afghan forces to safeguard the country's sovereignty arises from the increasingly strong spirit of nationalism between them and the opportunity to accelerate the withdrawal of US and NATO forces from Afghanistan.

Therefore, NATO was forced to recognize the capabilities of the Afghan security forces and police and accelerate the withdrawal of its troops from this country.

IRIB / TheTruthSeekerMedia

Suing UN Feudalism

By: Dina Y. Sulaeman *

For the Indonesian public, it seems that the 67th UN General Assembly on 26-27 September 2012 is quite interesting. Why not, President SBY, who has been known to be polite all of a sudden, has the courage to submit a fairly radical proposal, namely reform at the United Nations. This was followed by a statement by Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa who explicitly proposed a boycott of Israeli products, to the extent that there were observers who dubbed him 'Little Sukarno'. The statement conveyed by both is actually in one red thread, namely criticism of UN ambiguity.

As an institution which in its charter includes recognition of equal rights between large and small democratic countries, the UN at the same time precisely perpetuates feudalism. Since its inception, the United Nations has provided conditio sine qua non to nations throughout the world that there are five countries with aristocratic positions with privileged veto rights, namely the US, Russia, China, Britain and France, while 188 other countries are placed as common people who must submit to this condition.

In his speech, SBY mentioned that the mentality of the remnants of the Cold War which still controlled the Security Council at the United Nations must be changed; from zero sum to mutual trust. For that, "We must continue the work towards the reformed UN Security Council," said SBY.

SBY did not explicitly mention the concrete form of reform in the Security Council, but as some other leaders have said, among others, Sukarno, Mahathir, or Qaddafi, or Ahmadinejad, the UN reform is strongly related to veto rights. Veto is a form of discrimination and injustice. Former President Sukarno was among the world leaders who loudly criticized this UN discrimination. At the United Nations General Session in 1960, Sukarno firmly called veto-holding countries trying to perpetuate their power or imperialism in the world. When his criticisms of the United Nations were ignored, and Indonesia felt firsthand the discriminatory attitudes of the United Nations in the case of West Irian and confrontation with Malaysia, in 1965 Sukarno made a radical decision to withdraw Indonesia from the United Nations.

If we trace the emergence of veto rights, indeed 'Bung Karno's accusation' that the major countries are trying to perpetuate power is true. Veto rights are considered as an absolute condition for the joining of major powers into the United Nations. In his memoir, President Truman wrote that without a veto, the US Senate would not approve the US entry into the United Nations. Likewise, other major countries, such as the Soviet Union, Britain, China and France. History also noted that veto rights were always used by these countries to secure their respective powers. The US vetoed all forms of resolution that endangered its close ally, Israel. While Russia and China also act similarly. In the Syrian conflict, Russia and China vetoed the anti-Assad resolution. When viewed from the point of view of Syria and its supporters (including Iran and Lebanon) the veto of both indeed 'saved' the Assad regime. But from the side of Russia and China, actually the calculations are the perpetuation of power and the guarantee of their own interests in the Middle East.

The UN should be the embodiment of Immanuel Kant's dream. In Kant's view, for the sake of achieving perpetual peace it is necessary to establish a federation among world countries where members of the federation recognize the principles of universal law. Determination of the principles of universal law is based on mutual agreement between member countries. Kant's universal law or Kantian cosmopolitan law provides a judicial atmosphere that regulates global interactions in harmony with respect for world public rights. Through this universal law, Kant hopes that various causes of war can be eliminated and the world lives in peace.

Unfortunately, Kant's idealism throughout history continues to hit the walls of the selfishness of countries. Geography is seen as a realistic attitude of countries and is reinforced by the theses of thinkers of realism. Carr in his book The Twenty Years' Crisis criticized British and American intellectuals who looked utopian with the concepts of peace and international rules to create peace. In Carr's view, these concepts are all only dreams because they are true even though statesmen still care deeply about the balance of power and power politics.

A similar opinion was also expressed by Morgenthau in 1948 which until now is still being studied by international relations studies. According to him, human nature is the basis of international relations. Because humans have a selfish nature and pursue power, the relationship between countries in the world will always be in anarchic condition. Morgenthau writes, "International politics, like all politics, is a struggle for power. Whatever the ultimate goal of international politics, power is always a priority."

On the basis of this view, the UN was built; which is clearly an anti-thesis of Kant's idealism. The UN Security Council was formed by giving large powers access to major powers, on the grounds of 'balance of power'. In conditions like this, the principle of mutual trust expressed by President SBY in his speech did not appear in the UN Security Council. The US will always be suspicious of China, and vice versa, China will not just want to believe in US goodwill. For this reason, the US always feels the need to have veto rights, in order to veto whatever DK decision that endangers its power; and vice versa with four other countries. The doctrine that countries will pursue power is so firmly embedded; so that universal values ​​such as peace, equality and mutual trust only remain rhetoric.

When the pressure for reform of the UN Security Council strengthens, major countries try to argue by opening options to increase the number of veto-holding countries. Again, when the doctrine of realism continues to color international relations, this option is difficult to realize. Who is considered to have the right to veto? India? Of course Pakistan and China will refuse. South Africa? Nigeraia will oppose. Indonesia? China and Russia certainly object because the international world has seen that Indonesia is an American good-boy. And so on.

So, what's the way out of all this?

It seems that the solution that Iranian President Ahmadinejad openly stated for the past eight years is the most logical, namely the abolition of full veto rights. In his speech, Ahmadinejad warned that as long as veto rights still existed the survival of the UN itself would be threatened. As the United Nations weakens, the world community will take action outside the UN structure. An example is the boycott delivered by Marty. Although the US continues to reject the resolution against Israel, if the world community agrees to boycott Israeli products immediately the Zionist regime of Israel will collapse, as has happened to the apartheid regime in South Africa. If the actions to resolve the problem outside the UN structure continue, in the end the UN will only become the organization where the diplomats hang out. Therefore, the choice for the United Nations is only one, changing its feudal system with legality.

*Research Associate Global Future Institute

The Islamic Party Stuck, A New Face Appears on the 2014 Presidential Election Exchange

The stock of presidential candidates in the 2014 election is increasingly crowded. Observers predict the appearance of a new face in the upcoming political performance. Observer of the Islamic party Ridwan Saidi, for example, stated that at this time a new leadership force began to emerge. Their appearance is a representation, the momentum of the political party's depravity so that the public is less trusted. These new figures are predicted to enliven the presidential candidates' exchange in 2014.

"Among other things, Jokowi, there are also Anies Baswedan and Abraham Samad. The ones that have been over for a long time," said Ridwan, in the polemic on Kata Survey: The Declining Islamic Party at Warung Daun Cikini, Saturday, October 20, 2012.

One of the old figures who was considered not to be selling well at the national level was Hidayat Nur Wahid. "If you want to be a president there is no one to buy, just want to be a governor, nobody will buy it," said Ridwan, also known as a Betawi culture.

Money ownership is not a determining factor for the figure to increase his support. "Jokowi has no money, he can win. This is a figure and integrity factor," he said.

For 2014, Ridwan continued, one of the three figures will be increasingly strong. Although Anies and Abraham did not yet have a political vehicle. "It can be through political parties, but the political parties are verified again," he said.

The emergence of new leadership, he said, was even recognized internationally. "The NY Times said that Jokowi represented a new political genre, new leadership in Indonesia. It means that there will be a big change in political leadership," he said.

Not only nationally, in the regions new political leadership will emerge. For example, the West Java gubernatorial election is predicted to be filled by new figures. "Teten entered, Rieke came in. Nanan didn't sell well," he said.

Meanwhile, researcher of the Indonesian Survey Circle, Adjie Alfaraby, estimates that there are only two Islamic parties that can swing to Senayan in 2014.

As a result, the parliamentary threshold is set at 3.5 percent and the trend of national party support is getting stronger. As a result, the portion of the votes of Islamic parties is getting smaller.

"Golkar is getting higher, PDI Perjuangan rises, Democrats also definitely rise because SBY still has two years to improve. Likewise Gerindra and National Democrats, also more established in terms of funding," said Adjie after Sindo Radio's polemic discussion "Survey Survey: Islamic Party Sagging ", at Warung Daun Cikini, Saturday, October 20, 2012.

Adjie was reluctant to name the two parties with the ideology or mass base of Islam in question. "We cannot say because the acquisition margin is a thin amount," he said.

The Islamic Party, said Adjie, still has a voting base of around 21 percent. This number has fallen from 23 percent in the 2009 General Election. However, there is still an opportunity for Islamic parties to be able to win votes up to 25-30 percent.
According to him, these parties must sit together and merge votes into two major Islamic parties. "This is also to make it easier for people to vote," he said.

IRIB / TheTruthSeekerMedia

Towards New Jakarta with Jokowi

Who does not know Joko Widodo who is familiarly called Jokowi, the former mayor of Solo who is now the Governor of DKI Jakarta. From the head of the region, Jokowi finally made it to the Capital City and became the leader of this metropolitan area. During his career as mayor of Solo, Jokowi was able to show brilliant achievements and his breakthrough became a byword of Indonesian society. His support for the production of Esemka cars has boosted Jokowi's name.

Now Jokowi moved to Jakarta and left Solo. Being a metropolitan city leader is not easy. The difficulties and challenges are far greater than in the regions. Not to mention the inheritance of the project and the obstacles of the previous governor who accumulated, appropriate strategies and handling were needed. Promises during the campaign must also be a serious concern for Jokowi and Ahok couples.

Jokowi's figure that is populist has indeed been proven. The new leader of Jakarta after being appointed as the Governor of DKI immediately cleared his office affairs and plunged into the midst of the community to witness closely the condition of his citizens.

The new DKI Jakarta Governor, Joko Widodo, will start the early days of his work by going around Jakarta. The Trisakti University planologist, Yayat Supriatna, mentioned a number of points that Jokowi needed to visit throughout Jakarta.

At first, Yayat pointed to the Tambora area, West Jakarta as a must-visit place for the former Surakarta mayor. "The fire-prone, Tambora, Jokowi needs to review the rented apartments that are crowded there," he said when contacted on Monday, October 15, 2012. He said, in addition to the arrangement of flat neighborhoods, Jokowi had to check the fire department's access to the area. Including, the ability of existing equipment, namely fire motors. "Fire motor is there or not?"

Furthermore, he suggested Jokowi come to flood-prone areas. This is due to the high rainfall in October. He gave an example of the Pesanggrahan and Cipulir areas, South Jakarta and Kampung Pulo, East Jakarta. Still in South Jakarta, Yayat asked Jokowi to highlight areas that had changed the function of housing into new commercial areas, such as Panglima Polim and Fatmawati. Moreover, there, the residents listed also reject mass rapid transit (MRT) flights and only want underground MRT. In North Jakarta, Jokowi is recommended to visit slums in Pademangan, under bridges, and near the port. Not to forget, the affected areas of rob, Muara Angke and fishing villages.

Shifting to East Jakarta, a classic problem, traffic jams are waiting to be parsed in the Kramat Jati Market area. The area of ​​Kebon Pala is also important. Over the years, the region has also subscribed to flood shipments from Bogor. "There has not been any protection by the East Flood Canal," Yayat said. Meanwhile, in Central Jakarta, dense slums such as Pasar Senen, and Tanah Tinggi are in the mandatory visit list.

Yayat reminded, Jokowi should visit while carrying a map of the city plan and accompanied by the Local Work Unit. So, he can strengthen coordination in solving problems in the region. "Directly coordinating with the mayor there."

During the visit, said Yayat, Jokowi should have a dialogue with residents to find out the solution to the problem in their eyes. "For example, asking, does the community agree to relocate or not?" That way, visits can be used as meeting points for government plans with the wishes of citizens.

Through dialogue, Jokowi can simultaneously ignite people's initiatives in solving problems in their region. "People are encouraged to take the initiative. Not everything must start from the government." Yayat pointed out that traffic jams can be overcome through collaboration with residents. "For example, there are citizen activities that disrupt the smooth flow of traffic."

Another example, in overcoming drainage cleanliness. According to Yayat, Jokowi can take advantage of his personal communication skills to ask residents to stop throwing garbage at times. "Jokowi made a positive atmosphere initiative in promoting communal sanitation, for example."

Meanwhile, the Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta, Basuki Tjahaja gave an overview of its performance for the first 100 days. According to him, in the first 100 days of his leadership, he would map transportation problems in Jakarta. "We will map (cause) traffic jams," he said, when intercepted by reporters after giving a speech on the page of the DKI Jakarta Regional House of Representatives Building, Monday, October 15, 2012.

He predicts that the causes of traffic jams are inadequate public transportation facilities. "The important thing is that public vehicles are better, so (the community) will switch," he said.

The main purpose of mapping transportation problems is how to move private car users to public transportation. "It's not a problem of continuous car sales," he said. Provided that the car buyers still use public transportation.

In the field of transportation, the elected regional heads of Joko Widodo and Basuki Tjahaja promised a number of breakthroughs. In addition to adding the Transjakarta bus fleet, they also said they would try the railbus concept. This concept is considered a potential success for improving transportation services in Jakarta.

What do observers say about Jokowi's plan to go down to the field?

Urban planning observer Marco Kusumawijaya highlighted the plan of DKI Jakarta Governor, Joko Widodo, to take to the field on his first day of work, Tuesday, October 16, 2012. According to Marco, the main point of the plan was Jokowi's way of building an agreement with the heads of offices about the facts.
"Symbolically, he wants the head of service to see the reality on the ground," he said when contacted on Monday, October 15, 2012. Marco considered it not important which place Jokowi visited. Because, on any side in the capital there must be a problem. "Don't be picky about places. Outside the City Hall there are problems: street vendors, careless parking. Violations of order in Jakarta are everywhere."

Second, Marco said, Jokowi wanted to teach bureaucrats to interact with the community. Because, so far the head of the agency is considered to have less interaction with its own citizens. "Residents don't know who is the head of the service," Marco said. Marco emphasized again, "What is important, they interact openly witnessed by the public and the media."

With field visits, Jokowi's interaction and the head of the service were indeed not only with residents, but also mass media. So that field activities can spread widely. "He did it so that it would be covered. If only he met with the head of the service in the meeting room, at best what was reported was only the impression that Jokowi met the head of the department for the first time."

Marco himself claimed to support Jokowi's steps. "In my opinion, it is good. Jokowi offers a constructive strategy." For him, when starting the first time with a new person, important things to do do build understanding. "He wants to expose it to the head of the department, going to the field is important."

IRIB / TheTruthSeekerMedia

7500 Olive Tree Owned by Palestinian Farmers abat Israel ’Cleared Since Early 2012

INSTITUTION The United Nations Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), reportedly has revealed the crimes committed by Jewish settlers. OCHA reports that Israeli settlers' attacks on Palestinian farmers in the West Bank, which have been occupied since the beginning of 2012, have destroyed more than 7500 Palestinian olive trees.

Nearly half (48%) of agricultural land in the occupied Palestinian territories are planted by 8 million olive trees, most of which are in the West Bank. The OCHA report added that the olive oil industry had risen 14% of Palestinian agricultural income and supported the livelihoods of around 80,000 families.
The OCHA report, published on Thursday (18/10), stated that the olive harvest is an economic source that supports social and cultural life for the Palestinian people. while the Israeli occupation authorities intentionally prevented Palestinians from owning agricultural land near Jewish settlements in the West Bank.
In 2011, 42% of licenses for olive gardening before the harvest season were rejected by Israeli authorities, up compared to 2010 which reached 39%.
In the West Bank, more than 7,500 Palestinian olive trees were damaged or destroyed by Israeli settlers between January and mid-October 2012.

IWD / TheTruthSeekerMedia

Placed Where, Islam For You?

It is very embarrassing and sad, Muslims admit but mischievous behavior, criminals, happy dating, their hobbies are free sex, fight parents, do not respect teachers, are fond of gambling, lazy, more happy haha, giggling on Facebook rather than serious about studying Islam, many often read the status and comment on facebook instead of reading the Koran, and a lot of negative behavior bin other immoral. Oh yeah ... it's not really good if there are Muslim teenagers with the above characteristics. In fact, Islam should be a rule. But, if in fact it is, where is it put, Islam for you, Boy?

Bro en Sis rahimakumullah, a loyal reader of gaulislam. Come on, we are self-interconnected, self-evaluation, and of course immediately realize that if we have made the wrong way. Turning the direction back to Islam which is our religion. Do not let you admit it to Muslims but many of the teachings of Islam you don't even do.

You are Muslim, but you are even inferior to your Muslim status. When people accuse Rohis activities in school as a nest of terrorists, or slander against the institution of the pesantren as a place to produce terrorists, uh you are even confused and then go along with them. Well, if that means that you have been consumed by the opinions of the enemies of Islam. Because, indeed they want Muslims to hate — or at least — feel inferior to their own religion. Bad and annoying!

It's not easy to live the beliefs of Islam when we are weak in faith. Let alone weak faith, if we are just weak, we are susceptible to disease. That is why, if we are weak in faith, various kinds of diseases of the liver and mind will easily infect. For example: hasad, jealous, arrogant, riya ', wahn, lazy, futur, mischievous, miserly and the like. Also diseases of the mind are liberalism, communism, socialism, feminism, capitalism, hedonism, permissivity, secularism, including teachings of kufr and other heresies such as those who are dating, free sex, drug use, adulterers, brawl activists and the like. That is the result of weak faith. So, let's improve your faith so that you can always filter out conflicting ideas and even oppose Islam. Faith in Allah Almighty God willing, we will provide our resilience to things that can damage the faith, also with strong faith will be able to fortify ourselves from things that violate Islamic law.

Malpractice against Islamic law

We need to think seriously about this Bro en Sis. How come, we often face the fact that many Muslims are wrong in practicing Islamic law, and even worse it is not practicing Islamic law even though they claim to be Muslim. In fact, the consequences can be fatal, you know. If in the medical world alone there is the term malpractice that makes the lives of other people fly because of wrong procedures in dealing with diseases, then in Islam it is even worse as a result if there are Muslims who are malpractice towards Islamic law. The danger of squares is because it allows the culprit to get sin and torment in the hereafter!

Really, you know. He claimed to be a Muslim, but chose to be governed not by Islamic law. That's called malpractice against Islamic law. Those who claim to be Muslims, but reject the application of Islamic law, this also includes groups that are malpractice towards Islamic law. Not to mention those who believe that ukhuwah is a fellow Muslim, but how come the practice is only a fellow group? I admit to people who are in a village if they are Muslim, but how come they don't wear hijab? Post announcements in stalls, "I am a Muslim adherent to the Shari'a". But how about going out?

Do you like it Muslim, but why is it liberal? It doesn't connect. Muslims are obedient, liberals are defiant. Read the Koran every day. But how come, never want to follow His instructions in the Koran? In quietness alone bermunajat invoke the forgiveness of Allah Ta'ala. But afterwards he believed in a shaman. Duh, this condition is often present in our lives Bro en Sis. It is really a matter of self-evaluation, because it can be a reality model so we also experience it unconsciously. Jleb!

Bro en Sis, who conducts malpractice against Islamic law is including those who claim that fellow Muslims help each other, practice it that is only helped by fellow reciters. Understand the Koran as a guide. But why do you say: "democracy laa roiba fihi"? (read: there is no doubt in it). Wasyah, the man-made law must be flawed, how come it agrees with democracy and instead rejects Islamic law? Strange!

In addition, a row of malpractice characteristics towards Islamic law is those who claim to be Muslims and even their names are identical to Islamic names, but why do they even accuse Muslim terrorists? His prayers were hard, his da'wah was steady, his sadaqah was awesome. But why reject Islamic law as a total state ideology? He admits to Muslims, but how come they are willing to be handcuffed in ties to nationalism, ethnicity and ashobiyah towards da'wah groups? He claimed to be a Muslim, but instead demeaned other Muslims while worshiping the enemies of Islam. He claimed to be a Muslim, and he said that making Al-Quran was a living guide, but how come it referred to primbon to solve the problem of life? Weleh-weleh is called harassment and insult to Islamic law, Boy!

Really, there are still many malpractices against Islamic law. There are many who admit that they are Muslims, but every time they promise they never keep them. He said believing in fate was governed by Allah SWT, but how come I still believe in predictions and fad 'play' the zodiac? He said that Ashobiyah was banned in Islam, but how come it defended its group or organization desperately even though it was proven wrong? He said that fellow believers were brothers, but why did maintaining the rust of hatred for many years only be different from the preaching group?

Do you like it sincerely hoping for the blessings of Allah Ta'ala, the fact is that human blessing is more a priority for him. Asking Allah Ta'ala in prayer to get the best soul mate, but how come he studied Islam just unwillingly? Hoping to be a good woman, but why is she told to wear a veil just don't want to, especially if told to wear a headscarf? Be aware Bro en Sis, all of that is a mirror of ourselves. We and the brothers of the Muslims today are indeed very far from the implementation of Islamic law. That happens because many of us are weak in faith in Allah. So, let's improve your faith!

Self evaluation

If you feel that you have done a lot of good, are you sure that everything is done sincerely? If you may say: "Do as you please. But remember your responsibility before Allah Ta'ala later in yaumil hisab." If you are proud of your sins, repent before dying to pick you up. If you think of a row of achievements and awards as proof of your success, does that make you feel arrogant or grateful? If only you felt meritorious to many people, was it done to gain the blessing of Allah or blessings of humans? If in your heart you claim the greatest preaching, contemplate: is it for the sake of Islam or your existence? You are very proud of your social status, but why are you ashamed to recognize yourself as a true Muslim? You are very careful about the entry and exit of your treasure, but are very negligent of the merits and sins you committed.

Duh, the statements and questions in the paragraph above should provide an injection of self-reflection for all of us. Yes, especially if the fact is that we did those bad things. Bener friend, we need to ask ourselves: Is it Muslim that you feel proud of Islam? If "yes", why not fight for the establishment of Islamic law? For missionary activists, this sentiment may be enough to be a whip: "You often feel tired in preaching, even though your efforts are few but your complaints are exorbitant." It is!

Bro en Sis rahimakumullah, you who are proud of all the academic titles, but why shame admits your equity predicament? You feel so frustrated when you fail in business, but stay calm when the time of prayer is at the end and you have not yet performed the prayer. You can be more assertive on your self-esteemed price, but be silent as your Nabhetic's honor is lowered to the enemy. You will choose pure gold as your jewelry, but why never try to purify your faith? You are very hurt when your lover cheats, but it is unconscious and repentant when you associate with Allah Ta'ala. You are so passionate about earthly jewelry, but you have little to do with your hereafter. Think carefully.

Similarly, many of us who list his prayers to Allah Ta'ala are filled with a list of worldly desires, but why worship Him as necessary? We always ask for the best of our lives to Allah Ta'ala, but often forget to obey His command. When anxious and disappointed by Allah Ta'ala we always call His name, but when we love and happy we forget to worship Him. We too often hope for the good of God Swt for us, but we are very grateful to Him. We always pray to Allah Ta'ala at peace, but why do we need to be happy when we are happy? If your wish is granted by Allah Ta'ala you praise Him, but why not when you are ignored that you are bothered by Him? Aw, think of your buddies! Self-intervention. Because, there are too many sins and wrong things we do.

Hopefully the few facts and negative characteristics that we have discussed in this edition of Gaulislam can make our consciousness that might have put Islam for us in so many numbers from the affairs of our worldly life. Be aware and immediately repent then rise to practice the Islamic Shari'ah properly and well according to the guidance of Allah SWT. and His Apostle.

[solihin | Twitter: @osolihin]

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Schools in Palestine, Not Problems in Ride Classes, Study Every Day, Do Homework, and the like ...

SCHOOL, for children in Palestine, it is not a matter of going up to class, studying every day, doing homework and the like. Schools in Palestine are something very expensive, cannot be obtained every day, and must be achieved with a struggle of body and soul.
Because, for Palestinian children, reaching school means passing through Israeli army checkpoints that are spread in every corner of the city. Not infrequently, they must confront first in exchange for not only blood, but also life.

Even then in Palestine, some of the schools have been destroyed by the savage Israeli attacks. Gaza events left a lot of debris and rubble the other day, and even then the Israeli army operations were carried out regularly every day. But, as Michael Hart said on "We Will Not Go Down", but our spririt will never diethe spirit of Palestinian children will never die.

This is what Palestinian children must face when they will begin their day to go to school to find knowledge: Israeli soldiers who cocked the rifle!

Israeli soldiers prevented these children from entering the area they had seized and told Palestinian children to stay away or go home. But these kids never had the slightest fear. They bravely challenged Israeli soldiers.

Not only students, but the teacher also gave an example that fighting Israel was a must for Palestinians, because Israel was an invader.

So what happened? Palestinian children never give up. They held classes right in front of Israeli soldiers at each checkpoint. To the extent that Israeli soldiers shook their heads in disbelief.

Look at her spirit! Look at her spirit! Extraordinary….

Boys, because they are more brave, get worse treatment. They were involved in a physical battle with Israeli soldiers.

Even shot by bullets.

However, look at his eyes. There is pride and high pride in it. You can burn our mosque, our home, and our school, but our spirit will never die.

IslamPos / TheTruthSeekerMedia

Generation of Platinum, Not Aluminum

Hello, the younger generation is making more fun! Yup! The younger generation, is now increasingly active in making brilliant achievements. We can see from the extraordinary achievements that they have succeeded in reaching, ranging from domestic achievements to foreign countries. Not only in the academic field, the younger generation can even show itself as a group of people who can obey the rules of religion well, obey the Shari'a, obey their parents, and a lot of proud behavior from the younger generation.

However, like the city of Jakarta, it turns out that the younger generation of Muslims now has two sharp contrasting faces. On the one hand, youth are the most proud social creatures, but on the other hand, young Muslims have a very gloomy face. This is evident from the proliferation of drugs, drunkenness (meaning really drunk), motorcycle gangs, brawls, to free sex among teenagers. In fact, nowadays, this part of the face still dominates, as evidenced by the more sad news that appears about the younger generation rather than the proud and uplifting news. Alert!

Between us and the Youth Pledge

Bro en Sis rahimakumullah, a loyal reader of gaulislam. Soon we will arrive on October 28 which is the commemoration of the Youth Oath. Tahu Sumpah Pemuda, right? Do not know? You guys are smart ...

Sumpah Pemuda is an oath of loyalty as a result of the formulation of the Indonesian Pemoeda-Pemoedi Density, also known as the Youth Congress II, read on October 28, 1928. This date is then celebrated as "Youth Oath Day". I guess that's a brief explanation. The gaulislam bulletin doesn't need to explain at length, because gaulislam doesn't want to be a rival to your history teacher. Hahay ...

What's wrong with the Youth Oath? Do you really care? Maybe some of you will ask these two sentences. Indeed, this sounds and seems trivial. But, Youth Pledge turns out to be a concern, you know!

Bro en Sis, Sumpah Pemuda does sound ordinary and simple, but behind it all, actually we as Muslims are slowly being obscured from our noble teachings! How come? Yes, yes, we all know, the name of the Youth Oath is nothing but not created to create and strengthen a sense of nationalism among Indonesia's young generation. In fact, nationalism is very contrary to Islamic teachings.

Yup, we are always taught to continue to maintain wholeness, unity, safety, and national security, but behind that we forget to think of our brothers elsewhere! Yes, we are only thinking of our brothers in Indonesia. In fact, it is very clear in the Koran and the teachings of Islam, there are so many orders to care for brothers and sisters, seminarians, to look after each other, help each other and care for each other. It is clear that our brothers in Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, the Philippines, and a number of other Islamic countries who are intimidated, need us more. However, because we are only taught to love our country, we forget our brothers and sisters.

Ckckck ... * while shaking his head. You don't think, right? Nationalism turned out to have engulfed us, making us forget the obligation to look after each other's fellow Muslims. Unlike nationalism which overrides the feeling of togetherness, Islam teaches them to continue to care for their fellow believers. In fact, Islam also teaches to always do good to people who are different from our religion. Subhanallah ... Try to find out, understand which teaches compassion and caring for universal adherents? I won't find it! I swear (but don't use it)

The cool young man is not the one who is firm on nationalism. Not young men who uphold red white and eagle above all else. On the contrary, they are young people who are blind because they cannot see good understanding and bad understanding. Nationalism is bad Bro, and can endanger us so that it has the potential to lose in the hereafter. Naudzubillah min dzalik!

Shaykh Safiyurrahman al Mubarakfuri in the book al-Ahzab as-Siyasiyyah fil Islam quoting a hadith narrated from Abu Hurairah ra, that the Messenger of Allah. has said (which means): "Whoever fights under the flag of bigotry, hostile to tribalism and calls on tribalism, and help in tribal basis, then if he is killed and died, death is like ignorance." (HR Muslim)

So what should we make a handle and can deliver happiness in the hereafter? Only Islam, Bro en Sis! Allah SWT. say:"Strengthen all of you to the rope of Allah, and do not be divorced. Remember the favor of Allah when you were ignorant until God united your hearts, and then you are, for the favors of Allah, the people and you have been on the edge of the abyss of hell, then Allah saves you from it. Thus Allah makes clear His verses to you so that you may be guided. (QS Ali Imran [3]: 103)

Yes, that's Islam! There is no teaching that glorifies virtue to be practiced other than Islam. Indeed, who is fighting for Indonesia towards independence? You think of the nationalists, huh? Bro en Sis, it is only Islam that gives a noble position to fighters who die in the way of Allah, so the battle they make is persistent, courageous, and daring to fight against invaders who are unbelievers. The Islamic ummah does not need to be afraid of death, because anyone who is martyred in his way will surely get a high position beside Allah. Because, they fight for Islam.

Sorry, don't call this terrorism. Whoever considers this terrorism, Indonesia should be grateful to the terrorists who are their own national heroes. * Don't be dumbfounded, reread the paragraph above hehehe ...

Islamic youth is not a type of 'aluminum'

Bro en Sis, a loyal reader of gaullam. As young people who have been born into a Muslim, then we have a great obligation and responsibility in studying this noble teaching. Being a cool young man is not proud of nationalism but proud of Islam. Because, tomorrow in the hereafter, we will be asked whether we are Muslims or not, and that is the opportunity that will save us from the heat of hell fire. Allah Swt. has warned us to always stand firm in Islam in His word that we often hear during the Friday sermon, "O ye who believe! Observe your duty to Allah, and be careful of (your duty to) Him, and do not die except in a state of Islam." (QS Ali Imran [3]: 102)

It is our duty to continue to learn about our religion. We cannot rely on religious studies at school, because the government only gives very few religious lessons a week. We must learn more independently. Read frequently about Islamic teachings, explore the Koran and its interpretations, take the time to study the contents of the Prophet's hadiths, and follow Islamic studies.

Indeed, the discussion about religion is classified as a theme that is being awaited by teenagers. Every discussion about religion is always judged to judge bin patronizing.

Bro en Sis, everything we don't know and like, maybe there is something that feels bitter when we first feel it. However, believe me, only in this way can we understand and know the true way of life, so that we do not get lost in living this life. If you are familiar with it, learning Islam is something that is exciting and endless. We must be proud of our identity as Muslims. Be proud of Islamic teachings, because only these teachings can make us successful. Only this is the right way!

Share and retweet

Friends, it's not enough just to study Islam, we also have to spread it. Just like on Facebook or Twitter, if we find a cool bin status inspiring, we will immediately click share or retweet. Likewise with this Islamic science. We must share the knowledge we get. Continue to spread so that it makes it more developed throughout the world.

Don't think we will only be exhausted and in vain in teaching this Islam. Instead, we will get reward continuously as long as the person we are teaching is still practicing it, without reducing the person's reward. Really cool, right? Duh, that means I have to immediately roll up and say wow!

Disseminating Islamic teachings, or more familiarly referred to as da'wah, does not revolve only around the mosque and the majlis of science. Don't have to use pulpits, Muslim clothes, and other Muslim identities. But, we can share and retweet anywhere, you know! If you are someone who is confident enough, we can talk directly to friends, friends, teachers, even parents whose understanding of Islam is practically lacking. Or if you are classified as a shy person, then you can use social networking as mentioned above. The way to deliver it does not have to be standard, but it is adjusted to our missionary goals. Fellow friends, we can use a more relaxed everyday language.

Or for our friends who love it, there is nothing wrong with trying to collaborate on 'strange' letters, symbols and pronunciation to preach to them, as long as what we say is still not contrary to the teachings of Islam.

Very easy, right? So, let's spread it, share it, and retweet this Islamic teaching to all humans, especially young people, so that in the future, we can replace the generation of aluminum that has been there with a strong generation of platinum. A generation that is confident, has a leader spirit, and the most important thing is to hold fast to Islamic law and fight for it.
So, are you ready to become the next generation of successors to the glory of Islam? Kudu is ready!

[Hawari | Twitter: @ hawari88]

America and Cambodia Hold Joint Military Exercises

The US and Cambodian Navy will hold joint military exercises. In this maneuver America dropped the USS Vandegrift ship. Farsnews (21/10) reported quoting Xinhua.

The American Embassy in Phnom Penh announced that this joint exercise would take place October 22-26, 2012 in Sihanoukville Cambodia, and was intended to enhance maritime cooperation between the two countries.

The two countries will improve security skills and quick reaction maneuvers to overcome natural disasters in the joint maneuver.

The five-day joint exercise focused on increasing the level of cooperation, understanding of both parties and building trust between the American Navy and Cambodia.

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Again, Israel ignores international criticism

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the construction of Zionist settlements would continue in East al-Quds (Jerusalem), despite international condemnation.

Netanyahu conveyed this at the opening of the cabinet session on Sunday (10/21). He said that there would be no restrictions on development in Jerusalem.

This happened just days after the Israeli Interior Ministry gave final approval for the construction program of nearly 800 new housing units in the Gilo settlement, south of Jerusalem.

Previously, the anti-settlement Zionist group Peace Now said that Tel Aviv would also realize a plan to build a military academic building on the Mount of Olives in East al-Quds.

On Thursday, European Union Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton expressed "deep regret" over the Israeli decision. He said Zionist settlements were illegal under international law and threatened a two-state solution.

Zionist settlements are considered illegal by the United Nations and most of the international community.

However, more than half a million Israelis live in more than 120 illegal settlements built since the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land in 1967.

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So strong, Surface Tablets are transformed into skateboard boards!

Jakarta - Usually testing the strength of a product is done by dropping it to a certain height, there is something different from Surface. To find out how strong, the tablet made by Microsoft was changed to a skateboard board ...Wushhh!
Is one of the bosses of Windows Steven Sinofsky who posted a photo of him playing with a skateboard on Twitter. This is indeed not an ordinary skateboard, because it turns out that with such modifications, the Surface is made into its foothold.

What Sinofsky did was not an insane act without purpose. Because he did it to test the strength of Surface. Microsoft claims the Surface is made with premium materials, namely Magnesium and Gorilla Glass 2.

In the photo shows, Suface is indeed very sturdy. Although used as a foothold and made snaking it does not appear to be damaged or even broken, according to that diquote from BGROn Thursday (10/18/2012).

Windows 8-based Tablet Surface has a thickness of 9.3 mm and weighs 1.5 pounds, not much different from the iPad. This device is equipped with built in kickstand and magnetic cover which also works as a touch keyboard.

For the price, the public is no longer curious because Microsoft has
disclose it, starting from USD 499 to USD 699. Microsoft will start shipping Surface on October 26.


Bakrie, Rothschild, Indonesian Coal and Islamic Perspective

Dr. Hendri Saparini
ECONIT Managing Director

Bumi Resources' financial report in September 2012 stated that the company's total coal reserves (PT Kaltim Prima Coal and PT Arutmin) reached 2.6 billion with a production target of around 75 million tons. The reserve has made Bumi the largest coal producer in Indonesia with a market share of 27%. The cost of production is very cheap, has given the company the opportunity to reap extraordinary profits. With an average production cost of 42 dollars per ton, these high-calorie coal types sell for an average of 92 dollars, so there is a potential profit of 50 dollars per ton. Not surprisingly, in 2011 the operating profit reached US $ 1.12 billion or around Rp. 10 trillion.

The savvy coal business makes domestic and foreign investors compete to breed their funds in this sector. Nathaniel Philip Rothschild is no exception. In November 2010, through its new company Vallar Plc, one of the richest bankers in the world conducted a share swap with the Bakrie business group. In the transaction, the Bakrie Group released 25% of Bumi Resources' shares worth IDR 13 trillion and obtained 90.1 million new shares of Vallar for £ 10 per share. Thus, Bakrie controls 43% of Vallar's shares, while Vallar owns 25% of Bumi Resources (now 29% percent). Vallar later changed its name to Bumi Plc where Rothschild held an 11% stake in the company.

Excellent business potential, prompting Rothschild to increase its ownership in Bumi Resources. This effort was challenged by the Bakrie group. The peak was when Bumi Resources partnered with Samin Tan, owner of PT Borneo Lumbung Energy, to enter the ranks of Bumi Plc by selling 23.8% of its shares worth US $ 1 billion (Rp 8.5 trillion). Samin Tan was then appointed as Chairman of the Earth. While Rothschild who previously served as Co Chairman was expelled to the position of non-executive director. This action was considered by a number of market analysts to be one of the causes of Rothschild's relationship with the Bakrie group.

The feud worsened because the price of coal on the international market continued to sag so that it depressed stock prices. Throughout this year, Bumi Resource's stock price has been corrected 73% from IDR 2,521 (1/2/12) to IDR 680 (8/10/12) per share. On the other hand, the Bakrie group's debt continues to mount so that financial engineering (refinancing), including financing from high-interest funds, must be done.

Potential of Indonesian Coal

At present almost 95 percent of coal mines in Indonesia are controlled by private parties such as: Adaro, Bumi Resource and Bayan. PT Bukit Asam, the only BUMN that produces coal, in 2010 only controlled five percent of total national coal production.

The large amount of revenue from the mine makes the owners of private companies always perched on the list of Indonesia's richest people issued by Forbes and GlobeAsia. Why not, besides being more easily produced, Indonesian coal is mostly open pit (surface mining), royalties imposed on these commodities are also only 3-6 percent per ton (PP No.9 Th 2012 on PNBP in ESDM).

The impact of private ownership of these commodities is very detrimental to the people and the state. Among other things, the potential for state revenue from the sector is very minimal. Even if the energy source is fully managed by the state, the state revenue will be very large. In 2010, national coal production was 275 million tons. If it is assumed that all coal is sold at a price of US $ 71 per ton (the average price of Earth sales in 2010), with an exchange rate of Rp. 9,000 per dollar, then the sales value reaches Rp. 176 trillion. If the average cost of coal production is US $ 34 per ton (Adaro & Bumi's average production costs in 2010), the total will reach Rp84 trillion. Thus, the profit gained is IDR 92 trillion. The fact is that non-tax state revenues (PNBP) from these commodities are very small, only amounting to IDR 19.6 trillion.

In addition, the poor regulation of coal mining permits as the results of the BPK findings in 2010 made the management of these resources unable to be controlled optimally by the government. With the submission of mining permits to local governments, making the issuance of the Mining Authority (KP) permit becomes haphazard. Many of the KPs are less and late in paying PNBP. Not to mention the shrewdness of some investors to manipulate financial statements so that tax deposits are lower. The state has been greatly disadvantaged because the financial potential obtained is very limited.

Not to mention the national economic losses. Although these commodities are cheap energy sources, most of them are exported. Massive export of primary energy certainly has made Indonesia lose the potential economic benefits of natural wealth in driving the real economy. Even though at the same time, the domestic demand for the commodity is still very high. From 2004-2010, for example, 76 percent of Indonesia's coal production was exported abroad, especially China and India. Even though Indonesia's reserves are only 28 billion or three percent of the world's total reserves. Compare for example with China which reached 115 billion (14%) and Australia at 76 (9%) and India as many as 59 billion (7.1%).

In addition, there were also losses due to the environmental damage caused by the mining which was also very severe. The BPK's findings also revealed that many KPs denied their obligations to conduct reclamation and other post-mining obligations. Strangely, many of these violations did not get sanctions from the local government. Not only that, the ambition to earn as much rent as possible makes the granting of permits no longer carefully examined. As a result, there is a lot of overlapping of land related to the granting of Mining Authorities which leads to horizontal conflicts between fellow investors and vertically between investors and the government.

Islamic perspective

Indeed, the chaos between the Bakrie and Rothschild groups is just a piece of the problem of managing business in this country which refers to the economic system of liberal capitalism. In this system, the ownership and freedom of effort are guaranteed by the state through law. The role of the state is minimized as far as possible and only positioned as a regulator. Thus private investors with large capitals become the ruler in the economic sector, including in the mining sector.

Coal as well as other abundant mines such as oil and gas in the perspective of Islamic economics are public goods (al milkiyyah al-ammah). Thus the management must be submitted to the state and all the results are entirely used for the public interest. Thus he should not be handed over / authorized to the private sector or even foreigners as exemplified in the era of the Prophet Muhammad who canceled the granting of salt rights to the private sector.

Is the practice of monopolizing the control and ownership of energy in countries according to Islamic rules no longer practicable in this era? On the contrary. Malaysia has so far given great power to the state to regulate oil and gas through Petronas. China has several SOEs in the energy sector and issued a law prohibiting primary energy being exported and prohibiting the private sector from taking control of the energy sector. However, the bearers of liberal capitalism economists still argue that Indonesia will not be able to afford both in terms of capital, human resources and technology. They forget that even foreign investors do not use their own money to manage various sources of Indonesia's natural wealth. After the state gives concessions or natural resource ownership rights to investors, then they use natural resource wealth reserves to seek financing, to buy technology and find the best human resources in the world. The same thing can be done by our SOEs if the state gives ownership rights to the state-owned companies. Natural wealth can be processed but public ownership of the natural resource does not change.Wallahu a'lam bishawab
IWD / TheTruthSeekerMedia

Moqtada Sadr Asks Mursi to Stay Away from Israel

The leader of the Iraqi Sadr Movement, Moqtada Sadr, asked the Egyptian President to review his decision regarding the reopening of the country's embassy in Israel.

"According to the Koran, Jews are the main enemies of Muslims and Muhammad Mursi should not reopen the Egyptian embassy in Tel Aviv, because that move would damage the image of Egypt and the Islamic front," Moqtada was quoted as saying by Mehrnews on Saturday (10/20).

Following the victory of the revolution in February 2011, the Egyptian people demanded the termination of relations with the Zionist regime of Israel. However, Mursi now wants to strengthen relations with Tel Aviv.

Previously, Mursi promised to respect Egypt's international agreement, but some suggested that he make adjustments to the Israeli-Egyptian peace agreement.

Tel Aviv, however, insists that it will not accept changes in the peace agreement.

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Dede Utomo: Sin Sentencing for Homosexual Actors Can Be Changed

ACTIVIST Homosexual, Dede Utomo ventured forward as a candidate for Komnas HAM commissioner. Although opposition from Islamic groups was so heavy, it did not dampen his pace. "They will also be tired themselves," he told, Tuesday (10/16/2012).

In Islam, homosexual law is clearly sinful. Ibn Qudamah Al Maqdisi said that the legal stipulation of the practice of homosexuality is prohibitedIjma '(agreement) scholars, based on the texts of the Koran and Al-Hadith. [al mughnijuz: 10 pages: 155]. Scholars differ only in opinion about the types and forms of punishment imposed on the perpetrator.

But Dede Utomo's view is just the opposite, "Religious interpretations can change, there is also a Kyai in East Java who says as long as it is done with love it is not a sin," he stressed.

With this view, will the founder of Gaya Nusantara escape as commissioner of the National Human Rights Commission? Following is the interview with with Dede Utomo.

You are optimistic you can get away inside
fit and proper test this?
I am ambivalent between optimism and pessimism. But compared to before I was now more optimistic. Because I am glad we are no longer allergic to talking about LGBT in the DPR.

Would not it be a new issue if you were elected to Komnas HAM Commissioner?

That's the duty of the police. As a state official I should be protected. Minister just like that from Airport to his protected office.

So you believe there is controversy about you?

They will be tired themselves. Habib Rizieq's statement opposes my nomination only once. In the spirit of mutual learning, it's okay, but I'm lazy when cursed. I also disagree if the FPI is dissolved, because it is a right of association.

Do you mean ready dialogue with Muslims?

Come on, I'm ready in a dialogical atmosphere. I have held a course in Nusantara Style on gender and sexuality by inviting PPP, Muslimat, Fatayat NU, Aisyiyah, PBB and HTI. But they did not want to come because they already knew that Dede Utomo was gay.

fit and propert test You say fighting for LGBT, but also recognizing homosexuality as sin. How?
I quoted the Vatican before that. But then I continued when entering into the religion of homosexual law that sin could change too. There is also a Kyai in East Java who says that as long as it is done with love it is not sin.

Not sin, can it be explained further?

I mean, if two people have sex with love without coercion, that is okay. What is prohibited in Islam is liwath, namely anal sex. But if you don't harm it, it's also not a sin, like if you use a condom. But the interpretation is still a minority.

Reportedly, the Prophet himself imposed a stoning law for homosexuals. Your response?

The Messenger of Allah himself never told anyone to be stoned, and at that time there were no gays, there were people doing liwath.

What's the difference between gay and liwath?

Gay today. Gay is identity. The meaning is different from liwath. Liwath is anal sex.

The culmination of human love is marriage. Whereas in Indonesia there are laws which prohibit same-sex marriage. Your response?

Yes changed. Our law is a lot of questions.

Is Gay really from birth or other factors?

Wallahua'lam, if you can answer that, I can get Nobel.

What about gays who can finally fight and change to return to normal?

I don't think it's changing, it's pressing. Yes it's okay, as long as you don't force it. If it's true, it's okay. But because I knew about this group, I just wanted to ask, how long would he hold before returning to look for men again.

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