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Islamic Phobia

"Muslim fundamentalism is at least as dangerous as Communism once was. Please do not underestimate this risk…at the conclusion of this age it is a serious threat, because it represents terrorism, religious fanaticism and exploitation of social and economic justice." [A TV interview reported by Inter Press Service 18 February 1995]

Islamic fundamentalism is at least as dangerous as communism in the past. Please do not underestimate this risk ... In conclusion at this time, Islamic fundamentalism is a serious threat, because it represents terrorism, religious fanatics, and exploitation of social and economic justice.
(A TV interview reported by Inter Press Service, February 18, 1995)

That was the words of Willi Claes, the former NATO Secretary General who reflected the worries (read: fear) of the West towards Islam and Muslims. Long before the events of 911 (the collapse of the WTC building in 2001) Willi Claes had equated Muslims who clung to his religion as terrorists, and warned that fundamentalist Muslims - so he called Muslims who were firm to the teachings of Islam - far more dangerous than communists, so don't be underestimated!

Fear of Islam has existed since the Crusades erupted. Followed by the era of Western colonization of Muslim countries, until the end of the last period of Islamic Khilafahan (1924 AD). During that time a phobia Islam was created which was intentionally created by the West to discredit Muslims, isolate them, and throw them away as garbage from civilization.
If in the past the Muslims stamped them with a backward, barbaric stamp, not forward / productive, dirty, and so on; so now they give Muslims - who hold fast to Islamic teachings - labeled terrorists, extremists, fundamentalists and the like.

Islamophobia is a by-product of the clash of civilizations, between Islamic civilization and Western civilization. The West uses all means to discredit Islam and Muslims.
Western civilization will not be able to survive on its own feet, except by invasion, colonization, exploitation, imperialism. Only then can the West absorb the energy of other rich nations, without having to sweat.

Western civilization is unable to meet the needs of the hedonist-materialistic mind and lust of the people, so imperialism / colonialism becomes something that is necessary for them, even the characteristic of the ideology of capitalism. Western civilization is like a parasite for mankind. He cannot live, except by disturbing and undermining other civilizations.
Therefore it is not surprising, if we witness the existence of Western civilization throughout the history of mankind, leaving only suffering, misery, tyranny. The United States alone, over the past hundred years, has invaded more than 100 times in other countries (see: American, sweet-faced terrorist; journalal-waie, no.7, March 2001). It is not wrong if the US and its allies are categorized astrouble maker(the troublemaker), because that is how he lives.

Meanwhile, Muslims as a civilization are also entitled to live. It is therefore desirable if they hold fast, obey the teachings of their religion, and carry out all the commandments of Allah and His Messenger. When their lands are threatened, attacked, exploited, colonized; their people are hurt, expelled, persecuted, slaughtered; Their homes and property were destroyed by the occupation of the West and its allies; then it is desirable if they fight, retaliate and drive out the enemy from their lands.
Is it done by Muslims towards Western civilization that tarnishes the sanctity of Muslim countries, tarnishes the honor of Islam, and blatantly insults Islam and Muslims?

It is so tragic that, in our time of life, people who hold their faith, pursue the pleasure of Allah Swt and consistently follow the instructions andmanhajThe Prophet, insulted and abused with disgusting words, namely 'Terrorists'!
Conversely, true terrorists are hailed like defenders of truth.

That's what happens now, propaganda'war on terror'which US and its allies call for, the essence is a war against Islam and Muslims. That is part of the long history of the war of Western civilization against Islamic civilization. With this propaganda the US succeeded in 'bewitching the whole world' to follow in its footsteps, creating fear of Islam; Islamophobia.
The propaganda of the war on terror has forgotten the US invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. As if the US occupation was something light. The West really understands that the toughest enemy is only Islam and Muslims. To destroy it, the West itself cannot.

Therefore, the West embraces the whole world, including Muslim rulers who are accomplices, Muslim intellectuals who are nurtured by them, the scholars who love the world and are not afraid of Allah, and the majority of human societies whose conditions are stupid so they are easily fooled; all are mobilized to discredit Islam, alienate Muslims who hold fast to their teachings, and get rid of Muslims who oppose it.
As a result, the teachings of Islam became something strange. And those who obey Allah and follow His Sunnah are like aliens in front of their community. It is true that the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said:
Islam comes in a foreign state, and will come back alien as before. So blessed are those who are alienated.(HR. Muslim)

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Indonesia is Optimistic to Become the Host of 2019 Asia Games

BEIJING - Indonesia is optimistic that it will be selected to host the 2019 Asia Games. The statement was made by the Minister of Youth and Sports, Andi Mallarangeng.

"So far, Indonesia has not followed any 'bidding. So this time it proves that Indonesia's trust has really risen to an international' big 'event," Andi said when contacted Antaranews, in Beijing, Thursday (8/11).

Today, Andi and the Governor of East Java, Soekarwo and their respective ranks attended the Asian Olympic Council (OCA) meeting in Macao, China, to host the 2019 Asian Games.

Recorded three cities that compete to host the Asian sports party, namely Surabaya (Indonesia), Dubai (UAE) and Hanoi (China). The choice of Surabaya as one of the candidates came from the government's wishes.

Host determination will be made through a vote of 45 OCA members. In the session there will be six Indonesian representatives who explained Surabaya's readiness.

The six are representatives of certain bodies, including the government, according to the rules of the OCA. "Every host candidate this afternoon immediately explained the readiness of venues, infrastructure, and finances," Andi said.

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New Planets Found in Livable Zones, Similar to Earth

A number of astronomers from Germany have discovered a new planet orbiting close to the sun. This planet has the same climate as the earth and can support life.

The team found three new planets that orbit at 44 light years from Earth. But only one planet is in the Goldilocks Zone, where it is around the sun where the temperature is not too hot and cold, and has water content.

"The planet (named) HD 40307g is an old dwarf star (old dwarf star) perfect and calm. So the planet has the same climate as Earth, "Guillem Angla, from the University of Goettingen, Germany, who led the study with Mikko Tuomi from the University of Hertfordshire, UK, was quoted as saying by Reuters.

This planet weighs about seven times larger than the earth and orbits at the same distance from the sun. So that this new planet can receive a certain amount of energy from the sun just as the earth gets.

Already more than 800 planets have been found outside the solar system since they were first detected in the early 1990s. But only a few planets enter the habitable zone. Even very rare planets are found in rotating zones (time difference day and night)

But not with this one. This planet has day and night time and forms the same environment as the earth.

"This is the planet closest to the earth and in a habitable zone," said Hugh Jones, an astronomer at the University of Hertfordshire.
"In addition, the planet is also in orbit that is comparable to the earth. Increasing the possibility that the planet is habitable," said Hugh Jones.
The discovery by astronomers was formalized in a research paper in the Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics by taking data from the HARPS spectrograph, which was obtained from the European Southern Observatory telescope at La Silla, Atacama Desert, Chile.

The HARPS device is able to capture small changes in the color of light coming from the new planet, which is the influence of the planet's orbiting gravity.

This team uses a new technique to get signals from the new planet. "This significantly increases our sensitivity and allows us to reveal three other planets around the new planet," said Mikko Tuomi of the University of Hertfordshire, England.

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The Role of Islam in Civilizing Java

The history of the colonizers is poison

(Prof. Ali Hasymi)

Islam in Colonial Heritage Pseudo Scientific Discourse

The sea green color book only costs Rp. 5,000 in one of the bookstores from the former square north of Solo. The title, Church History in Indonesia, is one of 13 books that became PMKRI's cadre material in 1963. There is one paragraph that is interesting and makes me try to dismantle similar books, the core of the paragraph is"in contrast to the arrival of Islam in Indonesia that led to the decline of the nation's success, then the Catholic missie had great service in advancing the country through its educational institutions".Immediately, my forehead wrinkled. Out of curiosity, I tried to unload similar books, and I found the same thinking path. In his book Dr. Th Muller Kruger with a title that happens to be the same, Church History in Indonesia, stated:

Unbelievers want to maintain their independence and do not want to submit to the Kings of Islam. It can be understood, that in order to safeguard its independence, these pagan nations sought friendship and protection for those strong white people. For example the patih Udara, a last ruler of the Majapahit kingdom, in 1512 requested the help of the Portuguese, but was late, so it could not be helped.

In the above quotation Islam is positioned as the colonizing party while the Portuguese are described as helping gods who arrive late. This opinion was also agreed upon by Father M van Elzen,

This Java was a little more advanced than it is today. Since 1382, when Islam entered, Java continued to experience setbacks. I can understand well now, why Saint Francis Xavier never set foot on Java

More explicitly, G. W. J. Drewes when commenting on Darmagandul Fiber stated:

The entire contents of the Fiber illustrate the rejection of Islam as a foreign religion for Javanese. He was also seen as a religion which had seized power in a despicable way from the saints, glorified saints for Javanese Muslims

For me who was born as a Javanese Muslim this sounds strange, because from the small that is embedded in our minds is the white invaders that caused the Indonesian people to be poor and left behind in science. I even dare to say that it is the opinion of the majority of Javanese.

However, unlike the inner world of ordinary people, academics and the world of books are now moving towards another level. Although as a majority religion, but in various studies of Javanese history and culture, Islam is always placed in a marginal position. SaidSyncretism, Acculturation, Hinduism, Buddhism, Borobudur Temple and Prambanan, Manunggal Gusti, Darmagandul, Gatholocoas if it werekeyword (keywords) evenpassword to enter the Javanese treasure. Even Walisongo, who is very attached to the inner world of society, is currently in a position to be posted into a myth and legend.

When I tried to trace further, it turned out that the discourse formation processJavaminus Islamit had begun since the colonial era, and it seems that now it has produced results. In the latest books about Java we can see thatIslampositioned asforeign religionwhich is onlyepidermisfor the Javanese, while the one who becomestrue religionJavanese society isKejawen.

Java, Before the Arrival of Islam

That before the arrival of Islam in Java, Hinduism and Buddhism developed in Indonesia, is a historical fact agreed to by anyone. But a more detailed explanation of religious practicesHinduism and Buddhismon Java, barely discussed. Even if there is a myth of glory represented by the Borobudur temple, Prambanan and various other temples scattered throughout Java.

In a number of historical sources can be found Hindu and Buddhism that developed in Java patterned syncretism between the two. BookPararatonmentions, that Prabu Kertanegara, the last king of the Singhasari kingdom was usually called by the nickname "Bathara Shiva-Buddha" which is a follower of Bhairawa Tantra. This Shiva-Buddhist belief produces a ritual form called ceremonyMa-lima.According to S. Wojowasito, formceremony (ritual)from this sectvery terrible[4].

Furthermore, Prof. Rasyidi explained, the ceremonyma five consists ofmatsiya (eating poisonous puffed fish), manuya (eating meat and drinking the blood of a girl who is used as a sacrifice), madya (ritual ceremonies to drink liquor to get drunk), muthra (dance rituals to unconscious ecstasy), and maithuna (mass intercourse) ) The ceremony was carried out in the so-called terrainsetra)[5].

Opinion of Prof. De la Valle Poussin who stated that the practice of Maithuna was not carried out seriously was denied by Prof. Dr. H. M. Rasjidi, because Maithuna was practiced in concrete ways. Maithuna is not considered a sinner because the culprit is considered to have become a god.

In counseling a king, more victims are needed, reaching hundreds of people.

Adityawarman, a Radja of the Malay kingdom
(who became the son-in-law of Majapahit king)receiving his pennies in the middle of the dead field, sitting on a heap, laughing at blood, exposing human sacrifices that spoil the bad smell, but for Adityawarman it is very fragrant.[6]

Human sacrifice in mass numbers also occurred when the king of Blambangan, Tawang Alun, died.

Tawang Alun II was written in many Dutch archives, precisely in the end of his throne. Namely when the ceremony of ngaben the body was held spectacularly. Once, in the ceremony a total of 271 wives from 400 Tawang Alun's wives took part in self-immolation (sati) [7].

Bhairawa Tantra flourishes around the palace walls of rulers, both kings and local authorities. So when you were a little old story about the king of the clove king or Baka king who do eat people is a story that still very popular. The elements of Bhairawa tantra are also included in many community cultures, in the form of folk art. While its theological concept remains a defiled thing for most people, says Prof. Naquib Al Attas in the Dilemma book of the Muslims.

Javanese people in general are adherents to the cult of the ancestral spirits. Worship itself is not a religion for the people, but an important element of worship. The reasons that became the basis of the ceremony or the spirit that became were not the field of thought of the people, but the field of thought of the pastor / cleric. [8] These priests / ulama in Javanese society are referred to as Guru Ngelmu / kyai, whose structure still exists today. According to some sources, their theology is referred to as "kapitayan", a theological concept that existed before the entry of Hinduism and Buddhism into Indonesia. Similar to a simple concept of monotheism, where there is an inexhaustible power (tan kinaya ngapa) that lies behind this universe.

This religious practice can still be seen in the community, where the tomb as a symbol of the ancestral spirit is still an important element in Javanese worship. One of the greatest rituals is Pesta Srada which is a memorial to spirits to the ancestors. This Pesta Srada in Javanese is called Nyadran. [9] From the two main religious practices of Javanese society, it can be seen the level of Javanese civilization before the arrival of Islam.

Islam and the Evolution Process

If we hear the term that is very popular among Javanese people, namelydo not do five(Do not do Ma Lima), at first this was the appeal of the ulamas to the Javanese people to no longer perform the Bhairawa Tantra ritual. Because the ritual is not only evil to God but also evil to humans. As for the termdo not do five,which is interpretedjust mad, just madon, just drink, just play lane, thief(don't suck opium, don't commit adultery, don't get drunk, don't gamble and don't steal) which is the basic standard of Javanese human morality is translationma limaafter the Javanese people experiencedIslamization.

Meanwhile Nyadran in its development was held in the graves of the ancestors in the spirit month or Ruwah, ie the month of Sha'ban, facing the fasting month or Ramadhan. [10] The ritual was no longer worshiping the ancestral spirits but was replaced by a tomb pilgrimage ritual aimed at praying for deceased ancestors. In relation to the relationship of Javanese people to the deceased ancestors, according to Nakamura and CC Berg, this is a manifestation of the success of the Islamization process in Java.

It is precisely in the religious heart of the abangan, that is in their ritual life, they really depend on the help of the santri. Only santri can lead prayers in the most central rite of abangan people, namely slametan. Also santrilah who can lead the ceremony when an abangan experiences, what Malinowsky calls the most important and final crisis in life, namely: death

Not only is Islamization of religious rites, languages, patterns of relations in society, leadership patterns also undergo fundamental changes. Changes from the Javanese language Sanskrit which adopted many Islamic terms, such as fair, thought, people, Sultan or Islamization of the meaning of prayer which means prayer, the meaning of shaum, suwarga means jannah and the like is evidence of the existence of Islam as the foundation of a new Javanese society more civilized. It is very reasonable when Prof. Syed Naquib Al Attas stated that the arrival of Islam into the Malay archipelago (including Java in it) was the most important event in the history of this archipelago. [12] This was agreed by Dr. H. Roeslan Abdulgani who stated that Islam came to the archipelago carrying tamaddun (civilization), progress and intelligence [13].

The opposite conclusions are diametrical with the opinions of colonial scholars and their loyal followers to admire until now.

Author: Arif Wibowo

Coordinator of the Center for Islamic Civilization Studies (PSPI)
Reprinted with permission from the author.


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Obama's victory "Bad news" for Pakistani Muslims

The re-election of US President Barack Obama for a second term at the White House received a response in Pakistan, because his policies regarding drone strikes were considered detrimental to the South Asian Muslims.

"I believe that bad days (for us) have not been completed," said Ali Intekhab Dawar, a Bannu resident in North Waziristan, to, Thursday 8 November.
"There's a lot more to be seen."

Obama won a four-year term as US president after defeating Republican challenger Mitt Romney. But many Pakistanis are worried that Obama's victory will increase the frequency of drone attacks in tribal areas under the pretext of hunting down the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

"He is the king of drones," said Intekhab, who had left his village, Sangaree, to avoid drone strikes, with a cynical tone.

"His re-election means the people of the United States have given him a license to kill us. This means I cannot return to my home for the next four years," said Intekhab, who has lived with relatives in the suburbs of Bannu for the past three years.

The US has launched drone strikes in Pakistan's tribal areas near the border with Afghanistan to hunt down Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. More than 3,000 people, including women and children, have been killed in more than 300 drone strikes in North and South Waziristan since 2004.

According to the New American Foundation and Human Rights Watch, nearly 50 percent of the target drones are directed at civilians. Pakistan openly denounces drone attacks. However, analysts believe that there is a tacit agreement between Islamabad and Washington where Pakistan openly denounces attacks to stem public anger but will not take any action on the attack.

Lutfullah Bhutto, a banker from Karachi, also saw Obama's re-election as US president as a bad sign for Pakistan.

"I don't know why Muslims still believe that he (Obama) has a gentle attitude towards Muslims," ​​he told
"He is a person who has turned into a person who is more dangerous for Muslims, especially for Pakistan, more than Bush or other US presidents.
"He has summoned US forces from Iraq because the US agenda has been completed there, but he is sending more troops to Afghanistan, and is exporting violence and bloodshed to Libya, Syria and other parts of the Muslim world," he argued.

"Believe it or not, but the next four years will be a difficult period for Pakistan, whether it's on diplomatic matters or drone strikes."


'We Still Enthusiasm in School Even though We Have to Watch the Rope Over the River'

ReportDailymail about portraits of student struggles in the village of Batu Busuk, West Sumatra. A number of students from the village of Batu Busuk walked towards their school. Every day, around 20 students from the village must walk seven miles or about 11.2 kilometers from the village to their school in the city of Padang.

ReportReutersabout the struggle of school children in Tanjung village, Lebak, Banten.

'We Still Enthusiasm in School Even though We Have to Watch the Rope Over the River'


Erekat asks Obama to create security in the Middle East

Saeb Erekat, a senior Palestinian negotiator, asked the American president who won the presidential election this time to try to create peace and security in the Middle East.

Erekat said on Wednesday (7/11), "It is hoped that Barack Obama will end his full support for the Zionist regime of Israel and try to create security, peace and democracy in the Middle East region." As reported by

"Peace and democracy in the Middle East must be able to help establish an independent Palestinian state in accordance with the 1967 border line," Erekat added.

Erekat also asked Barack Obama in addition to supporting Palestinian membership in the United Nations (UN) also trying to end the development of the Zionist district in al-Quds and the West Bank.

Barack Obama for the second time served as president of the United States after defeating Republican rival Mitt Romney.

IRIB / TheTruthSeekerMedia

Observer: Dahlan's breakthrough must be supported

- Minister of BUMN, Dahlan Iskan was asked to have to take the risk of resolving the polemic of extortion of state-owned enterprises.

According to political observers from the University of Jember, Drs Joko Susilo MSi, Dahlan had to disclose members of the House of Representatives asking for rations from state-owned enterprises. The problem is, this problem has become a public concern.
"The breakthrough made by the Minister of BUMN must have the support of all parties, so that there will be no more companies in SOEs that become 'dairy cows' for individual members of the House of Representatives," said the lecturer of Unej FISIP international law.

In addition, he continued, Dahlan along with officials in BUMN must have the courage to follow up by reporting the case to law enforcement officials with strong evidence, so that it is processed in accordance with applicable law.

"It is difficult to prove a bribery case, but if there is strong evidence it can be reported to law enforcement officials such as the KPK," he joked.

Dahlan submitted a list containing eight names of individual DPR members who had asked for 'tribute' to SOEs to the DPR Honorary Board (BK). However, the list of names of eight DPR members who were handed over was chronological about the process of requesting and giving 'tribute'.

As a result, the DPR's BK still felt the need to call the intended DPR members and related BUMNs in the case of gratification to pursue evidence.

ROL / TheTruthSeekerMedia

Israeli troops use smoke tanks and bombs to raid the city of Qarara

TEAMS Israeli Occupation (IOF) reportedly raided the city of Qarara, east of Khan Younis in the southern part of Gaza on Thursday (8/11), local media sources reported.

They said that IOF soldiers had sent three armored vehicles, and escorted three bulldozers to advance to the central area to carry out random shootings.

Sources indicate that the Israeli tank forces fired smoke bombs to cover the attack.

A Palestinian farmer was seriously injured on Wednesday afternoon (7/11), in an attack carried out by Israeli reconnaissance aircraft east of Breij refugee camp, central Gaza. Before the attack was launched, the IOF forces first destroyed dozens of dunums of land cultivated by Palestinians in the same area.

IslamPos / TheTruthSeekerMedia

Jokowi: If I Gini I Can Be Older Fast

JAKARTA -- Joko Widodo seemed increasingly troubled by his new assignment as the Governor of DKI Jakarta. Understandably, Jokowi has always been asked many questions from various issues every time he is met by media crews.

"One-on-one. If I like this, I can get old quickly," Jokowi said, stroking his forehead in front of dozens of reporters.

This incident occurred when Jokowi held a meeting with the Metro Jaya Regional Police Chief Inspector General Putut Eko Bayuseno at City Hall on Monday (5/11). After discussing the issue of congestion and security in Jakarta, the two then came out giving information on the front porch of City Hall.

As usual, the reporters took advantage of the opportunity to ask various things related to Jokowi's policy at the beginning of his administration.

Not only the issue of congestion and security, the media crew is also busy asking about the arrangement of slums, evictions, health, and various other issues.

Seeing the look on Jokowi's face, which was questioned by so many questions, a reporter spontaneously asked, "Confused, sir?" In a joking tone, Jokowi replied, "Yeah, I'm confused."

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Wisnu Cahyo Purnomo, Jogja Student Who Created Folding Cars

One Press, the Car Shortens 30 Centimeters
Another creative and accomplished young man. He is Wisnu Cahyo Purnomo, a high school student at Muhammadiyah I Jogjakarta. The idea is to make folding cars worthy of appreciation.

Wisnu Cahyo Purnomo looks so skilled when explaining his work, folding car, to the jury team of the Indonesian Student Research (OPSI) at the Ministry of Education and Culture Office on Tuesday (9/10)
. To convince the jury, Wisnu then played a video about the process of creating his unique car.

Wisnu was so great in explaining his work, the judges and other participants were stunned. Moreover, his folding car is quite innovative. No wonder when at the end of the presentation he got the audience's applause. "My target must be this Olympic champion," said the class XII-IPA student at Muhammadiyah 1 High School in Jogjakarta after the judging session.
After taking a break, Wisnu told me that he needed about nine months to complete the folding car project. He started his work on January 8 and finished September.
"Actually it hasn't finished 100 percent. There are still some parts that need to be refined," said the youngest of the four brothers, the son of Ngadimin Purwosunarto and Kasiyem.

As the name implies, the car creates Vishnu can be "folded". By pressing a button next to the steering wheel, the car can shorten up to 30 cm. It's not too extreme.
"Not that the car can be folded like folding paper or mats, you know. But, the length of the car can be reduced mechanically to adjust the conditions in the field," he explained.

Wisnu said, the idea of ​​creating a folding car departed from his hobby in the automotive field. He really likes to tamper with car engines and his equipment. In fact, since childhood he collected cars in various types.

The amount is quite a lot. Thanks to his fondness, he became familiar with engine parts and car bodies.

The idea of ​​making folding cars emerged from his anxiety when observing the car parking system on the roadside.

"Parking on the highway is zero degrees (lined up stretching bumpers, Red)," said the student born in Sleman, June 24, 1994.

With a parking model like that, the car becomes difficult to get out of the parking area. If you are not careful, the bumper of the car that goes in or out can hit the car bumper in front or behind it. Anyway, the parking system in a row will make it difficult for motorists. That way also takes place.

From there, Wisnu had the thought of making a car that could be "folded". Cars that can be shortened, even if only 30 cm, are believed to be able to overcome the obstacles to parking on the streets.

In addition, folding cars will help residents who have parking spaces in homes that are not too large. "Because the car can be shortened, it doesn't need a large garage," he explained.

Indeed, the folding car becomes less artistically design. The shape is boxes. Because, Wisnu prioritizes its function which can be elongated and shortened. That is why, he felt difficult when going to design the shape.

Even so, he had time to enter the elements of Jogja in the rear body of the car. Namely, the form of blangkon (typical Jogja headgear, Red). "This is the mbendol," explained Wisnu while showing the body curves.

After the design process is complete, he asks for help from the welding workshop to assemble the frame and body of the car. The unnamed folding car has dimensions of 224 cm (normal) and 196 cm when "folded". The width of the car is 110 cm with a height of 100 cm.

The car fitted with a 4 stroke engine with 13 PK power is premium gasoline and has only one seat. "So this car is only for one person. Yes, the driver," he said. However, this car has luggage that is quite loose in the rear.

Since it was designed to finish, Wisnu spent around Rp. 12.6 million. The most for buying machines. Wisnu uses a coconut grater machine that has been modified with a starter. "Not withdrawn, but by pressing the button on the steering wheel," he said.

Now Wisnu is trying to get permission to be able to drive the folding car on public roads. During this time he had tried the car around his house. The car can run at speeds of up to 40 km / hr.

"My neighbor no one protested because of the noise of the engine, because my neighbor's house was far away," said Wisnu then laughed.


Jewish settlers; Like the 'Second Arm' of the Israeli Occupation State

IF observing Israeli crime, brutal actions in implementing the plan and realizing its goals, we will find the conclusion that the establishment of settlements is a priority in its strategy. Like the "second arm" of Jewish settlers became a complement to the Israeli government when it was launched.

For example, in 2012 alone the projects to build Israeli settlements in the Palestinian territories increased sharply, especially in Al-Quds, as said by observers of the issue of Jewish settlement development, Ahmad Shab Laban.
Laban explained, we got data that Israeli settlements this year reached the highest peak for more than 10 years. The number of settlement projects that had received government approval at the beginning of the year reached 1280 settlements.
Meanwhile, the Israeli housing department has proposed that the government approve the construction of 1213 new housing units in the eastern city of Al-Quds and included in the Besgate Zeiv and Ramat settlement expansion program located in the northern Palestinian residential area of ​​Al-Quds.
In conclusion, Israeli settlers according to the Israeli government strategy are the "second arm" to control Palestinian land.

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The gates of heaven

Heaven is the most beautiful and best place that is the dream of those who believe. To get there, we must know what practices can make us enter heaven.

To enter heaven, we have to go through the Gate of Heaven, there are 8.
"Whoever worships Allah and does not associate anything with Him, establishes prayer, performs zakat, listens and obeys (Allah) will surely enter it by the gate of any Paradise which he wishes, and the gate of Paradise is eight: Whoever worships Allah and does not associate anything with Him, enforce prayers, pay zakat, hear but disobedience (to the government), then his fate is up to Allah, if He desires it will be Blessed, but if He wills, it will torment him ". (HR Ahmad from Ubadah bin ash-Shamit radhiyallahu'anhu)

To enter the door of heaven we must do righteous deeds:

"For every practicing person there is a special door in heaven that he will be called through the door because of the charity he has done." (HR Ahmad and Ibn Abi Syaibah with sanad sahih, says Al-Hafizh in Fath Al-Bari, 7/30).

Dari Abu Hurairah radhiallahu'anhu bahwa Nabi shallallahu'alaihi wa sallam bersabda:

"For the sake of the One whose soul is in His hands! What is the distance between two doors (which have doors) from the gates of heaven such as between Mecca and Hajar, or as between Makkah and Bushra." (Narrated by Muslim no. 287)
Here are some doors to heaven:

Believe and Work on Saleh

Lo! Those who believe and do good works are the best of creatures.
Their reward with their Lord is the Garden of Eden which flows beneath the rivers; they remain forever in it. Allah is pleased with them and they are well pleased with Him. That is for those who fear their Lord. "[Al Bayyinah 7-8]

"Whoever does evil deeds, he will not be rewarded but proportionate to the evil, and whoever does good deeds, both men and women, when he is a believer, then they will enter Paradise, and they will be offered therein without reckoning." [Al Mu'min 40]

"And those who believe and work deeds of righteousness, We do not impose any obligation upon a person but as a matter of their ability, they are the dwellers of Paradise: they shall abide therein." [Al A'raaf 42]

"And give glad tidings to those who believe and do good, that for them there will be gardens flowing rivers in them." Each time they are given the provisions of the fruits in the gardens, they say: "This is what has been given to they used to be. "They were given the same fruits and for them there are holy wives and they abide in it" [Al Baqarah 25]

Caution, Funding Property, Arrest, Forgiveness of Offenders, and Good

"And hasten to forgiveness from thy Lord and to the Garden which is the breadth of the heaven and the earth prepared for the cautious.
(ie) those who spend (wealth), both in the field and narrow, and those who hold back their anger and forgive (mistake) people. God likes those who do good. "[Ali Imran: 133-134]
"There is no sin on the blind and for those who are lame and for those who are ill (when they do not fight), and whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger, He will bring them into Gardens underneath which rivers flow, the river, and whoever turns away will surely punish Him with a grievous Penalty. "[Al-Fath 17]

Say: Is that such a good thing or an everlasting paradise promised to the righteous? He is the reward and the return of them? [Al Furqaan 15]
"Surely the righteous are in heaven (gardens) and (near) springs of water (which flow)." [Al Hijr 45]

Faith, Islam, and Honesty

Abu Hurairah, may Allah be pleased with him, reported:
One day, the Messenger of Allah appeared among the Muslims. Then came a man and asked: Messenger of Allah, what is Faith? Rasulullah saw. replied: You believe in Allah, His angels, His books, His meetings, His apostles and the Day of Resurrection. The man asked: Messenger of Allah, what is Islam? Rasulullah saw. replied: Islam is you worshiping Allah and not associating anything with Him, setting up prayer, performing obligatory zakat and fasting during Ramadan. The man asked him again: Messenger of Allah, what is that goodness?
Rasulullah saw. replied: You worship God as if you were looking at Him. And if you do not see Him, then He always sees you. He asked: Messenger of Allah, when is the Day of Judgment? Rasulullah saw. replied: The person asked about this problem does not know better than the person who asked. But I will tell you the signs; When the girl gives birth to her master's son, that's one of the signs. When a poor person becomes a human leader, then it is among the signs. When sheep shepherds mutter to the building. That is part of his five signs, known only to God. Then the Messenger of Allah read the word of Allah:

Lo! Allah alone is with Him alone knowledge of the Day of Judgment; He it is Who sends down rain, and knows what is in the womb. And no one knows what he will earn for tomorrow. And no one knows where on earth he will die. Surely, Allah is All-Knowing, All-Knowing.

Then the person passed, the Messenger of Allah. He said: Call him back! The friends moved to call him, but they did not see anyone. Rasulullah saw. He said: He is Gabriel, he came to teach mankind their religious affairs. (Shahih Muslim No.10)

Abu Ayyub Al-Anshari's history of hadith:
That a banner offered to the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him). on his way to hold his camel's strap. Then the person said: Messenger of Allah or Ya Muhammad, tell me what can bring me closer to heaven and keep me from hell. The Prophet do not answer immediately. He looked at the companions, saying: He is really getting directions. Then he asked the man: What do you ask? The man repeated his words. Then the Prophet saw. He said: You worship Allah, do not associate anything with Him, establish prayer, pay Zakah and connect brotherhood. Now, leave the camel. (Shahih Muslim No.14)

From Abu Abdillah Jabir bin Abdullah Al-Anshori rodhiallohu 'anhu. A man asked the Messenger of Allah 'alaihi wa sallam, "What do you think when I have prayed five times, fasting Ramadhan, I legalize the lawful, and forbid the haram, and I do not add to the practice other than that, will I go to heaven ? The Prophet replied, "Yes" (HR Muslim)

Testify There is no God but Allah and Muhammad the Messenger of Allah

Whoever pronounces "Laa ilaaha illallah" sincerely, goes to heaven. The companions asked, "What is the sincerity, Messenger of Allah?" The Prophet replied, "Protect it (protect it) from all that Allah has forbidden." (HR. Ath-Thabrani)
Rasulullah shallallahu'alaihi wasallam said,
"Whoever utters" I testify that no one is worthy to be worshiped except Allah alone is no ally for Him and that Muhammad is His servant and His Messenger. And Jesus is the servant of God and the son of one of His servants. His words are conveyed to Maryam and the spirit is from God. (He also testified) that heaven is true, hell is also true; Allah will surely bring it to heaven from the eight gates wherever he wishes. "(HR Muslim from Ubadah bin ash-Shamit radhiyallahu'anhu).

Abdullah bin Masud, may Allah be pleased with him, reported:
Rasulullah saw. He said: Whoever dies in associating with Allah with something, then he goes to hell. And I (Abdullah) himself said: Whoever dies in a state not associating anything with Allah, surely he will enter Paradise. (Shahih Muslim No.134)

Abdullah bin Amru, may Allah be pleased with him, reported:
I heard the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him). He said: Whosoever is killed in order to defend his property, he is martyred. (Shahih Muslim No.202)

Keeping the Orphan

Me and the caregivers of the orphans (later) in heaven like these two fingers. (Narrated by Bukhari)
Explanation: The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) pointed the index finger and middle finger and narrowed the two.

Building a mosque

The hadith of Usman bin Affan, may Allah be pleased with him: "Whoever builds a mosque hoping for the pleasure of Allah SWT, Allah will build for him a house in heaven. (H.R Bukhari and Muslim)

The Fasting Person

"Sahl bin Sa'd, may Allah be pleased with him, reported: The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said: Surely there is a gate called Ar-Rayyan, the fasting person will enter through the gate on the Day of Judgment. : "Where is the fasting person?" They then flocked through the door, and when the last of them had entered, the door was closed again, and no one else would enter it "[Bukhari-Muslim]

Spreading Greeting, Connecting Friendship, Feeding, Night Prayer

From Abdullah Ibn Salam that Rasulullah Shallallaahu 'alaihi wa Sallam said: "O people, spread greetings, connect the kinship, give food, and pray at night when the people are asleep, you will go to heaven safely." Hadith shahih riwayat Tirmidzi.

Piety and Good Morals

From Abu Hurairah Radliyallaahu 'anhu that the Messenger of Allah Shallallaahu' alaihi wa Sallam said: "The charity that most defines the heavens is piety to Allah and good behavior." Tirmidzi's history. Hadith shahih menurut Hakim.

Dedicated to Parents

Prophet Muhammad was asked about the role of both parents. He then replied, "They are your hides or your guilty." (Narrated by Ibn Majah)


Anyone who cares for three daughters or three sisters is obliged to go to heaven. (HR. Ath-Thahawi).
A mother who died by her three sons and then surrendered (surrender) to God, willing and sincere, then she would go to heaven. (Muslim)
Abu Hurairah r.a. said that the Prophet said, "Whoever dies by three of his children who have not reached the time of bald, then the child becomes a barrier for him from hell, or he will enter heaven." [Bukhari]

Dead Martyrs in Allah's Way

Abu Hurairah's Hadith ra .:
That the Messenger of Allah He said: Allah smiled to two men where one was killed by another but both entered Paradise. Then they asked: How can it be, O Messenger of Allah? He replied: One fought in the path of Allah the Most High and Glorious and he died martyrdom. Then God accepts the murderer, then he goes to Islam and goes to war in the path of Allah, the Most High, the Most Exalted then martyred. (Shahih Muslim No.3504)

Obey the Prophet

Abu Hurairah said that the Prophet said:
"Every one of my Ummah will enter Paradise, except the one who lives," The Companions asked, 'Ya Rasulallah, who is the one who refuses it?' The Prophet replied, "Whoever obeys me will enter Paradise and whoever disobeys me is the one who refuses." (HR.Bukhari in the book al-I'tisham) (Hadith no.6851).

Spread Greetings

For the sake of my soul in His grasp. You cannot enter heaven unless you have to believe and not believe unless you have to love one another. Will I show you something if you do it, surely you love each other? Spread greetings among you. (Narrated by Muslim)

Memorize Asma'ul Husna

From Abu Hurairah ra that the Messenger of Allah said: "Verily, Allah has 99 names, whoever memorizes him will enter Paradise." Muttafaq Alaihi.

Love the Qur'an

Ubaidullah said from Zaid bin Tsabit: from Anas, "One Anshar shalat dominates other Anshar people in the Quba Mosque." It is a habit of reading 'Qul Huwallahu Ahad' (after reading surah al-Faatihah) when he read a reading (Qul Huwallaahu Ahad), he read another sura with him, and he did it in every rak'ah, and some of his friends asked him or her to say, 'Surely you read the sura and do not consider it enough, and you read another surah, what if you read that surah or leave it and read the other? ' The Anshar replied, 'I will never leave the recital of' Surah Qul Huwallahu 'Sunday, so if you are still happy if I become a priest for you in the way I do, then I will do it (acting as a priest ).

And, if you are unhappy with that, let me leave you. ' They know that he is the best person among them. They also do not want others to replace them to lead them. At the time of the Prophet. came to them as usual, they told him about it. Then the Prophet said to the man, 'O Fulan, what prohibits you from doing what your friends are asking for? And, what drives you to always read that surah in every rakaat? ' He replied, 'I love that sura.' The Prophet said, 'Your love to the surah will make you enter Paradise.' "[HR Bukhari]

Husband Ridho

A wife who when her husband dies prides it then she (the wife) will go to heaven. (Narrated by Al Hakim and Tirmidzi)

Sholat Sunat 12 Roka'at

From Anas Ra that the Messenger of Allah said: "Whoever performs Dluha prayer twelve cycles, Allah will make a palace for him in heaven." [HR Tirmidzi]
Ummu Habibah Ummul Mu'minin Ra said: I have heard the Messenger of Allah say: "Whoever performs twelve rak'ahs in a single night must have built a house for him in heaven." Hadith of Muslim history. And in a history: "Sholat prayer."

Called from All Doors of Heaven
Called from heaven's door, Alhamdulillah. Congratulations from hellfire. What if all the gates of heaven call us?

"Whoever sustains a pair of property in the way of Allah then he will be summoned from the gates of heaven, 'O slaves of Allah, this is the goodness.' Those who belong to the worshipers will be summoned from the door of the prayer, and those who belong to the jihad will be summoned from the door of the jihad who will be summoned from the door of Ar-Royyan and those who belong to the charity will be summoned from the door of alms. "
When he heard this hadith, Abu Bakr asked, "My father and my mother as your redeemer, O Messenger of Allah, what other difficulties should be feared by those who are called from the doors. Is there anyone who can be called from all the doors?".
He then replied, "Yes, and I hope you are among them." (Narrated by Bukhari [1897 and 3666] from the companions of Abu Hurairah radiallahu'anhu).

The Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam asked (to his companions), "Who among you who fasting today?". Abu Bakr said, "I am." He then asked, "Who among you who has escorted the body today?" Then Abu Bakr said, "I am." He again asked, "Who among you today feeds the poor?". Then Abu Bakr said, "I am." Then he asks again, "Who among you today has visited the sick?" Abu Bakar again said, "I am." Then the Messenger of Allah 'alaihi wa sallam also said, "It is not the characteristics that accumulate in a person unless he will surely go to heaven." (Muslim [1027 and 1028] from Abu Hurayrah's companions).


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