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The healing power with the Koran is based on scientific research

There are many diseases every day that heal by reading the Al-Quran.We cannot deny that because healing does occur.That happened to me (Abduldaem Al-Kaheel - compiler of the article) when I read certain verses for specific illnesses and diseases that healed!(ataz izin Allah)

Healing with the Qur'an is a critical issue that there is not much study or research about it, so I think to start this journey and beg God to guide me, give me useful knowledge, show me the truth and help me to do it, and showing me the error and helping me to stay away from it.One of the most important fruits of this study, which lasted for years, is that I came up with important results: God has placed in every verse of the Qur'an a healing power for certain diseases if this verse is read in a certain number of times.


When we reflect on the universe around us, we see that each atom vibrates at a certain frequency, whether this atom is part of metal, water, cell or whatever.So that every object in the universe vibrates, this gives a scientific data.
The basic structure of this universe is atoms, and the basic structure of our bodies is cells; each cell is made of billions of atoms and each atom is made of positive nuclei and negative electrons rotating around it; because this rotation of an electromagnetic field is produced similar to the fields produced by a machine.


Figure 1: Atom is the basic structure in this universe and in our body; it constantly vibrates, which means that each of you vibrates according to a careful system.

The secret that makes our brain think is an accurate program that exists in brain cells; the program in each cell does its job carefully; the slightest damage in his work will cause imbalance and disease in some parts of the body; the best treatment for this imbalance is to restore balance to the body.Scientists have found that body cells are affected by various vibrations such as light waves, radio waves, sound waves, etc..But what is that sound??


Figure 2: Every cell in our body vibrates in a careful system, and even the slightest change in vibration can cause disease in some parts of the body.That is why damaged cells must be vibrated to restore balance.
We know that sound is made of waves or vibrations that move in the air at around 340m / sec.Each sound has its own frequency, and humans can hear from a frequency of 20 per second to a frequency of 20000 per second (1).
These waves spread in the air and then captured by the ear, then turn into electrical signals and move through the sound nerve to the skinaccoustic barkin the brain; cells are related to these waves and move into various parts of the brain, especially on the front; all these parts work together in accordance with these signals and translate them into languages ​​understood by humans.Thus, the brain analyzes these signals and gives its commands to various parts of the body to relate to those signals.


Figure 3: Sound consists of mechanical vibrations that reach the ears then brain cells connected to them and change their own vibrations; that's why sound is considered an effective healing power, depending on the nature of the sound and its frequency.We find the healing power in the Koran because this is the book of Allah.

From here comes sound therapy; the sound is a vibration, the body's cells vibrate, then the sound affects the body's cells.This is what was discovered by observers recently.

In Washington universities in the last twenty-first century, scientists have discovered that the task of a brain cell is not only transferring information, each cell is a small computer that works to gather information, process it, and give orders 24 hours a day.

Ellen Covey, a researcher at Washington University, said that this is the first time we have realized that the brain does not work as a large computer, but the brain contains a large number of computers that work cooperatively, there is a small computer in each cell, and there is a computer
computer that is affected by vibrations around it, especially sound (2).

Figure 3: Experiments (experiments) show that in every cell in the brain there is a computer that God planted with him an accurate program that directs the cell and controls its work.It also shows that sound affects the cell; the picture above is a picture of a cell affected by a sound and an electromagetic field formed around it.
That way, we can say that the cells in each part of the body vibrate in a certain frequency, and form a complex and coordinated system that is affected by every sound around it.Thus, any disease that afflicts all parts of the body will cause a change in vibration in this part of the cell and therefore cause it to deviate from the general body system which affects the whole body.This is why, when this body is exposed to certain sounds, this sound affects the body's vibration system and especially in irregular parts; this part will respond to certain sounds to restore the original vibration system, or in other words to restore his health.Scientists discovered this result not long ago.What is the scientific story of science (sound therapy)?

Story about sound therapy

Alfred Tomatis, a French doctor, made fifty years of experiments with the human senses and came up with the result that the auditory sense was the most important sense!He found that the ear controls the entire body, regulates his vital operations and the balance and coordination of his movements he also found that the ears control the nervous system!
During his experiments, he discovered that the auditory nerve is connected to all body muscles and this is the reason why the balance and flexibility of the body and the sense of sight are affected by sound.The inner ear is connected to all parts of the body such as the heart, lungs, liver, stomach and intestines; this explains why sound frequencies affect the whole body (3).

In 1960, Swiss scientist Hans Jenny discovered that sound affected various materials and renewed their particularities, and that every body cell had its own voice and would be affected by renewal of sound and the material inside it (4).In 1974, researchers Fabien Maman and Sternheimer announced a very surprising discovery; They found that every part of the body has its own vibration system, in accordance with the laws of physics.A few years later, Fabien and Grimal, other researchers, found that sound affects cells, especially cancer cells, and that certain sounds have a strong influence; the miraculous thing found by the two researchers is that the sound that has the most powerful effect on the cells of the body is the human voice itself!!

Figure 4: Sound moves from the ear to the brain and affects brain cells; scientists recently discovered that sound has miraculous healing powers and the amazing effects of brain cells that restore balance to the rest of the body!Reading the Koran has a tremendous influence on brain cells and is able to restore balance; The brain is an organ that controls the body and from here the commands are sent to all organs of the body, especially the immune system.
Fabien, a scientist and musician, places cells from a healthy body and wears them to various sounds; He found that each musical scale note affected the electromagnetic field of the cell; when photographing this cell with a Kirlian camera, he found that the shape and value of the electormagnetic field of the cell changed according to the sound frequency and type of sound of the reader..

Then he did another experiment by taking a drop of blood from one patient; and then monitor the blood droplets with a Kirlian camera and ask the patient to emit various tones.He found, after processing the image, that certain tones in the blood droplets change their electromagnetic fields and completely vibrate in response to their owners.He then concluded that there were certain tones that affected body cells and made them more vital and active, even renewing them.He came up with important results that the human voice has a strong and unique influence on the cells of the body; this influence is not found in other instruments.This researcher says literally:

"The human voice has a special ring which makes it the most powerful treatment tool (5).Fabien found that some sounds easily destroy cancer cells, and at the same time activate healthy cells.Sound affects human blood cells which transfer this sound frequency throughout the body through blood circulation."


Figure 5: A cancer cell is destroyed using only sound frequency!!That is why reading the Koran has a great impact on the treatment of even the most dangerous cancers and diseases that, according to the medical, cannot be cured!
But whether this influence is limited only to body cells?It is clear that sound affects everything around us.This is what Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist, proved in his experiments with water; He found that the electromagnetic fields in water molecules are greatly affected by sound, and that there are certain tones that influence these molecules and make them more organized.If we remember that 70 percent of the human body consists of water, then the sound that humans hear affects the order in water molecules in cells and in this way the molecules vibrate.

Figure 7: The shape of water molecules changes when exposed to sound; thus, the sound greatly affects the water we drink.If we recite Quranic verses in the water, their properties will change and will have the effect of the verses of the Koran into every cell in the body, causing it to cure!(insha Allah).In the picture above, we see a frozen water molecule; the electromagnetic field around this molecule changes continuously due to sound effects.

How can the verses of the Koran heal?

Now, let's ask an important question: what happens in the cells of the body and how sounds heal?How does this sound affect damaged cells and restore balance?In other words, how is the healing mechanism?
Doctors continue to look for ways to destroy several viruses; if we think about the mechanism of this virus, what makes it move and find its way to the cell?Who gives the virus information stored inside, which allows it to attack cells and multiply inside?What moves the cells against this virus to destroy it while standing helplessly in front of other viruses?


Figure 8: Viruses and germs also vibrate and are greatly affected by the vibrations of sound, especially the sound of the verses of the Koran, this sound stops viruses and germs and at the same time increases the activity of healthy cells and generates disturbed programs that are inside to be ready to fight viruses and germs.
Qur'anic verses create a group of frequencies that reach the ears then move to brain cells and influence them through these frequency electromagnetic fields generated in these cells.The cells will respond to these fields and modify their vibrations, this change in vibration is what we feel and understand after experiencing and repeating.
This is the natural system that God created in the brain cells, this is a natural balance system; this is what God has told us in the Holy Qur'an:

"Then set your face straight to the religion of [Allah]; [remain]
fithrah Allah who has created man according to the fithrah.There is no change in Allah's fasting. [It is] a straight religion; but most people do not know."(Ar-Rum: 30)


Figure 9: The picture above is a real picture of a blood cell that is exposed to sound and begins to change the electromagnetic field around it; the chanting sound of the verses of the Koran changed this cell's information, carrying it and making it more capable of fighting viruses and damage caused by malignant diseases.

Which verses can be a healing therapist?

Every verse of the Koran has extraordinary healing power (with Allah's permission) for certain diseases; among the letters that are usually sung to meruqyahis Al-Fatiha, Kursi verse (verse 255 in the letter Al-Baqarah), the last two verses of Al-Baqarah (285-286), and the last three letters in the Qur'an (Al-Ikhlas, Al-Falaq, -Nas) as told by the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam.
However, basically all verses of the Koran can be healing therapies and prevention of various diseases, God willing.

The noblest prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam every day gets used to reading verses and other prayers and dhikr - other than consuming healthy natural foods and drinks with healthy eating habits - for protection from various diseases, both physical and psychological.He shalallahu 'alaihi wa sallam prayed to God to protect him from demonic disorders, including from various diseases.

Treatment with the verses of the Koran and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam can be medically proven to cure various diseases, whether psychological or physical (spiritual or physical), God willing.

And We send down from the Qur'an a healer and mercy for those who believeand the Qur'an does not add to those who are dzalim other than loss."(Al-Isra ': 82)

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