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Plato Is Not Lying, Atlantis Has Been in Indonesia

Atlantis is a mystery that tempts scientists, and spiritualists to probe back into the advanced civilization of humans who, supposedly, were lost to the earth. Until now, there have been at least thousands of books written about the legend.

In the beginning, Plato (427-347 BC), a Greek philosopher, recorded stories about the lost continent in two of his works, Timaeus and Critias. Both are Plato's last works, written in 347 BC.

Based on Plato's two works, DR Danny Hilman Natawidjaja, spawned a book entitled "Plato Is Not Lying, Atlantis Has Been in Indonesia."

"The main concept of the element of natural formation consists of water, fire, earth, and air. All of these are contained in two works of Plato Timaeus and Critias, so it is impossible for Plato to lie and fantasize," said Danny Hilman, during the Disaster and Civilization Discussion and Launch The book "Plato Is Not Lying, Atlantis Has Been in Indonesia," in Jakarta, May 20, 2013.

Danny added, Plato's two works came from manuscripts owned by his grandfather who were obtained from Egypt which had been transcribed into Greek.

In the work of Critias mentions that Atlantis originated from 9,600 BC or 11,600 years ago. Atlantis is described as a tropical region, with a moderate temperature, in the form of a large, very beautiful, fertile land, many sources of water, flora, fauna, and mineral metals.

"In that work also said there were two wild animals on Atlantis. Is that a tiger or a Komodo dragon?" Danny said.

Similar to Indonesia

The similarity of Atlantis and in Indonesia can also be seen from the ancient manuscripts that Plato used to explain Atlantis, such as the existence of rivers, volcanoes, people can build temples, dense habitats, religiously obedient communities, law-abiding, and property-less.

"In terms of demography, Atlantis is very similar to Indonesia," Danny said.

He also said, Atlantis was lost because of the very heavy rainfall at that time, causing massive flooding and then sinking Atlantis.

"The process of disappearing Atlantis was not within a day and a night, but it happened for thousands of years due to floods that continued to come," explained Danny.

While in the work of Timiaeus, Plato explained, not only floods that caused the loss of Atlantis. But, there are still many other disasters that have caused the destruction of Atlantis and its civilization.

"Disasters in Indonesia also often occur, such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and others. From the concept of catastrophic disasters and destruction of civilizations, many civilizations in Indonesia were destroyed by the disaster," Danny closed.

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