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North Korea Will Conduct Nuclear Test

One South Korean newspaper claimed that the North Korean government until June 20 intends to conduct a nuclear test.

South Korean media, as quoted by Fars News, Sunday (13/1) wrote, Pyongyang officials told Beijing they would hold a nuclear test.

The South Korean newspaper Joongang Daily said, "North Korean officials told the Chinese government that Pyongyang intends to conduct a nuclear test between June 13-20."

North Korean government sources said, "We are studying the Punggye-ri nuclear site which is the only North Korean nuclear site. Plutonium testing was also carried out on this site in 2006 and 2009."

Although the UN Security Council is trying to impose greater sanctions on North Korea following a 2012 long-range missile test, Pyongyang still intends to carry out its nuclear test.

Observers and analysts react to this problem carefully. Yang Mu-jin, a lecturer at a South Korean university, said that there was no evidence that North Korea was preparing to conduct a nuclear test.

Pyongyang on December 12, 2012 successfully launched its satellite into space with the help of a ballistic missile.

The United States and several other Western countries regard the launch of the satellite as a long-range missile test, but Pyongyang has denied this.

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Swartz's family blames the US court system

The death of Internet activist and technology activist Aaron Swartz drew the attention of many people, not only leaving deep sorrow for his family and colleagues.

As is known, Swartz ended his life in an apartment on Friday last week. Temporary allegations, he suffered severe depression on charges of legal theft of data and information.

In an open letter, Swartz's family and colleagues blamed US courts following Swartz's death. Here's the sound, reported Ars Technica, Monday January 14 2013:

"Aaron's death is not just a personal tragedy. This is a product of the criminal justice system that is full of intimidation and goes beyond the prosecution limit. The official decision was taken by officials at the Massachusetts attorney's office, the United States, and a lawyer at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) responsible for Swartz's death.

The public prosecutor continues to accuse him of alleged crimes that did not cause casualties, with the potential for a maximum prison sentence of more than 30 years. Meanwhile, unlike JSTOR (Journal Storage), MIT is reluctant to fight for Aaron.

Today, we grieve for people who are extraordinary and will not be replaced forever. "

JSTOR is a digital library created by the Andrew W Mellon Foundation. Swartz is known to have downloaded data in the online journal, but was later accused of stealing data, computer fraud, because it was assumed to take unauthorized information from a protected computer.

Meanwhile, Artemis Internet's Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Alex Stamos defended Swartz's actions. Stamos even blamed the bad system at MIT which did not prevent data crime efforts.

"Aaron did not hack the JSTOR site for all hacking categories," said Stamos, who was also an expert witness in the Swartz case.

The accusation made Swartz indicted for computer fraud and other actions related to downloading JSTOR articles at MIT illegally. He admitted that he was innocent and planned that the trial would begin in April.

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The New York Times Media Lies About the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The New York Times lied to the public in America about Israeli-Palestinian issues

The fairly representative media in the United States - The New York Times, has been publicly publicizing the American people, in particular the crimes and crimes committed by Israeli zionists.
According to the media perspective of The New York Times, there is no such thing as a siege in the Gaza region, no occupation in the West Bank, and even the Nakba (massacre of Palestinians in 1948) never happened. This media never preached and recorded these events.

On December 13, 2012, The New York Times published an article written by Steven Erlanger, this article thoroughly discusses the increasing poverty in Gaza, but in this article there is absolutely no mention of Israel's blockade of Gaza, even though this blockade caused increasing poverty in Gaza.

All Israeli attacks on Gaza are seen as a response to Hamas rockets, and even Erlanger reverses the fact that all of Gaza's disadvantages and poverty are due to the "siege" carried out by Hamas against its own citizens, in this article mentioning Hamas has caused residents Gaza is getting poorer because it is unable to run the wheels of government in Gaza, so the unemployment rate is increasing.

The New York Times articles and news about Palestine are far from the truth, and very misleading to readers, especially Americans, The New York Times protects Israel's interests by giving the American people imaginary news that Israel on the right side.

Maybe that's why, why Americans are blind to the problems that occur in the Middle East, especially the Israeli - Palestinian conflict. They do not understand historical records, geography, and the political realities that actually occur.

So, according to The New York Times, Hamas is responsible for the problems that occur in Gaza; and Israel has absolutely nothing to do with the problems experienced by Gazans.

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Monkey and his grip

In Africa, the technique or method of hunting monkeys is so unique. allowing the hunter to catch the monkey alive without the slightest injury.

The catch is simple - hunters only use long & narrow neck jars. The jar is filled with scented beans. The aim is to invite monkeys. After filling the beans, the jars were planted in the ground leaving the mouth of the jar left uncovered. Hunters used to do it in the afternoon.

The next day, they just have to catch the monkeys whose hands are trapped in a bottle that cannot be removed.
How come ?

The monkeys are attracted to the aroma that comes out of each jar. They observed and then put their hands in to take the nuts inside. But because of holding the beans, the monkeys could not pull out their hands. As long as they retain the beans, they are stuck. The jar is too heavy to lift. So, the monkeys won't be able to go anywhere!

Maybe we will laugh at the monkey's stupid behavior. But, without realizing it, we really might beedang laugh at yourself.

Yes, sometimes we behave like the monkeys.
We hold tightly to every problem we have like a monkey holding a nut.

We often hold grudges, not forgiving, not forgiving. Mouth may say sincerely, but embers of anger are still in the chest.

We can never take it off?

In fact, we act so stupid, carrying those "jars" wherever we go. With that heavy load, we try to keep going.

Unconsciously, we are actually trapped by a severe bitterness.?
Actually, the monkeys can survive if they want to open their hands and we will also be safe from heartache if before sunset we want to let go of all negative feelings towards anyone ...

Happy Opening Your Friends & Happy Activity. :)

Mother Tuti

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ban Ki moon Demands Israel Cancel the Zionist District Program

Secretary General of the United Nations (UN), Ban Ki-moon demanded the cancellation of the Zionist district development program on the West Bank of the Jordan River.

According to an AFP report, Ban Ki-moon on Monday (14/1) again called on the Israeli Zionist officials to cancel the Zionist district development program in the West Bank.

The UN Secretary General stressed, "The Zionist district project in the West Bank is illegal and violates international conventions."

Israel recently accelerated its Zionist district development project in the Palestinian territories in retaliation for rising Palestinian status at the UN as a non-member observer state on November 29, 2012 and their humiliating defeat in the Gaza Strip's eight-day war in November 2012.

Israel is currently planning to build six thousand new housing units in Baitul Maqdis East and West Bank. This program is intended for Israel to change the demographics of the Palestinian territories.

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Residents: Only Civilians Victims of US Airstrikes

- A recent bomb attack by American-led troops in residential areas in central Afghanistan just kills civilians, local residents say.

An air strike took place in Hasan Khel village, Saydadab district in Wardak province, Afghanistan, on Sunday.

"All the people killed here are school students, teachers and students. They are all civilians. There are no gunmen here," said one witness to presstv.

Locals said the airstrikes targeted mosques at dawn and left nearly 20 people dead. However, a spokesman for NATO's International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) said no civilians were killed in the attack.

Residents also said that more than thirty people were also injured in the attack. A special team was sent by Wardak Governor to investigate the incident.

Civil casualties caused by US-led forces have increased anti-US sentiment in the country. The demonstration was carried out by the Afghan people over the attacks of America and its allies which often claimed civilian casualties.


Falling Stars or Demon Fire Arrows, Make a Wish?


Assalamu'alaikum Wr.Wb.

Often when we look up at the beautiful night sky, then a glimpse of "stars flash" then immediately people say "make a wish" or pray.

I don't know where the culture came from, as if there were pretensions that praying when I saw the shooting star would be prayed for, or even the kesyirikan element there as if the stars or gods in the sky had answered prayer.

Like the story of one of my nephews who watched a film on his campus. He enthusiastically told me the film was very romantic because when one of the characters in the film "missed" his partner and he saw a star falling from above his house, then he spoke to the stars; "Star if you can grant a request, I want tonight 'the fulan' is beside me." Then, "the Ahem" is beside him. Wow, maybe according to some people this is an exclamation-exclamation story, but according to my understanding it is better if we discuss about falling stars to be clear in their case.

According to "google" a shooting star is actually a meteor that falls to Earth, and when it rubs against the atmosphere then a beautiful tail of light appears. Most of the meteors were completely destroyed when rubbing against the Earth's atmosphere. If you look at the mythology of previous people consider that shooting stars come from other worlds that bring blessings and can grant wishes.

In the Qur'an it is mentioned; "And verily We have created a cluster of stars (in the sky) and We have adorned the sky for those who see (it). And We guard it from every accursed demon. Except the devil who stole (the news) that can be heard (from angels) then he is chased by a bright burst of fire. " (Surah Al Hijr, 15: 16-18)

The word constellation is a plural form of burj which in terms of language means palace or castle. Scholars understand in the meaning of stars or stars. There are also scholars who understand the constellations as stars appear to be shaped by dots which if made a line by following these points will appear to form like animals or certain images.

The star cluster is actually in the solar pathway because it is associated with constellations which number 12 according to the number of months in 1 year. People of the past believed that the stars and celestial objects were gods that had influence on the earth and its contents.

According to them the position of the star influences the nature and disposition of humans and even determines the events that they experience further as well as his death. In the new agreement (Matthew 2) it is stated that the people of the Majlis know the birth of Prophet Isa AS. After seeing the star in the east. (quoted from Al Misbah Quraish Shihab's interpretation).

In another verse it is mentioned, "And indeed we (Satan) have tried to know the secret of the heavens, so we found it full of strong guardians and fire arrows. And indeed we (Satan) the sky is to listen to it, but now whoever (trying) to hear (like it) will surely find a firing arrow (to burn it).

And verily, we do not know whether evil is desirable for the people of the earth or that their Lord desires good for them. "(QS Al Jin, 72: 8-10)

The above verse explains that before being sent by the Prophet Muhammad, they (Jin) easily climbed into the sky calmly to steal hearing the conversations of the angels. But now even though they still have the ability, the effort to hear is being interrupted by a burst of fire arrows. So it is these Jinn who hear the angels' talk and then divulge it to the fortune tellers, even if they are only fragments or even wrong. Because information is often added or spiced by half-forecasters. As verse; "Will I proclaim to you, to whom the demons descended? They descended on every liar, there were many sins." (Surah Ash Shuara, 26: 221-222)

Imam Bukhari narrated by Abu Hurairah that the Messenger of Allah said; "When Allah SWT sets a resolution, the angels condemn their wings to submission to His decree as a chain that touches the smooth stone and fears Him. So when their fears have subsided, they ask some others," What "This is the answer to the one who asked, then the jinn who steal the hearing in this state (the narrator of hadith shows his right hand by stretching his fingers one on the other). hearing the fire burst into flames and burning it, and it could have escaped its burst, so it was conveyed to the genie under it and finally came to earth and accepted by the sorcerer and he lied a hundred lies and he believed. "

Astrology is included by the Prophet Muhammad in the magic section. "Who visits the fortune teller, and asks him something (and he justifies it) then the prayer is not accepted by God for forty days." (Narrated by Muslim and Ahmad). Although the belief in horoscope is not like in the past, but there are still those who believe that the stars have an influence on human activity.

In another verse Allah also explains in the Qur'an that; "Allah has decorated the heavens closest to the decoration. Those are the stars. And have preserved them (in truth) from every devil who is very lawless. The demons cannot hear (talk) of angels and they are stoned from all directions To drive them away and for them an eternal torment, but whosoever (of them) steal (talk), then he is pursued by a brilliant flame. " (Surah Ash Shaaffaat, 37: 6-10)

"Indeed, We have adorned the heavens that are close to the stars and We made the stars the tools of throwing demons, and We provided for them the torment of the blazing fire" (QS. Al Mulk, 67: 05)

The word ja'alnaha / we make it, understood by many scholars in the sense of making "mashabih" or the stars as rujum or tools for throwing. The scholars also suspected that the phrase "rujuman lisy syathin" or throwing tools meant here is a meteor. Because it is impossible for such large stars to leave their position to throw Jin who is listening. There are also experts who say that the fire arrows are not meteors but are cosmic rays sourced from stars scattered in the universe.

Returning to the falling star in the romantic film that my niece told me about, I could not bear to straighten out her understanding at that moment. Because it must keep him away from understanding Islam which will be considered to destroy his dreams and joy at that time, but I am still waiting for the moment to deliver it. Until now, I hope my niece, you and all of us can learn from this paper. And hopefully all of us are kept away from the elements that can make our stand against Allah SWT.

It is not better than the one who speaks or who listens, because the better side of GOD is the one who practices it.

Wr.Wb. WWW
Erick Yusuf (pemrakarsa Training iHAQi (Integrated Human Quotient)

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John Walker Lindh Allowed Prayers With Other Prisoners

- A US federal judge has given Muslim prisoners and well-known rights to pray in congregation with other inmates, Los Angeles Times report January 13 as reported

US District Judge Jane Magnus-Stinson ordered officials at the federal prison in Terre Haute, Indiana, to allow John Walker Lindh to pray with other Muslim prisoners.

The judge ruled that the prohibition on Muslim prisoners to pray in congregation violated federal laws that protect prisoners' religious rights.

Lindh, who served a sentence of 20 years in prison for fighting with the Taliban in Afghanistan, was banned from performing congregational prayers with other inmates. Prison officials mentioned that security reasons had prevented Lindh from praying with other prisoners.

Lindh, born in the United States, has been in prison since 2002. He pleaded guilty to supplying services to the Taliban and carrying explosives. Lindh, nicknamed the "American Taliban", has complained that the ban on congregational prayer violates his right to practice his religion. The US judge supported his argument, saying that Lindh was now a "low risk" prisoner and was considered to be of good behavior.

The judge said other prisoners were allowed to leave their cells for most of the day and could play cards, watch television and sports.

The decision, which came in a lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana on behalf of Lindh, said the prison had sophisticated audio and video surveillance equipment for prisoner monitoring activities.

The judge gave the jailer 60 days to implement the new policy to allow Lindh to pray with other prisoners.


500 Syrian Scud missiles aimed at Israel

500 Scud Syrian missile units are ready to be fired at targets in occupied Palestine.

Alalam (1/15) reported that there had been a major change in the determination of the target of the Scud Syrian missiles, which are now being directed at occupied Palestinian targets.

Israeli Zionist officials reacted Monday to alerting their troops and claiming Syrian President Bashar al-Assad had entered the battlefield and would likely not hesitate to shoot 500 Scud missiles into Israel which would burn half of the territory in Palestine. occupation.

Syrian Scud missiles owned by Syria include a type of ballistic missile capable of carrying explosives of 500 kilograms.

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Civilization of Atlantis Nusantara

Book Review

Title: Civilization of the Atlantis Archipelago, Various Spectacular Findings that Convinced the Truth

Author: Ahmad Yanuana Saamantho et al
Editor: Mayang Sari Ariawan
Thickness: 540 pages
Print: 1, July 2011
Publisher: Ufuk Press
Price: IDR 74,000.00

Talking about Atlantis as if it will never end. Atlantis itself indirectly symbolizes an unusually ideal utopian society, and this is why this civilization is one of the most interesting to continue to research and discuss. This place was first mentioned by Plato philosophers from Ancient Greece around the 4th century BC, and until now no less than 500 books and films have been written and appointed based on the legendary continent that is said to have been sunk in the ocean floor.

In addition to its existence as "there but nothing", this controversy also relates to the actual location of this drowned continent. Plato himself in his work Timeaus and Critias (written in 360 BC) explained that the island of Atlantis lay opposite the pillars of Hercules (which had been regarded as the peninsula of Gibraltar because it faced directly to the Atlantic Ocean). This prosperous island sank into the sea in just one night due to the punishment of the gods who were angry with the inhabitants of Atlantis.

Either Plato's version of Atlantis only symbolizes a Philosopher King concept in his Republic, or before Atlantis really did exist, which clearly searches for the location of Atlantis never stops. A variety of allegations about the exact location of the continent of Atlantis also appeared. Claims and estimates are proposed, including in the Atlantic Ocean, in the Mediterranean sea, on the island of Cyprus, and in the Caribbean sea on the American continent. The problem is, in the time of Plato (and also in the days of Herodothud and Aristotle), the Atlantic was used to refer to
entire oceans or oceans around the world.

In fact, Plato refers to the word "Atlantic" to the Indian Ocean now. As if all the controversy was not enough, in 2005 a geology professor from Brazil named Prof. Dr. Aryo Santos launched his book Atlantis, the Lost Continent Finally Found, The Definitive Localization of Plato's Lost Civilization (this book has also been translated into Indonesian by the Ufuk publisher) which is no less horrendous to the world. Santos, advocating the Oppenheimer hypothesis, made a claim that Atlantis was located in the archipelago, precisely in the exposure of Sunda or shallow sea between the islands of Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan and India.

Once upon a time, around 10,000 years BC, when the Earth experienced the last ice age, it is estimated that there was indeed a great civilization that was advanced.Because at that time North America, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the South of Africa were still covered by vast ice caps, the only land that allowed the emergence of civilization was in the tropics where the air temperature was warm beside the vast plains. This allegation used Santos to make a claim that Atlantis used to be in the Sundaland area, a vast plain that unites India, Sumatra, Java and Kalimantan.

Indonesia's mountainous geographical conditions and fertile natural conditions also reinforce Santos' claims. The explosion of the Toba, Krakatao, Tambora Megavolcano and other mountains in the Ancient Archipelago is what later caused the sinking of Atlantis. Book of Atlantis Nusantara Civilization by Ahmad Y. Samantho and Oman Abdurahman et. All this is like a very comprehensive anthology to uncover the mystery of the existence of the continent of Atlantis, especially in relation to the claim that Atlantis used to be in Ancient Archipelago.

For those of you who feel that Oppenheimer and Santos books — whose prices are over hundreds of thousands — are too expensive, then this book can be a very satisfying kind of curiosity barrier. In it, we can read a summary or maybe even more comprehensive exposure to the work of Oppenheimer Eden in the East and the work of Santos Atlantis, Lost Continent finally Found.

Even cooler, in this book there are also a number of more local writings, which are related to the allegations and / or findings of a number of Indonesian experts from various scientific fields which essentially support the claim that Atlantis was in the Archipelago or Sundaland. For example, there are similarities in the shape of the Sukuh temple that resembles the Aztec pyramids, also a hill in West Java which is thought to be a pyramid that was buried in land because of its highly symmetrical shape.

The most interesting part of this book can be found in chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, and 13. By not denying the importance of other chapters; reading the favorite chapters above can be likened to playing a film about Atlantis, starting from its appearance in Plato's work, to the claim that Atlantis was indeed in Sundaland.

In these chapters, the reader will find answers to why the great civilization could be destroyed without leaving a trace, how powerful the disaster that occurred at that time, what is the connection between the sinking of Atlantis and the spread or diaspora of the world population, correct the ancestors of Indian nations and Mesopotamia originated from the archipelago, how the story of the formation of the Sunda Strait was related to the sinking of Atlantis, were the pillars of Hercules that Plato referred to were the mountains of Sumatra and Java, and many more interesting themes around Atlantis which were extraordinarily interesting to read .

Because the format is in the form of anthology, maybe some readers are somewhat disappointed because this 540-page book does not merely discuss Atlantis. Some chapters at the back, even discussing the Greek philosophical realm that might be deliberately included in this book because of the close link between Atlantis, Plato, and Greece. In addition, typos and the lack of edits on pages 70–90 are still found. However, in broad outline, this book greatly satisfies the intellectual thirst of the readers who dream of the themes of Atlantis which are discussed comprehensively and scientifically. And, the compilers who contributed their writing in this book have also proven reliability in their respective domains. This is what makes this book so quality and weighty. It is indeed a work that invites us to reassert ourselves as a great nation. By reading this book, the history of the archipelago may have to be revised slightly.

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Unfinished Water in Two Seas Make Cousteau Switch to Islam


In France, Islam spread rapidly among famous people in various fields. The number of those who left Christianity and chose Islam has reached around a hundred thousand people. That number has been confirmed by the Paris Diocesan Council as the highest Catholic institution in France.

It is important to note, the people who chose Islam were not only from among workers and domestic helpers, but famous people from various fields. Among them is Captain Jacques Cousteau whose world is full of exploration of the underwater world.

As a well-known explorer who started the era of many French people returning to the fold of Islam, Cousteau admitted that he had made the best decision for his life by choosing Islam. The reason that led him to choose Islam was his adventures and his discovery that the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea (Mediteraneean) did not mix with one another. This phenomenon is written in the Qur'an, even though the Qur'an had existed since the 1400s last year. Following are the events that prompted Cousteau to choose Islam;

In 1962, German scientists mentioned that the waters of the Red Sea and Indian Ocean did not mix around the Bab Al Mandab Strait, the meeting area of ​​the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea. With that basis, we began exploring to ensure the mixing of the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

First of all, we first investigate the salt content and pressure and the variety of life that exists in Mediterranean waters. We repeat the same way of investigation of the Atlantic Ocean. The sea water mass in both waters has met (not mixed) in the strait of Gibraltar for thousands of years. Supposedly, the mass of sea water in both waters is mixed and has the same nature or at least the nature of the salt content and the pressure.

However, the reality is not the case. Even in areas that show the closest distance between the two waters as if there is a barrier or membrane that blocks the mixing of the two waters.

I told Prof. Maurice Bucaille about the phenomenon. He said that it was no longer a surprise because it was written in the Muslim Scriptures, Al Qur'anul Karim. Indeed, the phenomenon is really written in a very straightforward language in the Qur'an.

When I realized that, I was sure that the truth conveyed by the Qur'an and the Scriptures was the true word of Allah. Therefore, I chose Islam as the most true religion. That does not include the spiritual power that is in his teachings which strengthens me even more through the times of sadness that I have to go through after the death of my son. "

("Those Who Return", 2003)

Mild verdict of Angie's case

Far from the verdict of Angelina Sondakh from the wishes of prosecutors as well as public expectations. Claimed for 12 years in prison and returning bribes of Rp. 32.5 billion, he was only sentenced to 4.5 years in prison and fined Rp. 250 million. Angie laughed freely, but the sense of justice was torn apart.

The verdict increasingly shows how half our hearts are fighting corruption. There is also no spirit of impoverishing corruptors. Whereas opportunities have been opened by prosecutors by including additional criminal offenses: returning money from corruption. But this important breakthrough was ignored by the judge.

The panel of judges chaired by Sudjatmiko argued, Angie, who was a member of the DPR Budget Agency, could not approve the budget alone. This means that he cannot be held solely accountable for the flow of tens of billions of rupiah in money allegedly flowing into Senayan politicians.

At first glance that reason makes sense, but it's actually weak. Angie should still be asked to return the money from corruption as long as it can be proven that the bribe did indeed flow through the defendant. Don't forget, Angie had a huge influence at the time. He is a member of the Sports Commission and Budget Board of the House as well as an important administrator of the Democratic Party. In the trial it was revealed, the defendant played an active role in passing laboratory projects at several universities and Athletes' Houses.

The choice of the panel of judges over the article used to sentence the defendant was also surprising. Angie was only found guilty in accordance with Article 11 of Act Number 31 of 1999 concerning Eradication of Corruption. This is an ordinary gift or bribe offense. People can even be convicted by this article even though he is not aware that the money he receives is a bribe. The threat of punishment is also mild, a maximum of 5 years in prison.

The judge should have sentenced Angie in accordance with the first indictment, using Article 12 letter a of the Corruption Eradication Act. This offense of bribery requires the element "known or reasonably suspected that the gift or promise is to mobilize to do or not do something in his position".

The threat of a criminal offense is a maximum of 20 years in prison or for life.

It is difficult to understand if the defendant's deed is deemed not to fulfill that provision. Is it so difficult to prove that the billions of rupiahs of money that Angie received is intended to be moved to smooth the project budget? Have not all of this been revealed in the recording of conversations through BlackBerry Messenger between the defendant and Mindo Rosalina Manulang, a Permai Group employee?

The lightness of Angie's sentence will only make corruption increasingly rampant in this country. That is why, the Judicial Commission must intervene to examine the judges who decided on Angie's case. The public will also be increasingly disappointed if the prosecutor does not appeal against Angie's verdict which is clearly far from the charges.

It is time for the Corruption Eradication Commission to seriously implement money laundering offenses in corruption cases so that the money from corruption can be returned to the state. However, the people want to see the corruptors severely punished and become poor.

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HAARP: A Dangerous Danger of the Dajjal Era

HAARP: A Dangerous Danger of the Dajjal Era

There is a rumor circulating widely in certain circles, that the United States has succeeded in making a ultimate weapon that will bring victory to them in any war and bring it to become the only world ruler. The weapon that I mean is a facility that can be used to manipulate weather and climate so that it can create disasters such as storms, earthquakes and tsunamis in the desired place.

The creation of this ultimate weapon has been predicted by many people before. A world-class scientist named Dr. Rosalie Bartell has confirmed that the American military is working on a weather control system as a potential weapon. The method includes controlling storms and regulating the direction of evaporation of water in the Earth's atmosphere to produce flooding in certain places.

Not only Dr. Bartell said this, the former White House security advisor named Zbigniew Brzezinski also predicted this in his book "Between Two Ages". In his book, He wrote:

"Technology will provide techniques for conducting secret warfare that requires only a few troops, such as weather modification techniques that can cause prolonged storms."

Marc Filterman, a former French military official, once said that America has the technology to manipulate radio frequency to release certain weather conditions such as hurricanes and typhoons.

It is said that in 2002, Russia had confronted the United States before the United Nations accusing it of creating several disasters in Russia with its experiments.

The question is, has America discovered the technology?

Among conspiracy theorists, rumors circulated that America had succeeded in creating the powerful weapon and they kept it a secret under scientific guise.

The weapon is called HAARP. One super secret facility that is considered the embodiment of the ultimate weapon.

High Frequency Active Aural Research Program (HAARP) is a joint project between the US Air Force, US Navy, University of Alaska and DARPA (Defense Advances Research Projects Agency). This project began in 1993 and is projected to last for 20 years.

This project facility is located in Alaska, precisely in the Gakona region. The official goal is to: "provide a facility for conducting experiments on ionospheric phenomena that will be used to analyze its character and develop its update technology for communication and reconnaissance purposes."

But according to some people, something bigger is being done in this place. That is the development of weapons of mass destruction. HAARP is said to be able to create flooding by manipulating evaporation of water, capable of creating storms and even earthquakes. With this ability, of course that means that America will be able to create a famine in the area it wants.

The parties that demand answers about HAARP are spread all over the world. Starting from the inhabitants of Alaska themselves to scientists in America and Europe. They fear that HAARP will create damage that cannot be restored.

One of the HAARP experiments is to fire controlled electromagnetic light into the earth's ionosphere. This method is called an "ionospheric heater". The ionosphere is the layer that surrounds the upper atmosphere of the earth and is about 40-60 miles above the surface of the earth.

David Yarrow, a researcher with an electronic background said that this interaction would cause the ionosphere to become torn. Even though ionosphere protects us from malignant solar radiation.

Charles Yost, another researcher from North Carolina said, "If the ionosphere is disturbed, then the atmosphere below it will definitely be disrupted."

For scientists, the main concern is damage to the earth's ionosphere. But for conspiracy theorists, the main concern is the presence of weapons of mass destruction.

According to the military, there was no purpose to create weapons of mass destruction. The HAARP application is only used to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of American defense such as to create a more efficient submarine communication system, monitor and counter sudden missile attacks and to monitor the topography of large areas for defense purposes.

Although the military has denied it, the documents released by the military clearly say that HAARP was established in the interests of the defense department.

Whether or not it is true, HAARP has reached its status of alignment with Area 51.

Recently, when registered 30 of the biggest conspiracy theories of all time, HAARP was ranked 27th. Not bad! Even though it is only at number 27, it seems lately that HAARP has been discussed more frequently in cyberspace following several disasters that have occurred such as the massive earthquake in China in May 2008 that was suspected of being caused by HAARP.

If you want to try spying on this facility. Enter Google Earth, on the "Fly to" line, fill in "HAARP". Then you will immediately be taken to this facility. Maybe you will find something surprising. Good luck.

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Monday, January 14, 2013

Jewish Domination in Biological Views

Jews consist of several ethnic groups which are united by a "cultural platform" that makes them feel different from other human beings. They get indoctrination from childhood from parents and previous generations that they are God's chosen people and other human beings are created to be their servants. Thus they are free to manipulate, harass, and if necessary kill other human beings without being sinful or guilty.

Their social structure is based on total obedience to religious leaders, who dictated to them the view of ancient tribalism when other human beings shared their views. The power of the religious leaders was so strong that even the kings and political leaders were afraid of them.

While the views of ancient tribalism safeguard their identity, the antagonistic characters inevitably grow which lead to conflict with other human beings. This explains why in the past there were oppressions and restraints carried out by other people to the Jews.


The expertise of Jewish leaders is to hide the techniques of mastering the "Trojan horse", which is documented in a secret "book" called "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion". These techniques allow the Jews to master other human beings and become parasites of them without being seen.

In a symbiotic relationship, two parties who make a relationship get their own advantages. Whereas in the parasitism relationship one party makes profits from the losses borne by the other party. As a result, in the long run, the other party must live to suffer and even die, while the other party lives prosperously.

To avoid the resistance of the smokers, like the immune system that all living things have, parasites produce poisons that can destroy the immune system. In the same way humanity (non-Jews) is now poisoned by various "intellectual tools" and concepts.

The "intellectual tools" of these are rejection of God, rejection of personal responsibility, destruction of social values ​​with understandings such as atheism, humanism, socialism, communism, zionism, feminism, disobedience, destruction of family and national values .

In addition, there are also various diversion tools, such as digital games, which make humans turn their attention from science to games that not only destroy the future of young people, but also damage human morals and morals. Adults are fixated on television shows, games and entertainment and ignore their family and social environment.

The aim of the Jewish leaders was to take full control of all humanity and then to get rid of a large portion of humanity leaving only a small portion of intellectual slaves working to serve their interests.

To achieve that ambition, they not only used a cultural platform to brainwash, but also spread poisons on food, medicine, vaccines, abortion (KB), warfare and corrupt government. In the final stage, the possibility of remaining intellectual slaves will also be thrown into the sea or combustion engines when robots and drones called "synthetic artificial intelligence" can replace them.


In a world that has been so massive of Jewish power, the only way of salvation is to bring awareness to the present generation so that future generations of power can not make our offspring as slaves who are not only incapable of thinking, especially against.

The first way that can be taken to survive slavery is to become a religious human who avoids immorality, and rejects cultural poisons called "politically correct". (That is a kind of truth indoctrination by Jews where those who violate it will get strong sanctions. Things that are considered to violate this concept include anti-Jewish or anti-Semitic sentiments. In Indonesia this term has not been heard, but in America and Europe already become normal).

Look for guidance and help from God and return to old traditions that respect family and social values. Look for ways to free yourself from the "matrix" trap they made to destroy us. (One of them left the banking system based on usury). Withdraw deposits from banks and invest in real things like gold, silver and property. Build independence in terms of food, clothing, energy etc. by forming a joint community that helps each other.

Do things that are blessed by God and leave things he doesn't care about. Return to religion. Be a strong, steadfast and wise spiritual human.

"Illuminati Jewry: A Biologist's View"; Cassibon;; 5 January 2013

CahyonoAdi / TheTruthSeekerMedia

Reduction of the Pentagon Budget and Panetta Anxiety

The problem of reducing the US military budget and its impact caused widespread anxiety in the US defense ministry (Pentagon), especially in the military industry sector. Even so, by looking at the White House agreement with the US Congress in 2011, reducing the federal government's budget, including the defense budget, is inevitable.

In connection with this, Leon Panetta, US Defense Minister on Thursday (10/1) said, "If the Congress is unable to prevent a reduction in the Pentagon budget for the next two months, the Pentagon must prepare to face this problem." In a press conference at the Pentagon, Panetta said that despite the decision to be taken by Congress, the defense ministry had prepared itself for this problem.

It was stated that the US defense ministry had taken anticipatory steps by reducing the repair contract and safeguarding all existing installations, as well as stopping the recruitment of civilian personnel and resigning tenders. Panetta said, "The aim of the program was implemented in anticipation of reducing the Pentagon budget." The Pentagon's military budget reduction has automatically been included in the 2011 Budget Control Act which included a reduction of 500 billion dollars in defense costs over a 10-year period.

As long as Panetta became the number one person in the US defense ministry, he repeatedly warned about reducing the US military budget. According to him, the reduction in the budget carried out will create a sudden and rapid reduction in the US military budget. In fact, America on the one hand is fighting in Afghanistan and on the other hand is fighting what they call terrorism. Pentagon officials also claim that a reduction in the US military budget will add one percent of unemployment in America.

According to the Pentagon, this reduction not only harms the military sector, but also employment in the private sector. For the Pentagon, this problem will question all forms of innovation, creation and American military capabilities. However, those who compiled the Pentagon program were concerned about the serious impact of reducing military budget and seeing this problem as one thing bigger than the enemy.

Meanwhile, Robert Gates, the former US Defense Secretary before this has reacted to the reduction of the Pentagon budget. Gates stated that the reduction in the cost of the defense ministry would question America's role as world police. It should not be forgotten also that reducing the Pentagon budget could result in the termination of major American military projects. That is why the American military industry has been actively lobbying Republicans in Congress to prevent this budget reduction. Because if this budget reduction is implemented, then the passion of the US military industry will decrease which will lead to the deterioration of the country's economy.

The economic crisis that hit America has made these state officials realistically see the future. Therefore, reducing the military budget is one thing that cannot be avoided. This problem made Panetta warn his staff to prepare themselves to implement this policy, besides continuing to express their dissatisfaction with the reduction in the Pentagon budget.

IRIB / TheTruthSeekerMedia

Expansion of Iran-Egypt Cooperation Benefits of the Islamic World

Muhammad Mursi, Egyptian President on Thursday afternoon (10/1) when accepting Ali Akbar Salehi, Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Cairo, the capital of Egypt said that Iran was a major country in the Middle East and had an important role in creating friendship among nations - regional nation. Meanwhile, Ali Akbar Salehi said that Iran and Egypt could be two complementary countries and the Islamic Republic of Iran was ready to share experiences with the nation and the Egyptian government.

After the victory of the January 25, 2011 revolution, the Egyptian people and the fall of the dictator Hosni Mubarak regime, there has been a new transformation in this country. Domestically, Islamic values ​​have strengthened in Egypt and the country has again found itself to be an influential country and has a positive role.

While abroad, the Egyptian people's revolution was very influential which made Egypt's attitude change in the face of Zionist Israel. According to the Egyptian people, the Zionist regime of Israel is a common enemy of Middle Eastern countries.

Israel under the rule of Hosni Mubarak treated Palestinians very inhumanly, and even managed to prevent Egypt from increasing relations with Iran. But now, as a result of the Egyptian people's revolution, Palestinians are able to forcefully force the Israeli regime in just 8 days to accept a ceasefire. Likewise, for the first time Palestinian fighters hit Tel Aviv.

After the victory of the Egyptian revolution, the cooperation of this country with Iran from day to day is increasingly widespread. The August visit of Muhammad Mursi, President of Egypt to Iran to attend the 16th NAM summit and the visit of Ali Akbar Salehi, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran in January 2013 to Egypt showed the start of a new round of relations between two important and influential countries in the Middle East.

Iran is currently the periodic chairman of the NAM and Egypt has an important position in the Arab League. By looking at this important position, the two countries can protect the common interests and interests of the nations of the Middle East by expanding cooperation within the framework of regional institutions. Egypt from the religious side has a position to be reckoned with. The existence of al-Azhar made Egypt an example not only for regional countries, but also the Islamic World. Therefore, the cooperation between the two countries must benefit regional nations and Muslims.

Iran and Egypt share the same view regarding the Palestinian issue. Therefore, both countries can play an important role in solving this problem. Iran has been known as a country that supports the ideals of the struggle and rights of the Palestinian people and rejects the Zionist occupation of Israel. Now, the new Egypt is also a supporter of the aspirations of the Palestinian people and opposing the expansion of the Zionist regime.

In connection with the Syrian crisis, Iran and Egypt have similarities against military intervention in Syria. The two countries also stressed the realization of the demands of the Syrian people through the path of peace and democracy. Joint efforts between Iran and Egypt regarding the Syrian problem have certainly helped resolve the problems facing the country. Especially when Mursi met with Salehi praising Iran's efforts to reduce the pain of the Syrian people while saying that Egypt firmly refused military intervention in Syria.

IRIB / TheTruthSeekerMedia

America Immediately Leave 'Syrian Rebels'

There are two things that have just caught my attention about the issue of the Syrian crisis in Indonesia. First is President SBY's insistence that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad resign on the grounds that "he does not love his own people". The second is news about the issue of Bashar al-Assad escaping from Syria after the concerned had traveled abroad.

Regarding the pressure of President SBY to resign against Bashar al Assad with his lack of love for his own people, I commented this way: President Bashar loved his people more than President SBY loved his people. The indicator is real and not engineering. President Bashar al-Assad allocated a large part of his country's income to guarantee education and full health to its people. President SBY does not. Under Bashar Syria also did not become entangled in foreign debt which weighed on the Syrian people. On the contrary, under President SBY Indonesia's foreign debt reached a record high of Rp. 2000 trillion. Over the past 5 years Indonesian debt has even surged to Rp. 600 trillion.

Regarding the issue of Bashar al-Assad escaping, this was reported by TVOne citing raw without check & recheck especially the confirmation to the Syrian government of the issue being exhaled al Jazeera. During the 22-month conflict, President Bashar never left his country. I have checked everywhere about the recent news of Bashar al-Assad's trip abroad and none. Then where did the news come from TVOne and al Jazeera who said: "did rumors of Bashar al-Assad fleeing related to his departure abroad"?

But let the two media continue to lie. I want to give better news about Syria.

Good news has begun to be heard for the Syrian people since the news that the United States and Russia will soon hold a meeting to discuss the settlement of the Syrian crisis But there is other news that makes the hopes of the Syrian people expand: America will leave the "Free Syria Army" and Syrian terrorist groups that have been supported by them. Without American support while Russia and Iran continue to provide support to the Bashar al-Assad government, it is certain that the resistance of the rebels will not last long and the war will end with Assad-Iran-Russia victory.

This latest news comes from a statement by prominent French political observer Thierry Meyssan published in the media Voltaire Network recently.

According to Thierry Meyssan the American government has decided to end its support for the group "The Free Syria Army" before starting its negotiations with Russia which is planned to take place in Geneva in the middle of this month. The statement was based on an announcement issued by the US National Intelligence Council in Washington that "the global jihad movement will end soon."

Meyssan saw that the war in Syria had ended at a strategic level and the opposition had lost the opportunity to win the war even though America and its allies had poured massive aid into them. According to Meyssan the American government will implement a peace plan in Syria soon after obtaining Senate approval.

During this time, according to Meyssan, Barack Obama was silent even though his close aides, including foreign minister Hillary Clinton, deliberately ignored the results of the agreement that was made in the middle of last year between the United States. and Russia. The agreement was the establishment of an interim government involving all the conflicting parties in Syria including president Bashar al-Assad. But it was not long after America Cs. again called for the descent from Bashar al-Assad from power.

But after being re-elected as president for the second period, Obama decided to end the dispute in Syria and return to the "Geneva agreement". Especially after one of the big barriers, CIA Director General David Petraeus, was eliminated from his position and Hillary Clinton would not be retained as Foreign Minister.

"Syria: Thierry Meyssan: US Administration Decides to Abandon 'Free Army'"; Syria Updates Blogspot; January 3, 2013 in; 7 January 2013

CahyonoAdi / TheTruthSeekerMedia

Between British Intention to Get Out of the European Union and Entrepreneur Protests

British businessmen in a letter addressed to Prime Minister David Cameron warned that if Cameron made an issue out of the European Union, the country's trade sector would be threatened.

Reuters from London reported Wednesday that ten UK business and trade sector leaders including Sir Richard Branson, director of the Virgin Group company and Martin Sorrell, company director WPP sent a letter to the Financial Times Newspaper stressing that more reforms in the European Union must be immediately run, but the UK must also be careful not to sue from this organization.

In the letter, it was explained, the request to leave the European Union in conditions like this would threaten Britain's membership in the European organization and London would suffer a loss that could not be predicted in the trade sector.

Other executives who signed the letter included Jan du Plessis, Rio Tinto's chief miner, British Telecoms, Chair Michael Rake and Chris Gibson-Smith, chairman of the London Stock Exchange.

Cameron is facing public criticism due to his policies on the European Union. He stated that he was demanding the restoration of relations between England and Brussels and it was predicted that he would submit this to his speech at the end of January.

Ireland currently holds the periodic chair of the European Union for the next six months. On Tuesday (8/1) Ireland asked Britain not to be too hostile regarding changes in its relationship with the European Union.

Relations between the United Kingdom and the European Union since three years ago began to cool. The peak of the friction between the two sides occurred when Britain and the Czech Republic opposed 25 other EU members and rejected changes to the treaty in this organization. London also rejects changes in the European Union's financial system which are seen as reducing the independence of British financial institutions and banks. The addition of the European Union budget is also one of the disputed points between the UK and all members.

Along with the increasing isolation of Britain in the European Union, the people of the country towards London membership in the European organization also declined. Polls show that more than half of the British people demand the release of their countries from the European Union.

The stronghold of the ruling Conservative party and opposed to London accompanied European Union policies emphasizing a referendum on this issue. This group considers that UK as the seventh world economic power should not worry about losing its market in the European Union. On the other hand, a number of British political and economic elites chose to remain members of the European Union rather than leave the organization.

Meanwhile, there are still other groups which besides emphasizing the urgency of UK membership in the European Union, also demand a number of reforms in this organization. This group demands a focus on the pace of the economy and employment, EU budget reform, emphasizes the collective market and changes to laws related to economic competition in these European organizations.

David Cameron, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom also has confidence that the eurozone countries are a factor in the changing essence of the European Union.

Although the future of UK membership in the European Union is still vague, it is undeniable that the issue of London's exit from this organization is not new and cannot be covered up anymore. The continuing financial crisis in the European Union also revealed the problem of the organizational structure.

Now the question that arises is whether the continuation of the togetherness of the EU member states in a political-economic organization might occur? Is the European Union still able to answer every demand of member countries and fight economic difficulties?

Regardless of whether Britain is still a member of the European Union or not, structural reform to maintain the existence of the European Union seems to be a very urgent matter at this time. Because of that, European leaders have to think about efforts to get out of the financial crisis, and have to worry about the constraints of this organizational structure.

IRIB / TheTruthSeekerMedia