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What is Gaza's News?

Dina Y. Sulaeman *

The hustle and bustle of the action of 'jihad' in Syria, the invasion of France and its allies to Mali to 'crush terrorism', or the escalation of political conflicts in Cairo, seemed to divert public attention to the fate of Gazans. How are they now?

Apparently, their fate still hasn't changed. They are still in a giant virtual prison created by Israel. They were blocked out through the sea or land bordering Israel. The only way is to dig hundreds of tunnels that connect Gaza with Egypt. The tunnels are lifeline the people of Gaza, the path that gave them life. It is the tunnels that give them the much needed in and out access to buy life necessities, including food and medicine, and sell their manufactured goods so that they can get money to fulfill their stomach needs, and to bring sick sufferers to a hospital in Egypt.

Mursi's victory in the Egyptian presidential election brought new hope for the people of Gaza. Mursi is known as a pious president who memorized the Quran and came from the Muslim Brotherhood movement, which might have the heart to let his fellow brothers imprisoned in Gaza? But hope remains hope. In July 2012, the Mursi regime opened the Rafah gate. But since August 2012, because 16 Egyptian soldiers were killed by terrorists, Egypt closed it again.

Israel claims that after killing Egyptian soldiers, the terrorists hijacked two Israeli military vehicles and then fled into Israeli territory. They were then shot by Israeli soldiers. This statement certainly feels strange. If so, the terrorists were not Palestinian fighters, then why was the Rafah border closed? What's in it for Palestinians to kill Egyptian soldiers?

Whatever the answer, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak has made a statement, "The attack signifies the Egyptian Government needs to take action to uphold security and prevent terror in the Sinai." And, according to Mursi, the Rafah gate was closed again. Although several times there was news Mursi opened the gate, but in general, the Rafah gate was declared closed. And the people of Gaza are again hanging their hopes on their excavated tunnels.

Since August, Egyptian soldiers have begun operations to close Gaza tunnels. Hundreds of tunnels have been closed by the Mursi regime. Since a week ago, the tunnel closure operation has resumed. Egyptian soldiers flooded the tunnel with water, made the people inside, workers building tunnels, or people who happened to be passing by to carry things, ran helter-skelter trying to save themselves. An Egyptian military source said that the operation to destroy tunnels between Rafah in the Gaza Strip and Rafah in Egypt was accelerated to "realize security in the Sinai Desert region" (El Misr El Yaum, quoted by IRIB).

How to analyze this situation? Why is the Mursi regime so willing to do that? This situation only brings us to the paradox of the Egyptian revolution. After gaining power, Mursi and IM seemed shackled. Immediately after reaching power, Mursi found that his country's cash was only 14 billion dollars. Egypt is threatened that it cannot run the wheels of government with that money. The solution taken by Mursi was to borrow from the IMF. To soften protests from conservatives, in a speech, Mursi stated, "This is not usury." (AFP / 6 Oct 2012)

If you've read John Perkins's book, Mursi's decision to work with the IMF is an indication of his submission to the 'empire', an empire that has no location, knows no borders, which are controlled by the world's richest people. Imperium used private companies that employed people who were referred to as 'economic hitman' (economic bandits). These bandits will do various ways so that the leaders of the country will submit to the will of the empire. If anyone dares to fight, the leader of that country will be overthrown or even killed. If anyone is still able to survive, (among others, Evo Morales, Chavez, or Ahmadinejad) is none other than the courage of the leader and enormous support from the people.

What about Mursi? From his maneuvers, we can think that he is indeed under pressure from the empire. There is too much evidence to show that cooperation with the IMF will only enslave a country before the empire. Debt recipient countries not only accept money and are obliged to repay with multiples (riba), but are also forced to do many things the empire wants, including impoverishing its own people through revoking subsidies and selling natural resources to foreign companies. Mursi and the Muslim Brotherhood must have understood all this, but seemed to still choose to submit to the empire.

Related to Muslim Brotherhood, mentioned in John Perkins's second book. He wrote, in a meeting between officials from USAID, an economic bandit company called MAIN, and its corporate clients, including Bechtel, in Boston, USA, 1974, had the following dialogue:

He [USAID people] used up his drinking water. "Mr. Hall [CEO MAIN], I totally agree with your statement." He looked at the paper on the table, next to his plate. "The Egyptian pyramids symbolize the role that the state must play if we want to win the hearts and minds of the Arabs. Egypt will form its base, which is big and sturdy. Then we will stack them, one country above the other."

[This shows how much pressure the Egyptian leader received because the empire felt they had to take control of Egypt first if they wanted to control other Middle Eastern countries]

"Have you been told about the Muslim Brotherhood?" [ask George Rich, high ranking MAIN]
"Yes." [answer Perkins]
"Well, they are very dangerous, must be persuaded, invited to compromise, bribed, whatever, because they cannot be stopped. Sadat has proven that ..."

(Perkins, The Secret History of American Empire, edisi terjemahan 242, 247)
Especially for Egypt, as well as the pressure Mubarak received, the pressure given to Mursi would certainly be related to 'Israel's salvation'. It's no secret, these giant businessmen are supporters of Zionism. That is why until now Mursi is so weak in defending Palestine.

Of course, it takes great courage to be able to fight the empire. Make Mursi supporters of the Egyptians, instead of looking for justifications and in no way assuming all that Mursi did to be true, it might be better to encourage Mursi not to give up in front of the empire. If Mursi had to sacrifice his life for defending the truth, he would become a martyr and that is the loveliest death of a Muslim, as it is contained in his memorized Al-Quran? It is not wrong if Mursi and IM learn from Iran. After establishing the Islamic Republic, Iranian leaders, officials, and scientists were bombarded with terrorists but they continued to resist rejecting the empire.

And for the Palestinians, especially Hamas (which is strangely reluctant to criticize the 'Mursi' policy of closing the tunnel), this phenomenon should be a record for them to be able to see who their true friends really are.

* Masters in International Relations, Padjadjaran University, research associate of the Global Future Institute


Amazing story about the patience exam

Ibn Hibban narrated in the book "Ats Tsiqot"

This story. He was the high priest, Abu Qolabah Al Jurmy Abdullah bin Yazid and included the narrators narrated from Anas bin Malik. And who narrated this story is Abdullah bin Muhammad.
Here's the story:

I went out to guard the border in Uraisy Egypt. When I walked, I passed a camp and I heard someone pray:

O Allah, grant me the inspiration to remain grateful for Your favor which you have bestowed upon me and my parents and that I may do the virtue which You have ridloi. And insert me in Your mercy into your righteous servants. (An Naml: 19)

I saw the person who prayed, it turned out he was hit by a disaster. He had lost both his hands and his legs, his eyes were blind and lacking in hearing.
Then I came to him and said to him: "O slaves of Allah, I have indeed heard your prayer, what then?"
Then the person said: "O servant of God, for God's sake if Allah sends mountains and destroys me and the sea drowns me, there is nothing more than the blessings of my Lord than this dictating tongue."

Then he said: "It's been three days that I've lost my son, are you willing to look for me? (This is his son who used to help him ablaze and feed)
So I said to him: "By Allah there is nothing more important for someone who tries to meet the needs of others, except to fulfill your needs".

Then I left to look for his son. Not far after walking, I saw bones scattered between the dunes. And it turned out that his son had been preyed on by wild animals. Then I stopped and said to myself:

"How do I go back to my friend, and what will I say to him with this incident? I began to think. Then I remembered the story of the Prophet Ayyub 'Peace be upon him.
After I returned, I greeted him.
He said: Are you not my friend?
I say: "Right".
He asked again: What has been done by my child?
I said: "Do you remember the story of the Prophet Ayyub?"
He replied: "Yes".
I said: "What does God do with him?"
He said: "Allah tests himself and his wealth"
I said: "How did he react?"
He said: "Ayyub is patient".
I said: "Does God test it enough with that?
He replied: "Even close and distant relatives refused and left him"
Then I said: "How did he react?
He said: He is patient. O slaves of Allah, what exactly do you want?
Then I said: "Your son has died, I got it prey on wild beasts among the dunes"
He said: "Praise be to Allah Who has not created from me a descendent who can plunge into hell"
Then he took a deep breath and his body went out.

I sat in a state of confused what I was doing, if I left, he would be preyed on by wild animals. If I stay beside him, I can't do anything. When in that state, suddenly there is a band of robbers attacking me.

The robbers said: What happened? So I told you what had happened. They said: Open his face to us! So I opened his face and they tilted him and approached him saying: By Allah, my father is his ransom, I hold my eyes from what is forbidden by Allah and By Allah, my father as his ransom, this person's body shows that he is patient in the face of the disaster.

Then we bathe it, shaking it and burying it. Then I returned to the border. Then I sleep and I see it in a dream in a healthy state. I said to him: Are you not my friend ?. He said: Right. I said: What does God do to you? He said: Allah has brought me into heaven and said to me "Your salvation is due to your patience" (QS Ar-Ra'd: 24). Remember, just by remembering God is the heart to be peaceable. (QS Ar-Ra'd: 28)

From the talk of Sheikh Abu Ishaq Al Huwainy entitled Jannatu Ridho fit Taslim Lima Qodarollah wa Qodho

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British Cardinal Keith O’Brien Retreats

The most senior Roman Catholic religious leader in England, Cardinal Keith O'Brien resigned as leader of the Scottish Catholic Church.
He was accused of acting unfairly against other pastors in the 1980s, an accusation that he opposed.
Cardinal O'Brien, Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh, apologized to "everything I have hurt" for "any mistake" while he was in charge.
He will not participate in the process of electing a new Pope so that Britain will not have a representative in the procession called the conclave.
Cardinal O'Brien said in a statement, "I appreciate the opportunity I have to serve the people of Scotland and abroad in various ways since becoming a pastor.
"Looking back, for every good thing I can do, I'm grateful to God.For every mistake, I apologize for everything I have hurt."
He remains a cardinal and still has the right to join the conclave to elect a new Pope after Benedict XVI announced on February 11 that he would step down, but Cardinal O'Brien said he would not leave.
"I do not want media attention in Rome to focus on me, but on Pope Benedict XVI and his successors," he said.
"But I will pray with them and for because, with the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit, they will take the right choice for the good of the future of the Church."
The Vatican confirmed that the cardinal had left office.
Although the announcement was just published, the Scottish Scottish Media Office said Pope Benedict had accepted Cardinal O'Brien's resignation on February 18.


Allegations against cardinal O'Brien appeared in a report at the Observer daily on Sunday.
According to the report, three priests and one former pastor from St Andrews diocese and Edinburgh, complained to the Pope's representatives in England, Antonio Mennini before February 11.
Complaints are:
One former pastor claimed Cardinal O'Brien made an inappropriate approach to himself in 1980 after an evening prayer, when he was at seminary at St Andrew's College, Drygrange.
-The second statement from another reporter said he lived in the parish when he was visited by O'Brien and inappropriate contact occurred between them.
-The third reporter accused what he called "the behavior he didn't want" by the cardinal in 1980 after drinking at night.
-The fourth reporter claimed that the cardinal used night prayer as an excuse to make inappropriate contacts.
A spokesman for the Scottish Catholic Media Office said a number of appointments and resignations of bishops were accepted in the final days of the Pope's term.
He said Cardinal O'Brien asked for legal assistance and denied the allegations against him, which was' anonymous and non-specific."
In Rome, BBC correspondent James Robbins said that for a long time the Vatican could "ward off" criticism of other cardinals who might be involved in trying to cover up sexual abuse allegations.
But the charges this time are more serious because Cardinal O'Brien is claimed to be directly involved in inappropriate behavior towards other priests.
He added that there was also a sense of regret that Britain would not have a voice in the conclave to elect Pope Benedict's successor.
Cardinal O'Brien is known as a defender of Catholicism for abortion, euthanasia and homosexuality.

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When Obama's Steps Are Hosted by the Zionist Lobby

Today, more and more people in the United States and Europe are aware of the failure of Western confrontational policies, a move that has not succeeded in preventing Iran from developing its peaceful nuclear program.

US and European sanctions prohibit all types of trade between Iran and other countries and prevent the country's access to the international banking system. However, Western governments seem to forget that there are many countries and companies in the world that do not want to give in to US pressure.

At the same time, sanctions have become an opportunity for Iran to develop self-sufficiency in many sectors and create alternative trade routes and new banking systems that do not depend on the dollar or Western rules.

In addition, Iran also has access to many markets, including Russia, China and India, all of them are economic forces and support the Islamic Republic to prevent the US from expanding its influence in the Middle East and the Persian Gulf.
The Islamic Republic has also developed good political and economic relations with all its neighboring countries, specifically Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and others.

Some US experts believe that only diplomacy is honest and puts an end to economic pressure, which can make a breakthrough in Iran's nuclear negotiations. Sanctions will not succeed for various reasons and the US has set a scenario for new failures in subsequent negotiations between Iran and the 5 + 1 Group in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Iranians are nationalist and patriotic souls and they will not be subject to pressure. Although sanctions have disrupted the Iranian economy, the people of Iran have really strengthened their support for the nuclear program.
Therefore, the US government is very wrong to think that sanctions will make Iran end its nuclear program. Tehran consistently shows that they are willing to reach an agreement and give broad access to the international inspector team to monitor its nuclear facilities. However, they still refused to submit to the illogical demands of the US and the West.

Some observers consider Israel and the Zionist lobby in the US as the main obstacles to changes in US policy towards Iran. Israel strongly opposes any agreement that recognizes Iran's civilian nuclear rights. Therefore, the pro-Israel lobby always affects US Congress members and of course many of them are bought and paid for by AIPAC, to foil the negotiation process and any agreement with Iran.

On the other hand, there are doubts about the sincerity of President Barack Obama, although he promised to adopt a new policy, especially taking into account the recent US decision to increase sanctions against Iran.
Much of what Obama has called diplomacy with Iran, is based on intimidation, the threat of military attacks, unilateral sanctions, sabotage, and acts of terror against Iranian nuclear scientists.

In fact, the pressure on Iran took place in the context of where the US position in the Middle East and the Persian Gulf was freefall. War failed in Iraq and Afghanistan, support for Israeli occupation of the Arab region, war on terror, targeting Muslim populations, and threats to Iran, all of these have led to an increase in anti-American sentiment.

If the US accepts that the previous strategy towards Iran was wrong and ready for real change, based on a realist, non-hostile and honest approach, then it will pave the way for a permanent solution to nuclear problems and other issues related to security in the region and the world.

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Argo, 2013 Oscar Best Film

Giving the highest award at the 2013 Oscar to Ben Affleck's Argo film, again shows that Hollywood has been defeated by politics. Argo was chosen as the best film to beat eight competitors, namely Amour, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Django Unchained, Les Miserables, Life of Pi, Silver Linings Playbook, Zero Dark Thirty, and its toughest competitor, Lincoln.

When a film full of historical distortions is chosen as the best work, of course the root of the problem lies in the issue raised by the director and not on artistic creativity in it.

Argo raised the story 34 years ago when the US Embassy in Tehran was occupied by Iranian revolutionary students. The CIA mission drama film tells the story of efforts to rescue six American diplomats from Iran during the 1979 Islamic Revolution. But unfortunately it gives an infactual picture of Iranian society at that time.

Regardless of the story in the film, what was raised at Argo was a real historical lie and even drew criticism from the Canadian ambassador at that time, Ken Taylor and Tony Mendez, CIA agents played by Ben Affleck.
Unlike the Argo film lies, America did not play a decisive role in helping the escape of diplomats kidnapped from Iran, but the Canadian ambassador at that time had misused his authority and given Canadian diplomats a passport and helped them escape from the Islamic Republic.

Then what factors make the Argo film full of historical irregularities chosen as the best film of 2013? To answer that question, here we need to mention the two characteristics of the film.

First, Argo - like most Hollywood works - is an American film that highlights their heroism and carries a mission to fight evil. This has become a hallmark of Hollywood films and even if extraterrestrials attack the earth, an American will rush to save the earth and humanity.

Therefore, if the rescue operation of six American diplomats from Tehran is carried out without the help of a CIA agent, then American side of heroism will not be channeled and will not draw the attention of viewers. For that, they wrote the Argo scenario out of historical reality.

And second, the Argo film focuses on anti-Iran attitudes. At present, anything that corners and attacks Iran will sell well in America and the West, starting from the dangers of Iran's nuclear, Iran phobia, to the Islamic Revolution. Therefore, the event of the occupation of the US Embassy in Tehran was re-appointed to the big screen to spread propaganda in sensitive moments like today.

American First Lady Michelle Obama even surprisingly appeared at the Oscars this year by reading out the best film nominations. The First Lady of the United States read out the nominations through a show which was witnessed by all viewers at Dolby Theater, Hollywood, Sunday, February 24, 2014.

Basically, the film Argo is a long chain to cover up the shameful defeat of the American military in a liberation operation in the Tabas Desert, Iran. On April 25, 1980, the American government led by Jimmy Carter ordered the military to attack Iran. This attack was carried out in the middle of the night by elite forces equipped with various modern weapons supported by C-130 Hercules aircraft and a number of helicopters. About 90 commandos who participated in the Eagle Claw operation were tasked with freeing American diplomats detained in Tehran.

On the way to the Tabas Desert in eastern Iran, two helicopters suffered technical damage, but the operation continued. A number of helicopters and planes landed at designated locations and are ready to carry out the next stage of operations, moving towards Tehran.

However, Tabas created a miracle. This time the will of God again frustrated the aggressors. When they arrived, another of the American helicopters suffered technical damage which resulted in the cessation of this operation. Because this covert operation requires at least six helicopters, President Jimmy Carter decided to stop the Eagle Claw operation and ordered all planes and helicopters to return soon.

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Hizbullah Ended Issues About the Health Condition of Sayid Nasrullah

The Lebanese Muqawama Movement of Hizbullah, ended the issue that was spread by a number of mass media about the health conditions of Hezbollah Secretary General Sayid Hasan Nasrullah.

Alalam reported that Lebanon's Hezbollah media office in its statement Wednesday (27/2) dismissed the issue which was spread by a number of regional mass media about Sayid Nasrullah's health condition, as well as his visit to Tehran.

It was rumored Sayid Hasan Nasrullah was ill and visited Tehran for treatment.

In his statement Hizbullah dismissed the issue and stressed that Sayid Nasrullah was in Lebanon and had not visited any country.
The latest report says that Sayid Hasan Nasrullah will make a speech this Wednesday. He will present various problems related to political transformation in Lebanon and the region.

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100 Million Active Users on Instagram

After almost two and a half years, Instagram finally surpassed the target of 100 million active users.

This achievement came less than a month after Instagram announced details of the number of active users for the first time. This step was taken by Instagram to prove rumors that they were abandoned by its users.

The growth in the number of active users is greater than their closest competitors, Twitter. Because Twitter itself has only reached 200 million active users late last year, after more than 6 years of development. Instagram growth is much faster.

"It's easy to see this as an achievement for a company, but in my opinion, in fact, this is an achievement for our community," said Kevin Systrom, CEO of Instagram written on their website blog. "Now, more than ever before, people captured the world in real-time using Instagram - sharing works [even] from the ends of the earth. What we see is the result of a more connected world through photos."

This rapid growth can not be separated from the swift development of the Instagram application itself. Starting from a year ago Instagram has been aggressively developing features in their applications, adding many new photo filters, and also Web Feeds that allow browsing of photos through the browser, not just through mobile devices.

via Instagram Blog

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3000 Palestinian Prisoners Take a Hunger Strike in Israeli Prison

Thousands of Palestinian prisoners launched a hunger strike protesting the death of a Palestinian prisoner in an Israeli prison.
"About 3,000 prisoners announced that they refused to eat," Israeli Prison Service spokesman Sivan Weizman said on Sunday (24/2).

The strike came a day after Israeli officials stated that Arafat Jaradat, a 30-year-old Palestinian prisoner, died of a heart attack in the Magiddo prison.

The report also mentions the Zionist regime's troops were on full alert to anticipate Palestinian demonstrations over the death of Jaradat.

The Palestinian Authority Minister for Palestinian Prisoner Affairs, Issa Qaraqea, on Saturday (23/4) demanded an international investigation into the death of Jaradat.

The leader of the West Bank-based Palestinian Prisoners Association rejected claims by Israeli officials that Jaradat had health problems before he was arrested.

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Anti-Syrian Site Spread Issues on Presence of "Mujahideen Legend" Originally from Chechnya

The actions of anti-Syrian news sites say the presence of former Chechen rebel leaders and exaggerating the figure of Umar Qafqazi, has raised doubts about the claims of the existence of the former Chechen fighter.

Alalam (23/3) reported, claimed that Al-Qaeda brought Umar Qafqazi along with a number of armed Chechen and Afghan elements to help the Syrian armed group.

The Al-Nusra Front, which is listed in the list of international terrorist groups, welcomed the arrival of Umar Qafqazi and challenged the Syrian military.
Umar Qafqazi in a video posted on Youtube called his group the "Mujahideen Brigade" and would be in Syria "to uphold the religion of Allah on the earth."

Just like the leaders of other terrorist groups, Qafqazi also asked other groups to join or at least provide money and property assistance.

Following the release of the video, anti-Syrian websites called Umar Qafqazi the nickname "Amir Qafqazi" and rated it as a legend. However, a number of sites affiliated with jihadi groups brushed aside Amir Qafqazi's presence in Syria and stated that Amir Qafqazi was actually the leader of the Muhajirin Brigade, namely Abu Utsman Dokka Umarov, leader of the Chechen rebels.

On the other hand, the Chechen rebels on their website stated that Dokka Umarov had officially resigned because of illness and Amir Aslan Beik Vadalov was appointed as his successor.

A Syrian Salafi Sheikh in Lebanon, Omar Bakri Fostoq, who is currently in Tripoli dismissed the possibility of Amir Qafqazi's presence in Syria and said, "The Chechen, Albanian armed forces and others are indeed in Syria, but there is no information about the presence of Amir Qafqazi among them. "

The Syrian Al-Haqiqah news website said Omar Bakri Fostoq was a person who some time ago stated that the perpetrators of bomb attacks on the buses of Israeli tourists in Bulgaria were his students. He has absolutely no connection with Hezbollah.

Over the past two weeks, dozens of Chechen terrorists were killed in Syrian military attacks, some of which were leaders of terrorist groups in northern Syria.

In this case, Turkey acts as a protector of Chechen terrorists who fled Syria and coordinated them. Russia has repeatedly called on Turkey to stop its support of Chechnya's extreme terrorist groups.

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Nuclear, from Iran to Indonesia

Since 60 years ago since the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945, the nuclear explosion released tremendous heat and radiation, and caused a lot of suffering, destruction and casualties.

Even though nuclear energy once gave a bad stigma as a power of mass destruction, various nuclear power applications have provided benefits in the present and in the future, including in Indonesia.

Contrary to most people's opinions, nuclear power turns out to provide many benefits for human civilization. Various types of use of nuclear power appear in our lives. For more than a hundred years, nuclear power has been developed to meet basic human needs and to improve people's welfare.

Visible contributions in improving public health. In agriculture, we use nuclear techniques to produce superior and inexpensive rice varieties, so as to meet our nutritional needs. In addition, radiation technology has also been widely used in the industry, especially to check the volume of packaged beverage products, paper thickness, pipe quality and so on.

Radiation rays can also be used as tracing techniques, industrial process diagnostics, composition analysis and non-destructive test materials. Gamma ray radiation is also widely used to eradicate bacteria in the food sterilization process. In various parts of the world, nuclear power has been and will be an important alternative in providing electricity without producing greenhouse gases, so that it can reduce the greenhouse effect on our planet.

On the contrary, nuclear, since being made the first time by US nuclear weapons to become the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945, has not stopped since. Nuclear switching functions become a tool of world hegemony. Nine countries already have nuclear weapons, America, Russia, Britain, France, China, India Pakistan, Israel, North Korea, but the one with the most nuclear weapons list is the US. The United States carried out the First test in 1945, the US had a nuclear stock of 5,113. At present America has 20 nuclear development centers.
Historical facts say, since the Iranian Islamic Revolution until now, the US has continued to pressure Iran to stop its peaceful nuclear. Various sanctions continue to be given to the Iranian government, but until now Iran has remained unmoved, and argued for civilian interests.

Miraculously, despite the many pressures of Western sanctions against the Islamic Republic for more than three decades it failed to cripple Iran. Even more days Iran is presenting various achievements, including in the fields of science and technology. The following data shows that Iran's nuclear case does not represent the overall achievement in the field of science to reduce its political side.

Why not, in 2010, for the first time Iran controlled almost one percent of the world's scientific development. Of course it is a number that is not small among developing countries. Statistical data from various scientific centers of the world shows that the production of science in Iran in 2005 amounted to 0.3 percent of the development of world science. Then it jumped to 0.8 percent in 2010. Even so, Iran continued to increase it to break the 2 percent figure until the end of 2015 based on projections of 20 years science and technology development.

Science production in Iran from 1990 to 2000 averaged around 23 percent. From 2000 to 2010 it rose to 32 percent. Based on the 20-year projection, the average growth of science in Iran is 26 percent. Now, based on the latest international agency reports, the growth of scientific production in Iran is equivalent to 13 percent of world growth. According to the Information Sciences Institute (ISI) report, Iranian researchers produced scientific work totaling 20,228 in 2009. Iran's position in this field rose two levels from 2008. Iran ranks 22 out of 55 countries that are at the forefront of scientific production. This rapid growth is accompanied by improved quality in 2010. This phenomenon shows the consistent growth of science in Iran.

Iran in the last few years it ranked fifth in the world in the field of cloning sheep after the United States, Canada, Britain and China. Iran succeeded in producing the first cloned cows in the Middle East and included a handful of countries that controlled cloning technology in the world. The latest data also states, Iran launched a Pishgam explorer rocket that carried a monkey into space. After reaching a certain height, the rocket brought back the monkey safely. The Islamic Republic of Iran (ISA) Space Agency also exhibits the Nahid satellite this week. In the military field Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) has built the first hypersonic wind tunnel for missile testing and space research. Iran also launched the Qaher-313 jet, which is called the third generation fighter jet after Azarakhsh and Saeqeh. Iran also launched Zolfaqar and Samam Tanks.

Islamic Culture Movement

After explaining the success of Iranian sain in the midst of world pressure, then the question is what is the key to success. If the question is aimed at Muslims who agree with the Islamic government of Iran, then it is not excessive if we say because of the success of Imam Khomeini in making the state of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Religion does not lose its revolutionary side, dares to oppose injustice (world arrogance) uphold justice, while advancing in science.

Many radical Muslim groups such as in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia who dare to oppose American arrogance but do not advance in science. Many sad lives are encountered in conflict-affected countries. Many world Muslims are aware of the importance of technological advances but when technology is developed into a strategic industry it is always faced with arrogant parties. This case is easy to find in Indonesia, is there a science-based strategic industry developing in Indonesia, starting from the aircraft industry, railroad, weapons technology, oil and gas drilling, civilian nuclear? The problem is I think not because Indonesians cannot upgrade their knowledge such as Habibie, who has the spirit of Islam, and organizations such as ICMI (Indonesian Muslim Scholars Association) lose touch with the dialogue between religion and science. The problem is that Muslims and their instruments are not ready when science develops and collides with arrogant capital, say America.

The majority of Muslims in Indonesia agree in theory, the Freeport gold mine should be able to prosper the people of Papua, and contribute to foreign exchange that is not small, the public already knows and protests, but is silent when someone says, do you want Indonesia to lose Papua?

Through an independent survey institute, PT. Andira Karya Persada, Friday, November 23, 2012 announced the results of the 2012 Nuclear Science and Technology poll conducted in 33 provinces in Indonesia, by recruiting as many as 4000 respondents divided into 3000 respondents for national polls and 1000 respondents for Java Madura and Bali.

Regarding public acceptance of Nuclear Science and Technology in the energy sector, more than 50% of respondents agreed on the construction of nuclear power plants in Indonesia on the grounds that 56.61% of electricity tariffs are cheaper, 19.12% advances in technology, 16.75% better lives, and 7.53 % safe. This number increased from the results of the 2011 poll which was 49.5%. Bra Baskoro, the head of the survey implementation team from PT Andira Karya Persada, said that at the national level, 52.93% of respondents approved the construction of nuclear power plants (PLTN), 24.23% did not agree, and 22.83% did not know.

From the survey, it was known that the majority of Indonesians agreed to the application of nuclear technology for the sake of building nuclear power plants, but then the next obstacle was the existence of outside parties who disturbed and lacked the enthusiasm of the government and people to be consistent with their rational data. In general, it is this spirit of resistance that has not existed in Indonesian history after the 1945 Independence.

Dialogizing Islam and science in the real sense of the word is, grounding the Integral al-Qur'an message with practice and hard work, religion and science is not sufficiently dialogue in the form of seminars and books, scientific achievements to improve world civilization must be the spirit of struggle.

Dialogue on science and religion will be forever lonely from progress if it is not understood in the context of an integral Islam, Islam that aspires to build a noble civilization in the midst of the people of the world, Islam that excels in science and technology, and Islam which does not take a step back from oppressors blocking the progress of science. The Iranian nuclear case is a clear example of how Islam, when practiced in all its aspects, faces a severe test.
This conclusion does not seem to be in a hurry, if we are willing to learn to see the historical facts of the Iranian nation in obtaining its rights and dignity to develop nuclear technology. Like watching a TV program, the attitude of the Iranian nation in nuclear matters is an example of an ideal attitude as a Muslim, and Muslims should not rush to turn off the TV program and see it honestly. As a Muslim Indonesian, I miss the consistency of the cultural movement to advance science in Indonesia as in Iran.

* Muhammad Ma'ruf

Ahmadinejad "The Nuclear Savior of Tehran", Pustaka Iman
Take hostage the Middle East, Riza Sihbudi, Mizan
Digging Intellectual Reason of Islamic Civilization, Husein Heryanto, Mizan

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Hollande and the Worthy Award

The UN Cultural Agency, UNESCO, gave a gift of peace to French President Francois Hollande for "a valuable contribution to peace and stability in Africa", amid the ongoing war of leadership in Mali.

"After analyzing the global situation, Africa has become a jury's concern with various threats affecting the continent," said former Mozambique President Joaquim Chissano as chief jury of the Felix Houphouet-Boigny Peace Prize on Thursday (21/2).

He added that the Jury decided to award Hollande "for his great contribution to peace and stability in Africa". This came after France launched a war on Mali on January 11 on the pretext of stopping the progress of Islamic fighters in the West African country. The war has displaced thousands of Malians.
This UNESCO award contrasted sharply with Amnesty International's statement one February which condemned "serious human rights violations" committed by France in Mali, including the killing of children in the war.
"There is evidence that at least five civilians, including three children, were killed in an air strike carried out by French forces against local fighters," said the human rights organization.

Earlier Mali national observer Dr Salif Kone said that the French-made war in Mali caused severe food and drug shortages and created many problems for the Malian people.
"Regional blockades by French and Mali forces have damaged the activities of health workers in several refugee camps. Most camps lack severe needs such as food and medicine," North Mali residents told Press TV.

"We are questioning the role of the French forces which makes our lives more difficult than before," said another Mali resident. Some political observers believe that the abundant natural resources in Mali, including gold and uranium reserves, are among the reasons behind the French war.
Since 1989, the Felix Houphouet-Boigny Peace Prize award has been given to individuals, institutions and organizations that are considered active in making significant contributions in promoting, seeking, maintaining or maintaining peace. The prize is a check of USD 150,000, a gold medal and a "Diploma of Peace".

Many observers regretted the gift of UNESCO's hadia nobel peace to Hollande. As stated in the articles of association of this prize, it was stated that the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to figures or institutions in accordance with the UN charter and UNESCO strived to improve peace in the world. But in reality, this award was given to Hollande at a time when the French military or its instructions actually agitated and waged war in Mali without regard to the UN charter, meaning that the aggression was launched by Paris without obtaining permission from the UN Security Council.

In his own country, Hollande received severe criticism due to military aggression in Mali by a number of parties in this country and the International Human Rights Council also questioned the unilateral actions of Paris. But it turns out that in the midst of these criticisms, UNESCO has set Hollande as a figure of peace this year. It seems that various world peace institutions such as felix houphouet-boigny have a new understanding for the term peace and the creator of peace and the UN charter.

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"Missionary Groups Help OPM in the Outback of Papua"

OPM Army

Missionary groups have helped terrorist groups, specifically the Free Papua Organization (OPM) in the interior of Papua.Missionaries cover the spread of Christianity, while bringing foreign interests.

The affirmation was conveyed by the young figure of Papua, Ustadz Fadzlan Garamatan toitoday,Friday (2/22/2013)."It's no secret, missionary groups have helped terrorists (OPM) in the interior of Papua.They come under the pretext of spreading the Christian religion, but actually bring foreign interests.It doesn't need to be covered up.I ask the government to make the Papuans more civilized, "said Fadzlan.

According to Fadzlan, a number of attacks on security forces were carried out by terrorist groups."Those who know exactly who the attack group is are TNI or Police in Papua.Terrorists in the interior of Papua were built by foreigners.Terrorists get funding and training from foreign parties, "said Fadzlan.

Fadzlan asserted, foreign parties, especially the United States wanted to control Papua."Actually the government already knows who wants Papua to be separated from the NKRI.The government also knows who helps terrorists in the interior, "Fadzlan said.

Furthermore, Fadzlan asked the government to act decisively against the OPM and could condition the Papuan society to be more civilized."The presence of terrorists in Papua is very funny.They want a country in the country. The government must be firm.These are armed groups that endanger Papuans too.These are terrorists, "Fadzlan concluded.

Previously reported, the National Police of the Republic of Indonesia ensured that the total death toll from gunfire by security forces with armed groups in Papua was 12 people.Not only TNI members who were victims, the shooting also killed four civilians.

One member of the TNI, Pratu Wahyu Bowo, was declared dead in Tingginambut District.Wahyu was shot near the TNI Satgas Post in Tingginambut District, Puncak Jaya Regency, at 9 o'clock.00 WIT, Thursday (02/21/2013).

While seven other members of the TNI were killed during an attack and an attack by armed groups in Tanggulinik Village, Sinak District, Puncak Jaya Regency, at 10 o'clock.30 WIT. Armed groups attacked 10 members of Kodim 1714 / Puncak Jaya Sinak newspaper who were heading to Sinak Airport to retrieve radio from Nabire.In this attack in Sinak District, four civilians were killed.

Responding to the attack in Papua, Coordinating Minister for Politics, Law and Security Djoko Suyanto strongly suspected that the shootings in Tingginambut District, Puncak Jaya Regency, Papua, were an attack by Goliath Tabuni's group of Security Disorder Movement (GPK).While the perpetrators of the shootings in Sinak District were allegedly armed groups led by Murib.

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