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Alternative Media Receives Knowledge

Not only parents teach new things to their children, sometimes children actually remind us of things that over time become forgotten or not done anymore because they feel embarrassed or other considerations.

Believe it or not, you can learn a lot from children. They may be young and don't have as much life experience as you do, but often, they can surprise adults with their actions and words. Berkut here are some important things that can be learned from children.

Try until successful

You may have noticed that if children want to take toys or climb trees and they don't succeed in the first attempt, they will try with all their strength to succeed again and again. The simple lesson here is to keep trying until you succeed and not get discouraged if you fail.

When talking about creativity, children are the best that can make you learn. They teach you how to get involved in playing imagination and inspired by small little things.
Forgetting and forgiving

This is one of the most important things that can be learned from children. You can easily see that children can still feel happy and forget whatever their friends have done that makes them cry or angry, and soon they laugh together again. It is important to forget worries and forgive others who cause you pain and keep moving forward.

Never lie

This is an important attribute that we must learn from children who are still young. They always speak honestly; and this is not always done by adults. So learning from children to be honest and honest is a great quality every adult must learn from children.

Laugh often

This is a very common thing we notice in children. They can laugh even when making mistakes, smile and make people smile, etc. It's important to smile and laugh at the mistakes we make so we can have the spirit to solve all problems. Another thing about children is that they can smile or even without any reason; You should try it too and feel the positive benefits of laughing for health.


Children are full of enthusiasm every day. They face their days with so much energy that they are always excited all day long. Adults must learn to be cheerful, enthusiastic and energetic too. Whatever problems you face, try to solve them enthusiastically and certainly make your problems easier to solve. Perseverance, spontaneity, simplicity, freedom from worries, dexterity, encouragement, unlimited energy are some valuable life lessons that you can learn from children.

Nice to observe

Children's observations are sometimes so detailed; they can see things that most of us sometimes don't realize as adults. They teach you to learn to visualize your thoughts, give consideration to small things, explore things that you might overlook. They teach you that observation itself is a great discovery that is behind every great achievement. With his actions to enjoy observing this, children can learn new things.

Have big dreams

Try asking your child what his goals are; their answers will surely amaze you. They have big dreams and have a positive spirit about it and this is the attitude we should be able to apply in life. Having a big dream is the first step to making you have a better spirit in life and a passion to reach that dream.

Life is free of worries

Children don't make their lives difficult with any worries. Problems must occur when we deal with everyday life. Excessive worries will actually result in our lives becoming uneasy and causing stress. As a result, our lives become a series of serious things; where there is no happiness, less smile, and no time left to pursue creative things.

Sometimes children also remind their parents again of memories that might be forgotten when they are little. Seeing children who still have a pure heart and innocent face will make you recall the beauty of life without having a burden. The positive things that can be obtained from this child are also a lot Sometimes we are busy with daily activities, the demands of work, and thinking and pursuing material; momentarily forget that even children can teach adults valuable lessons. What do you think?

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Germany will close its military post in Afghanistan

German Defense Minister Thomas Maiziere during his latest visit to Afghanistan said that his country planned to close a military post in the war-torn country.

On Tuesday (5/3) Maiziere told German troops it would close a military post in OP North near the town of Puli Khumri in Baghlan province in the coming months.Maiziere's visit this time is the 10th visit to Afghanistan.
On February 11, 2011, an Afghan soldier shot and killed three German military personnel at the North OP post.

Last November, Berlin announced its plan to close the front base, along with a large camp in Kunduz province.

Foreign forces in Afghanistan are expected to leave the country by the end of 2014.

The United States invaded Afghanistan in 2001 under the pretext of fighting terrorism.

The high record of civilian and military casualties in the US-led war in Afghanistan has put a lot of pressure on NATO member countries to withdraw their troops from the war-torn Asian country.

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2013 Chinese Military Budget Rises Again

The latest report from the Chinese People's National Congress shows that the country's military budget for 2013 increased 10.7 percent.

IRNA reported that Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao on Tuesday (3/5) in front of around 3,000 members of the country's parliament, read the latest report on the government's military budget.

The nominal Chinese military budget for 2013 reached 114 billion 300 million USD.

The Chinese Prime Minister said the increase in the budget was to support the life of the country's troops, develop intelligence, arm personnel, increase national defense and security capabilities.

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Towards Clean Politics

This dirty political adage gets confirmation in the political culture of this country. In fact, according to the Chancellor of the Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University Komaruddin Hidayat, Indonesia's political culture is already at a rotten level.

The indication is the number of politicians involved in corruption. Finally, of course the status of corruption suspects who were tabled by the KPK to former Democratic Party Chairperson Anas Urbaningrum, which led to chaos in the party's body.

"What happened in the Democrats reminded us that anyone who enters politics, because the culture and political structure are rotten, those who participate in it will go rotten," Komaruddin said while talking to Media Indonesia.

Some young people like Anas Urbaningrum, Andi Mallarangeng, and Angelina
Sondakh, before entering the political party, was known as a brilliant figure. Anas has served as the general chairman of the largest student organization, the Islamic Student Association. Angelina Sondakh was previously known as Putri Indonesia. Andi Mallarangeng was previously known as a great intellectual.

However, brilliant individuals suddenly became dirty figures due to the predicate of corruption suspects attached to them. That happened after they joined a political party. Political parties are finally perceived as dirty political pools that are ready to throw anyone into it.

Even those who are idealists, who initially aspired to make a noble change, were dragged down by the swift flow of dirty politics practiced by political parties. That happened because political parties were already dirty, even rotten in the term Komaruddin Hidayat.

Politics and political parties are not attractive to idealistic and brilliant young people. In fact, in the era of transition to democracy today, Indonesia needs clean, honest, idealistic and intellectual young people. Such figures will lead Indonesia to become a real democracy.

Therefore, political parties must create an internal system that makes politics not something expensive. Political parties must increase recruitment of cadres clean, honest, idealistic, and intelligent. If the financial capabilities of the figures are limited, it is the political parties that finance them until they occupy public positions.

That means political parties must change one hundred and eighty degrees of their political paradigm. Political parties do not recruit people to become party ATMs, but political parties are the ones who finance the political costs of brilliant cadres.

Later when they occupy public positions, the bright cadres will produce low-cost regulations, systems and political structures in Indonesia.
Isn't expensive political costs considered the culprit of corruption by political party politicians?

Political parties should make the 2014 election as a momentum to change the image that politics is dirty to become political is clean.

Is it really the Money Machine Political Party?

Political parties in Indonesia must carry out massive introspection and reform to put our democracy back into the substance that it should be. The public or the public as an external part and the existence of political parties must of course be involved in efforts to save the existence of the current political parties.

The emergence of symptoms that tend to delegitimize political parties in the public eye is currently very reasonable. The public sees more political parties as a group of ambitious, insane, and the most frightening people with corrupt mentality. Of the names of big-time corruptors, if mentioned, surely among them came from political parties. This does not mean that businesspeople or bureaucrats have escaped corruption, even if there were those due to collusion with political party activists.

The condition and understanding of the people who are antipathetic towards political parties and tend to delegitimize political parties cannot be left without efforts to improve, especially changes regarding welfare in our society and nation. Political parties are an important element in the democratic system and dissolving them is an unproductive step.

Political parties must be encouraged to be able to carry out the process of recruitment and political regeneration properly. This means that there is no more practice of carrying out legislative candidates by requiring political dowry that will match political parties as money machines.

Political researcher from the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), Siti Zuhro, said that the chaotic politics that occur in Indonesia today due to political parties (political parties) have been used as money machines, production equipment, and money industries. The aim is only to dredge state finances.

Political parties should have a vital role with a very noble function, namely the establishment of mutual prosperity throughout the community. In fact, political parties must be the most legitimate means to bring forth more figures of legislators and bureaucratic apparatuses who manage the state budget for the greatest prosperity of the people. It is not even an instant tool for the emergence of carbitan politicians who have finally degraded and delegitimized the nature of democracy as it has so far.

Politicians move away from state affairs

Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court (MK) Mahfud MD asked politicians to step aside from state affairs. According to him, Indonesia is currently being threatened internally because there are many people who have a high interest in this country.
"All matters are taken by politicians. In fact, many statesmen also become politicians. True statesmen are even marginalized," he said when speaking at the dialogue
nationality of Nahdatul Ulama's 87th birthday in Yogyakarta, Sunday (3/3) afternoon.

According to him, this is what threatens the sustainability of Indonesia. "Many people have a high interest in this country. The state statesmen should handle it, the politicians step aside first," he explained.

According to him, statesmen are needed to deal with Indonesia which is increasingly unpredictable. Mahfud gave an example of statesmen like former president BJ Habibie who should handle this country.

The former TNI Commander, TNI General (Ret.) Joko Santoso on the occasion said that the Indonesian nation was a threatened nation both from the outside and inside.

Demographically, he said, Indonesia is very much a tribe so the degree of conflict is very thick. But that can be eliminated by increasing the spirit of tolerance.

In the future, he said, defense power depends on Indonesia's economic strength. The quality of human resources who have high intellectual and hard work, as well as a clean and authoritative government is the key to the nation's and nation's future defense success.

Djoko Susilo recommends building awareness and mutual understanding that Indonesia is a vulnerable and threatened nation. "It's important that we unite, be aware and work hard," he said.

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John Brennan and the Democrat-Republican Respect Story about the Head of the CIA

The US Attorney General's letter to a state senator was able to become a solution regarding the appointment of John Brennan as the Head of the American Secret Service (CIA). Eric holder, US Attorney General Senator Rand Paul wrote that the American President could not authorize the use of an unmanned reconnaissance aircraft armed to kill an American in another country. Senator Rand Paul in the US Senate session tried to delay the discussion session in the establishment of the new CIA chief.

Previously, the Senate Intelligence Committee with 12 votes in favor and 3 rejecting votes had managed to establish the eligibility of John Brennan (57) for the position of head of the CIA. Thus, Brennan's success in garnering the votes of senators in the Senate was almost certain. But the effort to deliberately stall for voting in the Senate, is just a way to pressure Obama.

Since January 7, 2013, Barack Obama, the President of the United States has introduced John Brennan as a CIA head candidate. Since then, discussions in the US Senate turned out to be an arena to ask for an explanation of American intelligence policies. Brennan used to be Obama's High Adviser in internal security affairs and the fight against terrorism. He is a staunch supporter of the idea of ​​using unmanned reconnaissance aircraft in operations carried out in the name of the war on terrorism in the world.

The attack on US unmanned surveillance planes is not only contrary to international rules, but also not in accordance with US domestic law. Victims of attacks by US unmanned reconnaissance aircraft have never been sentenced in any court. Therefore, his murder through unmanned surveillance aircraft was against human rights and international rules.

In the attacks carried out by unmanned reconnaissance aircraft, the biggest victims in Pakistan and Afghanistan were civilians. As long as these victims are citizens of other countries, US officials call their deaths the price the world must redeem to destroy terrorism. But it turns out that some of the victims of US unmanned reconnaissance aircraft attacks are Americans themselves.

This problem is what makes the American senators make the case of the death of US citizens due to attacks by drones as a pressure tool for President Obama. Republicans call Obama unsuccessful in the fight against terrorism and the price of his policies in this field, including US citizens who become victims cannot be tolerated. Letter from Eric Holder, US Attorney General is a new effort from the Obama team to thwart the Republican Party in utilizing this facility to suppress it.

In the framework of this letter, the White House guarantees that it will comply with domestic laws regarding the war on terrorism, as compensation if Brennan is accepted by the Senate. But of course this guarantee actually made Obama and his team weaker in the face of pressure from the Republican Republic. Because in the future they will again remind Obama about this guarantee and make it as the basis of their criticism related to the president's American security policy originating from this Democrat Party.

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Arab League in Cairo

The Arab League foreign minister's meeting was held in Cairo, the capital of Egypt. At the meeting the foreign ministers of Iraq, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Yemen, Sudan and Algeria were also present. The Syrian crisis and the organization's next negotiating agenda which will be held at the end of March in Doha, Qatar is said to be the work agenda of the session.

Meanwhile, incidents of clashes between security forces and demonstrators at the al-Tahrir roundabout led to the cancellation of the meeting at the Arab League headquarters. The foreign ministers of the Arab League members finally chose to hold their trial at a hotel in Cairo and far from the location of the riots.

Lebanese Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour at a meeting on Wednesday (6/3) of the Arab League in Cairo handed over his periodic leadership to the organization's Council of Ministers to his counterparts from Egypt. In his speech, Adnan Mansour expressed optimism that Egypt in carrying out its duties as chairman of the new council of organizations would succeed in realizing the demands of the Arab nation.

The Arab League meeting in Cairo this time was attended by 12 member countries' foreign ministers. Adnan Mansour stressed that Arab League policies had made conditions in Syria worse. He also demanded the lifting of suspension of Syrian membership in the Arab League.

Since the outbreak of the crisis in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq have been recorded as Arab countries that oppose foreign intervention in Damascus and the suspension of membership of this country in the Arab League. As for Saudi Arabia and Qatar, they acted differently and demanded suspension of Syrian membership in the Arab League. The two countries also always try to wage war in Damascus and help the West in exacerbating the crisis in this Arab country by sending terrorist groups.

Some observers believe that the phenomenon of multinational terrorism in Syria is one of the most important American and Arab strategies in Damascus. Terrorism is also a major factor in instability in this country. In addition, the support of 28 world countries on US strategies to fuel and continue the war inside Syria has resulted in bad conditions for humanity for the citizens of this country.

Western and Arab logistical assistance to the Syrian rebel stronghold, where the majority of foreigners have caused infrastructure in this country to be seriously damaged by armed militia attacks.

In these conditions, the Arab Foreign Minister's meeting in Cairo in preparation for this organization's summit in Doha besides discussing the conditions of the Arab world which experienced the worst crisis in history, also determined the work agenda for the final summit this March.

The summit is planned to be held in Qatar when the presence of a number of Arab countries is still unclear. On the other hand, friction between countries and the uncertain conditions of Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain and Syria made the prospects for the 2013 Arab League Summit increasingly blurred.

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Venezuela Sepeninggal Chavez

When Hugo Rafael Chavez Friaz from the left-wing party became the leader of the Bolivari Revolution in 1999, and was elected by the people to be President of Venezuela, perhaps many parties in the Latin American region and other regions of the world would not have thought that this Latin American charismatic leader could bring major changes in the Venezuelan country. The Bolivari Revolution was pioneered by Simon Bolivar, a revolutionary leader in the 19th century.

Chavez was elected President of Venezuela on December 6, 1998 and officially served on February 2, 1999. Chavez was chosen as president for four consecutive times. In Chavez's era of leadership, in addition to important political reforms, Chavez was able to bring significant changes in the economic sector. Many economic programs are realized and consequently the welfare of the Venezuelan people is increasing. Perhaps the most prominent of all Chavez's efforts in the economic field was his success in reducing the gap between rich and poor.

Among Chavez's reforms to the economic structure of Venezuela is the nationalization of industries that bring huge profits, reduce the influence of multi-national companies and limit their activities, and delegation to the state.

Although between 1999 and 2004, Venezuela's economic growth fell by 1.2 percent, but Chavez was able to revive the country's economic growth by revising economic policies in the oil industry. So that in 2004 Venezuela's economic growth rate increased by 18 percent.

But Venezuela and Chavez have been hit by various problems, most of which come from the north from the United States. In recent years, Uncle Sam feels his influence and interests are threatened following the rise of populist governments from Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador. The US tried to undermine the government and Washington's latest action in this regard was a coup attempt against the Chavez government in 2002. The White House uses its pawn in Venezuela, Enrique Capriles, an opposition figure.

The United States protects Capriles in Washington and in the last days before Chavez died, two US military officials serving at the US Embassy in Caracas were expelled for interfering in Venezuelan internal affairs. This clearly proves that the US has prepared special programs for Venezuela after Chavez.

One of Chavez's policies that burned Uncle Sam's beard was an increase in Venezuelan cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran. The similarity of the anti-hegemony perspective underlies the harmonious cooperation of the two parties. This can be seen from the high volume of visits by high-ranking officials from both countries.

During this time, Chavez has visited Tehran for five times and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has also visited Tehran six times. Even a number of mass media refer to Chavez and Ahmadinejad as "two anti-imperialism icons".

Ahmadinejad was twice elected President of Iran and during that time Tehran and Caracas cooperation in the fields of trade, energy and defense increased sharply. This phenomenon certainly disturbs the peace of the United States to the extent that Hillary Clinton, the former US Secretary of State, uses the term "a very alarming increase in relations."

But in the end, Chavez, the charismatic leader in Latin America died when his country had turned into an independent country with anti-imperialist policies which were able to emerge as new economic powers. In the era of his administration, Chavez was able to explore the great potential of Venezuela and develop it. And besides being a symbol of the success of the Bolivari Revolution, after Chavez's death, Venezuela is predicted to continue to be able to continue its role as leader of the revolutionary movement in Latin America against the hegemony and imperialism of the poor.

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The ups and downs of Russia-NATO relations

Russian Ambassador to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Alexander Grushko said the possibility of an agreement regarding the placement of a missile system in Eastern Europe was very small.

According to Grushko, Washington's neglect of Moscow's demands for written guarantees that the missile system did not target Russia, was the main barrier to achieving the agreement.

Russian Military Joint Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov said that he had invited his colleague from the United States Martin Dempsey to visit Moscow and negotiate a missile system in Eastern Europe.

Gerasimov stressed, Russia and NATO achieved good results in a number of areas of cooperation, but there were also a number of serious differences of views between the two parties. He assessed NATO's expansion and the placement of a missile system near the Russian border as the most important factor in friction between NATO and Moscow.

Russia and NATO agreed to cooperate on a missile system in Eastern Europe at a meeting in Lisbon in November 2010. NATO demanded the placement of two independent missile systems, but Moscow only supported a single missile system.

Russia has repeatedly expressed concern about the placement of NATO missile systems in Eastern Europe that are close to the country's borders. The Kremlin is demanding legal guarantees that the missile system is not targeted at Russia, but that demand has so far been ignored.

Although competition in the Cold War era continues to overshadow Russian-NATO relations, Moscow is trying to expand balanced relations with this alliance.

Based on the new doctrine of Russian foreign relations confirmed by the country's president Vladimir Putin in February 2013, the expansion of Russian-NATO relations depends on the alliance's readiness capacity to establish commensurate cooperation under international law.

One of the most important axis of the doctrine is the affirmation of the collective threat with the aim of expanding Russia-NATO cooperation. Terrorism, piracy and piracy, drug smuggling and expansion of weapons of mass destruction are joint threats that can encourage Moscow and NATO to increase cooperation. In recent years, both parties have been able to find the right strategy to increase cooperation in these sectors.

Russia and NATO cooperation in Afghanistan is also one of the points of agreement between the two parties. Even today NATO and Moscow have collaborated with each other in Afghanistan based on several agreements. Although the cooperation was established, the placement of the missile system in Eastern Europe is still a serious barrier to the expansion of Russia-NATO cooperation, even now there are no signs that it will be finished soon.

Now the question is whether affirmation of equal relations, mutual trust and cooperation in the face of collective threats will end serious friction between Russia and NATO?

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SBY: "There is a Movement for the State to Break"

President SBY

Jakarta - President SBY asked political elites and certain groups not to get out of the corridor of democracy.

"Stay in the corridor of democracy. It's legal. But if it's more than that, especially if it's more than a plan to make our country runny, to make the government unable to work, I'm afraid this will trouble our people," he said.

SBY in his statement shortly before leaving for Germany, at Halim Perdanakusuma Airport, East Jakarta, Sunday (3/3/03) morning, admitted from the results of his monitoring and also information from intelligence that this year there would be issues that cornered and disrupted his government from certain groups.

He said, all parties should maintain the stability and political calm so that the elections run democratically, safely, and orderly.
"If it is made shaky and unstable, and there should be no problems, it is certainly not good for the life of this country," he said.

SBY also goes back to the positive growth of Indonesia's economy amid the deteriorating world economy. According to SBY, when other countries are experiencing economic decline that impact on society, Indonesia is able to keep the economy. Even growing number two after China among the G20 countries.

"Of course we have to take care of it. Don't let it fall because the security situation is not conducive due to the political hustle and bustle of certain people. If it is done, the people will suffer," he said.

However, it is unclear, who and what is meant by the movement which has eroded the country, does this have something to do with the public's rejection of the illicit development of the US Embassy in Jakarta or the warming of the situation in Papua.

IslamTimes / TruthSeekerMedia

Google Broke Thousands of Motorola Employees

Jakarta - Motorola Mobility has become the property of Google with the acquisition value of USD 12.5 billion. As an efficiency effort, Google decided to lay off 1,200 Motorola employees or 10% of all employees.

Previously, as many as 4,000 Motorola employees had also been dismissed. Google is currently trying to restore Motorola Mobility profits in the midst of very hot mobile industry competition.

"This layoff is a continuation of the reduction in workforce that we announced earlier. It is hard for employees and we are committed to helping them through this difficult transition," said Niki Fenwick, Google spokesman.
As quoted from ReutersOn Friday (03/08/2013), employees who were laid off were located in the United States, China and India.

"The cost of our company is too high, we operate in a market where we are not competitive and we lose money," the company email said regarding the reasons for this layoff.

Previously, Google also complained about Motorola's new product line that was said to be not according to their standards. At present, Google is reportedly preparing a revolutionary smartphone named Motorola X.

Google announced the acquisition of the Motorola Mobility in mid 2012. Motorola's abundant mobile patents are said to be the main reason Google has annexed Motorola Mobility.


Anas: "I will focus on legal defense"

Anas Urbaningrum

Jakarta - Former Democratic Party Chairperson Anas Urbaningrum said he would focus on legal cases that ensnared him. It was said by Anas to respond to the statement of the Chairman of the Democratic Party of the Republic of Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) at his press conference at Halim Perdanakusuma Airport, East Jakarta last Friday.

However, Anas claimed he did not know clearly SBY's statement before leaving for Germany and Hungary.
"I have not heard Pak SBY's statement, but surely, focus on it, I will focus on doing legal defense and as I say," said Anas at his residence, Jalan Teluk Langsa, Duren Sawit, Jakarta, Sunday (03/03/2013) .
Anas hopes that the legal defense he will carry out can be objective. "I am sure of that. I will get justice for sure," said the former Chairperson of the PB HMI.

Previously, at a press conference at Halim Perdanakusuma Airport, SBY asked Anas to focus on the legal process now being handled by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK).

"My view is that legal matters hope that Anas Urbaningrum will focus and prepare to face the legal process carried out by the KPK. There, Mr. Anas can do everything he can, maybe with his lawyer and legal defense team," SBY said.

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This is the New CIA's Chosen Boss that was rumored to have entered Islam

John Brennan-bos baru CIA-jpeg.image

John Brennan
WASHINGTON The United States Intelligence Service (CIA) has just got a new boss.John Brennan led the CIA after his appointment was approved by the US Senate on Thursday (03/07/2013) yesterday.
"The Senate has recognized the quality that Brennan has, the quality that I have seen for a long time," said a statement issued by President Barack Obama after the senate approved Brennan's appointment..
"Brennan has the determination to protect the security of the United States (US).He can also work with parliament and our allies abroad, "Obama continued, as quotedNew York Times,Friday (03/08/2013).
Brennan's way to become the head of the CIA was actually practically not running smoothly.There were some senators who refused Brennan's appointment because they were considered to have been involved in torture often carried out by the CIA during the war against "terror".
The Brennan confirmation process also had barred from Republican senator Paul Rand.Rand deliberately postponed the voting process to confirm Brennan's appointment by giving a 13-hour non-stop speech.
Rand did this to ask for an explanation regarding the attack policy with unmanned aircraft which Obama often used to knock out fighters in the Middle East.
Surprisingly, a former FBI agent on 9 February 2013 said there was an indication of John Brennan, who had converted to Islam between 1996 and 1999 when he became head of the CIA office in Riyadh.
CIA agent John Guandolo, who retired from the FBI in 2008, told US Radio Trento that Brennan converted to Islam in Saudi Arabia and visited Makkah and Madinah during the Hajj season with Saudi officials.It was an indication Brennan had embraced Islam, he said.
In a Skype video interview on the radio program, Guandolo said Brennan had visited Makkah and Madinah, where infidels were not allowed to enter, especially during the Hajj season..Guandolo concluded that "the video confirms that Brennan has converted to Islam".
Former FBI agent Guandolo, who was described as an anti-Islamic activist by MSNBC, said in a radio interview that Brennan was not suitable to become a CIA Director.
Guandolo also recalled in a speech interview delivered by Brennan in 2010 to New York University students, Brennan admitted that he visited Makkah and Madinah during the Hajj season.
Speaking for a few minutes in good Arabic, Brennan alluded to Islam in his speech and visit to Arab and Muslim countries.He also told me when he was in the Middle East for six years.
This is Brennan's true story?As a Muslim if you receive the news, we must be careful, from the wicked people, check and check (tabayyun), as stated in the Qur'an, especially if the news comes from an infidel.Because there are no impossible goals.If this news is true, of course we are waiting for the "scenario" that happened later.Wallahu A'lam.

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If Sarah Palin speaks of conspiracy theories

"We are finished. We will be destroyed someday, and that is why the government piles up bullets to deal with the riots!"

If those who say the sentence above are a David Duke or other "truth lovers", of course that is not too surprising. But it is different if the one who said was the former Alaska governor and vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin.
Palin's statement was posted on an official account "Facebook"His recent response to the Barack Obama administration's financial policies in overcoming the debt burden of the US government. As we all know, Obama has reduced the APNB by $ 90 billion to reduce the burden of his growing budget deficit. at present the US government debt has reached $ 16 trillion with interest payments that must be paid annually reaching $ 300 - $ 500 billion (equivalent to almost Rp. 5,000 trillion).

"Unek-unek" Palin has been "shared" by 12,000 people, gets 60,000 likes and more than 4,500 comments.

The Department of Homeland Security (The Department of Homeland Security abbreviated as DHS, an unconstitutional institution established after the 2001 WTC Attack) has reportedly accumulated 2 billion bullets last year plus the purchase of 7,000 assault weapons last September. DHS is now led by a Zionist lesbian named Janet Napolitano.

Although established mass media underestimated the borong action of the weapons, the consequences have been felt by American society with the scarcity of bullet supplies in weapons and ammunition shops. In addition, public attention also arose after the result of "shooting targets" pictured by people who had been avoided by security forces, namely pregnant women, the elderly, and children. The shooting target for the training of DHS personnel was produced by Law Enforcement Targets Inc., a security contractor company. In the shooting target, written words and pictures ordered DHS personnel to not hesitate to shoot pregnant women, parents and children.

What's interesting is the mass media's comments about the American public's concern about the phenomenon of "borong weapons" by DHS. Recognizing this phenomenon, established American mass media generally try to roll out public opinion that the concern is "unreasonable" or "paranoid". Media as big as Washington Post just swallowed the government explanation plainly, namely that the banned weapons and bullets were only used for training.

Concerns about the emergence of riots due to the economic crisis have reasoned to learn about the acts of violence that have occurred in Europe lately.

An investigative journalist Greg Palast in 2001 managed to dismantle the rotten practice of IMF international financial aid institutions which he termed "IMF Riot". With the mode of creating conditions of the economic crisis which triggered social unrest, the IMF finally succeeded in controlling the strategic assets of the target countries. This is what happened to Indonesia during and after the Reformation and Monetary Crisis of 1997-1998.

"Sarah Palin: Feds Are Stockpiling Bullets For Civil Unrest"; Paul Joseph Watson; Propagandamatrix; 28 February 2013

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South Korea: We Are Ready To Avenge North Korea's Attack

The South Korean military showed its reaction to Pyongyang's warning regarding the cancellation of the 1953 ceasefire along with the release of the sanctions draft.

The South Korean army warned Wednesday that North Korea chose violence so they were fully prepared to respond to Pyongyang's attacks. Xinhua quoted Reuters as saying.

A South Korean general at a news conference in Seoul said, "If North Korea takes provocative actions and threatens the security of our citizens, we will respond to the actions of our neighbors."

This statement appears to coincide with the release of reports regarding the United States agreement on the draft of anti-North Korean sanctions at the UN Security Council. Pyongyang warned on Tuesday that it would unilaterally cancel the ceasefire in 1953 due to repeated US-South Korean sanctions and military maneuvers.

It is noteworthy that a ceasefire agreement on the Korean Peninsula was signed by South Korea and post-war North Korea between 1950-1953. The ceasefire agreement is forever temporary and has never led to a permanent agreement.

CahyonoAdi / TruthSeekerMedia

Ahead of his visit to Israel, Obama meets Jewish figures

obama and jew

PRESIDENT The United States, Barack Obama, hosted a meeting of leaders of American Jewish organizations in the White House on Thursday (07/03/2013). The meeting was made an opportunity for Obama to smooth out the process of his first visit to Israel later this month.

In addition, the meeting was also an opportunity for Obama to see his travel agenda including Iran's nuclear problems, civil war in Syria, Israeli-Palestinian issues, and reaffirm 'unwavering support' for Israel.

Obama reached out to Jewish community leaders who could help him alleviate the remnants of tensions following the 2012 election campaign. Republicans have accused the Democratic president of not being sufficiently supportive of Israel, Washington's closest ally in the Middle East. But Obama has repeatedly stressed his commitment to Israel even though his relationship with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is sometimes less harmonious.

According to sources quoted from Ma'an News, Obama invited leaders from all American Jewish communities to discuss and get input about his trip to Israel.

Obama also noted that the trip was not dedicated to resolving policy issues specifically, but rather was an opportunity to consult with the Israeli government on various issues - including Iran, Syria, the situation in the region, and the peace process. Obama also underlined that this trip was an opportunity for him to speak directly to the people of Israel.

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Syria, Hope for Palestinian Independence

"The release of Al Quds (Jerusalem) has become a common destination for Muslims and independence lovers throughout the world."

That was the statement of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad during his meeting with Deputy Leader of Hamas Politburo Mousa Abu Marzouq in Tehran on Tuesday (5/3). According to Ahmadinejad the liberation of Palestine has not only become the basis of religion, but also politics.

"Even if it does not not regard it as a religious problem, there is no doubt this (Palestinian liberation) has become essential and crucial for all nations throughout the world, and the future of this region is inseparable from the freedom of Al-Quds," Ahmadinejad added.

At the meeting Ahmadinejad also mentioned the Syrian crisis and called for parties involved in the dispute to dialogue.

In this context, Hamas official Marzouq praised Syria's role in the Palestinian struggle and said that "Syria will always be a source of hope and support for the Palestinian cause." As Ahmadinejad, Marzoug called for "mutual understanding and dialogue".

The two leaders also criticized Israel. Ahmadinejad said that "the Zionists have reversed their aggressive and expansive attitude to become defensive and will eventually suffer defeat".

Abu Marzouq said that Hamas's victory in the recent 8-day battle against Israel had convinced all Palestinians that "resistance" was the only way to defeat Israel and liberate Palestine.

"The eight-day war has put the Palestinians on the road to victory," Marzoug said.

"We feel that it is time to reap the fruits of the jihadist struggle that we are taking, and we must double our efforts to achieve unity among Muslims," ​​Marzoug added.

"Syria Origin of Hope to Resistance";; March 5, 2013

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Is there really any petroleum content in Jakarta?

In 1871, J Reerink began drilling for oil in Indonesia.Drilling is what became the forerunner of the oil world in Indonesia.From there, the Dutch began to make studies to look for oil potentials in all the plains of Indonesia.

From study tthe oil plots were marked to divide the drilling rights in the area.It was Zylker, the first person to get a concession in the Telaga Said area, Langkat, North Sumatra in 1883.

But who knows one of the oil plots, now called oil blocks, one of which is located in Jakarta?

After 18 foreign companies drilling in Indonesia, the Royal Dutch (starting in 1907 joining the Shell Transport and Trading Company) took over all the oil blocks.

When Pertamina was formed as a state oil company in 1957, practically the assets of Royal Dutch were handed over to the state under the management of Pertamina.

In 2011, Royal Dutch Shell officially handed over 8.867 wells and 220 seismic data to Pertamina.The Dutch heritage oil field has now been given to one of Pertamina's subsidiaries, Pertamina EP.

Yesterday, Pertamina EP announced that it was surrendering oil and gas blocks inherited from the Dutch to the state because it was not possible to conduct a seismic survey which is the stage where oil companies find out the potential of oil and gas in an area.

Pertamina EP Exploration and Development Director Doddy Priambodo said that the Jakarta block could not have been carried out by seismic testing because it had become an urban center and government.

"In Law number 22 of 2001 (concerning oil and gas), it is stated that drilling or oil exploration should not be carried out within the government," he explained, Thursday (7/3).

The block, called North West Java, stretches from Monas, Jatinegara, Tanah Abang to Bumi Serpong Damai in Tangerang.

The potential for oil in Jakarta might be there.Because, one of Pertamina's offshore oil and gas blocks namely Offshore North West Java (ONWJ) is located stretching along the coast of Cirebon to the Thousand Islands.In addition, there are three blocks in Jatinegara, 3 in East Jakarta and one two in the city of Bekasi containing a high gas potential of 23.9 billion cubic feet.

Even so, historian JJ Rizal claimed to have never heard of oil potential in Jakarta throughout recorded history."I know that the Dutch used to ship oil plots.But I don't know about oil potential in Jakarta, "he said.

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Israeli Police Clash With Palestinians at Al-Aqsa Mosque


POLICE Israel has entered the Muslim holy site of the Al-Aqsa mosque complex in Jerusalem to disperse hundreds of Palestinians who carried out throwing stones and Molotov cocktails after Friday afternoon prayers (03/08/2013).

Dozens of police entered the politically sensitive area which also became one of the holy sites of Islam in an effort to disperse hundreds of protesters.

Police were lightly wounded in the clashes, Palestinian and police media spokesmen said at least 15 protesters were injured.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said Palestinian worshipers after Friday prayers carried out their actions ahead of President Obama's arrival in the West Bank.

Rosenfeld said police dispersed the crowd with stun grenades. He said several officers suffered minor injuries from attacks by Palestinians who threw stones and Molotov cocktails, but Israeli police did not enter the mosque.

Tensions have risen before US President Barack Obama's visit to Jerusalem and Ramallah at the end of this month whose arrival is likely to restart peace talks that have been stalled since 2010 between Palestinians and Israelis.

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Venezuela Tuduh Amerika Bunuh Chavez

Venezuelan Vice President Nicolas Maduro accused America of being involved in the murder of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez by giving poisons that cause cancer. Related to this, Venezuela has expelled two American diplomat officials.

Maduro's accusation was delivered in a television speech on Tuesday (3/5) or hours before the announcement of Chavez's death. The allegations were made after Maduro held an emergency meeting with Venezuela's highest military and civilian officials.

Maduro also accused the American air force attaché Colonel David Delmonaco and his assistant Major Devlin Kostal, involved in intelligence operations to organize a rebellion against the Venezuelan government. America itself confirmed the existence of Delmonaco in Venezuela but was withdrawn, while Kostal was in charge in America when the alleged incident occurred.

Maduro stated "without a doubt" that Chavez's cancer, first diagnosed in 2011, had been sown by "the historical enemy of the homeland", referring to years of hostility between America and the Venezuelan regime under Chavez's leadership. Maduro compared Chavez's death with Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, who he said was also a victim of a conspiracy.

US Secretary of State Patrick Ventrell has flatly denied the allegations.

Last Tuesday, after 2 years of fighting cancer, Hugo Chavez finally breathed his last breath.

Shortly after being diagnosed with cancer in 2011, Chavez accused America of developing technology to inject cancer in Latin American leaders. Argentine President Cristina Kirchner Fernandez, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff and Paraguay's former President Fernando Lugo have been declared suffering from cancer and must undergo routine treatment.

"Is it any wonder that they (Americans) have developed technology to inject cancer and no one knows it until now?" Chavez said at the time.

"Venezuela accuses US of having infected Chavez with cancer virus"; Press TV; March 6, 2013.

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