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Proxy War, President Assad and Israeli Conspiracy

Korban Front al-Nusra

The Telegraph newspaper on Monday 06/05/13 published an article about the proxy war in Syria. He said, the conflict originated from political rebellion and became an armed conflict, then became a proxy war that included all international forces to grind Assad.

The newspaper further said, the latest Israeli attack targeting the research center in Damascus had changed the map of political conflict in the country to two main points after Syria became a regional battlefield.

First, it will put armed opposition into a beautiful partner of Israel and attack the same goal.

Secondly, the conflict in Syria proves the reality with what President Assad said that the Syrian conflict is not an internal conflict at all, but international and Opposition coalition issues only aim to overthrow the government, in accordance with the agenda of conspiracies planned by Israel, the US, Saudi Arabia, Qatar , Turkey and several European countries.

In addition, The Telegraph also wrote, Iran and Hezbollah are now becoming more aggressive and decisive than ever before in Syria.

However, Iran and several countries such as Russia and China still hope that only political solutions will be able to resolve conflicts and to avoid the consequences of regional war in the future.

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After a Year of Massacre, the President of New Myanmar Promises to Protect Muslims

- After almost a year after the ethnic slaughter of Rohingya Muslims, Myanmar President Thein Sein promised on Monday that his government would do everything that could protect the rights of Muslim minorities living in the predominantly Buddhist country.

The pledge comes amid fears that religious unrest, which has turned into an anti-Islamic movement in the country could spread further after last week there were more riots in several Muslim villages north of the city of Yangon, which caused the villages to be burned, report from the Associated Press news agency as reported by alarabiya.net.

"Regarding the Rakhine issue, the government will be responsible for fulfilling the basic rights of Muslims without neglecting the rights of the majority citizens," said Thein Sein.

The State of Rakhine is still divided after major sectarian violence in June and October which left hundreds dead and 140,000 people lost their homes, especially from the Rohingya Muslim ethnic group.

A number of Buddhist monks were reportedly involved in the riots, while Myanmar security forces were accused of letting rioters burn mosques and attack Muslims.

"I admit that there have been human rights violations there," he said.

Furthermore, Thein Sein said, he would use the power in his hands to ensure the security forces took concrete steps to restore peace and order to Rakhine.

The The Sein government, which came to power in 2011, has been widely criticized for not doing enough to protect Muslims or stop violence from clashes between ethnic Rakhine Buddhists and Rohingya Muslims in the past year.

Human Rights Watch accused the government - including Buddhist monks, local politicians, government officials and state security forces - of waging an organized campaign of "ethnic cleansing" against Muslims.

In his speech, the Myanmar leader also announced he would implement a recommendation from a government-appointed team specifically set up last year to investigate the causes of the conflict.

Sectarian attacks on Muslims - totaling four percent of the population of Myanmar - seem to open wounds that have been covered by a military junta that has ruled Myanmar for decades.

In March, at least 43 people were killed and thousands lost their homes after sectarian riots took place in the town of Meiktila. The bloody riots were triggered by a dispute at a gold shop in downtown Meiktila.


No Cursed Israel Attacks, Erdogan Even Accused Assad

The Turkish Prime Minister instead of condemning the Zionist regime's attack on Syria, he instead accused President Bashar Assad of massacring his own citizens.

Aljazeera, as quoted by Fars News (6/5) reported, reacting to the Israeli regime's attack on Syrian territory, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish PM again issued a statement accusing the President of Syria of massacre against its citizens.

In front of representatives and activists of Turkish political parties, Erdogan called Assad a butcher and murderer. Without mentioning Israel's latest attack on Syria that killed at least four residents and wounded hundreds of others, the Turkish prime minister said that Assad had to be arrested for causing the repression of tens of thousands of Syrians.

Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, Turkey has always given its support to the rebels, and Ankara often entertains them. Erdogan claimed, "With the permission of God the butcher and the murderer will receive his actions in this world, and we thank God."

He added, "Because you (Bashar Assad) are only brave to small children who are still in a swing and afraid of others, then you will receive a very heavy reply."

This statement was issued by Erdogan after the Israeli attack on Syria, but instead of condemning Tel Aviv's brutal steps, he again threw baseless accusations at Damascus.

In the previous Israeli attack on Syria carried out in February, Ahmet Davutoglu, the Turkish Foreign Minister mocked the Syrian military who did not avenge the Israeli attack.

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Solar Panel Airs in America

Of course you still remember with solar-powered aircraft or solar panels. Solar Impulse. After testing flights from Spain to Morocco, now the environmentally friendly aircraft airs first in the American sky.
The plane just started flights for the next two months to John F Kennedy airport, New York, through Dallas and Washington.

Telegraph launched, May 7, 2013, the plane had taken off from Moffett Field, the airport in San Francisco, to the first stop, Phoenix, Arizona, which takes 19 hours of relaxed travel.

Throughout the flight, Solar Impluse was driven by a Swiss pilot, Bertrand Piccard, and the initiator of the project Andre Borschberg. Both of them take turns.

"This is not an easy way to fly, but this is the most amazing way. The more you fly, the more energy you have on the plane," Piccard said.
"We want to inspire people in the world as much as possible to have the same passion. Dare, innovate, and create," he added.

Having energy power similar to a motorized scooter, this aircraft is equipped with 12 thousand solar cells mounted on 208 feet of aircraft wings.

For airplane rechargeable batteries, similar to the Tesla car, it collects power on a bright day and is used on dark days.

Solar Impulse. (Telegraph)


Controlling a cockpit the size of a car is not an easy matter. Although light, but here lies the risk. Susceptible to strong winds, fog, rain and dark clouds.

But, project organizers remain confident, this project is to increase support throughout the world to adopt environmentally friendly technologies.
"I hope people understand the potential of this technology and will use it in the field," said pilot Andre Borschberg, who has spent 20 years of age flying in the Swiss Air Force.
"If we don't try to fly using renewable energy today, we will never be able to," he added.

This project began in 2003, and has cost 90 million euros, equivalent to Rp1.14 trillion, involving engineers from the Swiss escalator, Schindler and research assistance from the Belgian chemical group, Solvay.

After carrying out intercontinental flights from Spain to Morocco in June last year, Solar Impulse is now testing more sophisticated aircraft models. Solar
Impulse is designed to fly worldwide by 2015.

If you have never seen this plane air, you can see it through this link.

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Energy Faith

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By: Syaripudin Zuhri

This life is not as smooth as a highway, in every aspect of life there are obstacles and obstacles, and it is experienced by all humans, there is no human being in his life one hundred percent or one hundred percent continuous suffering, nothing, because human life is like wave , there goes up and down, and that happens to anyone, both those who are still studying, studying, working and so on.

There is no word of giving up in learning and working. There is no word of despair to learn something new. There is no backward word for progress. Continue to move and try as much as possible, move forward unyielding. Come on, get up!

How many people are mediocre at first, but because of their high enthusiasm and striving and struggling to achieve what they aspire to, in the end the success is achieved. Whatever people say, it's not an obstacle to progress. Whatever the opinions of people, is not a stumbling block that must be feared. Whatever insults, insults or maybe "downplayed" or "misinterpreted" are not scary ghosts. Keep going and don't give up.

Sharp pebbles or thorns scattered along the way if indeed it is in front of you, don't retreat! If you need to bleed and get hurt, don't be afraid. Blood and wounds are the salt acids of life. Let's get up and move forward.

Work, work and strive to live life and life everywhere is the same, will find difficulties, obstacles, obstacles, tests, trials that do not stop, the higher your work and your efforts, usually difficulties, obstacles, obstacles, tests, trials too the higher it is.

Like a tree that is getting taller, the wind that hit it is also getting stronger, not even the wind, but it has become a storm! If the roots are not sturdy and strong, then the tree will be blown away, broken, knocked down and falling apart.

The strong and strong root is faith, the energy of faith will make a person strong and strong in the face of various trials and tests of life. Strong and strong faith is like a rock in the midst of a violent storm, he will stand still, not shift an inch! A strong root is faith. Tree is science. Fruit is a charity. Fertilizer is worship. The branch is good deeds.

Besides our suffering, there are still many more people who suffer more from us. So long the suffering that we can see along the way of life, all becomes a lesson material for those of us who think, who take the lessons from every life event no matter how small.

We have nothing. Our assets are not ours, it is only entrusted by Allah, who at some point will be taken back, like or dislike. Someday whatever we have or whatever we love will be separated from our hands, will be taken back by the owner, He is Allah SWT.

People who don't have something will never lose something, otherwise people who never feel they have something will waste something. All that can just disappear without us knowing it, even the disaster no matter how small it is sometimes unexpected, such as squeezing the door, scratched the HVS paper when photocopying, pinched needles, scratched the knife while in the kitchen and so on.

We don't even know about the disaster before our eyes, even the thin mist in your eyes glass has been able to block your vision, how weak are you O humans, what do you want to be arrogant? When thick fog blocks the view of the eye, the distance of the eye is only a range of hundreds of meters. That's grief, I want it to have no grief and hurt, but it often happens unexpectedly.

Indeed, not all human desires / desires are desired as desired. To get something we sacrifice something or to get something we lose something. Not every day there is grief, not every day there are likes, both of them are changing everywhere we are.

Let us go back to Him, we return the business to Him, we must believe that whatever we do is the best choice we choose and whatever we receive now, that is the best for our life and life according to Him. Never regret every decision we make.

Let us cleanse our hearts from bad prejudices, both to ourselves or to others. Whatever we do, we can never escape from His protection, no matter how we seek His guidance.

God created you not to make you difficult and He never persecuted you! And if your life is difficult, it is not from Allah SWT, but from yourself who does not want to try, who is easily discouraged, who is pessimistic about living this life and not fighting seriously. And finally fail in life in the past, for example.

The past, however bitter and sweet, will not be repeated! Everything is just a memory that is hard to forget. Regret for an event that is painful to cry out even if it does not change the situation. All that has happened has become a reality that remains attached to memory.

Then what's the point of self-destructive by constantly regretting it? Say: All this is His provision, likes or dislikes, willingness, sincere or avoiding can not change His statutes! Is it better to be sincere or cheerful of his or her declaration and regret for everything, but the rule still applies?

Say: There is no provision of Allah SWT that can change it, if He has said "Kun fayakun" Be, then be! Whatever you do in life is at risk, there are good and bad, there are right and wrong, not perfect! Just how we react. What is clear is that nothing in this world has been created in vain. Let's continue to get up and fight, your future is in your hands in your own hands, not in others.

Moscow, May 6, 2013.

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Syria Allow Palestinian Fighters to Attack Israel from Golan

The Palestinian resistance movement, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) welcomes Syria's move to give permission to Palestinians to attack the Zionist regime of Israel from the Golan Heights.

Russian TV station Russia Al Youm was quoted as saying by Fars News (6/5), Anwar Raja, one of the PFLP officials, said that Palestinian groups wanted to start their armed resistance from the Golan Heights.

King said, the PFLP knew that Syria had provided support
strategic to the Palestinian and Arab resistance movements. For 64 years Syria has contributed a large number of victims to the Palestinian cause.

"In our view, this Damascus move is an important beginning so that we can seize our rights by taking direct, close resistance from the Golan Heights. Geographically Golan is a strategic place to wage a war of resistance against the Palestinian people," he said

Furthermore, Raja emphasized that the PFLP believed this was a valuable opportunity to hold a military operation.

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Have you seen your kid's Facebook?

As parents, sometimes we are immersed in the rush of work and marriage. It seems like it's the most logical reason that many parents express. Or maybe just a mode to defeat the opinion that corners us about the blame for the misfortune of our children.

But actually like it or not, the term parents require us to be a protector, even though many of us are indeed not ready to protect. The name of parents requires us to be a role model for our children who really need an exemplary figure.

Look, the modern world of our children has now been tied to a favorite Facebook figure. Do not feel peaceful when our children look alim at home, or feel at home in the room. Who knows, they are busychatting ria with someone who is not mahramnya.

So this is what parents must know now. It turns out that many things can shift the position of parents as friends, as well as educators for their children. For this reason, parents have to spend a lot of time, and get ready to be surprised when they check their children's Facebook.

Look at how they think, see who their idols are, and what they like. Everything was stated clearly on their Facebook. See that they like a lot that they hate. They familiarize themselves with things that are actually prohibited in Islam. everything was clearly illustrated on their Facebook.

Children now prefer to hold his friend's hand to share instead of hugging his mother's father when they want to complain. Children are also more eager to talk about their affairs, rather than talking to parents. So take a moment to look at the notes on our children's Facebook page.

Mother's father, it turns out our children have grown up. Or maybe they are not yet mature, but are forced to mature because they are treated to a series of mindsets and environments that orbit them to become adults. Their school is now just touching their physical body but not their soul. Not that the curriculum failed miserably, but their environmental influences were stronger. And their TV viewing is more fun.

The concept is firmly attached to their minds, confiscating all their time and heart. Then look at how many children in school are veiled and well-dressed, but when they go home, they wear clothes like a minipun skirt. They can scream hysterically when they talk about Justin Bieber and have never even heard of one of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad. Our sweet kids don't even hesitate to share stories with many people about their girlfriends, and aren't even ashamed to say sweet words to someone who isn't a mahram.

So, how about us? do we still only become the spectators of their behavior? Should we give up the quality of our successors like this?

This is a great homework for us, and not a pile of work waiting in the office. This is our true responsibility, which should be resolved first, from the package of our personal ego. Hopefully all of this becomes a reminder for all of us, especially for us may forget to be family oriented as the first.

Before we end, may the word of Allah SWT be a reminder for all of us.

"And fear Allâh, those who would have left after them weak children, in which they were afraid (of their affliction): therefore let them fear Allah and let them speak the truth."
(QS. An-Nisaa ', 4: 9).

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Perpetrators of Demolition of the Tomb of the Companions of the Prophet Caught

From an Arabic-language social networking site, photos were quickly spread of the perpetrators of the demolition of the tomb of the companion of the Prophet (PBUH) Adi in Syria. The news media in Iraq lowered the news, "The perpetrators of the demolition and humiliation of the tomb of the companions of the Prophet Hujr bin 'Adi were captured by the people's committees belonging to the Syrian military unit." The perpetrator according to the media report was so caught immediately executed and his head beheaded.

News spread, Perpetrators of Demolition of the Tomb of a Friend of the Suspected Prophet. According to the ABNA News Agency, from an Arabic-language social networking site scattered quickly photos of perpetrators of the demolition of the tomb of the companion of the Prophet Muhammad 'Adi in Syria. According to reports compiled, it is said that the perpetrators who were elements of the Syrian rebel group were captured and their heads were beheaded by unknown people. The head image after being decapitated is also displayed and spread through social networking sites.

The news media in Iraq lowered the news, "The perpetrators of the demolition and humiliation of the tomb of the companions of the Prophet Hujr bin 'Adi were captured by the people's committees belonging to the Syrian military unit." The perpetrator according to the media report was so caught immediately executed and his head beheaded.

But ABNA still doubts the truth of the news, because there has been no official statement or media that is responsible for providing complete and detailed information regarding the capture of the tomb harassers of the Prophet's companion. Although the news is still confusing and the truth is not known.

Source: www.abna.ir; May 6, 2013

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Zionist Extremists Call For New Attacks on Al-Aqsa Mosque

A group of Jewish extremists again called for an attack on the Al-Aqsa Mosque tomorrow (Tuesday, 7/5) through all of the Muslims' first Qibla entrances.

Alalam reported that reacting to the Zionist extremists' calls, Palestinian groups also called for the wide presence of Palestinians at the Al-Aqsa Mosque without regard to the security controls of the Zionists.

Khaled Al-Husaini, Chair of the Al-Murabithin Struggle Committee in an interview with television, said that Zionist extremists were repeating the scenario in Ibrahim's uncle.

Al-Husaini hopes that Palestinians face the Zionist extremist efforts by being present widely in the Al-Aqsa mosque.

On the other hand, the scholars of Baitul Maqdis, Palestinian leaders and institutions considered the Zionist extremist's dangerous call dangerous and aimed at defaming the sanctity of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Zionist regime's control of the region.

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Hamas Struggle Against Qatar's Initiative

Palestinian Minister for Waqf and Religion Affairs in Gaza, Ismail Ridwan reiterated the opposition to the Palestinian Islamic Muqawama Movement (Hamas) against the Arab League initiative (the "revised" Qatar program regarding normalization of relations with the Zionist regime) and considered the negotiations and agreements with the initiative as acknowledging the legality of occupiers, Zionist settlements and also the judaization of Baitul Maqdis.Hamas previously also emphasized his opposition to the Qatar initiative.

On April 1, Hamad bin Jassem, the Prime Minister of Qatar accompanied by a number of Arab League officials in his dialogue with US Secretary of State John Kerry in Washington, suggested a proposed regional exchange between the Zionist regime and Palestine.

Hamas hopes that Arab countries will take firm policies and support Palestinian rights and principles, not to the detriment of the nation which has long been oppressed by the cruelty of the Zionist regime and the silence of the world community including Arab rulers.

But unlike the Hamas perspective, the Ramallah Authority government welcomed the initiative of Qatar and the Arab League. Hamas called the approval of Mahmoud Abbas, the leader of the Authority Ramallah, to respond to Qatar's proposal was very embarrassing. But Hamas also said that he was not surprised by Abbas's attitude, considering that this was not the first time, Abbas agreed to an initiative that actually harmed the Palestinian people and benefited the Israeli Zionist regime.

Unlike the Ramallah Authority, Hamas will never negotiate the problems of the principles and rights of the Palestinian people. According to the Muqawama movement, no person or group has the right to negotiate anything that is the rights and principles of the nation. This includes the problem of the Palestinian territories.

According to Hamas, the struggle to seize the rights of the Palestinian people which have been seized by the Zionist regime is a sacred mission carried out by all citizens of Palette and this will not be realized through promises or negotiations. Therefore, Hamas will still fight for it through muqawama.

Occupation is a crime and the entire occupied Palestinian territories must be freed from the grip of Israel. It will not be possible to achieve this through the signing of an agreement with the famous Zionist regime with its violations.

Hamas further stressed that the Palestinians should not agree to negotiations with the Zionist regime, because negotiations would legalize Israeli occupation, Zionist settlements and the administration of Baitul Maqdis.

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Senin, 06 Mei 2013

Japan and Russia Emphasize Peaceful Solutions for Iranian Nuclear

Russian and Japanese leaders stressed a peaceful solution to resolve Iran's nuclear problem through a dialogue path.

The Itar-Tass news agency as quoted by Fars News (30/4) reported that Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan and Vladimir Putin, President of Russia in a joint statement stated that Iran's nuclear problems must be resolved peacefully.

Both agreed that a peaceful and diplomatic solution was the only way to resolve Iran's nuclear problem.

On the sidelines of his meeting in Moscow, Abe and Putin called on Tehran to return to efforts to attract international trust in its nuclear program. In addition, Iran must also comply with a resolution issued by the UN Security Council.

In addition, both parties also want Iran to increase its cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

A day ago, Japanese PM arrived in Moscow, Russia to meet with a number of state officials.

Increasing economic cooperation between the two countries and efforts to resolve the issue of land ownership disputes between them in the Kuril Islands is another important agenda discussed at the meeting.

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Al Hajjaj bin Yusuf: Kezhaliman and Its Service for Islam

Al Hajjaj bin Yusuf: Kezhaliman and Its Service for Islam

Al Hajjaj bin Yusuf Ats Tsaqafi was one of the governors of Baghdad under the Caliph of the Umayyad, 'Abdul Malik bin Marwan. A person who is zhalim, many kills, and fasiq. Nevertheless, he also has the services and goodness. Having a contribution in laying the lines of the Qur'an reading, helping many businesses expand the kingdom of the Umayyads. He is also a member of the war strategy. It comes from the tribe of Tsaqif.

Say Imam Al Hafizh Adz Dzahabi rahimahullah (Dafa: 748H) regarding Al Hajjaj bin Yusuf Ats Tsaqafi:

"Al-Hajjaj, Allah destroyed it in the year of Ramadhan 95 Hijrah in old age, and he was a zhalim, cruel, naashibi (Ahlul Bait's hatred), vile, shedding blood, possessing courage, nudity, deceit, and leniency, fluency, linguist, and love of the Qur'an. I (Imam Adz Dzahabi) have written about the history of his bad life in my book At Tarikh Al Kabir, regarding his siege of Ibn Az Zubair and Ka'bah, and his act throwing the Ka'bah with manjaniq, his humiliation against Al Haramain (two illegal land), his control over 'Iraq and the east, all for 20 years. Also his war with Ibnul Asy'ats, his attitude slow down (abstaining) prayers until Allah has killed him, we blaspheme him, and we do not love him, but we hate him because of Allah. "(Siyar A'lam An Nubala ', 4/343)

Said Al Hafizh Ibn Katsir rahimahullah:

"And the destroyer is Al Hajjaj bin Yusuf Ats Tsqafi, he is a very hostile, he hates the family of Ali, because of his tendency to the Marwan Bani Umayyad, he is also an arrogant stupid, daring to shed blood only because mistake that is syubhah (vague).

He was narrated by a very bad words, which are the disbelievers, as we have said. If he repents from him and quits from him, then that is to be expected, but if not, then it remains in that state. It is only doubtful that it was the words that were narrated from him with various additions, because the Shiites really hated him for some things. So, maybe they change some of his words and add to him so they label them as bad words and disgusting. "

Said Al Hafizh Ibn Katsir again:

"It was narrated to us from him that he left intoxicating things, read al-Quran, shun the prohibitions, and was not known as a man who had been exposed to genital mutilation, even though he was too brave in the shedding of blood. Ta'ala who knows the truth and the essence of his affairs and secrets, and the hidden things in his chest. " (Ibn Katsir, Al Bidayah wa An Nihayah, 9/153)

In Sunan At Tirmidhi mentioned the history, Hisyam bin Hassan said:

"They count the number of people killed by Al Hajjaj in zhalim (killed by not being fed and drinking), then the number reaches 120,000 people." (Sunan At Tirmidzi, No. 2220. Rated by hasan by At Tirmidzi See also Al Hafizh Ibn Hajar, Tahdzib At Tahdzib, 2/211)

Al Ashma'i rahimahullah said:

"One morning, Sulaiman bin 'Abdul Malik released 81,000 prisoners, after Al Hajjaj (after his death), prisons were examined and they found that there were 33,000 people who had not yet performed their decisions and not the crucifixion." (Ibn Katsir, Al-Bidayah wa An Nihayah, 9/156)
'Umar bin' Abdil 'Aziz rahimahullah mentions his name as "the enemy of Allah". Said Al Hafizh Ibn Katsir: Ibrahim bin Hisyam bin Yahya bin Yahya Al Ghassani said, from his father, from his grandfather, from 'Umar bin' Abdil 'Aziz, he said:
"I did not jealously envy Al Hajjaj the enemy of Allah, but against his attitude to the Qur'an and his generosity towards the Qur'an, and his speech before death," O Allah, forgive me, indeed man think that You do not act. "(Ibn Katsir, Al-Bidayah wa An Nihayah, 9/158)

Until 'Umar bin' Abdil 'Aziz made permisalan which illustrates how evil and influential Al Hajjaj:

"If everybody comes up with his servants while we come with Al Hajjaj, we will surely defeat all those criminals." (Ibn Katsir, Al Bidayah wa An Nihayah, 6/267, 9/158)

There is even a word of salaf which seems to be interpreted.

Ibn 'Asakir narrated the word Asy Sya'bi rahimahullah (Dying: 104H):
"Al Hajjaj believes in evil and thaghut, and disbelievers against Allah Al 'Adziim." (Ibnu 'Asakir, Date dimasyq, 12/187 Al-Bidayah wa An Nihayah, 9/157)
Imam Sufyan Ats Tsauri rahimahullah said:
"What is miraculous for our friends from 'Iraq, they call Al Hajjaj as a believer ?!" (Adz Dzahabi, Siyar A'lam An Nubala ', 5/44 Al-Bidayah wa An Nihayah, 9/157)

Some Evil and Allegations of Al-Hajjaj Cruelty

Narrated in Sahih Muslim:
'Uqbah bin Mukarram Al' Ammiy told us, he said Ya'qub that Ibn Ishaq Al Hadhrami told us, he said Al Aswad bin Syaiban told us, from Abu Naufal, he said:

I saw (the corpse) 'Abdullah bin Az Zubair (in suspense) at Aqabah Al Madinah (in Makkah), and the Quraish and others went towards him, including' Abdullah bin 'Umar, when he stood before him ( Ibn Az Zubair) he uttered:

"O Abu Khubaid ('Abdullah bin Az Zubair), may peace be upon thee, may peace be upon thee, may peace be upon thee: By Allah, I have forbade thee this thing, By Allah, I have forbade thee of things I do not know anyone who has always fasted, always qiyam (waking up night to worship), and always connecting friendship other than you. By Allah, evil people, really are the best. "

'Abdullah bin' Umar passed away. Ibn 'Umar's words came to Al Hajjaj and he sent someone to lower the corpse of' Abdullah bin Az Zubair, then the body was thrown into the Jewish cemetery.

Then Al Hajjaj sent messengers to Asma 'Binti Abu Bakr so Asma' found him, but Asma 'refused. The messenger came home and brought Al Hajjaj message again:
"You must come to see me or I'll send someone who will drag you while pulling your hair."
Asthma 'still reluctant.

He said, "I will not see you until you send someone who will drag me with my hair."

Al Hajjaj who heard it (as delivered by his messenger) also said, "Take my footstool".
Then his messenger took his footsteps for him, and Al Hajjaj went towards Asma 'in anger, and said:
"What do you think about what I did to the enemy of Allah ('Abdullah bin Az Zubair)?"
Asma 'replied: "I see that you have destroyed the life of his world, and he has destroyed your life hereafter, and I heard you call him (as)," O son of An Nithaqain (owner of two belts). " An Nithaqain; the first belt I used to send the food of the Prophet and Abu Bakr, while the second belt was unmatched by any woman.

The Prophet once told us that in Thaqif there will be a liar and a destroyer, the liar we have known, while the destroyer also, I do not know the other but you. "

Al Hajjaj then rose up and did not reply to Asma's words. (Shahih Muslim, No. 2545)
Imam An Nawawi rahimahullah (Dying: 676H) explains: "Asma's word" about the Falsehood, "we have known it", which he meant by him is Al Mukhtar bin Abi 'Ubaid Ats Tsaqafi, he is very bad in nature, The worst is that Gabriel Shallallahu 'alaihi wa Sallam came to him. The scholars agreed that what was meant by the liar was Al Mukhtar bin Abi' Ubaid, while the destroyer was Al Hajjaj bin Yusuf. (Syarah Shahih Muslim, 16/100)

Imam An Nawawi also said: "And the sect of Ahlul Haq (follower of truth) believes Ibn Az Zubair that is wrong, while Al Hajjaj and his followers are khawarij (that is rebellious) against Ibn Az Zubair." (Syarah Shahih Muslim, 16/99)

This is because Al-Hajjaj is deliberately fighting the region and the weakness of 'Abdullah bin Az Zubair in Hijjaz, Medina and Makkah.
Al Hafizh Ibn Katsir narrated the word Al Hajjaj:
"By Allah, if I command you all to come through this door, but you all go out through the other door, then your blood is on my side, and I can not find a man who read (the Qur'an) according to the qiraat of Ibn Umm ' Abd ('Abdullah bin Mas'ud) but I will chop his head, and I'll scrape it from the mushaf, even with the ribs. "
In addition, Al Hajjaj once said at the Wasith pulpit (in the city of Wasith):
"'Abdullah bin Mas'ud is the leader of the munafiq. If I meet him I will pour the earth with his blood." (Al-Bidayah wa An Nihayah, 9/149)

Al Hafizh Ibn Katsir explains: "And this includes the plight of Al-Hajjaj, may Allah exasperate it, and includes his plan to reveal bad words, and shed blood without haq. He envy the qira'ah (reading) Ibn Mas'oud radhiyallahu 'anhu for menyelisihi qira'ah in the master mushaf that the human beings are assembled during 'Utsman.' (Al-Bidayah wa An Nihayah, 9/149)

Al-Qa'qa 'bin Ash Shalt said: "Al Hajjaj once said that he had said in his khutbah," Verily Ibn Az Zubair changed the Book of Allah. "(Al-Bidayah wa An Nihayah, 9/140)

Thus the cruel nature of Al Hajjaj, until there is no adab and respect for the people who are most beloved by the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa Sallam, his companions ridhwanullah' alaihim ajma'in. Likewise his attitude towards the ulama besides his friends.

Some salaf say about it: "(As if) none of the prohibitions of Allah 'Azza wa Jalla but have been done by Al Hajjaj." (Al-Bidayah wa An Nihayah, 9/1153)

When the Death of Al Hajjaj

Due to Al-Hajjaj's cruelty and abominations, his death was regarded as happy by some salaf. Al Hafizh Ibn Katsir rahimahullah (Dying: 774H) recorded: "More than one who narrated that Al Hasan (Al Bashri) when reported in the news of Al Hajjaj's death, he immediately prostrated to Allah Ta'ala where he had previously been hiding , then he highlighted himself. Then he prayed: "O Allah, kill him and remove his sunnah from us."

Hammad bin Sulaiman said, "When I told Ibrahim An Nakha'i about the death of Al Hajjaj, he was crying for joy." (Ibn Katsir, Al-Bidayah wa An Nihayah, 9/159)

Abu Khaitsamah said: "Ziyad bin Ar-Rababi 'Al Haritsi told the prisoners," Al Hajjaj will die in this illness at night. "
Then when the night came, no prisoner sleeping was so happy. They sat waiting to hear the news of his death. That is on the night of 27th Ramadan. "

Al Hafizh Ibn Kathir added: "Another opinion states, this applies to the last five days of Ramadan. Another opinion, he applies in Shawwal in that year. His age was 55 years, because his birth was in the year of Al Jama'ah (the year in which Al Hasan bin 'Ali handed over the Caliphate to Mua'wiyah - Pent.), in 40H. Another opinion said after that. Others said, a year later.

He died at Wasith, and his grave was flattened and watered on him so as not to dismantle and burn. Wallahu a'lam. "(Al-Bidayah wa An Nihayah, 9/159)

Al Ashma'i said: "What's amazing about Al Hajjaj, is that he left only 300 dirhams." (Al-Bidayah wa An Nihayah, 9/159)
Al Waqidi said, "That Al Hajjaj died by leaving 300 dirhams, a mushaf, a pedanh, a saddle, a fox, and a hundred saves armor." (Date Dimasyq, 12/191) Al-Bidayah wa An Nihayah, 9/159)
Syihab bin Khirasy said:

"Al Hajjaj handing over 900 armor or armor, 600 of whom belong to the people of the Iraqi munafiq that they fought with him, while 300 others belong to the Turks." (Al-Bidayah wa An Nihayah, 9/159)

Al Hajjaj Is A Disaster On Iraq's Population

Shaykh Al Islam Ibn Taymiyyah rahimahullah (Dafa: 728H) mentions:
"Al Hasan Al Bashri once said:" Verily the appearance of Al-Hajjaj is due to the punishment of Allah, so do not fight the doom of Allah with your hands. But it is obligatory for you to bow and beg humblely because Allah has spoken (meaning):
"And verily We seized them with punishment, so they did not submit to their Lord and did not seek Him humbly." (Surah Al Mukminun, 23: 76)

Thalq bin Habib said: "Protect yourself from defamation with taqwa." Then it was said to him, "Get rid of us for what is taqwa?" He said, "That you act with obedience to Allah with light from Allah in hope of the mercy of Allah, and you abandon disobeying Allah with light from Allah in fear of the punishment of Allah." (Narrated by Ahmad and Ibn Abi Ad World). "(Ibn Taimiyyah, Minhajus Sunnah An Nabawiyyah, 4 / 527-531 - Mu'asasah Al Qurthubah)

Similarly, Al Hafizh Ibn Katsir revealed in Al-Bidayah wa An Nihayah: "Generally, that Al-Hajjaj is a catastrophe imposed on Iraqis' inhabitants for their past sins and their deeds to their leaders, to humiliate them, to observe they cover them, and do not value them. " (Ibn Katsir, Al Bidayah wa An Nihayah, 9/151)

Al Hafizh and Ibn 'Asakir narrated from the road of Ya'qub bin Sufyan (about what had happened during the reign of' Umar): "A man came to 'Umar bin Al Khaththab radhiyallahu' anhu then told him that Iraqi citizens were throwing a leader ( 'Umar went out (to pray) in anger, then he led us a prayer, then he forgot in his prayer so that people (the makmum) said, "Subhan Allah, Subhan Allah…"

After the greeting, 'Umar turned to the makmum and said, "Who is here from among the Syam people?"

Then stood a man, then stood the other man, then I (Ya'qub bin Sufyan's narrator) also stood as the third or fourth person. Then Umar said: "O Syam, prepare for you to face the people of Iraq, because Satan has laid their nets in their midst and scattered their children, O Allah, indeed they have disobeyed them, then stray them, and hasten on them with the son of Tssaqif who is guided by the law of jahiliyyah. It will not be accepted of the good of their good people, and will not be forgiven of their bad people. "

Said Al Hafizh Ibn Katsir, "We have also narrated in the book Musnad 'Umar bin Al Khaththab, from the way of Abu Azabah Al Himshi from 'Umar with him. "(Al-Bidayah wa An Nihayah, 9 / 151-152)

'Ali bin Abi Thalib radiallahu' anhu once said (pray):
"O Allah, I have given them the mandate but they betrayed me, I have advised them but they cheated me. And the power of their youth Thaqlf haughty insolent, who takes his welfare, wearing his skin, and apply the laws of ignorance on their . "
Al Hasan said, "At that time Al Hajjaj was not yet born." (Al-Bidayah wa An Nihayah, 9/152 Ibn 'Asakir, Date Dimasyq, 12/169)

Also reported by Mu'tamir bin Sulaiman, 'Ali said: "The arrogant young man, Amiir (leader) of two cities wearing his skin and consuming his welfare, killing his people, causing a great deal of disunity, much of anxiety, and God empowered him to to his people. " (Al-Bidayah wa An Nihayah, 9/152 Ibn 'Asakir, Date Dimasyq, 12/169)

The Attitudes of the Ulama Under the Al-Hajjaj Power As Government

Zubair bin 'Adi said, we went to Anas bin Malik complaining about Al Hajjaj. Anas replied: "Be patient, because there is no age except the one after that will be worse so that you meet your Rabb. I heard it from the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa Sallam." (Shahih Al Bukhari, no. 7068)

Imam ash-Shafi'i rahimahullah (Deceased: 204H) said: "Ibn 'Umar (one of the companions of the Prophet who is still alive) withdrew in Mina during the days of battles (wars) between Ibn Zubair and Al-Hajjaj, and he (Ibn 'Umar) stays together (congregate in the rear) Al Hajjaj. " (Al-Bidayah wa An Nihayah, 9/140)

Imam Al Bukhari rahimahullah (Daf: 256H) narrates: From As Sahmi, "I went to Aba Amamah, then he said:" Do not condemn (condemn and insult) Al Hajjaj, for he is the ruler for you and not ruler for me. " Reported by Al Bukhari, At Date Al Kabir, 83)
Aba Umamah lives in Syam, while As Sahmi lives in Iraq where the leader of Iraq at that time was Al Hajjaj.

The phenomenon of the cruelty of Al Hajjaj bin Yusuf Ats Tsaqafi and its opposition to many are associated with one of the principles of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama'ah, which is the duty of obeying the government (in the non-vice of God). In this case, among them Imam An Nawawi rahimahullah (Daf: 676H) explains: "The majority of Sunnah scholars from the fuqaha (fiqh), hadith experts and experts say that the leader is not disenrolled (or deposed by his leadership) , kezhalimannya, and actions that deprive the rights of Muslims, and not khurooj (out of compliance) to him. But Muslims are obliged to advise and beat her with a hadith (a form of threat) related matter.

Al-Qadhi said, "Abu Bakr bin Mujahid has stated the ijma 'on this case, some scholars have denied the statement with what Al Hasan and Ibn Az Zubair did, and the people of Medina against the Umayyad Umayyad. among the tabi'in and the early generation of this people against Al Hajjaj bin Yusuf, not because it is just evil, but when he has altered part of the Shari'ah and manifests unbelief. " Al Qadhi said again, "This difference arises at first, then occurs ijma '(agreement) which prohibits revolting the government."
Wallahu a'lam. "(Syarah Shahih Muslim, 12/229)

Attitudes of Ulama Outside of the Power of Al-Hajjaj

Al Hafizh Ibn Katsir noted, "Say At Tsauri from Muhammad bin Al Munkadir from Jabir that he enters the Al Hajjaj area without greeting him nor praying behind him (as makmum)." (Al-Bidayah wa An Nihayah, 9/140)

Al Hajjaj's Advice and Terms

Imam Asy Sya'bi said: "I heard Al Hajjaj say in his trial that no one had ever said before: He said:
" 'Amma ba'd, Allah Almighty has set impermanence (the ephemeral nature) of the world, and set eternity for eternity. Then there is no immortality for a predetermined impermanence him. So let the world deceive you from the glory of the hereafter, and diminish the length of the imagination with the near death. " (Ibn 'Asakir, Date Dimasyq, 12/142) Al-Bidayah wa An Nihayah, 9/143)

Al Hafizh Ibn Katsir rahimahullah (Dafa: 774H) said: "Al-Haitsam bin 'Adi from Ibn' Ayyasy (he said): 'Caliph' Abdul Malik bin Marwan once sent a letter to Al Hajjaj," Send me the head of Aslam bin 'Abdul Bakri. "

After the letter came to him, Al Hajjaj also presented Aslam to him and Aslam also said, "O Amir (leader), you are the witness, while the Commander of the Faithful does not witness." And Allah Ta'ala has said: "O you who believe! if it comes to you the people who bring a news, then examine carefully so that you do not overthrow a disaster to a people without knowing the circumstances which cause you regrets for your actions. "(Surah Al Hujuraat, 49: 6)

What arrived at him about me was foolish. And indeed I bear 24 women, they have no income other than mine, and they are now at the door. "

Then Al Hajjaj ordered that they be brought in. After they were presented, one of them said, "I am his father's aunt."
The other said, "I'm his mother's aunt."
Others said, "I'm a relative (siblings) of her."
Others say, "I'm his daughter."
And the other said, "I am his wife."
Then a daughter goes forward, she is between 8 and 10 years, then Al Hajjaj also said, "Who are you?"
The girl said, "I'm her daughter."
Then the girl said, "May Allah improve Amir (leader)." Then he bowed and said:

"O Hajjaj, do you not see the position of his children, his aunts who need them every night? O Al Hajjaj, how many have you killed when you killed him? Eight, ten, two, and four? to be good to us by favors, or you can kill us with him. "

So Al Hajjaj was crying, and he said:
"By Allah, I do not help to disturb you and will not add to your weakness."

Then Al Hajjaj sent a letter to 'Abdul Malik (khalifah) about what the man said and what his daughter said. Then 'Abd al-Malik sent a letter to Al Hajjaj who ordered him to release the man and to continue his good relationship, and to do good to the girl and to control it all the time. "(Ibn' Asakir, Date Dimasyq, 12 / 145-146. Bidayah wa An Nihayah, 9/144)

Al Hafizh Ibn Katsir said: "It is said that Al Hajjaj one day preached and said:

"O man, be patient with restraining Allah's prohibitions is easier than to endure the punishment of Allah."
Then a man stood up to him and said, "Woe to you, Hajjaj, how bad is your face and how little of your sense of humor - what do you do (from various kinds of evil) then you say this word? and vain for you. "

So Al Hajjaj told his guards, "Get him."

When he finished from his khutbah, he said to the man, "What makes you brave about me?"
The man replied, "Woe to you, O Hajjaj, you dare to God, why do not I dare you? Whom do you not fear me against you while you are brave against Allah, Lord of the worlds?"
Al Hajjaj also said, "Release him."
Then he was released. "(Al-Bidayah wa An Nihayah, 9 / 144-145)

Abu Numair Nawawi

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Nielsen Survey: Indonesian Consumers are the Second World's Best Savers

The latest Nielsen survey provides another perspective on the profile of Indonesian consumers. The survey results on the world consumer confidence index (global consumer confidence index) in the first quarter of 2013 showed that Indonesian consumers were still a good category of savers.

The Nielsen survey revealed, in the first quarter of 2013, nearly three quarters of Indonesian consumers or 74 percent, considered setting aside reserve funds into savings. This result is the same as the index in the previous quarter,

According to this survey, Indonesia is also the second highest saving country in the world after Hong Kong which reached 75 percent.

Meanwhile, for the storage of reserve funds, as many as 30 percent of Indonesian consumers surveyed indicated they would invest in stocks or mutual funds.

This percentage is still the same as the first quarter of 2012. Not only investment and savings, consumers also indicated that they would use a reserve fund for vacation as much as 37 percent. This figure is up two percent compared to the fourth quarter of 2012.

Others, 29 percent of consumers claim to use their savings funds to buy new technology products. This figure increased three percent compared to the previous quarter.

This survey was conducted on February 17-March 8, 2013 to more than 29 thousand consumers online in 58 countries in the Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, Africa and North America.

This survey has sample quota based on age and sex for each country, which is based on internet users. Internet consumer representatives have a margin of error of approximately 0.6 percent.

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Hizbollah: Syrian Friends Will Not Let Fall

Syria has friends who will not let it fall. Thus the main theme can be concluded from the speech of Hezbollah leader Sayyed Nasrallah via Lebanese television on Tuesday (30/4).

"Syria has true friends in the region and in the world, which will not allow it to fall into the hands of Americans, Israelis and tribal groups (Al Qaida and wahabi ecstemist)," Nasrallah said in his speech.

According to Nasrallah, the main purpose of the rebellion in Syria was to destroy Syria, which also meant destroying the axis of anti-Israeli resistance which was backed by Iran and Syria, Hezbollah and Palestinian Hamas.

"Since the start of the crisis in Syria, military decisions have been made to overthrow the government. These efforts have reached the stage of massacres of civilians, calls for NATO intervention to chemical weapons issues. Some" ulama "even issued fatwas that allow the killing of civilians (up to rape against Syrian women; bloggers. While on the other side where we are in it, we still call for a political settlement. "

Nasrallah reminded of the bitter consequences arising from the Syrian crisis, especially the issue of Palestinian liberation which faded in the eyes of the international community. In addition, the crisis has the potential to disturb the stability of neighboring countries such as Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey and other regional countries.

Nasrallah expressed his disappointment at those who claimed to be "concerned" about the conditions in Syria and did not want the Palestinian issue to be abandoned, but basically wanted destruction for Syria.

"Those who are concerned about the condition of Syria must work together to reach an agreement and a political solution to the Syrian problem," Nasrallah added.

In addition to the Syrian problem, Nasrallah in his political speech also touched on several other issues such as Israel and the resistance of Hezbollah to it. According to him the crisis in Syria, especially after it was proven that the Syrian regime could not be overthrown, had threatened a greater conflict. He mentioned the mobilization of Israeli soldiers on the northern Israeli border. He also touched on the recent breakdown of Hezbollah unmanned aircraft into Israeli territory which he said could be a pretext for Israeli and American military action. But he stressed that Hizbollah and the insurgents were ready to face any Israeli attack.

"Those who consider Hizbollah and the resistance groups to be weak are wrong, and I remind the enemy (Israel) and those who side with him not to make mistakes in Lebanon, because we are prepared, prepared and persistent in defending Lebanon. "We will win all wars in the future," said Nasrallah.

Nasrallah also reminded of the possibility of a new Israeli attack on Palestine based on the latest developments in the issue of Palestine where America, Israel and its regional allies are trying to establish new conditions for Palestine.

"This is quite worrying because usually a new condition will be preceded by war in order to weaken the fighting forces and resistance of the Palestinian people," Nasrallah added.

On the other hand Nasrallah also criticized the parties who exaggerated the fall victim to Hezbollah in connection with the Syrian crisis which he said was a form of psychological warfare against Hezbollah and the insurgents. During the past few months Hezbollah has been actively involved in fighting on the Syrian-Lebanese border to protect Lebanese-populated villages in the Syrian region from rebel attacks.

"The media has" opened an auction "of the number of martyrs on the Hezbollah side, calling the figure up to 500 bodies. Yesterday" Al-Arabiya "claimed that there were 30 Hezbollah fighters killed, other media claimed the existence of the Hezbollah martyrs mass buried gradually and quietly. shut up. "

Sayyed Nasrallah said, "Lebanon is a small country (population of 4-5 million; bloggers), who can hide the number of martyrs? Throughout our struggle, we never hid the bodies of our fighters, or buried them secretly. We always contact the Suhada family, and we deliver the body to the funeral. "

"We bury our suhada openly. We have never been embarrassed by the existence of our legitimate fighters, especially those who died in the last few days," said Nasrallah. He called the "Suhada Hizbollah" campaign a form of psychological warfare based on lies. "Lies for lies to believers," he said.

Nasrallah stressed that Hezbollah would do everything to protect the Lebanese villages of the al Qusair region, Syria, which were carried out by rebels, some of them from Lebanon themselves.

"What has the Lebanese government done to protect Lebanese in the villages of Al Qusayr, and can the Lebanese government send troops to protect them? What the Lebanese government can do is send a protest note to the Arab League. Then is it possible for us to protest the person who committed the massacre? "

"We clearly state that we will not allow Lebanese citizens in Al-Qusayr to be victims of attacks by armed groups, and we will do whatever action is necessary to safeguard them," Nasrallah said.


On this occasion Nasrallah also mentioned the threat of the destruction of the Sayida Zainab funeral complex by rebels who would spark greater sectarian conflict.

Sayida Zainab was the grandson of Prophet Muhammad and Hasan's sister Hussein bin Ali (may Allah bestow prosperity to them, their grandparents, their mother's father, relatives and descendants) who survived the massacre of Hussein and his family and loyal supporters in Karbala. He died as a prisoner of the regime Yazid bin Mu'awiyah, the son of Abu Sufyan in Damascus and was buried outside the city of Damascus. His tomb is one of the most glorified places by Shiites in the world. During the conflict the rebels tried repeatedly to destroy the tomb complex, while Hizbollah and thousands of Shiite militias from various countries, especially Iraq and Iran, guarded the tomb. But it is truly amazing that the most threatened place is now the destination of refugees from all over the country.

"In the Sayyeda Zainab area where there is the tomb of Sayyed Zainab (as), the daughter of Imam Ali (as), there are several rebel groups. This is a very sensitive issue, especially after the rebels said they would destroy the tomb if they managed to occupy it. there are also grave guards who are willing to die to defend it, in fact the tomb guards are the ones who prevent the dispute while those who want to destroy it are people who want to ignite it, their supporting countries must be responsible for this problem if the destruction occurs . "

In his speech Nasrallah also urged the release of Lebanese Shiites by the rebels which he called "not part of the conflict". And finally he expressed his determination not to bring the Syrian conflict to spread to Lebanon.

"We know who (Lebanese political groups and figures) are involved in the raid on Al Qusayr, but we will not take any action for them to keep Lebanon away from conflict."

"Sayyed Nasrallah: Syria's Friends won't Let It Fall in US, Israel, Takfiri Hands"; Sara Taha Moughnieh; almanar.com.lb; 30 April 2013

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